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Clannad and Clannad After Story. I have never been more emotionally invested than in this anime. It's sad to see this down at 49. I have seen all types of anime. I used to think of myself as an action-packed anime buff... But having seen this beautiful masterpiece... Words cannot describe the happiness and sadness that this anime has imparted into me. If you're looking for an anime to really mess with your emotions... If you're looking for many tears (on many different episodes even! ) then this anime is THE BEST IN EXISTENCE.
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An all time classic that shows us that you don't need action to make a compelling anime. Clannad is highly recommended to all and one of the greatest anime production in it's genre. This is the ulimate slice of life Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) that doesn't need to use fan service to keep it's viewers interested in the plot. Everything is written very well from the novels and produced exceptionally better in the anime adaptation. The quality in the artwork is top notch and the delivery from the voice actors/actresses are second to none.

This series may seem to start out slow, and Part 1 (Clannad) may seem to go no where, but it's all written beautifully, build character development and sets up for the 2nd series known as Clannad: After Story. I recommend patience through the first part of the series, but once it picks up, it will keep you hooked.

Watch the two main characters in Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa help others with their problems in life, while at the same time, resolving their own issues. They will make many friends, create memories, encounter difficult situations and over-coming tragedies.

This is your ultimate Slice of Life Rom-Com that you can absolutely can not miss. An anime where you may look at and scuff at the synopsis, but like me, once you pick it up, give it a chance and watch it, you'll never regret it.
One of the best Series of all time. Clannad After Story being even better than the first season. There is plenty of character development, humor, and real life situations to facilitate connection with the characters in addition to some flawless voice acting which makes some of the situations feel like they were happening to U.Simply one of the best slice of life animes ever! And yes before anyone asks I cried 5 times throughout watching both seasons. After Story is clearly the best of what anime story telling has to offer.
I will never look at life the same way again after watching CLANNAD and CLANNAD After Story.
It basically breaks your heart, rips out your insides, chews them all up, puts them back in you, but they will never be put back in the same way they came out...
It touched every single emotion I have.
If you watch this without shedding a tear, then you didn't watch it.
Definitely my #1.
Clannad really exploits the truth in how most people are like today, and show why it needs to be changed. It is definitely very emotional, yet displayed insightful and logistical views on family, and how society should view it. Seems these days that plenty of families fall apart or don't understand the true meaning of family, so Clannad states the importance of family and love.
Just watch, just cry, it will show you the true meaning in everyone's life, never give up in bad times and keep living, is what this anime show, real emotional tears may flood your house if you watch this. Great lovely romance followed by tragic and ended by crying tears of love when the family is re-untitled with a mother and father with their lovely daughter.
I think this used of been the best anime I ever watched when I was first new to anime this was the second anime I watched when I learned it my first anime was DN Angel. I still think clannd is the best it has two seasons a movie and lots of drama! Its funny, joyful it may not be a harem guys want but It's somthing that touches your heart and the only anime where you see regular high schoolers next season they have jobs and families and this show tells the hardships of life brings the tears to your eyes with good old fashioned family time having parents and being one
Best ever... This is the best emotional anime I ever watched... The relation ship of the main character with friends and his dad has shown very good... I recommend you to watch this... Deserve to be in top 5 must see anime... Changed my life..
One of the greatest anime ever created. It's repeatability invokes an astonishing array of emotions. By the end, you are left wondering what it is that you really want in life, regardless of the hardships you may face.
Many people have tried to survive the emotional onslaught of this and. Many have ended up in a void of depression. It's the best and most influential anime series I've ever watched, and now I'm trying to find something that's better, which has been quite a waste of time. This deserves to be at least in the top 5.
This anime is by far one if not the best and well constructed Anime of all time. The series should be seen as a master piece and not as a anime series it sets a bench mark in the industry
This anime gave me a new outlook on life, a wider view and greater understanding. You'll laugh, cry, smile, and experience everything with this one; definitely worthy of the top 5.
Clannad needs to be at the top no matter what. I don't care who you are if you don't cry by the end you fail as a human, great story and CRAZY good characters all around.
Hands down most touching story of any anime I've ever seen. The characters are all likeable, it flows really well, and the ending is amazing. Only anime to ever make me cry. Belongs in the #1 spot for sure
Althought I like action and things that aren't as heavy.. But this anime, even though it was heavy and it was VERY serious, I still loved it a lot. Its been a long time after I finshed watching but my opinion doesn't change This anime touched me way more than any other anime... I don't know about others... But to me, this anime is and always will be #1
It's not sad. Sure, it is the most emotional anime in existence and some parts are sad. But what makes this show so great is its capturing of human emotions - happy times, sad times, calm times, and crazy times. It shows the cycle of life and loss, and leaves it off at a happy ending. Life isn't so bad.
Breathtaking storyline. Clannad will always be on the top of my anime list! The viewers will really sympathize and go through what the characters go through in the anime.
So many tears. So. Many. But... The ending is actually really nice and sweet, I think. So don't run away just cause of the sad moments. It's a beautiful story and you must watch it till the very end.
Should defiantly be in top 10 if not 5 the 1st series was very funny and made me laugh out loud many time then series 2 was incredibly hard hitting and as a guy I'm not afraid to say I cried.
I cannot stress enough how this anime changed my life, and my friends. It represens everything humans want out of life: love, life, and family. I've been brought to tears countless times from this amazing story. If I was good at reviews, I would write an article on this anime.

Obviously this review counts for afterstory as well.
It's unbelievable how many stories are packed into the series, and the lessons one can learn from watching a series like Clannad. This is by far my favorite anime of all time, and if you did not cry at all during the first season, you fail at being a human.
Clannad is my favorite anime of all time, it makes me laugh out loud and cry until my head starts to hurt. Clannad is a truly amazing anime that I recommend to everyone.
The best anime I have ever seen. I really cried with this anime and I wish all those who watch it the same advice. Get tissues because you will cry like a baby
The first series I've ever watched, and the best series as well! It can make anyone cry easily! The characters are so deeply developed and each character has an amazing story behind them! Definitely recommended, it's a very "life changing" series
This is not the best but it deserves to be in the top 10 at least!
Good story that circulates around family, friends and lovers.
Will show you the real value of the three mentioned above.

You won't be able to hold your tears. Seriously! And I dare you to watch if you think you can.

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