Top Ten Best Animated Disney Movies of the 21st Century


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1The Incredibles

Not only a great animated movie, but one of the best superhero movies I've seen, right up there with movies like Spider Man 2 and The Dark Knight. They managed to create a superhero universe, flesh out the characters, and tell a compelling story all in 1 movie. No excessive sequel setup, no skimping on the story for explosions or other effects, the comedy actually landed most of the time, and it was a very memorable experience. - Zach808

This and up are my favorite Pixar movies.

It is pretty good for a Pixar movie, but I really don't think it should get the one spot.

This is the worst animated movie of all time

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2Finding Nemo

Have you ever heard of anyone not loving Finding Nemo!? No. You haven't. Beautiful movie.

Finding Nemo is my fave movie ever! ALongside Zootopia and The Lion King

3Toy Story 3

This is the best Pixar movie of all time. - JaneMoffat

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4Big Hero 6

At least the best animated superhero movie. - BeaverCleaver

It is literally the best movie of all time and I demand it at the number one.

It is number 1 disney movie of all time at least it is in top ten animated movies of all time

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A compelling story,great characters and a memorable villain,up was the complete package. - Lord28

7Inside Out

This is a really good movie, it should be on second place - Martinglez

Don't even get me started. Please and thank you. - Survivor101

This is my favorite Pixar movie. I was surprised it was good, since it is Pixar.

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This movie put Disney back in gear


Frozen? No No No. Take this off the list. Sure it's okay but I wouldn't say it is one of the best. The story is a little confusing and complicated. Doesn't really go together. Feels slapped together. The characters are all annoying to the point of not being able to enjoy them. (Olaf is the only original funny and decent character) and don't even get me started on Let It Go. If I hear it one more time I will explode. This movie makes me dizzy and my head almost explodes. This movie has conquered the internet

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10Wreck-It RalphV2 Comments

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Wall-E is and always will be the greatest movie of all time. - letdot52

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It's by second favorite movie next to only Big Hero 6, but it's new, so I'm surprised it made the list.

I like Frozen, but this is better.

13Lilo & Stitch
14The Princess and the Frog
16Monsters Inc
17Toy Story 2V1 Comment
18Chicken LittleV1 Comment
19Monster's University

Better than monsters inc for sure

This is better than Monsters Inc.!


This may be surprising to some, but this is one of my least favorite movies

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