Best Asian Pop Artists

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221Vidi Aldiano

The best soloist :-))

222Mikha Tambayong
223Alvin Jonathan Sindunata

Alvin best idol, best singer, handsome and amazing :) Alvinoszta love you

224Andhika Kangen Band

He Has A Great Voice! - faizaaal

225Miyyo Alexandre
226Bass Baba Sumon
227Bagas Rahman Dwi SaputraV1 Comment
228Muhammad Rayhansyah IrawanV1 Comment
229Anggra Bahdim
230Joshua Haiko
232Didi Kempot
233Gloria Chindai Lagio
234Jang Nara

Is the best Asian female song

235Kang Gary
236Block B

They may get into a lot of trouble and controversy, but they are my all-time favourite group! They're so different and unique, and all of the members are so talented! Taeil's voice brings chills to my spine every time I hear it, and Zico's, P.O. 's and Park Kyung's rapping can't be beat! U-kwon's, B-Bomb's, and Jaehyo's voices are simply amazing~! BLOCK B HWAITING!

238Angela Aki

A highly-talented singer/songwriter from Japan with an incredible voice, who can also play the piano and guitar. When Nobuo Uematsu (of Final Fantasy fame) became aware of her music, and he asked her to write lyrics and perform the theme song for the PS2 game Final Fantasy XII, "Kiss Me Good-Bye".


An exciting band from Japan whose music has been included as the theme song for numerous anime series, including Stellvia of the Universe & Fafner in the Azure.


ELITE should be in top ten in this poll!

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