Top 10 YouTubers Who Lost Fame

When a YouTuber gets views, they gain fame, but when they lose viewers, they lose their fame.

They never make it.
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1 Lucas Cruikshank Lucas Alan Cruikshank is an American actor and YouTube personality who created the character Fred Figglehorn and the associated Fred series for his channel on the video-sharing website YouTube in late 2005. These videos are centered on Fred Figglehorn, a fictional six-year-old who has a dysfunctional... read more

When he started Fred, he gained fame for his Fred videos and Fred voice, but then in 2014, he grew out and sold his Fred channel to kids for money on a Range Rover Evoque.

Since then, the Fred channel, which is now dead, has only 2.93234 million subscribers.

All he has now is his Lucas channel, at just over 2 million subscribers, and trust me, it sucks.

2 Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson is an American actor, comedian, producer, director, writer, singer and rapper, who is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel, Ray William Johnson, and his web series on that channel, Equals Three.

His channel was the most popular on YouTube in 2010, but after a few years, he left and then it was taken over by a new host called Robbie Motz.

3 iJustine Justine Ezarik is an American YouTube personality, host, actress, and model. She is best known as iJustine and has over a billion views across her YouTube channels. She gained attention as one of the Internet's most popular lifecasters.

She was very popular during the release of the iPhone, until she lost her 2 billion subscribers.

4 Jawz

He was famous for games until his channel went down to 924,965 subscribers, yet he got arrested for taking drugs.

5 MinnesotaBurns

He had 2,039,731 subscribers, but then he left for a while, and when he came back, he only got 15,000 views in his videos.

6 charlieissocoollike

He was a vlogger and had a collaboration channel, but then then his fame died, and his subscribers downgraded from 2,397,914 to just over 250,000.

Later on March 6th, 2019, he quit YouTube to become a public screenwriter.

7 woodysgamertag

He was a gamer, and his channel was very popular, until he moved on to podcasts, and his fame died down from 1,189,423 subscribers down to 150,000.

8 Philip DeFranco (sxephil)

Back in 2008, Philip was a news man and a vlogger, posting videos with clickbaiting titles and thumbnails with 3,607,447 subscribers, but then lost them down to 1,000,000.

Shockingly enough, he's made a comeback.

9 MysteryGuitarMan

In 2006, he became famous with his musical covers, which he often created with household items, but then gained popularity in 2008, with his messages to his subscribers, while his videos were often featured in the front page.

But then, he lost 2,851,604 subscribers, and now only gets around 300,000 views per video.

10 LeafyIsHere Calvin Lee Vail (born August 18, 1995), known online as LeafyIsHere or simply Leafy, is an American former YouTuber and former Twitch streamer who, from the years 2011 to 2017, and 2020, made reaction, drama, and gaming videos, but is mostly known for commentary.

He hasn't posted videos in much of a year & eventually he quit YouTube due to burnout. Later YouTube terminated his channel in 2020.

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11 SkyDoesMinecraft Adam Dahlberg (born: January 17, 1993), better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder"... read more

He quit his original YouTube channel to focus on music videos. His channel had ~10.57 million subscribers. He's definitely not as famous anymore.

12 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website... read more

PewDiePie's still extremely famous near the top, though no longer the most subscribed YouTube channel, as 2 channels, such as Music & T-Series beat it. He did though become the 1st individual creator to pass 100 million subscribers, which was a historic deal for the YouTube community.

On December 8, 2016, Felix Kjellberg made a joke he would delete his channel and quit YouTube.
He's the most popular single YouTuber of all time, he just reached 50,000,000 subscribers before then.
The world was shocked when PewDiePie talked about quitting YouTube.
It turns out to be a joke, but that made a number of people unsubscribe to him.

13 Fred Figglehorn Fred Figglehorn is a fictional character created and portrayed by American actor Lucas Cruikshank. He rose to prominence in the early days of YouTube. In 2013, Cruikshank retired the character because he could no longer do the Fred voice. There was also a Fred movie trilogy that lasted from 2010 to... read more

He's already on here as Lucas Cruikshank on the list. He lost fame after quitting Fred.

14 Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.

After Anthony left, it went downhill. Not only are the videos stupid and have VERY bad quality, but they get almost no views. I miss the days when this channel was #1. RIP Smosh.

15 Annoying Orange
16 McJuggerNuggets Jesse Tyler Ridgway (born September 29, 1992), better known online as McJuggerNuggets or RiDGiD STUDiOS, is an American YouTuber who grew up and lived in Elmer, New Jersey. He has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and his video "Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games" has garnered more than 30 million views... read more

He was famous with his PsychoKid skits, until he left to go to Red Sun Entertainment, a greedy, money making workplace.

17 GloZell Green

In her early days, her challenge videos had millions and millions of views. Some of her recent videos haven't made it over 10,000 views.

18 Toby Turner

I voted for Toby Turner because when I heard about the raping allegations in 2016 right now in the year 2022-2023, I realize to myself about a lot of questions. (1) When will he be back on YouTube after the allegations are over? (2) Will he ever get a new job? (3) What will happen if he stays at home all the time without trying to find a solution to get a new job right now? (4) Will he ever post his new videos or will he continue to seek for help on getting his fame back?

19 Marina Joyce
20 Reaction Time
21 ThinkNoodles
22 YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon
23 Charles Trippy

After quitting a record-breaking 3,653 daily consecutive vlogs (the most ever done by anyone) over 10 years, he stopped gaining subscribers in as fast of a rate & lost numerous. He's no longer who he used to be.

24 Hannah Stocking

Remember when she did skits? Back then she gained hundreds of thousands to millions of views per day & climbed really fast in subs. Yet the lyric video she made about Hustin Bieber, Pooh Bear & Jay Electonica ;m"Hard to Face Reality" (which Lele Pons was featured in) has over 208M views! She's past 7.65M now but isn't growing as quickly anymore & her latest videos don't even get hundreds of thousands or millions of views on their 1st day. Why? Because after she dated TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez (the brother of Tony Lopez who has a history of sexual & racist behavior), she suddenly decided to vlog weekly with him & her vlogs are harder to catch up with & generic. Plus she isn't with Lele Pons anymore yet Lele's pretty much with a boyfriend as well & doing her own online docuseries (The Secret Life of Lele Pons) as well as music. She was more original & funny back then (yet even more so than other comedy YouTubers like Lilly Singh) but not anymore. R.I.P. OG Hannah Stocking 2013 (Vine)-2017-2020 (YouTube).

25 Seth Everman

Now that his comment "I'm the bald guy" from Billie Eilish's bad guy's now deleted, he's falling from grace forever.

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