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Naruto is the best anime of all times... WHY?
Interesting characters=check
Best hero=check
Interesting plot twist=check
Surprises in plot=check
Feelings like friendship etc=check
Awesome dialogues=check
Depth in dialogues=check
Depth in actions=check
Emotion=SUPER check
Inspiration=SUPER check
Character development=check
Story not getting away from plot=check
Characters being unique=check
Characters having their own pasts n future goals n dreams=check
Deep morals=check
Realistic things mixed with fantasy=check
High popularity=check
No stupidity=check
Blood n darkness in story=check
Characters get mature with age=check
Good animation n drawing=check
Everything I mentioned above being in perfect balance=check
If something good forgot to mention then that too=check
Naruto rocks, it is just perfect and it is hard to say in words how much it means to me. Maybe some kind of song would help but yeah I don't think it helps in this kind of situation :D Naruto is the best because the story line is just GREAT, the characters, Aw! It has everything to make me feel good, the scenes that make me cry, the scenes that make me laugh, and even the cute scenes that make me blush! Naruto is not only a boy thing, it is also nice for girls and I like it. The fights are really cool and I always enjoy watching them. There is no time when I don't want to watch this perfect anime! This should totally get the first place, I mean come on Naruto ROCKS! I will never stop loving this PERFECT anime, love Akatsuki, naruto 4 ever! Narutard 4 EVER! ~ Rokou-Chan :3
Naruto is the best... Dattebayo... I really adore his qualities, his strength and the storyline of the anime... Awesome.
[Newest]It is the best
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2Dragon Ball (DB, DBZ, DBGT)
I've gotta vote for DBZ. I don't think people consider it anime anymore, it's a cartoon for everyone to watch, no matter their race or age.
One of my best friend described DBZ as the mens version of a "soap opera" or a "teledrama. " It's got everything you want in a show- suspense, drama, action, etc...
Whereas it's successor is very long-winded and villain driven, this has colorfully likable characters who have very perilous and perverted journeys.
Dragon ball z gt has the strongest cartoon characters. Dbz, dbgt, db's weakest characters such as krillin can beat naruto single handedly. So DB, DBZ, DBGT has the strongest character and most episode so this should be number 1 here.
[Newest]Come on Vote for Dragon ball two more times, guys!
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3One Piece
Amazing. This is the best show ever made, it makes you love the protagonists and hate the antagonists, I've never seen a show that has gotten my emotions up so high.


It is the best anime I have ever seen I love it so much. The only thing I would change is the fate of Ace. That is because I LOOVVE Ace so much. I love it and it is funny and at the same time it is also touching and all different kinds of emotions are shown within the show.
This anime is perfect... The story is not boring like naruto or DB and full with fantasy and mystery... Nobody could predict what will happen next in this story... Luffy shows us the spirit of struggle, even when he lose a special person like his brother.. Oda sensei, you're so amazing!
[Newest]This should be number 1

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4Death Note
Really good anime with an interesting story line. Its really suspenseful watching the characters because they are very intelligent and its nice seeing characters solve their problems with logic and wits instead of luck. It also brings up questions on morality and justice. Good storyline, and ost. Doesn't last forever like most shounens. Probably my number #1 anime.
Death Note cannot be compared to regular Shounens as it is of entirely different genre. Death Note is a MASTERPIECE itself. It leaves people into deep thinking and leaves the readers/viewers breathless in each and every chapter. It is, for me, the best psychological manga ever written. It doesn't stick to the "protagonist-should-live" tradition, which brought more impact to everyone. Sure, many would despise it because of the MC's death, but they could never deny the fact that the story moved their souls while reading/watching it...that even years later, they would still remember Death Note because of it's uniqueness, while completely forgetting the traditional battle mangas.
Everything from the plot to the characters to the OST is mind blowing.
Seriously, this series kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.
The suspense and logic was just out of this World
[Newest]Watch the show if you haven't. That's all I got to say
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5Fairy Tail
For me Fairy Tail is just the most amazing anime out there (though I have so many favorites, many of which are on this list, this was still wins). It's such a complex and well thought out anime that makes it so catching. It has the right ratio of humor, action, and needed drama. It also has such amazing character bonds that tug at the heartstrings, whether is Lucy and Levy being bookworms, to Grey and Natsu fighting each other. It's all wonderful. You see that everybody in the show is family, they stand as one and never lose sight of that bond. Even with new comers, like Gajeel and Wendy, or outcasts, like Lexus, they always stick together, never giving up on one another. Even the music is something I can't get enough of, every song they choose fits perfectly. I just can't get enough of this anime!
The thing Fairy tail is the most powerful at is it's emotions, feelings and the music, the whole series will mostly make you want to cry or feel touched for at least once in the anime, the fights are pretty awesome and the music is just awesome. The characters are well written and each of them have a story to tell by the end of the 175 episode of fairy tail, you would mostly know every single character's personality. And something even better, it always has a good and touching ending.
Fairy tail should be the number 1 anime I really really love fairy tail every time I watch and read fairy tail I feel so happy please vote fairy tail so that it will be the number one anime
[Newest]I love Fairy Tail, it is my favourite anime! I wish it was number one on the list because I totally believe that it should be number one. It has basically everything you can wish for in an anime: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy. It has awesome characters too, like how Erza is super strong and how Natsu and Grey always fight. Please vote for Fairy Tail so it can be number one anime on the list!
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6Naruto Shippuden
I can see why naruto is way higher than shippuden... Maybe because the fans saw naruto first and voted right over without considering the fact that shippuden might be somewhere here too... Seriously most of the naruto fans as well as other anime fans like shippuden more than the prequel... Anyways I love both but just think naruto shippuden should be there at number one and naruto should be there right next to it.
Yeah did that... Saw Naruto first but truly Naruto Shippuden is better
It's way better than Naruto everyone knows that I mean come on!
Naruto Shippuden combines amazing action with epic fighting. Some of the animation isn't the greatest out there but the fact that Kishi has spent SO long developing the story makes is awesome. No doubt Shippuden is better than the original but you must watch the original first to understand and enjoy Shippuden more. 10/10 recommend.
[Newest]The best anime on the earth not DBZ
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7Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
FMAB is the most epic anime in the world. The characters are badass, amazing, and downright loveable. The plot is completely epic and not because they went and blew up the world five times (in other animes it gets way too huge and unrealistic, and eventually boring), but because of the development and the emotion that has you rooting for our favorite heros from the beginning to the end. The plot is well-paced too; the series avoids long, way-too-drawn-out fight scenes and endless/pointless buildups. Plus, rules are rules in this one. There are no sudden creations of rules or random new superpowers. Everything makes sense and is realistic for an anime. There are also many morals and lessons to be learned, but artfully intertwined with the storyline so that it's not annoyingly obvious like on a kid's T.V. show. The characters, their complex and deep relationships, the absolute emotional impact of the whole seriers... It's like no other. There's so much more to say but I think that summarizes it...
This was one of my fave amines by a LONG way. There are many characters and they all have something about them that makes them incredibly intriguing. They are either badass, loveable, hilarious or courageous. Or all four. After losing part of their bodies (yes you read that correctly) they go on an EPIC journey full of suspense, drama, emotion and humour. The plot was well developed: not to quick or short. I just couldn't stop watching. The main character is exactly how you would think of a hero: selfless, courageous, and fighting for justice (and is absolutely hilarious). It has the right amount of fantasy, drama, and suspense to keep you on the edge of your metal butt the whole 64 episodes. (see what I did there? ). Hands down one of the best amines that exist. Definitely suggest you watch it. Possibly with a bucket of popcorn and a box of tissues.
It is a good story and many people like it better than Fullmetal Alchemist. To me, it is a perfect mix of comedy, romance, and drama. Also, it is my favorite anime! It deserves to be at the top!
[Newest]Watching this show was one of the best decisions I've made in my life

Bleach and Death Note are my favorites animes of all time, but if I were to pick one I'd go for Bleach. Why? Because it is big, and by that I not only mean the world (Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, the world of the living and even hell). There are many characters and I like every single one of them. They're fun, they're interesting, and they're real. The main character, Ichigo, is how a hero should be. Someone who's strong and fights to protect. The anime looks beautifully and the fights are thrilling. The bad guys (espada and Aizen) are really great too. They're evil, but still manage to make me sympathise with them on a certain level, expect Aizen maybe. Also the anime has some really funny moments, and the whole concept of Shinigami with Zanpakutou is just plain genius. I honestly don't understand why Naruto is higher up in this list than Bleach (and Death Note). I watched a few episodes but I find it boring and childish.
The simple fact that I can fear a fictional character (*cough* Kenpachi *cough*) enough to start stuttering unconsolably everytime that character (KENPACHI) comes on screen makes this a kick ass anime. It's addicting and enticing and makes you want to go kick Kubo's ass for killing Gin (aka giving him a vacation) but at the same time wanting to hug him for inventing Toshiro.
Bleach should be first. Period.

Actually there's more to say. Do you know how unbelievably boring Naruto was in the first 150 episodes? It's too repetitive and Naruto's voice is annoying. I also wanted to throw Sakura out of a window in the first ten episodes. She does absolutely NOTHING. Unlike the characters in Bleach which are pretty damn epic. Bleach will kick Naruto's arse... Hard. Period.
[Newest]Best action anime, I really enjoy it
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9Code Geass
Code Geass is amazing... The characters, even if they only have ten minutes of screen time, all have great depth; the protagonist/anti-hero, Lelouch, is insanely awesome; it has some of the saddest anime moments I've ever seen; and the ending totally blows you away. You will be downright SHOCKED multiple times during the series, and the second season is just as good, if not better, than the first.
Code Geass is amazing! How the story was planned out, and how the characters were made. It was all pieced together nicely with the most best affects.
There were so much cliffhangers and parts that made me shiver and gave me goosebumps. Lelouch was a genius, and despite the fact that the whole World turned against him, he still remained strong and in the end, sacrificed himself for his sister. How much more heartfelt can that get? Seriously, Code Geass is the best.
I think this top 10 is biased, on which basis can you compare Code Geass and Dragon Ball for an example? They are too different and have almost no points in common.

If I had to vote the one with the best battles, that would be Dragon Ball... but I'm gonna vote for Lelouch. To summarize it: Death Note which doesn't suck in the second part and have giant mecha fight.

Oh, and I noticed TTGL down there... MOST EPIC ANIME EVER, but not gonna vote it. It would be like voting for the strongest man on earth and put Chuck Norris in it.
[Newest]Best Anime, that's all I have to say.
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10Sword Art Online
So awesome I promise you will love this anime (ONLY 4 EPISODES SO FAR BUT WILL MAKE MORE)
Oh my god sword art online was so good! It isn't just your average action-packed anime with some one-liners. It has action but it also has romance, comedy, drama, an awesome storyline, and really cool characters. The first half before the fairy stuff was really good and although the second half wasn't as good, I'm still really excited for the new season. Asuna and Kirito are so great together.
[Newest]Honestly, I adore this anime. I LOVE it. The art is amazing. The storyline is fast paced and the characters have beautiful personalities. Watch it. You will not be disappointed.

The Contenders

11Attack on Titan
This is the best anime I've watched in my whole entire life!
Best Animation!
Best Soundtrack!
Best Storyline!
Best action!
Best at everything!
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin was one of the best anime I have ever watched! It has such a great storyline, great action, animation, soundtrack, voice acting, humor parts, sad stuff, and basically everything else that makes an anime a great anime! I really hope the creator makes a season 2 because I am dying on the inside for more!
This anime actually has outperformed its manga. Rarely do we see a anime that is more satisfying than the original script. The music and graphics are off the charts. The most important aspect... VOICE ACTORS are AMAZING in this animecast. Leaves me with goosebumps.
[Newest]This anime is amazing. The story is great and the characters are amazing. The English dub was a bit awkward but it is still the best ever. It should be #1.

12Hunter x Hunter
I can't believe I would find Hunter x Hunter on the next page of the list!
That's totally unfair for the show?! It has a tip top story!
Everything is just great, it's one of the epic animes that didn't copy Dragon Ball basic ideas, creativity is to be found from pilot till the latest episode to be streamed, that I guarantee you!
Hunter X Hunter is seriously a 10/10 anime! Between the in depth explanation of how there individual powers, personality, and skills entwine. The plot is fantastic and the twists and new heights of power are both entertaining and well planned I highly recommend watching this, and reading the manga is superb
Watch this Anime now!
Great Characters!
Great Stories!
Great Power!
Great Friendship!
Great Skill!
[Newest]Just watch. Do yourself a favor and watch!

I think Clannad and Clannad After go hand in hand, so when you say one is the best, they are both the best, as they are both the same general plot line. Clannad has great characters, diversing from almost every character type, including: Tsundere (Kyou), goofy (Youhei), funny (Tomoya), shy (Ryou), cute and young (Fukko, Smart and Clumsy (Kitomi, Strong leader Tomoyo)... Clannad really takes advantage of it's lighting and animation, as well. In the beginning, just when some people may have been bored of Tomoya saying the prologue, you see a girl in the middle of the path. The lighting and animation quickly draws you towards her, by going from black and white, to flashing into color, and the wind blowing her hair. It makes you think "this is very interesting, I think I'll stay for a bit more". Each minute of every episode tries its best to relate to its viewers, and catch our attention. Clannad is both, at the same time, the saddest, funniest, and happiest anime I know of. I personally cannot think of an anime that can begin to rival the genius plot, story, characters, and moments in Clannad. It's an anime that you wouldn't want to watch the making of, because you would rather more like to believe that this was not an anime, but a part of your life that you have been waiting to watch. It makes you think "how would I be if I didn't watch this show? Would I still be the same person? Would I think and act the same as I do now? " It is not just a show, but a life-changing event that occurred in your life. It's not something you would want to watch twice in the same sex-month period. It's like a real life event, that you need to recover from before trying it again. Clannad is the perfect example of a show that you wish you could watch again for a first time. You wish that you could experience it again as if you never had before. You want it to be deleted from memory, only to have you discover it all over again, watch it again, and cry again. Clannad and Clannad: After Story make me think: "How could someone possibly come up with something as genius as this? Did some tragedy occur some time in their life, and they just wanted everyone else to share the same pain and joy and happiness they did? " I would truly love to thank the person in Key who came up with the Visual Novel that led up to this incredible anime. It is a blessing, and I believe it should be the prime example for anime everywhere.
Clannad did romantic comedies right. The characters were excellent, and if you hated some for any reasons (I know I have), then that means that the character was still done right! The comedy is downright golden and the back-stories of some of the characters can be very depressing. What makes this anime truly amazing is it's second season; Clannad: After Story. Clannad Season 1 was up there with Kanon in terms of quality, yet the second season went more into the lives of the main characters and really changed your heart. If you don't cry even once throughout this entire series, rather you've watched it before, you weren't really paying attention, or you are completely heart-less. Definitely should be on your list of must-watch anime's if you love romantic comedies!
Clannad as well as Clannad After Story are one of the best anime in my opinion for several major factors but the largest reason is: There is no other anime out there that will make you feel more alive than this anime. The creators made sure to draw you in and make you want to love the characters despite all their quirks or differences. It's an anime that gives you a little bit of everything despite it being mostly about the lives of two people and those who effected them during their time together.
[Newest]They ruins the ending (SPOILERS)

After his wife died he still had a kid but then the kid dies from the same thing and then instead of you crying he magically goes back in this and is reunited with his family, I mean really? Magic and what was the point of watching it if when he goes back in time all the time you spent watching was oh that's right, WASTED just saying there's better anime.

14Full Metal Alchemist
I'll be honest: of the two anime, this was the better one. The manga is and always will be my favorite of the three, but I love the 2003 adaptation as well. Brotherhood, in my opinion, turned out poorly, mainly because, though it was good as a stand alone project, it failed to be a worthwhile adaptation of an incredible story. Important scenes were taken out, characters were exaggerated in certain aspects, changes were made to make things more dramatic but only ended up being confusing (such as Envy transforming into an injured Lan Fan, despite three facts: its fight scene with her in the manga was taken out, it never saw her face there anyway so it couldn't have known what she looked like, and it had no way of knowing that she had been injured, especially in Brotherhood, where it had no way of knowing about her beforehand). The acting was fine, the humor was great, the outtakes were brilliant, and it was fun to watch despite the plotholes, but it just didn't add up to the other two. The 2003 anime dealt with darker topics, gave reasons for the villains acting the way they did (save Gluttony and Pride), and showed that not everyone gets a happy ending, that even good people do terrible things, and that loneliness can make you into a monster just as much as torture can. Every character had strengths and weaknesses, and it made me want to hug the bad guys just as much as it made me want to hug the good guys. The only flaws that I saw were the changes made to Kimblee and Basque Grande, who were better characters in the manga. All in all, this is the best anime ever. The only things that come close are Fairy Tail, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Higurashi.
The dilemmas brought up in this anime are incredibly deep and complicated and are often creative incarnations of real world problems to boot. Add wonderfully developed characters, a great script, and a beautiful soundtrack to create one of the greatest animes of this generation.
This truely is an amazing story. The characters are all well developed and have back stories, you get to watch them all progress. Even the antagonists are amazing, and their story is shown as well.
This anime tells a nice moral, and tells the story of someone who wanted the impossible. And paid the price.
[Newest]Great story with amazing ideas

Pokemon is EPIC! I used to watch it when I was a little kid and I still love it, it's my favorite show! Pokemon are define my favorite part of the whole show. Some of them are small and ADOREABLE, some of them are huge and kinda freaky... And others are just AWESOME! Pokemon is awesome and it encourages you to do your best and never give up. I LOVE POKEMON!
Pokemon has always been the best anime (for myself) and I believe that the episodes are getting better, upgrading the quality and making every episode exciting to the max!
The older episodes were great too, but were at some points rather awkward...
I have followed some other anime but none are as great as this one.
Pokemon all the way!
I do not know why people do not watch pokemon these days as much...

I am a Pokemon fan since I was not even a year old. :)

I still watch every single episode, play every single game, and worship it

Every step of the way...
[Newest]YO Pokemon is the Beedrill's knees! Yeah the newer episodes aren't as good but neither are The Simpsons, yet still one of the greatest!

The best work of "the princess of manga". I love Rumiko Takahashi and InuYasha.

Classic! One of the best-known anime's of all time. Truly a great storyline with well-developed characters. Rumiko Takahashi, we love you!
This anime is so good! This got me hooked. I've loved it since I was little. The character development is amazing and while watching it you feel connected to the characters. Like their your friends. When they're happy, so are you. When they're crying, you feel their pain. It's so funny also and will never fail to make you laugh. I love this anime! Its #1 to me!
[Newest]I like Sesshomaru and all.

17Cowboy Bebop
An incredibly interesting story with great characters. Some imagery in the anime is symbolic to the attitudes of the characters, such as the bell peppers and beef. The voice acting along with the script is fantastic and has an intellectual humour that some may love, and some may hate. The soundtrack is just great, it is jazzy yet suited to the theme of "cowboy." I recommend to watch this show in English dub, as the character Spike Spiegel is voiced by Steve Blum, one of the greatest voice actors I've heard.
Name me a flaw about this show and I can contradict it. That's how good this show is.


How is this only number 16? This show has an interesting plot, fantastic characters, gripping action, and touching moments. This show is the very definition of a story done correctly and fantastically.
I don't know why this one is so low. Not only was it great voice acting and top notch graphic but also had a story, though a little quick paced, that was rich and enjoyable.

18Elfen Lied
It's not just an anime, it's a life lesson. Elfen Lied shows human discrimination and how it leads to chaos. IT will show you how savage humans can be and through those actions, mass killers are created. This anime is not only enterteining, but it also show how life really is.
Very depressing. There is a lot of blood shed and a lot of scenes for guys. If you know what I mean. But put a side all of that, the anime is very meaningful and very messed up.


Every episode has a German name. I am from Italy, but this is just great!


[Newest]Best iver ever seen better then Naruto and deathnote!

Intelligent, funny, cool, incorporates real ideas/events. I've seen a lot of animes and Steins;Gate is by far my favorite, the only possible bad thing you could think of this anime is that it only goes for 24 episodes.

Deceive your other self.
Deceive the world.
This is what you must do to reach steins gate.
Good luck.
El. Psy. Congroo.
Such a tearjerker, I loved this so much it was such an intelligent and fun anime to watch, and has nice manga as well... I love you Kyouma
The story is great!, whenever I watch 1 episode I always eager for another one =)

20Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
Such a fantastic anime! I never got tired of it, I loved it to the end. A very good and creative story! It's definitely. A must watch for everyone :'3 It gives you the same feeling as animes such as Jigoku Shoujo and xHolic!
Come on! This is by far the best anime ever great plot and everybody who has read it could never hate it! So awesome!
SO COOL! this anime has lots of interesting stuff.. full of excitement..


[Newest]Even though the second season didn't exactly need to exist, Black Butler is beautiful and one hell of an anime.

21Ouran High School Host Club
Funniest anime I have seen in my life and the guys are very good looking. It will make you laugh your head OFF!


Hahaha! Comedy anime. If you like it or not, still watch.
I LOVE this anime! It was one of the first ones I had watched ever and it was amazing! It is so CUTE and FUNNY! I love the twins in this anime! They are so funny! The hikaru and karou game is so awesome!
[Newest]All I have to say is Ouran... Mind. Blown. 😛

This is a great anime! Original character designs, original plot, great artwork, nice voice acting, humor and romance sprinkled throughout, what more could you want?


In my opinion a step up from DBZ, the characters don't just rely on their strength though, they constantly have to think of strategies to take out enemies, that are often stronger than themselves, something not seen as often in DBZ
Are you kidding? This is gotta be the best action anime ever..!
Great characters and very elaborate plot..
[Newest]I have no idea why this is so low this is truly one the greatest animes ever made, a real mans show with every bit of action and story put snug in 112 episodes its awesome hands down

23Darker Than Black
What I hope the most... is that they make an other season
I love Darker Than
Black. Hei is fjuckin awesome! I ecspecially love the second season!
The story is so dark 'as the name says' and characters are so awesome.
It's a MUST-WATCH anime!

24Angel Beats
This is just the best anime I have ever seen. All of the characters were drawn well and the voice actors were good with their characters. I loved the story, the theme of the series, and just the entire storyline was amazing. I also loved how the entire series made me laugh and cry at the same time. The creators of Angel Beats! Were able to put funny jokes even when the mood of the show was sad. I really hope that this series gets somewhat famous and can go up the line of this list.
I really love this anime. It makes you realize the importance in life and what you can achieve in it, and all the characters are likeable and strong in different ways. It brings emotion out of you, and there's sadness, comedy, and romance. Angel Beats deserves to be in the top five at least!
I LOVE this anime.

The amount at which this is so amazing cannot be put into words. The characters are awesome, the plot line makes you think and I just adore this.

It makes you want to bawl your eyes out while laughing your head off while smiling over how cute some scenes are. This is one of the best pieces of the anime world and you are not a true otaku unless you have watched this.
[Newest]Two words: FEELS DESTROYED (yet so satisfying to watch)

25Soul Eater
I have to say. The ending for the anime was bad. I have yet to get the first manga cause my bookstore doesn't have it. The characters are great, and I have to say. Even though Kid isn't my favorite, he's still a great character. I chose Stein as my favorite cause he's awesome. I mean, come on! When do you see a guy with a screw through his head! Never! So, other than the insanely cool characters, the plot is good, and so is the music. By god! The first opening is badass, and I'm fine with the second opening too. The comedy is also good, love the scenes with Stein and his chair. The rest of the stuff is good too, but I have to say. The characters are what I look forward to in any anime. So, overall, this anime is my favorite! Love everything about it. Soul Eater= 9/10 because of one flaw. The fan service with Blair. If she wasn't like that, I would probably rate this a 10/10. That's it. Hope you liked this!
Soul Eater is so great! I love Soul Evans. He's the cutey that got me hooked on this anime! Death The Kid is also one of my favorites. Because of him, I now have an insane obsession with symmetry and neatness! I've rewatched this anime several times. I'd recommend it to anyone :P
Soul eater was great from start to finish! But if your looking for a better ending read the manga. Death the kid was my favorite! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to see something amazing.

Very nice and full of suspense the ending is great overall its worth watching
I like death scene.

27Neon Genesis Evangelion
This series is a classic, and a must-watch. It has many themes that are not often touched upon by modern anime, and makes for a good philosophical debate. The way characters are conveyed is intriguing, and the mecha designs are lovely.
Evangelion is one of my favorites and always will be.
Why isn't this number one? It's a classic. The story is great. It has fantastic elements to grab your attention. It will make you cry. Really. Watch it and you will see.
This is the most ground-breaking story ever!
If you don't believe me, watch the rebuild version...
Evangelion 1.0 - You (are) not Alone. And
Evangelion 2.0 - You (can) not Advance.
I'm sure you'll cry and won't be able to sleep on the first day you watched it because the story is shocking..
[Newest]The best Anime ever

28Guilty Crown
Twisted but unique story. The more you watch it, the more excited you waited for the next episode. Also, the graphic is promising. No, 'lazy' animation detected.

29Ano Hana
My number one is Detective Conan (Case Closed/Mei tantei no Conan) but as much as the movies made me tear up, the flower we saw that day made me burst into tears in every episode. It may not be the most popular anime out there, it may not contain violence and war and fantasy. But it reflects on stuff that occur in reality and not in imagination. I rate it 10/10!
No one know this anime?. This anime is so fantastic
Anohi mita hana no namae wo bokutachi wa mada shiranai means we don't know the flower's name which we saw that day.

One of the best animes I've seen.

31Fruits Basket
Very happy and an enjoyable anime for the family but at the end of it I cried like a baby. The guys in there are also very HOT!


The best shojo manga of all time! Enjoyable from start to finish!
Fruits basket is cool and so funny, all of the characters are the best, fruits basket must be in top 1

32Rurouni Kenshin
THIS SERIES ROCKS! Who wouldn't want to watch a show about a cold-blooded god-like murderer who turns away from the dark side to protect the people he loves... IN STYLE?
Awesome. Great funny characters and villains.
The story plot and everything else simply amazing
[Newest]This is one of the best anime it deserves second place

33Kaze no Stigma
Amazing amazing amazing.

My only regret is that the author died and we will never find out whether the main ship gets together.

Is a MUST watch.

What are you doing still reading this? Go watch Kaze no Stigma.
Really good. Action. Story line. Confusions. Funny moments. Wish it was longer bug something I heard was the Writer died. If I remember correctly it's about 24 Episodes
I like this show because it's romantic.

34Clannad: After Story
Clannad after story was the saddest anime I ever say you should watch it!

35Baka and Test
I love this anime it's hilarious and is definitely worth watching. Deserves higher up also.
Why can't this be number 1? I love this anime!
It new kind of anime but intresting and funny
[Newest]This a amazing and funny story

Awesome anime loved it
I LOVED Taiga and Ryuuji and all of the other characters. The way the story progresses is so sweet and wonderful.


37Future Diary
Future diary was by far the best. The characters were good. The story was top notch. It wasn't another anime with dull characters, all the characters were psycho even the good guys. Great twist at the end. Better then naruto (show about ninjas has been done before) better then any other show I think. It should have been number one.
It deserves a higher rank.. It is the first anime that I've ever wanted to watch again and again.. IT SHOULD BE ON THE NUMBER 1 list.. Because DB shows how a saiyan defend the Earth and Naruto show how ninjas has been done before.. The stories have many twist that you can't analyze it stories while in the other anime... THIS IS THE BEST ANIME EVER!
Many deaths and a great story line.


[Newest]This deserves to be in the top 10. 34th? Seriously?

38Sailor Moon
In the first season more characters come like first is Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars etc. Then you get to know all of these characters, But once you get into season two even more characters come Like Sailor Pluto. This show is so well written!
This NEEDS to be higher up on the list the characters are so funny but serious, and has romance but not so much that it's cheesy! (This show ROCKS! )
This was the first anime I ever watched and it is still by far my favourite. It is so well written and awesome beyond belief.

39Highschool of the Dead
Anime with Zombies and well just watch it its pretty great especially if you like zombie films and stuff like that its cool very especially Kohta Hirano and Busujima Saeko they fight good here
Awesome quality, storyline is one of the best, and for gods sake it has ZOMBIES! Girls look good too
Love this show it's the most perfect way anyone could do a zombie anime am a diehard fan of this and praying and waiting for season 2
[Newest]This anime is so sexy.

40Maid Sama!
Needs to be higher on the list! This anime was such a good representation of what hard work, determination, and a hot guy that saves you from all possible danger can bring a girl. LOVE IT
A love story loved by all in countries and also got funny moments with romance
How the heck is Maid-Sama number 59?!?! It's funny and romantic. I cried when the season was over...
[Newest]Usui Takumi is sexy and Ayuzawa Misaki is cute.

41Case Closed
Not good but great anime, at first - jimmy shrinking, Richard's childishness, conan gadgets may all seem silly buy believe me this is the anime where lot of brains is used. Details shown in every crime is incredible.
... only great person who watch it... I love Naruto but it's ninja not real... dc is really amazing anime I watched it for 10 years! And still thanks for who watched conan and it must be in top 3 cause dc us the oldest
Best anime I've ever seen! Go DETECTIVE CONAN!

42Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

43Vampire Knight
Vampire knight is my most favorite romance anime ever! Its also one of my top 3 favorite animes! I love it so much! Its so dark, intense, beautiful, and it brings out all my deep emotions that I didn't know I have. Its very unique like one in a million. And the male characters are hot as hell :D ZERO

44Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
Khr is my favorite anime and they have cool box weapons also their music are so cool. And the story is also interesting because there was a 13 year old middle schooler named tsuna and his father named Iemitsu told Reborn to train his son so reborn sent a letter on the sawada household mailbox and it says: you're going to have home tutor and 2 years later tsuna became a successful boss. Well the beginning is he is just a loser at his school and has a crush on a girl named kyoko and also seeing kyoko is tsuna's only reason of going to school and many students call him "No Good Tsuna"
The plot is good. Very cool and all. .
It got twists that even you, the watcher, won't even think about.
Not that easy too, to guess whats gonna happen next. It makes you so excited to watch it more
This is the best! For me its my number 1!
Cool fight scenes. Amazing weapons. Hot Bishies. What more can I ask for?
The anime/manga started off with comedy but as the story progresses you'll see that there is more to the anime than what meets the eye. The arcs are getting even more interesting!
This anime will always be by number one!
[Newest]In the end it got more like Pokemon but still epic music

45Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Gureen Lagann is without a doubt my favorite anime of all time! The feels in this show are all too real and it has some of my favorite characters I've ever seen. The script and foreshadowing are amazing, and come on who DOESN'T love Kamina?
This isn't higher up? Really?
Their is nothing you can't love about this anime! Story, plot twists, lovable characters, etc.!
[Newest]Epic in so many ways.

46The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya should be in the top 10. It's really funny and well-thought. It's not your typical romantic anime. It's truly great and worth watching.
Smartest anime ever, and so f funny 2.

47Hellsing Ultimate
Like duh! Best anime ever unless of course your not into the whole bloddy gory action packed real vampire edward cullen getting his ass handed to him in a box kind of cartoon that provokes your very morals while alucard sends chillz down your spine!
Good philosophy coming from it and the animation was better than most animes. It is only for those who are alright with the blood and gore and other stuff but definitely a masterpeice
It is the best Vampire anime there is


49Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
I love the story.. It's about friendship. Watch it!

Enjoyable, atmospheric, and the highest percentage of eye-candy characters.
Epic storyline, awesome card game, great characters, just awesome

51Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1
Code Geass, BOTH SEASONS, are amazing.

The ending and everything just strikes you.


52Blue Exorcist
Blue exorcist, is the most amazing anime I watch they deserve four seasons just how amazing the, anime is some parts are hilarious. The characters are cool but the fans need better shipping ideas and some parts can be amazing but the anime deserves to be number 1
This is the best story, there is plenty of action and just the best series I have ever watched
Ao No Exorcist is the best anime I have watch. If you watch till the end I'm sure you will love it. The opening until the end is very exited. Once you watch it, you can't stop it.

53Higurashi When They Cry
When they cry is the best! It's so great! It's a really good mystery and it has lots of twist! I also really like the characters! They're very well developed and I really like the crazy animes!


An amazing story of humans overcoming barriers and the bonds of friendship. Taught me a lot about life.
Mystery/ pschycological thriller at its best. I'm not that much of an anime fan, but this would definitely be my favorite. It can really creep you out at times and the atmosphere is so different.

54Welcome to the NHK

55The Prince of Tennis
Great story, amazing tricks on every characters, protagonist and antagonist alike. Rating 1-lowest to 10-highest? I would rate it 8..

Great storyline, animation, and soundtrack... But best of all are the extremely likeable and well developed characters.
The best anime out there I feel sorry for the people who have missed this
Life changing anime

57Saint Seiya

58Skip Beat
This anime is about a girl having revenge and that makes the anime interesting. It is really funny as well. Right now its number 52 -. -


60Hayate the Combat Butler
Very funny sometimes. People should try season 1 and season 2.
A strange anime but comedy and story is nice
Fantastic comedy, romance and entertainment.

61Tokyo Mew Mew
Its good in japanese but 4kids dubbed it and ruined it so I hope for episodes with english subs!

62Inazuma Eleven
People seriously?! I think this one really deserves a place here! sport anime ever
All Inazuma characters are cool.

63Samurai Champloo
Samurai Champloo is one of the absolutely greatest animes of all time. It's so amazing you can watch it over and over again. Tremendously cool, sleek and well-made fight sequences throughout. The story and dialogue is great, and the characters are some of the best ever made. The soundtrack is just perfect, so damn good. Everything about this anime is excellent.
Samurai Champloo has great style to it. The OST by Nujabes is truly beautiful. The fighting scenes are also well choreographed. Can't beat this stuff
One word to describe it, AWESOME

64Afro Samurai
Good action scenes. keeps you on the edge of your set

65Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
Gory but awesome :D The story could be more developed though.

66Ranma 1/2
This is truly one of the Greatest Romantic comedies of anime to date. Sure it was a bit old and out of date and design but a full 7 seasons, OVAS and not the mention 2 movies... yeah it's pretty good. It will keep you l laughing as you try to keep up with the wacky charaters who live for love and the most ridiculous, unpredictable, wacky situations. Will make you fall out of your chair both reading and watching. Please do not take this anime seriously.
I love ranma 1/2 its just the best anime series I've ever seen


What the heck is your probleme people? You'd rather watch an overrated anime like Naruto or bleach and leave this masterpieace to rott in 55 place? Are you crazy?
This is the best anime ever and the manga is even better..
I just lost all hope for humanity.

Cool anime based on revenge. With lots of comedy, action and drama and music is also cool
The music gave me a little effect of remembering something I don't know, yeah somehow its nostalgic but by the way the one I love suggested this anime to me so watched it
Konatsu Warren and Teito Klein is the best male characters for me.

68Accel World

69Dog Days

70Hitman Reborn
What the heck is wrong with you people this show is epic
64, you guys are just cold

71Tenchi Muyo
The first anime that I watch & I am hooked to anome until now.

72Code Breaker
Riding the bus one day, Sakura Sakurakōji looks out the window to see people being burned alive with a blue fire as a boy her age remains unharmed and stands over the people. When she goes back to the site the next day, there are no corpses or evidence of any kind of murder, just a small fire. When Sakura goes to class, she discovers the new transfer student is the same boy she saw the day before. Sakura soon learns that he is Rei Ōgami, the sixth "Code: Breaker," a special type of assassin with a strange ability and a member of a secret organization that serves the government.


Great anime has a good story line etc.
One if the best anime if its story line more organise and this anime last longer. But I love this anime. Romance? Comedy? Action? Superpower? Character? Check!
Seriously number 53 what
[Newest]It should be higher

74Yumeiro Patissiere

Why! Why is this not higher. Combine great characters and an interesting plot about a doctor who chooses to save a young boy over the city's mayor and in turn creating one of the most fearsome anime villains of all time, and you get an amazing anime that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat.


I can't believe it # 173. It is one of the greatest anime ever! I advice everybody to watch it. It is in my top 10 anime list as well as Naruto, Death Note, Code Geass, Attack on Titans. This anime definitely deserves to be higher!
What this anime should be at least in top 10

76Valvrave the Liberator


78Puella Magi Madoka Magica
OH COME ON, this should definitely be the first in the list!
The plot is amazing, and is so much different than all the other poorly, underdeveloped series out there. The plot twist is amazing, and will change your view on the magical girl genre.
As I'm writing this, Madoka Magica is in 74th place. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think it should be in 1st! This show changed the magical girl genre forever. Amazing story! It's really good, but it will make you cry. Don't judge the show by the art. If you think it's another copy-off of Sailor Moon, which is also very good, you are DEAD wrong.
It's the best mahou shoujo-based anime around. No really funny humour, but the story's really excellent. This anime is bring you to sadness!
[Newest]Hands down my favorite anime OF ALL TIME

79Lucky Star
Lucky Star is awesome I forgot the name of the short blue haired girl but she s awesome I hope you like this anime I gave it 5 stars and so will you!

80Eureka Seven
95... Ouch. I absolutely love Eureka Seven, my favorite anime! There have been many times where I've just lost myself in the "feels" moments, I really feel like I'm in the world I'm seeing. The relationship between Renton and Eureka, it keeps me on my toes. The progressive story overall. The breathtaking artwork with beautiful contrasts of colors. Eureka Seven deserves to be in the top 10!


Seriously this show is awesome. Make it top 5 plus it's so cool when Renton first got control of those robots with just a touch

81Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance

It is the best

Very original. A bit different. Interesting dialogue. Great Characters. Not my favorite (DBZ hands down takes it) but I wish this wasn't so underground so more people could watch and appreciate it

Gintama is one of the most EPIC anime ever and totally must be voted first! It has jokes which make us split our ends laughing yet it also has badass fighting scenes and inspirational moments which make us go, 'kyaa, so cool'
There is no shortage of moments which make us cry as well. :')
After a lot of Naruto, bleach, DBz, Gintama is the ideal anime to watch since it has a hell lot of parodies which leaves us with a happy, contented feel. ^_^
The Jacks of all trades of all anime.
The most funniest anime of all time, after watching beelzebub this is the next big thing
Probably the best anime out there.

85Uta no Prince-sama

86Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

87Hikaru No Go

88Dragon Quest: Dai No Daibouken

89Danganronpa: The Animation
Why the heck is danganronpa so far down?! It's such a unique series even though it's so sad…

90Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Powerful beyblades really cool story powerful friendship and determination
Beeyblaaade! I remember this as a little kid, back when I was 8 we used make our own blade. My favorite characters was and still is Tarzan and his Beyblade DRAGUN

91Cat Planet Cuties

92Princess Mononoke
I basically grew up with this movie! This movie is PERFECT! And a great story as well. Nice and complex! Can't be better than that.
This film was likely the first introduction most Americans had to the work of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli and is a personal favorite. At the time in 2001, the film was acclaimed for its success as a complex and adult animation that put the typical Disney equivalent to shame. The story of a warrior princess and the struggle between supernatural guardians of the forest and humans of the Iron Town, Princess Mononoke resonates as a moving commentary on humanity’s relationship with nature. The film’s powerful script and breathtaking animation make it a landmark in the world of anime.

93Saber Marionette J

94Great Teacher Onizuka
Awesome teacher. The most perverted coolest stupid teach in the world. I mean who doesn't want a teacher who was a former gang leader. He is the most kick ass dude ever.
It's something you won't see just once. And it's really unforgetable, and between comedial animes this one rules, at least by me.

95Fushigi Yuugi
it's so beautiful... cause it's all about friendship and romance.
that's all
It's an old anime, but definitely worth the watch. Personally I did like the manga better, but the anime's not bad either. I love Nuriko, and I really ship him with Miaka. Screw you Tamahome.


Laugh out loud 83? Really guys? Watch this anime please its just beautiful!

This wouldn't be so low if people would actually watch this show.
I was one of those people that never really wanted to watch it. I think it's because it lacked something. I'm not sure but, sometimes I just got bored watching some of it. what did it was the 3 main highschool students. Sure they were interesting, but only in terms of their backgrounds. In truth their personalities are boring and really suck. However I understand that lots of people do underrate durarara too much. So, if you can mind those lacking and boring highschool kids then you'll love durarara. They actually have some amazing characters that are extremely likeable and badass in there own way.

99The Powerpuff Girls

100I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
I really love this anime it's a lot like the movie Tootsie, Hibiki Amawa needs to land a job at the local High school but because it only allows female teachers he's force to disguise himself as a woman though very convincingly if I may add and of course with all dude looks like a lady senarios unexpected problems follow especially when one of his female students Fuko falls for him. It becomes so much more than just a silly comedy it has a lot of heart and meaning to it Hibiki manages to change the lives of his students, eventually his secret is revealed and he has to leave and it takes Hibiki's absent for them to realize what a great teacher he was and rally together to his defense unfortunately Hibiki decides not to stay and leaves promising to return when he becomes a real teacher he and Fuko also realize there true feelings for one another.


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