Top Ten Worst Types of YouTubers

There are many types of YouTubers who generally put out content of the same style. A lot of these types are usually terrible! Here we count down the worst.

The Top Ten

1 The "Kids" Channel YouTubers

These channels are supposed to be for "Kids" Despite Them being very disturbing. I'm Talking about mainly one kids channel called Fun Kids Smile. This Channel makes videos Inappropriate for Kids and are disturbing to watch. One Video on the channel is called "Pregnant Women Suffers Suicide" I'm Asking how the hell this is supposed to be for Kids. I hope youtube does something about this.

The reason why I quoted "kids" channels is because I'm referring to the abominations that make those bizarre and totally not for kids "Spider-Man and Elsa" (or any other character kids like) videos that pass off as for kids. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, look it up. These channels range from content that is stupid to content that is incredibly disturbing and hard to watch. YouTube should consider ridding of these horrible types of YouTubers. - Phillip873

*cough cough* Toys in Japan *cough cough*

Most kids channel youtubers somehow bores you after watching for long time. And also most videos can go likes and dislikes cat-and-mouse endless. - AxelBelnas0123

2 The Clickbait YouTubers

These clickbait channels destroyed YouTube - ElSherlock

Clickbait’s ruined everything including YouTube. - SamanthaRosie

They just photoshop something and be like ", THIS JUST HAPPENED?! ". I skip to where the part would be but there isn't one. "Kids" Youtubers Channels are worse, but they're very close. - Qryzx

YouTube has its policies about misleading content (which they consistently ignore). These rules are always broken and YouTube does nothing about it.

3 The Ex-Viner YouTubers

These types of people had to migrate after that godawful "Vine" was shut down. They tend to make really obnoxious vlogs MOST of the time, or may do something else. These horrible types of Youtubers are everywhere, but the biggest example I could think of is the Paul brothers. They seriously are just terrible! - Phillip873

Jake paul is the worst of all of them - BoyGenius234

I don't know, Thomas Sanders did a good job with his channel.

Ex-viner YouTubers are sweaty bald 40 year olds like Logan Paul - TwilightKitsune

4 Reaction YouTubers

Only a few are interesting and a lot of the reactors are annoying, plus, they take no effort to make. - myusernameisthis

Most reaction videos are boring - ElSherlock

Pretty much everyone can do this andreaction channels are not interesting.

I totally forgot about these terrible YouTubers! Most of them just sit in front of a video you could watch YOURSELF and then give a half assed "reaction" like a small chuckle or something, but most of the time, they are silent! The only exception I can think of is The Fine Brothers channel, as at least they make cuts instead of just showing the full video and people sitting in front of it! I can't believe I haven't added this yet. - Phillip873

5 The Cyberbully YouTubers
6 The Minecraft YouTubers

Overrated. - SamanthaRosie

Frankly I find little entertaining about them. They're about as thrilling as having Morgan Freeman read Twilight to you.


Fortnite youtubers and call of duty youtubers are worse - B1ueNew

7 The "Prank" YouTubers

They used to be WAY more relevant a couple years back, but these Youtubers most of the time perform very poor pranks or very cruel pranks that aren't entertaining at all! - Phillip873

Just idiots who appeal to young children who have yet to develop empathy. - Sop

I kidnapped someone but it's just a prank.

IT'S JUST A PRANK, BRO! - phillysports

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8 The Toy Review YouTubers

"Toy Review" should be in quotes considering most of these channels are just little kids playing with toys.

This sort of ties into the "kids" channels, but not quite. These channels usually review toys by completely spoiling their children and forcing them to do videos against their will. I don't know why people enjoy watching children get spoiled with toys! - Phillip873

And what's worse is that most have over 3 MILLION subscribers. - Drawbox

Some are ok - blackflower

9 The Criminal YouTubers

Those who commit serious crimes and get arrested for what they've done or posted on YouTube.

-.- Seriously police- look at these guys' channels and ARREST.THEM.

Two Words: Suicide Forest
I can’t believe Logan Paul put a dead body on YouTube and made fun of suicide.

10 People filming dead bodies

Logan Paul again. - SamanthaRosie

Also known as Logan Paul

Okay, that's enough.

Sorry. Just had to do it after someone mentioned it.

The Contenders

11 The ASMR YouTubers

What has society gotten into? What is up with this weird nonsense stuff. ASMR. Sounds pretty stupid & ugh. - SamanthaRosie

It's very weird! Why did this even become a trend? - Misfire

I've never gotten ASMR - Luckys

It’s like that SpongeBob episode where he rubs to pickles to make that tiny squeaking sound. Also like the squeaky boots. Just stop with the ASMRs!

12 The Daily Vloggers

All they do is film themselves doing their daily lives, shake the cameras, & act random like a fool to get views & talk about whatever comes out, even in the most annoying way possible. Their videos are dizzying & headache-including.

I like some of these peoples
Like Brent Rivera, Alexa Rivera, VEREENA, Jeffree Starr and more
not emma chamberlain or jame charles - Luckys

I think a lot of these types of Youtubers are very boring or annoying to watch, as I could care less about what they are doing in life. But YouTube I guess wants to keep promoting these stupid channels. - Phillip873

And this is what caused the algorithm to fall over itself.

13 The Loud and Obnoxious YouTubers

David Dobrik & Zane Hijazi are really loud & talk so fast at the same time. - SamanthaRosie

Purposely crappy singers...

They're the worst!
There are some videos where they would talk in a whisper, and when I turn up the volume, my ears explode. - BurritoSeal

These types of YouTubers rely on the fact that they can be loud an flashy to get a big audience (mainly children under 13). They are incredibly irritating to watch! - Phillip873

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14 The Drama YouTubers
15 The Creepy YouTubers

By this I mean more obscure channels like Meatsleep and 01a51cd0. These channels are super creepy and there are theories as to what they're about. Some even say they're run by serial killers!

16 The “Theory” YouTubers

I only like Shane - Luckys

I liked the bendy theory but not the Fnaf and undertale I guess.

Definitely MatPat he turned many people against Mario and still continues this hopefully he gets terminated (or at least the videos do)

This is mostly FNaF - Datguyisweird666

17 The Tutorial YouTubers

They make 20 min videos:
1 min: intro
10 min: talking about the incoming tutorial
3 min: The Tutorial!
5 min: ask for like and subscribe
1 min: ask you to watch the linked video

OFC the tutorial is always pointless (How to make a pen out of sugar + wire)

They make videos like "How to Make Popcorn" and "How to Clean a Kitchen Floor." Who needs these? They just make tutorials on stuff anybody could easily do.

Does HowToBasic count as one? He's awesome.

18 Goanimate Users

What? These are funny! - myusernameisthis

Who even still uses GoAnimate? Based on some of the Grounded videos I've seen, they're all just simplified caricatures of fictional characters with monotone voices that say one fictional character is grounded for a randomly high amount of years in caps lock. How devoid of quality these GoAnimate users are and the fact that they're still prominent baffles me. Hopefully, they'll fade into irrelevance in the next decade or two. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They'll fade as soon as GoAnimate For Schools will be shut down which is next year. So in 2-3 years, they will fade.

Oh my god I just remembered these. It's mostly a community of people making videos of Caillou and Dora getting grounded. And the goanimate program is so minimal in its use that they are very poorly made videos. People take them seriously though and it's hilarious - Phillip873

Fan fictions come to life.

19 The Trend Follower YouTubers
20 Show Off YouTubers

These are the ones I hate. Ones like morgz who get ten thousand pounds to show you how rich they are and then pretend they are just playing paper toss?! And all they talk about is their merch?


21 The Filming a Dead Body in the Suicide Forest YouTubers

So obvious it’s Logan Paul who did it. - SamanthaRosie

This is specific but should be number 1

We get it. You hate Logan Paul. Great! So does everyone else. - 3DG20

This is so aimed it's funny

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22 Fortnite YouTubers

So many bad fortnite youtubers like morgz, ali a, ghost ninja, propepper, itsowen, top extract, etc - B1ueNew

23 The Roblox YouTubers

Robles is overrated. - SamanthaRosie

Each Roblox youtubers are cancerous in their own way. Seriously none of them are good (and don't tell me that flamingo isn't that bad because he is the cringiest of them all)

Roblox YouTubers are funny and good made story. Including Cryptize and ObliviousHD. But there are many clickbaiters. For example NicsterV, Kazok, Tazok, etc.


I mean they do say it a lot

I have no problems with gay people until they keep on excessively saying I am gay, and they use that very, very annoying voice - DylanB5

Nahhh whats wrong with this - Luckys

A homophobe added this - ElSherlock

25 The kinds that put red arrows in their thumbnails.
26 The Christian YouTubers

The Christian youtubers meaning that they are profanity-free, meaning no bad words whatsoever in the video, not anything to do with the Bible.

How dare you hate the christian youtubers
that's it you're grounded (don't worry not for a million years) until you take this off the list
Go to your room now

(Don't judge me for acting like those goanimate bozos)

Read the bible instead - LightningStrike

They suck! Enough said.

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27 The YouTubers that Find Dead Bodies

Logan Paul

28 The Laughing at Dead People YouTubers

Again Logan Paul. - SamanthaRosie

29 Fetish YouTubers

This is clearly porn & YouTube doesn’t seem to care about it. What happened to society these days? - SamanthaRosie

They need to be banned or maybe ip banned

30 "99% Satisfied" YouTubers

Just really weird things being done while music gets played in the background. Thank God this awful trend died. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Just like ASMR. It’s weird & stupid. - SamanthaRosie

First of all these youtubers don't satisfy me at all. But there are many other reasons I hate them

One reason I do not like them is that most of these videos seem to be meant for younger people,like 9 or under.

These videos usually involve colorful objects being cut or or some colored cream or slime or paint being squeezed,cut,poured etc. Some are even sort of inappropriate.

99 percent of these youtubers seem to be male,although some are verified they aren't trustable for kids at all. They never seem to reveal their faces or talk and seem to be very private about their life. People who don't reveal anything about themselves are people who you should never trust. Even if they are verified.

DO NOT let your kids watch these channels,they could be pedophiles,hackers,sex offenders,trolls or even terrorists or murderers.

31 YouTubers that Film Dead Bodies in Suicide Forest

Logan Paul. - SamanthaRosie

32 Unboxers

Who likes watching people open a box? They're not interesting AT ALL! - myusernameisthis

You're opening up a box that we know EXACTLY what's inside. um...exciting? - taishisohma

33 Storytime YouTubers

I only like Storybooth - Luckys

I like them - blackflower

They always have some random story. Like take this:

*Gets into one argument with boyfriend*
“Oh my god! Like, my boyfriend like, so totally dumped me and I’m like, depressed. My life like, sucks! ” - 3DG20

So you see them as a stereotypical female? Your statement is completely invalid as well. Most stories I hear aren't from drama queens. - Qryzx

34 Troll YouTubers

Too obvious, though Dillon the Hacker was a good one. R.I.P. Dillon the Hacker August 28th, 2019. - SamanthaRosie

Ignore them - ElSherlock

35 Super Mario Logan YouTubers

I thought there was only one SuperMarioLogan... - jackintheboxisgross

36 Cartoon Reviewers
37 Plush YouTubers

I don't really care for plush YouTubers. The closest thing to me ever liking a plush video was those SpongeBob plush videos by Fried Chili Cheese Dogs. Heck, the Everything video had Plankton lampshading commercialism since it's what most plush videos on YouTube are all about. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Plushees are the best ones ever sml super mario bro to name but a few the best is (drumroll)geometry dash plush gamer so ya get it

SML (Super mario logan) swears in his videos which to me makes it funnier. I don't really care for the plush videos that are intended for little kids but I don't hate them - venomouskillingmachine

Plushtubers are awesome like SuperMarioLogan, TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert, AndrewJohn100, BigYoshiFan.

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38 The Corporate YouTubers

Especially T-Series, which beat PewDiePie & Music for most subscribed YouTube channel. - SamanthaRosie

You know who I am talking. The channels for Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

39 The "Filming a dead body" Youtubers

Logan Paul did it. - SamanthaRosie

Lol why does this keep coming - Luckys

*cough* Logan Paul *cough*

logan paul

40 The Made by Kid YouTubers

I like a few. But I hate Sis Vs. Bro.

There’s a reason YouTube has an age limit on it. - 3DG20

Sometimes like channels like react or evantube it’s just some random reacting to something in a stupid manner that just annoys me other YouTubers like these kids that make 3 am videos that are just really cringe to watch examples don’t make slime a 3 am don’t spin the fidget spinner at 3 am sure I’m actually younger than the kids who do that 3 am thing and other videos like real vs gummy is just kids eating stuff and to be honest these videos aren’t worth your time

41 The Diss Track Makers
42 The Let's Just Destroy Things YouTubers
43 Clone YouTubers


44 Commentary YouTubers

Finally I found it

These suck hard.

45 People that Record Themselves Pole Dancing or Twerking
46 The Boring YouTubers

Most YouTubers nowadays are very boring & especially unoriginal. - SamanthaRosie

If you don't have a personality or sense of humour then you have no right to be a youtuber.

47 Grand Theft Auto V YouTubers

Remember sernandoe, noughtpointfourlive, and mrbossftw? - B1ueNew

48 The "do this, not that" thumbnails

5 Minutes Crafts.

49 Anti-SJW YouTubers

Oh yes - blackflower

50 Reddit Story Readers
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