Top 10 Reasons to Leave YouTube

We all loved YouTube, it has given us so many awesome videos and shows for us, there were people who made funny videos that made us all laugh.

But it seems that we don't have any good videos anymore, and instead they're being filled in with a bunch of crappy garbage videos that don't mean anything other than shock value and laziness.

It's a horrible evolution for YouTube and much of the Internet.

Here's a list of the reasons why we should all leave YouTube.

As far as this list was made, it is flawless and has no mistakes, it deserves approvement for what it is.
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1 YouTubers Have Become Bad People

This is very true. YouTube seems to actively reward all these horrible people. Due to studies done by sources such as the New York Times and Vox, there's also worry that YouTube is being used as a breeding ground for the Alt-Right. Those kinds of videos always seem to get pushed to the forefront.

They feed off YouTube's algorithm to the point where it thinks that if you watched just one of their videos, you're the biggest fan and want all their other videos shoved in your face. The number of times I had to click "Not Interested" on entire channels was just staggering.

2 It's Not Good Anymore

YouTube used to be the best site of all time, and it was for quite a long time, but that's not the case with modern YouTube. It was great to go on back then, but now it's not anymore.

Back then, it had very funny videos, but now they're gone. Instead, we get to see stupid, lazy, insulting, and gross videos. Videos of people making gross foods, DIY edible slop, nonsense reaction videos, and attention-seeking content.

Even the biggest creators we once had, making the best videos back then, have evolved into these disasters. YouTube used to be great, but sadly, the good videos are going with the dinosaurs. R.I.P. YouTube 2005-2014.

3 YouTube Doesn't Respect Smaller Channels

They kick off the smaller channels that aren't making enough money for the company. As if Google doesn't have enough money!

4 The Comedy Is Gone

Remember when YouTube used to have all these funny videos from people? They made us laugh so hard, we would get the hiccups.

But that's hardly happening anymore. Even the funniest people we once had on YouTube have gone downhill to extremes. It has become evident that YouTube cannot be funny anymore. Instead, they treat gross videos as comedy.

There's still comedy on YouTube, but I kind of agree with this. Two of the channels that made me laugh the most haven't uploaded in months.

5 Harsh Comments

Honestly, I feel like the people who have been on YouTube the most defend these bullies. Sure, there's negative criticism, but it can be done maturely without threatening them with drama or death threats. Just because people can use the "constructive criticism" excuse doesn't mean it's a pass to be a total ass.

I feel like these YouTubers are profiting from bullying by following these steps:

1. They see a YouTuber they don't like.
2. They make a "commentary" or rant about them.
3. The fans of the self-proclaimed commentator flame the victim YouTuber.
4. The commentator collects all of his or her subscribers just to get money and views, making the victim small and harmed.

That's how YouTube goes today. Big YouTubers pick on small YouTubers for profit. For instance, take Keemstar for example.

6 Bad Videos are "Recommended for You"

I watched two Smosh videos for the first time in months, and what happens? A ton of Smosh videos show up in my feed.

I once watched an 8 Out of 10 Cats video. The next day, I got loads of videos about James Macaster, who I despise. The 8 Out of 10 Cats video did not mention or feature James Macaster.

I hate "recommended for you." It is so annoying.

7 Copyright Strikes

YouTube used to accept people uploading videos, including clips from shows or movies as well as full shows or movies, for free. Then one day, someone complained about copyright and reported it to YouTube. YouTube was then forced to remove the videos.

Now, they have grown so strict that they take down even edited videos. YouTube isn't even good anymore.

I completely agree with you. I remember a time when all the good Disney movies, all the Kratts' Creatures and Garfield and Friends episodes (nostalgia fuel for me), and all the Animal Atlas episodes were on YouTube. Then they had to ruin it with the copyright claims while leaving bad videos to stay on the site.

8 Reliance on Shock Value

YouTube used to be the best site ever to go on, but lately, people have been doing weird things, such as joking about certain subjects or objects, like certain body areas. They often even flash certain parts onto the cameras for shock value, more viewers, and money.

It's such a shame that people do that very often nowadays on YouTube. It's just one of the most desperate attempts at gaining more viewers, subscribers, and making more money. It ruins their reputations and pollutes our entertainment and minds. How can anyone watch a good video with all this garbage around?

9 Swearing

Swearing is a big problem. We know lots of people on Earth swear. Even your parents or siblings can swear. But on YouTube, which was once a place for just about everyone, it has gained in swearing to levels we've never measured before. Even some of the most iconic people who didn't swear back then are swearing now. It shows you more proof that YouTube is going downhill.

It's actually true. People swear because they want to and because they want more viewers. They don't realize that it's not a way to get viewers, and they're being horrible. People just like to mess their minds with idiotic psychopaths that pollute our internet. At least this site is cleaner and better.

10 Too Many Advertisements

The abuse of YouTube to "subscribe" to get rid of all the inane ads is infuriating. They pressure you into buying a monthly subscription by nagging you to death with advertisements and then stopping the music you're listening to, making you click, "yes... duh, I am listening still."

The massive increase in advertisements recently has completely turned me off YouTube. There is no way I would subscribe - it's way too expensive.

I agree with this. It's incredibly annoying, especially since they now have unskippable ads. Worse, you can't skip most of them. But I'm not getting the premium version anytime soon.

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11 8-year-olds are Having YouTube Accounts

Not all 8-year-olds are terrible, but they should not be having accounts. Especially on popular YouTube videos, those "children" say things like "I'm only 7 but had sex with 10 girls," or "I'm 8 years old but already 9'10" tall," and many other unrealistic comments. Not all children with YouTube accounts do that, but most do. It's annoying to many adults skimming through the comments. I apologize if this is a stupid comment.

12 Plagiarism

YouTubers used to make videos with their own original ideas, but they aren't doing that anymore. Instead, they are copying each other. Of course, when you get older, you want to move on, but what they're doing is plagiarizing each other with their not-so-random videos.

Many people, including myself, can't even go onto YouTube anymore with all those copycat videos being made. They either ran out of ideas or just don't want to make good videos. They have lost their effort and talent.

Agreed so much. Ripoffs and stealing both suck.

13 All the Clickbait

If your video has big bold letters and giant arrows pointing at something in your thumbnail, I'm not watching it.

14 Spammers

There are comments like first, notification squad, and who is watching in [year]. I always report comments like this because they are spamming the video, and they also get likes for nothing. These comments are already unoriginal. These people should stop doing this. No one cares if you're in the notification squad or if you're watching in 2018 or 2019, and no one cares if you're first because NO ONE CARES.

Comments like Bad Song on good music make no sense.

15 The Channels Aren't Good Anymore

Remember back when you went on YouTube and saw amazing channels? Now, even though they're still there, they aren't good anymore. It shows that they have evolved into awful channels with little to no entertaining videos. The people making the videos aren't good anymore.

I can't STAND the channels YouTube has now. It used to have awesome channels to watch videos on, but not anymore. They're just creepy and disgusting. Who would pay people to watch them?

The good days are over.

16 YouTube is Toxic

It's poisoning people's minds with useless information, which slows down your reaction time.

It doesn't make you happy. You need to live and escape from social media.

17 Censorship
18 This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Block
19 The First Comment on Every Video
20 YouTube Red Was Launched

Why would I bother paying for YouTube Red? I don't get it.

21 Subliminal Advertising
22 Majority of the Videos are Gaming Videos
23 Quantity Over Quality

People will produce videos daily that are dumb or stupid just for views. One big YouTube channel with 3,000+ videos might have 20 good-quality videos that actually don't make you cringe.

24 The Youtube Rules
25 Political Debates on Non-Political Pages

I've seen comments from non-political pages where people talk too much off-topic about Obama, Romney, and even Trump. The video has nothing to do with real life.

Can these folks debate somewhere else? A bunch of wannabe jokers.

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