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1 Stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy. His Youtube channel was created in August 3 2006 and is still making videos in 2021.

Reason? Oh. Well, basically I hear this every day at my school… Hey, have you heard episode 235 of Stampy's Lovely World? First graders watch it. He is a responsible person and doesn't cuss. When I get YouTube, I'm going to not cuss and get lots of subscribers.

Stampy is super kid-friendly. Even when he gets frustrated, he still remains calm and has never sworn. Some of his earlier videos were a bit less kid-friendly, but they are still fine to watch.

He's a great YouTuber and doesn't curse anymore. He's very kid-friendly and does a lot of what everyone loves, like Minecraft, right?

2 Thediamondminecart

Well, some videos have curses in them, but rarely. Even though he is an adult, I still don't mind. His Spore episodes were improvements. If you haven't seen them, he rarely cursed. He is a lot better than Jacksepticeye. A lot.

I love his Minecraft. All of his games as well. Thanks, DanTDM, for being responsible. Oh, and if you are reading this, make a video about not cursing. You will have a lot of likes. Reason? Well, kids will subscribe. Also, subscribe to him.

Dan is very family-friendly. I think he used to cuss in his older videos, but my siblings and I watch his more recent videos, and he doesn't swear anymore. I very much recommend him for kids.

3 O-Diggity Dog
4 Popularmmos

If you like Minecraft, then Pat and Jen are the ones to see. They do not swear except in a couple of videos. Yeah, check him out and check Jen out. I love his videos and Jen's. They do challenge games, maps, and live videos. I love their videos. I love YouTube life. And I love everything about them.

Check out this couple of other YouTubers: Amy Lee, Squid, Stampy Cat, Grace Games, Dolastic, Chad, Adrie, Sally, Carly, and Kelly. Love Grace. PS: This only took half an hour to do.

I love their challenge games and burning map. They need to do more, and I love their hide and seek. Do you even speak English, bro?

5 paulsoaresjr

He is an awesome YouTuber, and his channel is family-friendly. He cheers me up when I am having a bad day. Please subscribe to his channel!

He makes up creative role-playing scenarios for each game using the character "Punchwood". He's really funny and child-friendly.

He was one of the first YouTubers I ever watched. He is really great!

6 Thinknoodles

Think is so entertaining and never curses. He is my favorite YouTuber ever and never ceases to put a smile on my face. He deserves 100 million subscribers!

Think is probably one of the most kid-friendly YouTubers out there. There is no swearing on his channel, or anything questionable. Yes, he does play horror games, which might scare very young kids, but other than that, he is very safe for kids to watch.

I love Thinknoodles. He is the best YouTuber ever. He never cusses. He is never mean to people. He is so nice, and he should be top of the list or at least under Dan because out of all, I think his videos are the best. Thank you for letting me vote.

7 EnderGirlGames
8 UnspeakableGaming

I love UnspeakableGaming so much. Every day, I watch his videos and think, "What a positive guy." I am a really big fan of him and Proper Idiots. Sometimes, I watch PopularMMOs with my sister and I would rate his comedy a 4 and a half out of 5. For Unspeakable, I would rate his comedy skills a 5 out of 5.

I can't live another day without him. He's just so funny and nice, but I have heard him swear once. Just once. But who could ever deny Unspeakable? Not me, of course.

My son and I have watched a ton of his videos. Every video is something new and exciting. He's super creative, even with his crew, they all use clean language as well. I am not extremely into Minecraft, but after realizing how much effort he puts into being clean for the younger audience, we will be watching every single video and liking a majority of them. We need more like this dude. Thank you so much, Unspeakable. You are amazing.

9 SSSniperWolf SSSniperWolf is an American Youtuber. She makes reaction videos, unboxing videos, Q&A videos, and Fortnite videos.

SSSniperWolf is one of my favorite YouTubers on this planet. She used to curse in a lot of her older videos, but now she doesn't curse at all. I just randomly started watching her one day and instantly fell in love with her. I am a huge fan and always watch her new videos right when she uploads them.

I think she is funny, kind, and super sweet. Whenever I am having a bad day, I start watching her videos, and they turn my frown into a smile. I also think she has evolved a lot from when she started her channel in 2013. She used to upload gaming videos and her series titled Ask Wolf, but now she uploads reaction videos.

She was not kid-friendly before 2020 because sometimes she would upload videos that were not very kid-friendly and inappropriate for kids. Now, she uploads videos that are kid-friendly and suitable for kids of all ages. I would recommend SSSniperWolf for kids aged 11-18.

10 TheAmAsianOne
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11 jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

Jacksepticeye has an endearing personality with lots of wisdom. He is one of the most caring media personalities online and always cares for his viewers. For example, if he plays through a game that touches on suicide or heavy mental health topics, he will make sure to talk about the importance of seeking help and promoting a healthy mental health attitude.

I don't understand why people say Jacksepticeye swears. I watched most of his videos, and he never swore once!

I'm pretty sure in his older videos he doesn't swear as much.

12 LaurenzSide Lauren Webber (born July 7, 1989), better known by her online alias LaurenzSide, is an American YouTuber who is best known for her gaming playthroughs and reactions with commentary and a jump-cut editing style. She has over 6 million subscribers on the platform.

LaurenzSide only curses sometimes in old videos. She is awesome! She does have some creepy/scary videos, so I guess keep your kids away from those. She is one of the best YouTubers ever.

Lauren is one of my new favourite YouTubers. She does say a few mild cuss words, but not anything like the F word. I would definitely recommend her to any gamer fans or, more specifically, Sims 4 fans.

Lauren is such a good YouTuber. She uses a little bit of cuss words, but her comedy and kindness are gold. If you're new, I recommend her TikTok recreating videos, her Sims 4 series, and her Troom Troom videos. I'd say you should start watching her as a tween, because of some cuss words.

13 ProperIdiots
14 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website... read more

His recent videos, especially Minecraft, are kid-friendly. He swears a lot in his old videos, so just avoid those if that's not what you're looking for. It's as simple as that.

15 Good Mythical Morning

I love Good Mythical Morning, and apart from loving those guys, I've never heard a single curse from them, but I guess Rhett and Link did.

They did videos such as "Does Pee Taste Good?"

Name me a more iconic YouTube comedy duo.

16 Stacyplays

I love Stacy and she does many different things. I watched all her videos and there's no cursing or swearing. If you haven't watched her, check her out. She has another channel called Stacyvlogs too.

As a parent, Stacy has had a place in my heart for years. My daughter's first YouTube obsession was her, and we are still fans - now of her books too! She's truly the best.

Stacy is very kid-friendly. She never swears in her new videos and old ones. Stacy is the coolest!

17 EvanTubeHD Evan Moana, better known online as EvanTubeHD, is an American YouTuber who showcases toys and gadgets on this channel, as well as doing challenges and science experiments.

I love the EvanTube channel as it provides a wide variety of content to the viewers, and the video quality is good. He is also humorous and entertains me all the time.

Very nice and sometimes funny.

18 LDshadowlady Online as LDShadowLady or Lizzie, is an English YouTuber known for producing YouTube video content on her YouTube channel called LDShadowLady.

Her videos are really entertaining and good for kids. I used to watch her a lot more but I still revisit her channel sometimes.

I love Lizzie. So excited for her upcoming marriage. Just watched two of her videos today. Been subscribed for at least 4 years now.

Lizzie is awesome, no bad language, love her Minecraft 1life series right now. Joel, her boyfriend/fiance, says hell, so I don't usually watch him.

LDShadowlady is such an amazing YouTuber. Her content is definitely PG, and I've been watching her for such a long time now. No worries about swearing because there's none of that in her videos.

19 Ibilsiticsquid
20 AviatorGaming
21 Squasheyquack

Definitely child friendly. Very chill.

22 theodd1sout

James is cool and makes me laugh when I need it. I've watched a lot of his videos over and over. I definitely recommend them to anyone who likes animators.

He is nice, doesn't curse, and makes really good content. He is also a really kid-friendly channel.

I really love him! I have been watching him forever, and his channel is so kid-friendly!

23 VenturianTale

He is extremely kid-friendly and really funny. If you're looking for non-cursing, non-inappropriate, kid-friendly YouTubers, go here.

We love this channel! They are a great fun group with really good videos of lots of fun stuff.

They have never sworn in their videos, ever. I show them all the time to my little cousins.

24 L for Lee
25 PeanutButterGamer

This man is an A-plus! His videos are funny and appropriate for all ages, big and small. He doesn't upload often, sadly, but don't watch anyone in his recommended besides SpaceHamster and Chadtronic.

This guy is so good! The humour is really on point. My favourite videos are the Goodwill Games series. PBG plays games from the bargain bin and makes funny comments on them. I definitely recommend PBG for ages 8 and up.

I love him! His videos always put me in a good mood! He never swears. 10 out of 10!

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