Top 10 Best Yugvijay Tiwari! YouTube Videos

As we all know Yugvijay Tiwari is a famous Television actor and the best thing is he started his YouTube channel by the user name YugvijayTiwari. The 12 year old child actor/comedian/singer has many fans which he call friends lets find out his best videos so far!
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1 Types Of Couples

Of course, it should be on top as he did amazing comedy in this video. The video has many likes on YouTube and is the most popular upload by him, so my vote goes here. I love his 'Types of Couples' the most.

Absolutely, it is the best, although I like 'My Choice' also because of Mansi Tiwari.

What the fart? You're not taking me seriously. I hate you! You're never giving me time. Haha, infinite.

Arrey, what nonsense are you talking about, tell me in English too.

And one more thing, I love your bracelet! Oops... said breast. Thank you so much for the stomach-paining laughter, Yugvijay! What do we call his fans?

2 Types Of Kids at School/College

Yes! It is the best upload and is the most relatable video by Yugvijay Tiwari. One is Yugvijay and the other is IIsuperwomanII. We love them the most. And yeah, the third is Kapil Sharma for sure.

3 Students Before Exams and After Their Results

The first video! The best video indeed.

The first upload yet the best! As people say, old is gold. But the weird thing here is he calls his fans weirdos, and he doesn't like yellow gold. How weird! I love gold though. It's shiny. But he said shiny is ugly, and you know what, he is shiny. Whoa! I am going to write a hate comment, just kidding.

4 Types Of Friends

Oh man, someone else, Turners and the Adivers are all over my school! This is the best upload. I love you, YUGVIJAY! Oh my sweet God, please tell me, how does he know about us so much? How? (In Yugvijay Tiwari's voice)

Hey, I am confused. Am I gay? See, you never know you are gay. If you rub your hand like this and feel very sexy, then only you know. How funny!

5 Holidays : Expectations Vs. Reality

New video, really amazing, but don't you guys think it should have been launched before the end of summer?

6 My Choice Parody!

Who is the girl in the video, though?

7 An Arranged Date Before An Arranged Marriage
8 Tired Mechanical Heart ft. Mansi Tiwari

Guys, Mansi Tiwari's verse is amazing in that song. This is another removal from his account. Why, man?

9 Types Of Cries

It's actually nice... no, amazing... actually, it's great! Glad I subscribed to him.

Thumbs up my comment if you gave 'Types of Cries' a thumbs up on YouTube for Yugvijay Tiwari.

I must say, this is his best upload so far.

10 The Internet Language : What People Really Mean On The Internet

Hats off to this young boy! Very well written, and everything is done perfectly.

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11 Types of Annoying Indians on Holi!

The funniest - no, actually, this is the second funniest after 'Types of Cries.' He and IIsuperwomanII should make a video someday!

13 WTF!? Birthday!!!!
14 What The F#@K Christmas In India
15 How Boys Regrets After Masturbating
16 Most Annoying Moments In Your Classroom. Ever!
17 Anti Racist Indian Talking About Allah, Muslim, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
18 When American Pop Stars Come To Tour In India
19 What If You Had Your Duplicate?
20 Anti Racist Indian Reads Saudi Arabia Sexist Rules and Laws
21 Guy That Every Girl Should Dump
22 Guess Who's Back in Town!
23 Anti Racist Indian Responds To Taher Shah Angel video.
24 10 Types Of Annoying Mothers
25 Why I Sometimes Don't Upload My Videos
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