Yu Yu Hakusho


THANK YOU! Yu Yu Hakusho is by far my favorite anime. This list has severely disappointed me. Dragon Ball Z is number 1? Clearly most of the voters are small children. As much as all of you would like to believe it Dragon Ball Z is the not the father of all anime, and it is extremely generic, standard, and un-creative, and it lost a severe amount of luster to me when it got to the point where every character could just blow up the world whenever they wanted. Dragon Ball Z holds nostalgia for me, but nostalgia isn't everything, without any plot, the bare minimum of character development, and tons of plotholes, it comes out as far worse than the fan boys believe. Then comes Yu Yu Hakusho. Delivered great action, had very compelling, interesting, and well developed characters, and a very well made and flowing plot, that keeps me hooked no matter how many times I re-watch it. I except how popular Dragon Ball Z is, but I simply can't acknowledge it as the best anime ever, when all it really has to offer is action, that becomes sub-par as the series continues, because it gets to the point when it's only energy blasts, and no martial arts.

Yu yu hakusho is funny, action packed and exiting. The characters are amazing and nothing I have ever seen or ever will see will make me stop loving this show. I watch it every day and even with friends. We evan watch it in anime club at my school. Everyone loves it. #1 all the way!

I grew up watching shows like Yu Yu Hakusho and DBZ. I had known without a doubt that DBZ would be close to the top and had fully hoped that YYH would be up on the Top 10 as well. This anime was action heavy at times, but the story development, the characters, everything was so great about it from start to finish. Those who you bitterly hated in the beginning turned into friends and you could always count on a good laugh in this show. I adored the characters in this show far more than DBZ, their backstories, who they are, who they were, what they became. Not to mention that YYH has one of the best endings in anime history. Most anime's this long are either left open for interpretation or worse, they get so bad 50 episodes down the line that when you finally reach the ending you're thanking god it's over. But this anime used all of it's episodes accordingly, letting go of the watcher with care and in the end stopped in the best place one could possibly imagine. There's a reason this is the only show I own completely on DVD.

This has to be a joke... Naruto! One piece! Fairy tail! These over rated animes just made top ten because of popularity and sheer number of episodes. Yu Yu Hakusho was by far the most memorable anime I have ever watched! It combined the amazing fights of DBZ and a very well put together story which is things those over-rated animes don't do. I watched all 112 episodes in one week and when it ended a part of me went away with this anime. Just the thought of not being able to know the future of Yusuke and his gang killed me. Best anime ever!

I used to watch this in the days of Toonami, when the best part about being a kid was fantasy worlds like Nintendo's and stuff. This show stands out because it is deep despite its brevity. It makes me question things about my life, and where I'm going. It inspires me to be noble and masterful. I cried watching this show more than any other. It cuts to the heart. It can be hilarious like no other, philosophical like no other, romantic like no other, intriguing like no other, and epic like no other. I have Ghost Files in DVDs, and they are of my greatest treasures. I thank God for the creators of Yu Yu Hakusho!

I wish I had as much to say as some people but what I will say is this is one of the first anime I ever watched nothing has ever surpassed it in my opinion, I must have watched every episode 6 or more times and my only complaint is that you can never watch something again for the first time

Yu Yu Hakusho delivered DBZ like action but had a much more engaging story, great characterization, Awesome intro's & outro's, didn't run on too long, concluded in a reasonable time frame for a long running shonen series & most importantly concluded perfectly. Without spoiling anything it wasn't just the typical teen action show that teases relationships between characters & then ends without anything significant ever being answered about the relationships. Instead when the action concludes there is a final episode that completes the drama part of the series & something great happens with Yusuke & Kayko

I use to watch the hell out of this show, inuyasha, and dragonball Z when I was very little (like when I was 6). It was so exciting watching it as a child and when I saw a glimpse of it about a year ago. I brought back a lot of amazing memories and I went online and watched ever single episode and it was awesome. I believe it aged pretty well and if you haven't seen it you should. definitely deserves to be higher on the list.

Guys at the beginning I felt it was quiet boring.. N I was thinking whether to watch it not... N I guess it was the best decision I could ever make in my whole life... If any anime fan would die without watching this anime.. Den all that they will have are only regrets n only regrets... I just hope that even when I die.. I would b able to watch anime in heaven or hell

The most intriguing anime ever from the amazing cast such as kurama the demon strategist who resides in a human body suichi and hiei the hot tempered demonic midget and kewabara the comedic one with a high spirit sense and yusuke the punk kid with demon blood who happens to be an s class demon not to mention all the other unique characters who balance eachother out the comedy and action are both amazing the plot was also one of the most intricate yet simple ones a spirit detective who has to kick demons asses who are causing trouble but there's so much more to it than that such as when yusuke broke down crying cause his ancestral demon father died that had me in tears very few anime such as yuyu hakusho Naruto and fullmetal alchamist have givin me this many emotions so I wish I could vote for all 3 but since yuyu hakusho is the lowest I vote for this for all the mentioned reasons

Amazing anime... Sure, it might be based on Dragon Ball Z, but doesn't everything come from some inspiration at least? No other anime can combine humour, action, and romance together like this anime. The ending wasn't very good, but still joyous!

The BEST anime of all time! This is something that I will never ever tire of watching... Even after all these years of watching it over and over again, it amazes me that the emotions that I had when I first watched it were still the same ones that I'm experiencing now!

ONE OF THE GREATEST ANIMES OF ALL TIME (my opinion) The story itself is AMAZING and all the other animes like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece etc... Are BORING because almost everything is similar to classic animes! Can't they make up something new, huh?

I grew up with this and even thou when I was younger the very first dbz was cool it should not be in first place I think yu yu hakusho should have placed at least int he top ten and Naruto got old pretty quick I still have this movie and an old action figure I never grew out of it and it never gets old if you think Naruto deserve second you should watch some real anime

Although it's an ancient anime from my childhood, I still firmly believe it deserves a better rating then this. The fights and plot are awe-inspiring. Simply brilliant. Wish it lasted longer

I randomly came across Yu Yu hakusho after years of not watching it and I just spent 3 days watching all 112 episodes again. Compared to DBZ I would rank Yu Yu Hakusho at number 2 for me. Never been much of a fan of One Piece or another anime.

Yu Yu Hakusho has some of the deepest and most lovable characters in all of fiction.

It has highly detailed and well thought out battle sequences, an amazing soundtrack, a dub that far exceeds most anime, an interesting and very detailed setting and very creative strategies and styles for each character.

DBZ may be the most popular but it feigns in comparison to this masterpiece, all the characters are given equal amounts of time to kick ass and warm your heart.

And the fact that Bleach (which is an inferior YYH rip off) is above YYH on this list is distressing. People need to learn their anime history :P

Yu Yu is one of the best anime ever I saw. It's not like other anime, I think it's special because of character and the story is great too. Anyway that's what I think and sorry for my English.

I really had high hopes for this show but its slightly overrated. All Yusuke does is rip his shirt off and throw regular punches and when all else fails it's the Spirit Gun over and over again. Kuwabara loses almost every fight he's in and Yusuke ends up losing his title as king of the demons and ends up splashing water in the ending. I just don't get it.

This show has the action that most people enjoy and the emotion to make you actually connect to the character. This show definitely deserves to be higher but that's just my opinion. Overall its one of the best animes I've ever watched and rewatched and rewatched. I highly suggest it to anyone. Also since everyone enjoys the comparison to DBZ, this show has a few Homages to DBZ, one instance is King Enma who is Japanese mythology is the same being as King Yama from DBZ.

I watched this show during my finals, first thing on my mind when I wake up... Also the last thing I think about before I sleep. I was so addicted to it, I was driving everyone in my house nuts. Should move up to the top... My number 1.

It's an amazing anime, with awesome fights. And the character development is pretty awesome. You do get back story for the characters as well and that is a very important to most anime, and manga.

Brilliant. There are no better words to describe it.

It may not have the best animation but the characters are crazy awesome. The fights are hardly ever boring or predictable. Kind of like how the fights in HunterxHunter are.

There are parts that tire people out but really if you keep on watching/reading it just gets more and more awesome.

Yu Yu Hakusho is literally the best anime I have ever seen. The story and the characters in this anime are by far the best out of every anime. They have the characters progress so much throughout the series. Whe. I finished this anime I was so sad because it was just that amazing.

YuYu Hakusho is the best ever, I never seen such fun and exciting-kicking the bad guys asses.. I love it all-the characters and the story it self its great and awesome.. For me its all time favorite.