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I also love Naruto. I've not yet started Shippuden but I'm excited to watch it once I'm at that part in the series. But so far it's AWESOME! Like FMA and Fairy Tail it's a mixture of action, drama, and comedy! I usually prefer animes that have action and drama with the perfect dose of comedy so that it won't be TOO dark and serious not that FMA or Shippuden isn't already dark but at least it's sprinkled with humor.

BUT anyways I LOVE this series! This is literally THE VERY first anime I've watched and it's AWESOME! Some may say the fillers are horrible but I say they're not too bad, I mean, without the fillers how would we know about all the over characters, their personalities, fighting style, history, goals, etc! EX: During the episode when Naruto, Kiba, Hinata, and Shino try to fetch the Bejuu (however you spell it) beetle Hinata is kidnapped but shows us she has the ability to save herself without needed any help from anyone else (cough cough Sakura) and uses the 64 palms to fend off the poison beetles and saves Naruto, Kiba, and Shino to try and prove her strength and courage. Which, proves that fillers DO help with character development and CAN be useful!
When I first watched Naruto half a year ago I wasn't sure if it was for me. Thankfully I watched it long enough to be proven wrong and discover it had everything I wanted in, not just an anime, but in a story.

I have noticed that a lot of people voting for the other animes have compared their favourite to this one as if their trying to sell Naruto off as being the worst anime ever. Just goes to show that one of the most loved animes can also be the most hated and targeted when it is being acknowledged as being better than others.

Although I think Naruto is better than DBZ, in many ways, I still think DBZ deserves to be at the top since it is regarded to be the father of all anime.
Yeah man I'm a big dbz and yuyuhakusho fan but I think naruto is taking the crown on this one for me... I tried bleach but I thought it had a slow start but I'm gonna give it another try
The plot is in depth and everything makes sense it's all explained. It's realistic themed as it makes sense and characters Don't randomly find a hidden power within themselves to turn the tide of the battle (Like in Bleach) Now I say Naruto is great and a must see but only cause it leads into Naruto shippuden the best anime and most watched right now. And just to clear up what someone said about DBz characters taking on the best Naruto Characters let me say that's inaccurate as Itachi's Gen Jutsu (and many other characters) leaves you unable to move just with eye contact so GG you can't win.
Naruto is the best anime I watch. The character Naruto himself makes the anime interesting. It will never make you bored. The way they express their emotions is execelent. I mean when the scene is funny it can really make you laugh and if it is sad it will make you cry. The action scene like showing their techniques whether taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu etc. Most of them are amazing it is not just a lame punching, kicking moves you know. They know how to use their brain in fighting to deceive their opponents that is the whole reason that makes the fighting scene be interesting and sometimes the characters improvements and what they have done to achieve that level is pretty inspiring. There is so much more to describe Naruto and Naruto shippuden and the best words to describe it are amazing and inspiring.
Once I caught one of the episodes on T.V. and from that day on I was attracted to this series like a magnet. The story is amazing. The characters and heroes are badass. The fighting is intense. The deaths stir up emotions. The soundtrack is awesome and fits the situation perfectly. The jokes are funny. The dialogues kicks ass. I could just go on forever but in conclusion, Naruto is a masterpiece. If you're an anime fan by all means watch Naruto.
Naruto is the best anime ever made in the history of best anime ever made... I WILL BECOME A HOKAGE ONE DAY BELIEVE IT!... Love his character, love the story line, love the fights, and the best thing... Love the moments when it makes me cry... Its the only anime in the world which will make one emotionally attached with it... Well I love waching naruto n I'm gonna watch it till death maybe even in heaven... Love naruto forever
Well deserved position! All time hit and giving an adrenaline rush to all narufans! Perfect blend of action emotions and comedy. Perceptively expressing ancient morals of japan. At least a lot better than dbz, unlike dbz, it does not show fights covering half of the series and ending up nowhere.
I just can not believe this show did not come in first even though it definitely deserves it, this is impossible for naruto to ever come in second.Dragon ball Z. Is not even an anime show first of all. And second is that naruto has all of the characteristics of an amazing show. And last and definitely not least is that naruto is just straight up awesome and nobody can say that's not true!
Oh man naruto is so much emotional it makes me cry so often... I alwys thought DBZ was the best but then I watched naruto and I was like MAN! THIS ONE IS SO COOL! Its got the best story, the best inspiration... IN OTHER WORDS EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST!... Love NARUTO FOREVER!
Naruto is the best! It teaches about friendship and chasing after what you want. In my oppinion, it is by far, the most epic anime ever! And there's so many different characters to see through and every characters develop really well as the episodes goes on. It can make you laugh and cry. Girls like it. Boys like it. Grown ups like it. PERFECT!
Number two really, I can't bealive that dragon ball is at the top of the list, there's two better animes than that show, either naruto or one piece should be at the top. I like all the dragon ball serias but there's way better anime than that show, I might need to learn how to spell but one fact remains, naruto could totally kick gokus butt any day of the week because all goku has to do is piss naruto off then the nine tails comes out and starts ripping him to shreds
Love Naruto! The storyline is absorbing and the characters are awesome. You can really come to like certain characters. Naruto is funny, but also has the perfect amount of drama, making it a beautiful anime. Lets not forget the action either! Naruto is awesome, LETS KEEP IT AT NUMBER 1!
I like Naruto because of the characterization of each character is inspired me... especially Naruto and shikamaru...
If somebody watched Naruto and says they didn't like it, they're lying. No one is that dumb. Naruto is a masterpiece and completely flawless in every single imaginable way.
Naruto is the best of all anime. If I made a list or talked about how awesome the show is I'd be worrying for days. But I'm too lazy for that. So instead, I'm just going to say/write this. Naruto IS AWESOME!


I hate Naruto why did this anime exist it's so long that I'm bored watching to death that ill be be over a 1000 years old if I'd finish the whole episode of this stupid anime
Absolutely no doubt the best anime! The storyline is so powerful and every character has a story. I've watched and read Naruto all my life. I don't know how I'm going to survive when it's over!
Unlike most anime, Naruto morals, and I mean real morals. It's the anime with the best experiences and emotions. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it can make you a better person. I don't care about the haters and how they say it isn't what it used to be. Naruto is and will always be my N.1.
Naruto is the best! It has great and powerful characters too. And there's comedy, drama, action, and also romance in it.. Also there are many good things that I learned from this anime.
I agree, this was propably the only anime shows I've seen back then (2001)(age 1), the only thing I hate is Sakura not giving a crap about Naruto and everyone seems to focus more on Sasuke instead of trying to capture Naruto and take the nine tails from him, but other than that it was the best anime I have ever seen.
I really love naruto since I was grade 1... :-) I wish naruto will be no. 1.. please vote for naruto...
I Like Naruto forever... I want collect all naruto members statue... For me it's NARUTO4ever! And I kinda like SASUKE! I really really really LIKE NARUTO! Please... I want to be in Naruto! I want to be a Animax Cosplayer! Please... Alodia, appTly me! I really really like Naruto NAruto forever... I wish that NARUTO WILL BE FOREVER FIRST IN TOP 10'S! I love YoU narUTO!
Like it very much because if it's amazing story and incredible characters. Like it much! Go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go! For naruto!
Naruto should be at top. I mean its way better than dragonball series. In dragonball there was a little bit of comedy and some explosions in fight. The fight in dragonball was all about strenght but Naruto is on whole other level, its fight isn't only about strenght it has tacticts. In dragomball characters didn't even got matured with their age. I am also a dragonball fan but I hate the idea that its best because it isn't. The problem is, die hard fans of dbz doesn't even watch the other cool anime and blabs about it every time. There are way more cooler anime than dbz, which includes Naruto (includin shippuden), fairy tail, bleach, death note and many other anime but my favourite is Naruto. And every time I said Naruto it included shippuden too but Naruto al8ne is good too.

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