Top Ten You Had One Job Fails

Everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes are just too silly to not laugh at.

The Top Ten You Had One Job Fails

1 Chipotle in the country selection

This is why we learn geography in school, people. - SpectralOwl

2 Turn Right (Road goes left)
3 Please Slow Drively
4 Item: Bananas. Label: Long Yellow Things
5 Handle on the inside of mug

Sorry, but I don't tolerate putting my hand in the drink to hold the mug - SpectralOwl

6 Knives in the back to school section
7 Only Josh can prevent wildfires
8 Cheese on side of burger

None of it is even between the buns! Instead, it's all on the side of the buns - SpectralOwl

9 Spoopy (Misspell of spooky)
10 Corn labeled watermelon

The Contenders

11 In case of fire, use stairs
12 Oranges labeled avocado
13 Batman backpack with superman on the front
14 Do not enter door that says "Enter Only"
15 Tarantula toy package that has a cockroach
16 News report that has the convicted person named "Firstname Lastname"
17 Fortune Cookies that say "The job is well done"
18 Women's toilets that said "Men"
19 Watermelon that says "Boneless"
20 A "cash-only" credit card paypal

What a dumbass.

21 Sonic slippers that say "Super Mario"
22 Phone that says "Floats on water" but sinks
23 Made in China label that has the American flag
24 Waluigi being on "ICarly Wiki"
25 Game and Wario cover saying "Game and WarioWare Watch"
26 2 dead found dead
27 Item on list saying "Turn Right (Road Goes Left)" has image saying "Please Slow Drively"
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