Top Ten Worst Types of YouTubers

There are many types of YouTubers who generally put out content of the same style. A lot of these types are usually terrible! Here we count down the worst.

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1 The "Kids" Channel YouTubers

The reason why I quoted "kids" channels is because I'm referring to the abominations that make those bizarre and totally not for kids "Spider-Man and Elsa" (or any other character kids like) videos that pass off as for kids. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, look it up. These channels range from content that is stupid to content that is incredibly disturbing and hard to watch. YouTube should consider ridding of these horrible types of YouTubers. - Phillip873

Saberspark made a great video detailing what these "kids" channels are and why they should be stopped. Seriously, why has it been so long until YouTube recently decided to finally do something about this problem? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What kind of world do we live in where depraved, harmful garbage like this is considered "educational entertainment"? What happened to kids watching Sesame Street? - phillysports

Watch out your kid videos kids

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2 The Ex-Viner YouTubers

These types of people had to migrate after that godawful "Vine" was shut down. They tend to make really obnoxious vlogs MOST of the time, or may do something else. These horrible types of Youtubers are everywhere, but the biggest example I could think of is the Paul brothers. They seriously are just terrible! - Phillip873

Jake paul is the worst of all of them - BoyGenius234

YouTube and Vine are 2 different things. Do not combine them! - RaccoonCartoon

With Vine, you can afford to have your videos look poorly. They're all just six seconds long and don't require any editing. You can say any stupid thing and it could come off as funny given the short window of content. Now that these people are on YouTube, they're showing their true colors. Most of them are painfully unfunny and some (i.e. The Paul Brothers) have shown themselves to be the scum of the Earth. The way YouTube constantly parades those pieces of human garbage and silences anyone who speaks up about them is utterly revolting. - phillysports

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3 The Clickbait YouTubers

YouTube has its policies about misleading content (which they consistently ignore). These rules are always broken and YouTube does nothing about it. - isaaonrtdmtr

These channels could be anything from gaming to vlogs, but one thing they have in common is that they are of the clickbait type, who put interesting things in the title only to not deliver what was promised in the video. They really get on most people's nerves (obviously including me). - Phillip873

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HowToBasic etc.

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4 The "Prank" YouTubers

They used to be WAY more relevant a couple years back, but these Youtubers most of the time perform very poor pranks or very cruel pranks that aren't entertaining at all! - Phillip873

Used to be funny, nowadays people go too far. - RaccoonCartoon

Just idiots who appeal to young children who have yet to develop empathy. - Sop

IT'S JUST A PRANK, BRO! - phillysports

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5 The Minecraft YouTubers

Frankly I find little entertaining about them. They're about as thrilling as having Morgan Freeman read Twilight to you. - isaaonrtdmtr

Honestly, it's not very entertaining to just watch someone play Minecraft. Game or no game, please don't complain.

Just because this is posted by weirdos who hate Minecraft, minecraft hater!


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6 Reaction YouTubers

I totally forgot about these terrible YouTubers! Most of them just sit in front of a video you could watch YOURSELF and then give a half assed "reaction" like a small chuckle or something, but most of the time, they are silent! The only exception I can think of is The Fine Brothers channel, as at least they make cuts instead of just showing the full video and people sitting in front of it! I can't believe I haven't added this yet. - Phillip873

Hey kids, ever wanted your channel to garner tons of views without having to make quality content? Just make a video of yourself reacting to other people's quality videos! - Jackamalio

It's so annoying when I try to look up a cartoon episode on YouTube but instead find these. If you want to give service to people upload the original version - TwilightKitsune

IDubbbz has made Content Cop videos on the majority of these YouTuber examples. I highly recommend checking those videos out. - phillysports

I've seen all his content cops already, I was so upset that I forgot to put these types in the original mix of this list - Phillip873

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7 The Criminal YouTubers

Those who commit serious crimes and get arrested for what they've done or posted on YouTube.

Criminals should never be on Youtube. - RaccoonCartoon

-.- Seriously police- look at these guys' channels and ARREST.THEM.

Two Words: Suicide Forest
I can’t believe Logan Paul put a dead body on YouTube and made fun of suicide.

8 The Daily Vloggers

I think a lot of these types of Youtubers are very boring or annoying to watch, as I could care less about what they are doing in life. But YouTube I guess wants to keep promoting these stupid channels. - Phillip873

And this is what caused the algorithm to fall over itself. - naFrovivuS

WE DON'T GIVE A CRAP! - RaccoonCartoon

Like I honestly don’t understand why people watch these idiots. If u want good channels then watch, dan and phil, pewdiepie, Jenna Marbles, Liza Koshy OR ANYTHING ELSE

9 The Toy Review YouTubers

This sort of ties into the "kids" channels, but not quite. These channels usually review toys by completely spoiling their children and forcing them to do videos against their will. I don't know why people enjoy watching children get spoiled with toys! - Phillip873

"Toy Review" should be in quotes considering most of these channels are just little kids playing with toys. - isaaonrtdmtr

And what's worse is that most have over 3 MILLION subscribers. - Drawbox

Spoilt brat kids. - RaccoonCartoon

10 The Loud and Obnoxious YouTubers

These types of YouTubers rely on the fact that they can be loud an flashy to get a big audience (mainly children under 13). They are incredibly irritating to watch! - Phillip873

Awful. - RaccoonCartoon

The Contenders

11 The ASMR YouTubers

These types of YouTube channels are actually relatively abundant, and that's no good! Basically, ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is that one tingling response your skin makes to sensitive sounds, such as scratching on a microphone, rubbing small pieces of paper together gently, etc. I'm not aure if this is some fetish or not, but people really enjoy getting that feeling, and they go to these types of Youtubers for these videos. The videos tend to be somewhat creepy or hilariously stupid. It's just very strange! - Phillip873

Literally people having orgasms because of how much they like a sound. I find it crazy. - RaccoonCartoon

It's the weirdest one on the list. All they do is smack their lips for, like, a HOUR and they get so many views!

Euuugh! Chewing Chicken, Smacking Lips, Using A Razor, What's Next, Breaking 20 Million Windows?

12 The Cyberbully YouTubers
13 The Creepy YouTubers

I actually don't mind these ones. They're interesting to watch. - RaccoonCartoon

By this I mean more obscure channels like Meatsleep and 01a51cd0. These channels are super creepy and there are theories as to what they're about. Some even say they're run by serial killers! - Aragorn98

14 The Drama YouTubers
15 Goanimate Users

Who even still uses GoAnimate? Based on some of the Grounded videos I've seen, they're all just simplified caricatures of fictional characters with monotone voices that say one fictional character is grounded for a randomly high amount of years in caps lock. How devoid of quality these GoAnimate users are and the fact that they're still prominent baffles me. Hopefully, they'll fade into irrelevance in the next decade or two. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh my god I just remembered these. It's mostly a community of people making videos of Caillou and Dora getting grounded. And the goanimate program is so minimal in its use that they are very poorly made videos. People take them seriously though and it's hilarious - Phillip873

Grounded videos in general are just the worst. - NiktheWiz

Fan fictions come to life. - isaaonrtdmtr

16 The Trend Follower YouTubers
17 The "Filming a dead body and laughing about it" Youtuber

logan paul

logan paul


18 Unboxers

You're opening up a box that we know EXACTLY what's inside. um...exciting? - taishisohma

19 Troll YouTubers
20 The Corporate YouTubers

You know who I am talking. The channels for Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

No - venomouskillingmachine

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