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Naruto Shippuden


Naruto Shippuden and Naruto are both incredibly epic animes. It makes you cry, laugh and keeps you wanting more and more! I've seen many animes in the past year and I can honestly say that the Naruto series is the best by far. It shows immense growth throughout the seasons from all characters, and the main characters aren't ridiculously strong characters that never lose, so that makes it realistic. The background on each character is very detailed and well done. Even though its not the most happy anime ever that does not make it depressing or boring. This should be down next to Naruto on the list.
For an anime series to be really amazing its must have amazing beginning(Naruto) and ending(Shippuden).
Naruto Shippuden is the continuation of naruto series, and its good if not better than the old naruto series. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden together makes Kishimoto sensei's series one of the best.
So Naruto being #2 somewhat means shippuden's #2 too not #17
Unlike many long animes, I believe that Naruto was on of the most interesting and even unpredictable animes that I've seen. I will be honest, the amount of filler episodes was a bit disappointing, when the real episodes come, they make up for all the fillers. Unlike the original Naruto, the episodes seem more sad in a good way. All the sad scenes in it are great and put you on the edge of your seat. The character development is great and the plot keeps you thinking about the episodes ahead. That's why I think Naruto Shippuden should be at least on the top ten.
Hell... I think Naruto Shippuden is WAY better than the original Naruto.
The awesome fights (**SPOILER? ** especially Naruto vs. The Six Paths of Pain which was AMAZING)... Laugh out loud and I'm really interested of what will happen to Sasuke and will Naruto be the Hokage).. The story, fights, animation everything is excellent ( though there are some annoying fillers)
In my opinion, Naruto has surpassed even Dragon Ball Z. Despite being indoctrinated into loving Dragon ball z during my early childhood, Naruto just has a much deeper meaning; sure Dragon ball z was plenty of fun and the fight scenes were probably the most epic of all time, but the intensity of the story in Naruto is just unfathomable, to watch Naruto grow and become such a hero after his hardships it just has to be the most depressing and at the same time euphoric storyline not just in anime, but in history! Dattebayo!
Yes it is the best. Because everything is detailed. Even there uniform in naruto the circle in the back the uzumaki sign that they revealed in shippuuden. Why there uniform have that sign. And the writer really is amazing. Everything have explanation. There technique. Team work. And plans. Its amazing that there king is not the hokage. Its the children of there village. Nice point there. Naruto is really realistic. There still many things. Watch it and you will know what I'm talking about.
Number 10?... You People are voting for Naruto, But Shippuden is greater than any anime ever. In this anime is everything: Mistery (talking about tobi), storyline incredible, the powers of characters and everything else it should be number 1... The most amazing about this anime is the fast developing of charactersL You know Naruto: sage mode and now Juubi, controlling the 9 tails... Also Sasuke a great development... Not only these characters but everything else!
The story is sad and emotional. Goes into great detail about the characters, their role in the anime, and how they feel. Expresses why someone preforms a specific action in the anime. For example in some anime people are bad just because they need villains. In naruto the villains have a purpose such a revenge. The anime is built well though it does have its fillers which you can skip.
I don't get it naruto shippuden is ma phenominal show it deserves to be up there because it has great action and a great story. I have watched a lot of animes and this has always been in my top 3. I understand I haven't seen all of the animes in this world but why the heck does naruto have a better rating. This show should at least be in the top 10.
Naruto, is just the most beautifulest thing I've ever watched. Maybe even read but I like watching it more. I just love how they give so much detail to all the characters. Give so much reason to them. So much history. And the fighting is just epic, and has so much logic and tactics in it. Just amazing. I could laugh my gut off, and even cry at some times. It's not just a "cartoon" like how my maid says. I believe it's got that sense of reality, and so much reality added to everyone, I think it's one of those works of art.
Don't mean to say it's best but, finding an anime like this is as hard as finding a four leaf clover.
I'm watching naruto since 2007 and once you've started watching it believe me there's no way out I have a type of craze for it. And How come naruto is at the end of the top 10 list? I mean this (Naruto Shippuden) is called an anime. Its plot is amazing the way it carries the characters all the way and then the music and OST is fantabulous even though I'm not a japanese but I still learned the lyrics to the song it makes you feel awesome.
Although compared to the others this show is new but it definitely beats all the others.
Its not about only action or about one specific genre but its the whole package...
The story line is awesome and in this Naruto has grown up and its way cooler then the previous "Naruto" anime
I believe every person be it a teenager or a fully grown person of any gender would gladly appreciate it.
Hats off to Masashi Kishimoto!
Well really I think Naruto Shippuden should be right under Naruto because think about it it's a sequel to the original series and it's just as good maybe even better all the characters are grown up, they look a lot better, and all the fights are better because everyone is more experienced and have better moves.
It should be on the top! Because naruto shippuden is more on moral, comedy, and help as to hope that everything that we wanted can be achieved with our guts to never give-up. Naruto is the best model for optimism which is definitely I think everyone must have.
In my opinion Naruto is the best anime that I have ever had the fortune to cross it's a whole different world it will shock make you cry even make you feel sorry for the baddies and show you that every one has a reason for their actions it teaches you friendship and bravery and makes believe in your self it also taught me that the weak are can be strong if they chose to be it has all different genres just like harry potter is the god of all novels Naruto is the god of all anime/manga
Naruto shippuden is definitely one of the best anime ever seen. If you think naruto deserves 2nd position, naruto shippuden deserves 1st with its intense battles and amazing story line. Naruto shippuden is just a continuation to naruto and a very exciting continuation. Must not miss!
Naruto Shippuuden is the best anime ever. I'd really like each part and there are no logical errors. Naruto is the first anime I watched. Story, content, rules and characters are very original. Naruto is NOT A COPY!
Honestly I don't think you get a better story line its become so great I decided to stop watching because I can't deal with waiting every week for a new episode I want to accumulate more.. Really I don't think any other anime comes close to naruto but bleach and katekyo hitman reborn is good as well but like I said nowhere close to the intense story lines of naruto
Naruto Shippuden is probably the best Anime ever and it totally deserves to be #1.Naruto was great but shippuden is plain amazing. It has an amazing genre and has the most heartwarming moments and epic battles.It is plain awesome and I so advise to watch this absolutly beautiful anime.
This anime is like THE BEST EVER. It has everything in it from friendship to humour to great, well planned fights to life lessons, courage, bit of romance and not to mention great story line. It has every thing you just name it. It has made me burst into tears many times. Some anime may be GREAT at certain things but lacks other things'but naruto has it all also it has some, well, not some but many good looking like seriously handsome guys
Naruto is a great anime and so as Naruto Shippuden one of my favorite I started watching it when I was in grade school but now I'm in collage and I still enjoyed it a lot

I will recommend this to all anime lovers out there this should be in the top
Naruto is a perfect anime but naruto shippuuden makes it even more awesome. I think everybody must watch naruto and naruto shippuuden before they die because these animes really make you more hopeful about life. But I can't imagine naruto without shippuuden episodes. If naruto is the 4th, then shippuuden must be in the 5th at least.
I am sure that whoever watches this will fall in LOVE with it instantly and be LOST in its world FOREVER! So I think NARUTO TRULY deserves to be at the TOP! I know that its new so its a bit down in the list.But I am SURE that in some time it WILL be number 1!
I started with Dragonball Z and that has to be the greatest for me, but I truly think Naruto Shippuden deserves to be placed right behind Dbz. Shippuden has an amazing array of characters and the plot just makes you want to keep watching the next episode. I thank Masashi for bringing us this masterpiece. Also a great big thank you to Akira for making Dbz!
This is a story-driven anime. You need to watch Naruto to get the full impact of the characters and how they relate to one another... But ever character has a purpose, even the villains are complex and relatable in their motivation. Ideas and concepts are explained and create a habitable world for the characters. This anime is definitely a "must see".

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