Worst Video Game Franchises


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21 Banjo-Kazooie
22 Bird Mania
23 Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
24 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
25 Viva Pinata
26 Grand Theft Auto (GTA)
27 Pokemon
28 Resident Evil
29 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
30 Fallout
31 Kingdom Hearts
32 Earthbound
33 Super Smash Bros.

So overrated

34 Paper Mario
35 Minecraft
36 Mario Sports
37 The Legend of Zelda

This is like a crime to gamers that this is even on the list.

Who the hell is add them on the list and who the hell make this number 10
its one of the best

38 Final Fantasy
39 Mario Party

Mario Party 10 should be the last Mario Party game. If it comes back, I demand Nintendo remakes the first three Mario Party games.

40 The Sims
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