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21 Mass Effect

The Long Story And Character Quests, Puts This Game Into Great Quality. Driving Around a Plant with Turbo Jump, Killing Aliens With Ether Guns Or Special Powers Or Even Exploring City Planets And Completing Main And Side Quests Missions. Mass Effect is A long Game Which Never Gets Boring.

Mind-blowing game!! Definitely showcases all that 360 is about. Graphics, shading, lighting, gameplay. This game should be in the top 10 very, very soon.

I can't see how CoD 2 is in place #7 at this time. This game should be there for sure and CoD 2 in place 14 heh. - cnauta70

I have to vote for Mass Effect. This has to be one of the only AWESOME RPGs out for the 360. No other RPGs out can compare to Mass Effect. I have to say that I voted for this because if you think about it. There are many great FPS but this one in the RPG genre just sticks out. - Punisher12

Best Xbox 360 game in my opinion - ME2 layout put it above the rest - main quest and side quest, paragon and renegade

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22 Halo 4

Halo is probably the most immersive franchise on any console, everything from the graphics, to multiplayer, to the storyline is exceptional. Halo is the reason you buy an Xbox and you can see why with Halo 4. I have never played a game as good as this and the only other game I'd consider is Halo Reach.

Damn this game is great! This must be the best Halo game so far. Must be in the top ten! Listening to the soundtrack now.

This game is amazing. the graphics are unreal and the sounds of the guns are so realistic. LOVE MASTER CHIEF!

Definitely one of the best.

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23 Far Cry 3

I remember the days in Far Cry 3, where I used to hide on a hill and shoot animals and people that passed the street, those were the days. - danielwotsits

The best graphics game I ever play

Lots to explore and many different ways to play this open-world game. The acting is also top-notch.

Why is this #31 it should be #1, it has better graphics then Grand Theft Auto v and it came out 3 years earlier.

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24 Gears of War 3

Ooh man it's a great game with perfect graphics and control it shouldn't be on 71 number it should be on 19

Surprised this is so low. This has been my favourite game on the system, followed closly by bioshock infinite and gta5

25 Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City is one of the greatest games ever! It was Ranked 36 all time and hasn't been out for 2 years! There is a reason why it was Game of The Year. It had so many cool easter eggs and treats for die hard batman fans. It's the greatest game ever. - MRJ12744

Arkham City so low! Come on, it's the game of the year 2011! I just can't play this game for under 3 hours. So Addicting!

This game brought so much fun to the batman arkham franchise with all of the new things you can make batman do

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26 Left 4 Dead

this game is brilliant I love it number 2 isent as good thou cause you are in daylight

One of the best games to play online with unforgettable characters -

This game scares the living hell out of me... - jprg12

27 FIFA Soccer 12

Three major gameplay changes have been implemented in FIFA 12; these are the Impact Engine, Tactical Defending, and Precision Dribbling. The manager's relationship with players and the media will play a larger role, with team selection, success, and salaries all affecting individual players' attitudes and morale, and the press picking up on injuries and unrest, all of which can impact performance on the pitch. Unhappy players can talk to the press and stir up interest from other clubs, with transfer AI also having been improved upon. Transfer targets will sometimes demand excessive wages if they think they can get away with it, and rival clubs will chance tempting your star players away for a bargain price.

Best FIFA so far.
Amazing graphics and ball control is realistic

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28 Rock Band

This is the best game to play with friends and totally beats guitar hero. - rubberduck

This blows gh out of the water and they come out with new songs each week, who can't like that? - hockeyrocks57

Simply genius, it's guitar hero times 4

Has my favorite songs - minecraftnumberonefan

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29 Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best games in history. You get to play as a few survivors,
Coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick. The games even better with all the Game Modes like Infected, Survival, and many more. - danielwotsits

This is better then left for dead 1 - Sabbath

I can't belive this is #57th! This beats halo and Call of Duty anyday!

It is the best...

30 Need for Speed Most Wanted

This game is the bomb, a storyline with an action packed moment at every corner and lots of police action and racing, a true racer that I like

I own this game and I would have to say it is the best of a sub-genre of racing games, and the vehicle customization is superb.

This is a rocking high time game

Pretty nice

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31 Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

I don't understand why this isn't higher on the list. It is probably the best open-world game out there because you can literally explore every inch of the map seamlessly. You can jump off your ship and swim from one side of the map to the other if you wanted to. - Nick_10

Very good free roam game

I love how its set from a Pirate, who does ' PARKOUR! - danielwotsits

This should be 1st, THIS GAME IS AWESOME

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32 Portal 2

Portal 2 is my favorite game because of its story how chell is forced to go through each scene just so 2 robots can decide to let her go both of them turn against her and when one is with her the other isn't (note glados as a potato for a lot of the game) this game makes you think its over when it just gets started when everyone turns on you at your most difficult time portal 2 is a game that made me take chells side on all subjects even though she can't speak she sure seem to say a lot
The graphics of the game were great for the consoles it ran on
The thing that makes a game is a new idea for the mechanics I'm talking about the portal device its a great idea there's no way anyone could admit its not an original mechanic its great if portals story was any different this will make the portal device boring becuase the portals are great and all but it will just be another puzzle game without the story thank you

Portal is 116 that is ridiculous, much better concepts than portal. There's harder levels to solve, more ways to solve them, and an awesome plot! It combines all the good things a video game should have.

Why I'd this so far down?! It's the 2nd best game of all time! Put it in the top 5 with Halo Reach, 3, -4, and Castle Crashers.

I love Portal 2, probably because of glaDOS, if glaDOS and Wheatley weren't in the game, I would've hated it. - danielwotsits

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33 Assassin's Creed

this should be way higher! so good especially the fighting frickin class

This game ROCKS and I love how you can climb on virtually ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. :-) - guiop123

its at least 1 better than call of duty mw2 but you still got to get call of duty mw2 I love this game so much

Assassin's Creed is absolutely amazing. I can play multiple times and never get tired of it.

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34 Mortal Kombat

Awesome game so fun never get sick of it graphics are absolutely amazing everybody must play this game!

This game would finish any other games you would get consumed the minute you play it should really be at least top 5 but whatever

My favorite game so far! Very cool story, graphics, combos, fatalities.

This mk game is the best one they ever released. It's like mk trilogy updated in 3D. - Sabbath

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35 Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

This has got to be the best strategy game out there!

no.1 for war, army and destoying

36 Halo 3: ODST


Great! Simply Great!
Beats Viva Pinata at any given day!
Single player campagne rocks!

37 Call of Duty: World at War

The multiplayer was not the best. However it was the original game to have Nazi Zombies. This plays a huge factor in this decision. Nazi Zombies is probably a big enough thing that it can become its own separate game. Nazi Zombies is the reason some people bought Black Ops and Black Ops 2

One of the coolest Call of Duty's ever. Coolest Story Mode Ever! The Zombies are so cool and creepy. I just love everything about it. - danielwotsits

How is this not in the top ten this game is what STARTED ZOMBIES! not to mention the multiplayer was the best cause every weapon was different the tanks were really amazing for the gameplay and the campaign kicked ass and was really emotional. - stoner69

An underrated masterpiece. - Zaxtin

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38 FIFA 14

The best FIFA game! - Jaewon

39 Forza Horizon

Great customization awesome traffics poor activities but should be a bit higher than this...

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40 Half-Life 2 The Orange Box

When I first started Half Life 2 I loved it. The story was great so far. Then I picked up a crowbar and things started feeling a little bit repetitive. Then I picked up a pistol and things got worse. Then I started solving some physics puzzles. That's when things started to get interesting again. I loved the story throughout the whole game. I loved the graphics that are considered fine by todays standards, even though this game is from 2004. I loved the physics elements in the game, which made the game a lot more interesting. I would give this game, overall, 8/10. The only thing wrong with it at all was the shooter aspects of the game. Its not that I hated them. They just got a little boring after awhile. Get into a fight with a bunch of combine, repeat. Excellent game, with a great, original story.

The perfect mix of awesome, incredible, and, well,... Perfectness - Chickenlegs

This is the Best First person shooter I have ever played in my life!!

The Orange Box has 3 great games, TF2, Half Life 2, and Portal 2. Why you wouldn't buy this when you see it in the store, I don't know, - danielwotsits

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