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1 YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

How to make this year's YouTube Rewind the most disliked in history:

1.Leave out all the familiar ones and make new ones out of earwax and boogers and turn them into humans
2.Don't even write a script and have the cast do whatever.
3.Have them act like a bunch of imbeciles.
4.Make it predictable and use some trends that some people dislike.
5.Show that you aren't scared to pass the boundaries and be serious, but not in the right way possible.
6.Get a ton of dislikes and hate comments and prepare to see what you have done to society.

Well there we go! YouTube Rewind 2018 is YouTube's newest hated video. Come to think of it, I can hear an angry mob coming approaching the YouTube Headquarters. I'd run if I were you and get the heck out of the country if I were you. Oh yeah, there's a video called "How To Say 'YouTube Rewind 2018 was bad' in 53 languages", so I bet there is no where to hide except for the wilderness.

Is it weird that I don't think this should be 1 on this list? Not that it isn't bad, definitely not that, but I honestly knew it was gonna be bad as soon as I heard about it. I mean it's something when you didn't expect something, but here, I more or less knew it was going to be not good to some extent. And no I haven't watched it, because again, I know it's gonna be unenjoyable.

For those who are curious about what it's like, I highly recommend you not to watch it! I repeat, do not watch! I'm serious, your brains will all become rotten and you'll lose your soul in an instant. So please, I beg you, do not watch YouTube Rewind 2018. If you do, make sure to bring a gun and shoot down your screens.

Next time this plays, I will throw whichever device playing this video out the window, even if it means that the device breaks. This is the worst video ever made because of Fortnite and it's references and lots of other cringe included. FORTNITE SUCKS EVERYONE! I can bet next years edition will have Old Town Road, Hit or Miss, Ariana Grande, more Fortnite references, The Avengers 3 part 2:Endgame, Game of Thrones final season and much, much more overrated things.

2 Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

In serious talk, this video was messed up, not only correctly giving Logan Paul a bad name, but also giving him his downfall. This video should be his biggest regret, and we all know he should even be banned from Youtube, considering how when youtubers like Game Theory talk about suicide, they are serious and morbid because the one to commit suicide is one of their best friends.

This is far worse than YouTube Rewind 2018 and you all know it. The sheer lack of humanity or shame in this video is genuinely sickening and it's so upsetting that YouTube didn't take this down the second it got uploaded. What is wrong with the world?

How is YT Rewind worse than this? I know it's cringey, but this is far worse.

Thank God, it's already removed from YouTube.

3 Racist Mario

This video title doesn't even make sense, none of the characters seem to a particular race except Japanese, and most of them are animals anyway, like Donkey Kong. This video should be called violent Mario, because that's all it's about, just mindless violence that idiots find funny, I hate those types of videos.

When you combine Mario kart and happy tree friends you get THIS. Mario is supposed to be racist but he kills EVERYONE! Even Nintendo characters. Also Ash looks like nightmare fuel. Do not kill your childhood by watching this atrocity! The real Mario would get a mega mushroom and TRAMPLE flashgitz for ruining his reputation!

Mario is trying to win the race. Also, what in the god, is Sonic doing here? Because you know, is Sonic appearing in Mario Kart. God damn, this video is fudging stupid. I hope Nintendo sued whoever made this.

It needs to be age restricted! literally, I can't stand how people can enjoy this abomination! I hope it's not on youtube kids

4 Omar Taylor and His Computer

Who is this? Why is half of the list infested with some random guy named Omar Taylor?

5 I Can Swing My Sword Sparta Remix

Sparta Remixes were never that good anyways.

6 Baby - Justin Bieber

It's not the most disliked anymore...

7 Omar Taylor His Stuffed Animals and His Collectibles Singing Party Rock Anthem
8 Does Koopa Troopa Have a Girlfriend
9 Making the Bus Monitor Cry
10 Koopa Troopa and Rouge the Bat Having Dinner As a Couple
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11 Omar 4 Stuffed Animals and 4 Collectibles Sing Baby

Shame on you JayStation! You disrespected poor Etika's death only to gain cheap views. If I owned YouTube, this man would've been terminated for life.

13 Hey Captainsparklez
14 Dear Fat People

This thing is starting to ruin my life. People eat mushrooms on pizza. Mario eats mushrooms. We won't talk about the flowers. What other reasons are there then the to ones I just said?

16 I'm Sexy and I Know It
17 SSRC Challenge 1 - "Prince is the worst"
18 Mario is Not a Hero!

Hypersensitive people who can't take a joke voted this. This video is a masterpiece!

Why would MARIO save Peach if if he was evil?No. So I don't think Mario is evil.

I love this video

19 YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record

Despite being better than the 2018 rewind, this one is still no good. It is a low budget countdown video which is extremely lazy.

20 Sodalicious Sparta Remix
21 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul

Everyday I want to smash the Paul brother's devices with a sledgehammer.

22 Tide Pod Challenge

Me: *looks this video up and plays it*

Video: Best snack out there!

Me: What? No!

Video: Should I? Sure why not?

Me: No! Don't do it!

Video: *guy eats it*

Me: Ewww that's gross! I'm out!

23 California Boys
24 Koopa Bros vs TMNT Gruesome Melee
25 Feme Free for All
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