Top 10 Things Wrong in Why Mario is Mental (Both Parts)

If you thought Game Theory was right when MatPat said Mario is evil, you thought wrong. Here are the ten mistakes Mr. MatPat made in the two videos he made that had Mario look like a bad guy. No, I don't hate MatPat, or his show, Game Theory. I'm just showing the mistakes he made & proving to everyone that Mario is not really a villain. These mistakes are seen from both parts of Why Mario Is Mental. Just remember one thing. It's just a theory, a GAME THEORY! I hope you're listening, everybody! I'm also talking to you, Matthew Patrick AKA MatPat. I bet you are listening!
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1 Thinking Mario punches Yoshi in the neck

It's a common belief that, in Super Mario World, Mario punches Yoshi in the face to extend his tongue, and this was further popularized by the "Mario is Mental" videos. This belief is incorrect. Although it's hard to tell in-game due to how fast the frames go, if one were to examine a sprite sheet that includes the animation frames of Yoshi extending his tongue, one can see that Mario is actually pointing in the direction that he wants Yoshi's tongue to extend towards. This fact can be further proven by a piece of official artwork for Super Mario World that clearly shows Mario pointing at a berry while Yoshi's tongue has gotten a hold of said berry. If Mario was to actually punch him, I'm pretty sure that Yoshi wouldn't hesitate to eat Mario as a punishment for his actions. Also, I know that this has been said 100,000,000,000 times before, but it's the player's own fault if they choose to sacrifice Yoshi for an extra jump, not Mario's.

2 Mentioning that the Tanooki Suit had PETA's attention

He took PETA's side, where most shunned them. Though I'm a Game Theory fan, I strongly disagree with at least this point. PETA knew that this was a desperate, plea for attention, heck they latter had to APOLOGIZE for the Tanookie leaf fiasco, and Game Theory "Forgot" to mention that.

Wait, wait.
MatPat is literally pointing out a true event. Tanooki Suit 2D is a game, on PETA's website no less!
That does not mean MatPat is a 'PETA supporter. ' It means he is just saying, 'Hey PETA blew up over this, so I can use it as a joke/reference. '

Mario is two-hearted.

He is good & bad at the same time. But I don't think that Mario's cheeks & nose make him evil. It's only his 80s porn star moustache that makes him evil.

3 Mario lets Yoshi fall off a cliff

First of all Yoshi doesn't die he goes into an egg again and even if he didn't Yoshi's can jump from tall heights just like everyone else so however far down the cliffs lead he will most likely survive, not to mention he can save himself with his short floating ability. I don't think Mario wants to drop down Yoshi really, either he knows Yoshi can survive or that he has no other option.

Yoshi is immune to pits. He will regenerate into an egg.
However, he is then trapped in a hell until the single levels Mario can unleash him to do his dirty work.
It should be number 1.

Since I was being sarcastic there, let me tell you the truth. It's not Mario, it's the players. Believe me! I rode on a Yoshi before & I made Mario get off of Yoshi & Yoshi fell into a pit. I'm sorry I did it to you, Yoshi. (Part 1)

4 Game theory is false

One word is all the proof I need. It's even in the name. THEORY! You guys really think that the developers of Nintendo sat in their chairs at a table and were thinking of ideas for a children's game that's fun for the whole family, that one guy stood up and said, "Hey I know! Let's make a game about a psycho! Parents will LOVE that! "

MatPat is like Fox News, all Fabrication, no facts, and so inaccurate that Media Matters needs to follow him. MatPat pushes his theories as fact and makes Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein roll in their graves. Fox news should hire this guy as a replacement for Bill O'reily so he can stop poisoning our internet. On second thought O'reliy is better because he is not sexist compared to MatPat.

Something is just wrong with Matpat... Now it's all about the money. He even made another channel and those videos don't even have any facts. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast one?

5 Luigi's celebration in Mario Power Tennis

I think Mario accidentally step on Luigi's foot because he didn't see his foot because he gave him a pat on the back. Mario & Luigi are brothers. That's what brothers do all the time! P.S. mat, this is the stupidest evidence for reasons why Mario is a social path!

Actually, Super Mario was saying mentally toward his smarter brother Luigi "Never mess with my universe, bro"! Luigi has traditionally been supposed to be Mario's sister. Why? Because Luigi has always been Amy Rose, Roll Light, Coco Bandicoot & Mrs. Pac-Man.

Two things

1. There's a certain thing called "Sibling Rivalry".

2. MatPat sees Mario stepping on Luigi's foot as some sort of unforgivable sin. He's treating it like Mario uppercut Luigi and knocked him unconscious, smashed his trophy, and telling everyone that he wears diapers.

6 Mario torturing Donkey Kong

That was mario

7 Stating that the Wiggler's "home" is ruined by Mario in Super Mario Sunshine

The Wiggler in Sunshine was preventing the birth of the legendary sand bird and the piantas asked him to kill it.

The Wiggler in 64 got angry when Mario ruined his house. How was Mario supposed to know Wiggler lived there? Also, the Wiggler got angry and tried to kill Mario, so Mario went in self defense.

That wiggler was causing chaos on Isle Delfino and Mario was just doing the Pianta a favor. It like your saying that a peasent in medieval times jumps the royal gates saves a princess from an assassin only to be thrown in Jail for trespassing.

Have you even did 'Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam! '? It's a mission from Super Mario Sunshine & Mario needs to kill the Wiggler. Check out the mission, see videos of it, and you'll see why Mario had to kill the Wiggler. (Part 1)

8 Showing the "bad thing" about the ending of New Super Mario Bros. Wii

That was unintentional. Look who he looking at, he was distracted by meeting Princess Peach again. It's not like they were right above a lava lake and were at the edge of a platform.

The door from the air balloon closed by itself while Luigi wasn't looking. Just look at it! Nobody notices the door! (Part 1)

Now you're just grasping at straws. Mario knew full well Luigi was there.

9 Saying that Mario just stares at the end of the NES version of Mario Is Missing

Mario is Missing is extremely overhyped like educational Mario games made by The Software Toolworks. Nothing bad should happen to us if we (strongly) prefer other Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century such as the Super Mario Land trilogy, Paper Mario, Super Mario World duology, Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, Dr. Mario (franchise), the original Super Mario Bros. trilogy, Super Mario Kart or the original Mario Party.

Oh yeah, he forgot about the 'Thank You! ' The thank you Mario waited until they were far away from the castle to say it.
Did Mario really forget to thank his brother until he got a mile away... Not cool bro.

MatPat might have realized about the "Thank You" screen at the end of the NES version, but he left it out because it would affect his theory and to make him look more like a genius.

10 The comments

The main part about Matpat's channel is that everything is just a theory and that you don't have to take the videos seriously. That would be okay until you look at the comments of both videos and see that many people are taking this "theory" as FACT!

This is the worst list ever.
Are you fragile enough to let a VIDEO ruin your childhood? Seriously, it's not like it ruins everything! Play as 'Uigi!
It's an opinion, but it makes sense!

Okay, they take it way too seriously and they always say:goodbye my childhood. By the wa6 the guy who said that this is the worst list ever please check he description up there

The Contenders
11 Saying that Mario is a psychopath in YOUTUBERS REACT TO RACIST MARIO

I don't remember him mentioning Racist Mario at all. Perhaps I need to rewatch both parts. But remember, he does like to joke. If he did, it was most likely a joke.

This is like watching Psycho Dad videos and suddenly believing that he is Angry Grandpa's nephew.

Racist Mario is a bad YouTube video. Why do people think it's ACTUALLY a game. Flashgitz clearly just hates Mario!

12 Believing that Mario abuses animals

Donkey Kong was kidnapped and put into a cage in Donkey Kong Jr. Because he wants to put him back to the zoo so DK won't kidnapped Pauline. Cheep Cheeps are in packs in 100s so it would be hard, there are many different types of Cheep Cheeps and Mario fries them instantly for SELF-DEFENSE! (Stand Your Ground Law)

Contrary to the statements in this video made regarding Donkey Kong Jr., Jumpman (Supposedly Mario's dad) is not forcing DK Jr. t o perform dangerous acts against his will. Jumpman locked up Donkey Kong in a cage in this game so that he wouldn't cause any more trouble after he kidnapped Pauline, and because Jumpman knows that DK Jr is trying to rescue his dad from the cell block, he is trying to stop the little ape from accomplishing his goal by sending all sorts of enemies to get him and utilizing traps. However, if the face full of stress and fear isn't just DK Jr's nose, then it kinda makes sense that DK Jr would be worried about what might happen to his dad if he fails in his mission to save him, but it definitely wouldn't be over Jumpman supposedly forcing him to do precarious acts.

I also find the argument that Mario tortures enemies like Cheep Cheeps and Wigglers on purpose to be extremely flawed as well. Because the aforementioned enemies are usually forces of Bowser's army and their goal being trying to stop Mario in his tracks (duh), it's obvious that Mario would need to defeat them so that he can rescue Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser or whatever land/princess he needs to save from whatever villain. Cheep Cheeps often appear in large groups that can be hard to maneuver through if you choose to not hurt them. On the case of the Wigglers, let me list some of the reasons why you need to fight Wigglers when they are a boss in the games. Beware of spoilers.

• Super Mario 64 - Mario flooded the Wiggler's home inside Tiny-Huge Island's mountain (He probably didn't know that a Wiggler lived in there), so it becomes mad at him starts chasing him. Note that when you defeat it, the Wiggler calms down, shrinks, and lets you have the Power Star as opposed to exploding to reveal a Power Star.

• Super Mario Sunshine - In Episode 2 of Gelato Beach, Mario needs to remove a big green Wiggler from the Shine Tower because it is preventing... more

13 Showing a clip of Mario dropping a baby penguin off a cliff

Yeah! Death to such a youthful penguin! Super Mario is evil, & that's awesome! "

It's a pity you cannot differentiate between Fact and Theory.*Cries in a Corner*

This is not Mario doing it Matpat, you're doing it. If Mario was doing it he would've gave the baby to the mom and get the star. So it would be more like "why Matpat is mental"

Yeah! Death to such a youthful penguin! Super Mario is evil, & that's awesome!

14 Saying that there's no Peach toy

This was probably an accident he let through. Chances are that if he was holding back information, he would be careful not to leave this in. It was probably an accident, even if he is wrong. I loved that game.

He forgot one thing, there totally was a Peach toy in Mario vs Donkey Kong. They even showed it in the video.

I haven't seen a peach toy in whatever game is supposed to be in.

15 Believing that the blue shells from Mario Kart are evidence

How is a single Mario Kart item proof that Mario is evil? Blue spike shells are only used in Mario Kart, not in other Mario games. Seriously, why would you think that, Mr. MatPat? (Part 2)

16 Mario murders toads

I always thought breaking a block would free the toad and he'd reward you with points. That or it's another kind of bricks. The manual also said Bowser turned them into other things as well.

It's official that Mario only witnessed Peach's kidnapping which happened AFTER the toads were turned to bricks.

They were turned into bricks, not brick blocks. So it seems that Mario is freeing the toads that are cursed.

17 Mario not including Luigi on Paper Mario

Mario is probably protecting Luigi. Besides, Luigi always runs away and is scared in the games.

Mario is just teasing Luigi.

18 Saying Mario is torturing Goombas

After realizing what Mario was doing, I felt sick and betrayed. I'm never going to play a Mario game again. For those who want to know what I'm talking about, I was watching 'Why is Mario mental' only to realize that Mario was killing innocent Mushroom People who had been transformed into Blocks and Goombas by crushing them. He was also trying to kill a baby ape who was trying to save his dad, flirting with other women (I don't know who Pauline is in the Mario games because I've never played a Mario arcade game), cheating on Peach with Pauline, not allowing Luigi even the slightest bit of victory, burning cheapcheaps (fish in Mario games) that weren't doing anything wrong, and dropping and disposing of the Yoshis in pits. It seems like the Joker and other comic/video game villains have found a new drinking buddy.

It's true that Mario is crushing goombas but it doesn't help the fact that they're Mario enemies. Mario is crushing them because they work for Bowser. Speaking of Bowser, if the goombas are working for Bowser and you're defending them, why aren't you defending Bowser anyway?

19 Using fan made timelines for evidence

The womanizer claim is debunked completely by this bit of stupidity

20 Being a sociopath doesn't automatically make you evil
21 Stating that Mario always kills even though you don't have to

It is the players choice to kill and even then they just re spawn as shown in odyssey.

22 Yoshi's Don't Die - Galaxy shows they just return to the shell
23 Saying he captures enemies without their permission
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