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My nokia falls almost every day and it still works nice
This is the best brand ever.
I got 10 mobile phones. All are nokia
I had various models of Nokia since the company came into existence. And I never had problems. I tried other brands but none exceeded my nokia phones. For one thing, ease of use (user friendly). Right now I'm using N8 and it rocks!
[Newest]Best phone ever.. ! Saves cops life
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The Galaxy Phones are just so awesome! I love the new Galaxy Ace!
Samsung android phones are awesome. Specially Galaxy phone series is superb! Samsung is the best.
Samsung galaxy series has sexiest phones than any other brand. Nokia and sony ericson sucks and they are also not affordable. I Love my new Samsung Galaxy S II
[Newest]It had many rom

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Awesome phone. It works great all the time, never freezes and works as more than just a phone. You can download applications, take photos and do much more. Although its pricey its worth it times ten. Luh-v it. Its the best phone you can buy...
The best phones ever. It not only is a phone, and there is ALWAYS an app for that!
Apple should be next to nokia though it is costly.
Its touch is awesome and we love to use it
[Newest]Apple is just a bit better in my opinion
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4Sony Ericsson
'Best when it comes to camera and sound clarity' I am in love with my Sony Ericsson!
Better quality and performence
-Sony Ericsson #1 at Usability! And Multimedia!
-Best quality shots and nice sound. Use Sony Ericsson to its maximum!
-SE needs to pump up the hardware on android phones they will be invincible!
-Custom ROMs thanks to the fan community gives you more freedom of choice!
[Newest]Saw it and hated it. The name is so creepy
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The one who buys a htc will never want anything else.
- Durability
- Hardware
- Design
- Compatibility
The Best Brand.
HTC in my opinion is the best in high range smartphones. I am using my 2nd HTC. First one is 3.5 years old and still working fine. I never had such satisfaction with either of Sony Ericsson or Nokia that I used.
There are cool function and I have one to htc evo 4g
Big screen size display quality awesome
[Newest]The best and awesome in smart phones
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I like the blackberry because it looks so elegant and the qwerty keypads of it are so awesome and I like its touch pad navigation and its wide screen! Go for blackberry yeah!
it is the best and the coolest phone ever made. for me this is the number one
I like to for come go see BBM to make for rainy still to fall. Run For land stop to get to the fair but forget to go see. Help? I also like cheese. Today's friend is tomorrow's foe. So follow the taco man to get to place of the land of the perogies
[Newest]Even the military uses it!
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7LG Electronics
Actually I've never been use this phone recently because for the past years I'am loyal to nokia phone I've been use it for the past 5 yrs because it is very users friendly but my brother who brought there LG phone and then convince me to try it. Then I'll buy in Mall and try to use it ironically it will works for me and fits for needs and just like a nokia to it is users friendly also gosh I've been stereotype other phone and gave my commendation to nokia because I know nokia is only phone that fits to users, but others they have just Like LG, good battery condition it will last up to more than a week, compare to nokia last 4 or 5 days battery. I may now Use it and Honestly Love this Phone
Its design is very UNIQUE! And this brand is most of my Korean idol using in their tv series and commercials <3 I LOVE IT So Much! specially Chocolate BL40! AWESOME!
Actually it is very nice. It falls several times but still very good. It is really lucky for me.
[Newest]There just made so nice. I love how they run how they feel.

Supper moto
The phone which has a heroic name with features with energy is the only one motorola may be it shares 7th place, 7 stands for completeness that's my moto
My first phone was a Motorola and since then all the phones I've owened have been made by Motorola... They are very reliable
Motorola is the best phone EVER! And there's so many different kinds of Motorola phones, so there's so many to choose from ^^ everyone's happy.
[Newest]I like motorola because you can do lots of texting and games it was my 2nd phone

No other mobile brand can compare with Sony's quality and standard... The best picture clarity and sound quality we never get any other mobile brands.. So Sony xperia top 1 in the world
Because its more nice than the first why this is not the first brand champion
It is the worlds best brand no one can overcome them
[Newest]Sony is so last year they suck

Good quality for its price. And great proprietary apps too. A must for budget-conscious consumers looking for a mobile phone that works well without all the expensive extras that are not essential.
Best Phone and Quality they have the service that all Filipinos love it, like the top of the line android and featured phones that is already good and its lower price.. GO MyPhone
This is a good brand almost same quality with the leading brand but the price is much cheaper than them that why I choose this brand... And I'm proud to be PINOY!
[Newest]Sony made by My Phone
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The Contenders

I got an alcatel OT-802Y phone..
i think its the best phone that passess on my bare hands...
its great because it has a qwerty keypad and a sensitive navigation...
you could also enjoy the internet thru wap/gprs. there are also pushed mails in it...
i dropped it 3 times still it works without any malfunction..
I recommend it to everyone to try using this phone...
u will never regret it..
I have this for 2 years and it is so affordable and convenient I think it is one of top cell phone brands
I want this because this phone captures my heart than other brands its so hypnotizing if can you see the brand alcatel is good in androids there are many applications yo can download the best
One of the Pioneers of Mobile Phones and this phone has great durability and quality and cheap price of course!
[Newest]I only buy Alcatel... Alcatel is the only brand were you pay for what you get and don't pay just for the brand name like with Apple and Samsung, Alcatel's latest phone Hero 2 is better than every phone ever made!

12Cherry Mobile
Cherry Mobiles gives you the look and feel of a high end phone in a very affordable price not to mention full of customization. Cherry Mobile rocks!
I love the quality of this brand because of its high definition features in screen and aside from that is the camera, very clear. And of course the last is the battery that has life long battery that everyone could enjoy using this unit! Love it!
My Cherry Mobile Phone fell down the pool it sank for almost five minutes and until now it is functional, It is affordable at the same time reliable..
[Newest]I love the quality of the phone specially the CHERRY MOBILE AXIS, I tested it and it's a good phone

Lenovo is the best brand
Great quality phone but not that popular
I have a lenovo 7 inch tablet it always falls on the floor the screen did not even crack yet and I have it for almost 1 year nothing even happened to it but the problem is I can not find any covers for it.

Its awesome! The phones are really good and long lasting. It is the best of all ph.
Consists of more features for huge asian population, markrting and for long life
Very good quality mobile phones... Best in such a price.. No other brands can replace... Good specifications... Good picture clarity.. My phone fell into water 3 times.. And sometimes I think it is water resist.. Fell down many times... So god
[Newest]Micromax is the best mobile phones

I never had heard of Huawei until I got my newest phone which is a Huawei ascend II but I really love it, and its kind of a lot like Samsung. The only things I don't like are the things that come from my carrier Cellular.
Huawei is a branded company and the second biggest telecom company in the world. Worlds leading 50 brands of communication out of that 45 are having huawei 2g 3g and 4g networks, Its too big company in Telecommunication.
Wow! I thought that Huawei would be miss leading because it seemed so amazing...only it isn't at all! The newest one is great I never thought I would find something that has everything I want! Get a Huawei or at least check it out.
[Newest]Good brand is so AMAZING


i think asus is a great choice because its user friendly, big memory, economicly friendly, stylish and looks like a million bucks than nokia and other phones... my phone now is asus j208 and its stunning super functional my friends envy it so buy it now... jenny from the philippines
everything is there from audio to visual and it is very like nokia but more technologically advanced than nokia
Its clarity is superb and it wont strucks like samsung phone

You all put it here well for me its the best because its from us and also air shuffle
0+ is cheap but elegant and its nice I bet also..
Nice innovation and specs..try it and see the difference
[Newest]It's the nicest hi-tech phone ever

I like it because most of its mobile phones have intel proccesors and they are cheap in price as well
It has loads of exciting features, high resolution camera and graphics! I love! It worths each and every penny.
Great phones with awesome camera, ppi, and above all great performance with the intel processors! It also has a good battery backup
[Newest]Grate phones are the world

Low price good quality
Good Phone.. Comparable to Samsung
Really very good mobile
[Newest]It is the very good mobile

Sanyo has won Plenty of J. D Powers awards! They do the 8300, 4930, and the 2300 to name a few!



23Karbonn Mobiles
Amazing phone, with in the affordable price with all facilities :-)
Karbonn smartphones are amazing I like karbonn a25 phablet
Yes the karbonn smart products were assome mainly karbonn titanium s1, s2, s5
[Newest]I have karbonn a90

Consists of awesome features for huge population of Philippines, and helps many people to communicate faster to each other.
Affordable and warranty... Advance also to others product in our country.
Good specs and affordable price. It also have good quality
[Newest]It's so affordable and nice.. Proud to be PINOY! :D

25Q Mobile Phone
My national phone can compete with samsung
Q mobile is good
Cheap and reliable cell phones...
[Newest]Best phones ever in reasonable prices

26Oppo Mobile
Try new oppo phones its great
Very nice and unique features

I love my starmobile crystal... Smooth at malinaw and screen at cam..
Price are not expensive.
It has high Quality than no other..

Very posh and expensive phones.


The galaxy note 2 is awesome!

Very good mobile brand. Low cost and high qulity mobile

Please once again start this kyocera brand
I am very much attach with this phone.

Verizon is one of the only ones that I've ever gotten to give me a good service. Many other phones don't get good reception service where I live but verizon always has! It should definitely be in the top 10!
Verizon is the best. how is it not even in the top 12?


26th? My Verizon is the best!



Mostly known as a network provider but they produce some good slide phones.


It's gonna be a brand like one among the top best mobile brands within years. The new models and prices are awesome and affordable... Keep it up
It provide bast smart phone if it provide big in sigh just like Samson galaxy tab
This time I am pecesed spice mi422 cell but this cell ram is very low you show 512 but this is only 162 mb show pleace tacke care your busses I am a student in engineering coarse

37skk mobile
I love skk phone mobiles
Its really good one
Its all awesome from head to toe

Good cheap and very reliable phones
Very good but does not last long
Its so nice... Zte grand x,


It is Korean Cell phone company, Pantech mades Vega X, Vega racer, Mirach, Vega s5


I have this phone great.
My 1st android phone and I loved it!

Very Nice & smart phone
Good features at a very reasonable price. Good customer support too.
Phone manufacturer of Bangladesh

I have used celkon A15 its very good and stylish, I have dropped it so many times, to be frank 8 feet height, and from 1st floor, not even a small crack, its too cool, very good mobile. features are alsoo good
Not bad but gooź

Arc mobile is the best phone,

The best for me iball smartphones

Thrill 430x is a steal
Cloudfone excite502q this phone will be my next phone


47UMI Mobile
I like this brand because umi x2 have 13mp camera with 1.6Ghz quad core processor and 2Gb Ram...

It, s a good mobile
Proud of walton. Its our product. Proud of Bangladesh


I know, no one can vote for this here because even no one has seen this ever :o)
I saw this phone in one of the HongKong's "really" rich market. Phone costs somewhere $7800000. Full of Diamonds and other stuff. Only the top business persons may dream to buy this phone.
No doubt that people at that level have no other choice but buy a Vertu phone to maintain their level.
I vote vertu because its so classic and luxurious

I like it because it has amazing features. It is beautiful also.


Best functionality for a smartphone.
Best smartphone for it's price. Looks great and works just as fine. Not the best compared to competing brands, but Palm is funtional.

54CDR King
One year warranty man jud
Such a high technologized phone!



Solid phone, great features. Best price. For GSM carriers, these phones are amazing. Blu phones can match features and performance, and in several cases out perform the competition. Blu is seriously worth checking out before you hand over several hundred dollars to the big name carriers for a big brand name phone.
BLU has very good quality phones at an affordable price! One example is the BLU life play!
Super good cheap phones! Must buy!
[Newest]Blue really good for the price

Great phone.. You must have it now.

To be honest this is a negative comment. I absolutely love that it's affordable for those who need to change some lifestyles with money at the moment sp you can down grade. But other than that the company is not completely reliable when it comes to quality phones. If you phone is damaged and you ask for a replacement they will take weeks just to give you a new one. And when they do, its actually a refurbished phone which is utterly useless and you can feel the difference. It breaks down real quick and you'll need. A new one again. So note that you should keep the first one alive. They also have new ones in the store but they can't give you those unless you want to buy the phone again.

60DRPU Mobile
DRPU Mobile Phone are actually special purpose Phones and are slightly different from routine phones. These Phones have been designed by their Principle Company DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd. Specially to be used by their DRPU BULK SMS software Products. By Default, The Phones have TWO SIM Card Slots like any ordinary Phone but this phone can send SMS Text messages 16 times faster than the ordinary phones when used by DRPU Bulk SMS Products.

But it is not the only special task of these DRPU Mobile Phones to broadcast SMS Text 16x faster then ordinary Mobile device. The additional SIM Magazine that comes in the Box of these mobile Phones can be connected in USB cable Port like a pistol Magazine and has capacity of inserting up-to 16 additional SIM Cards in order to Broadcast SMS Texts using DRPU Bulk SMS Products. Thus it has capabilities to use 2 (internal Dual sim) Plus 16 SIM Magazine (Total 18 connections simultaneously) Mobile connections to broadcast text messages when you have to send Text messages to a BIG number of contact.

Funny thing is that you can also operate all these 18 SIM connections simultaneously for Both Voice and Texts :o)

The phone that I mentioned is identified by the Main chip DL2CF3992 Model.

The company has released a note that new model with the capabilities connecting a SIM Magazine of upto 24 SIM Cards is to be released in DECEMBER 2012.
I really agree that this phone is not just a phone but a very useful business tool. In country like ours, we can not send SMS messages using online sms gateways to people who are registered on D-N-D (Do Not Disturb) registry. But this mobile works faster and better than Online gateways and business owners can send notifications to their customers with the peace of mind that their customers is actually receiving them and SMS messages are not filtered by DND Registry database scan.
5 out of 5 from my side!
This handset is smart when you use it as an ordinary Dual sim mobile phone and works like a SMS Machine gun when the SIM Magazine is connected to send Bulk SMS Software using their in-built SMS Broadcasting Software.
[Newest]Not impossible ts just a joke

Its have a very wonderful appearance and its price is very cheap
Don't buy ipro! Low quality!
Very niceappearance, and very popular in Latin America, especially in Colombia

I also use Zigo phone. It's good but it's motherboard is very poor.

It's brilliant with exceptional value for money.
It has 1 year warranty with lifetime insurance and that too fre.
Now that's brilliant.
The company will give you the same mobile only for 25% of the cell's price (if it is lost)
Unique and. Good cheap and very reliable phones

I like this phone very much, it is very durable because I dropped this phone 6-10 times a day but still has no defect, nice phone with good price.
I like dtc mob. Phone
Nice cellphone in most affordable price

65AT&T Focus




69U.S. Cellular

I 707 is much more experience to me for last 3:5years.thanks all tech team.

71Straight Talk
I have straight talk it sucks I re fillf my phone and does not give me high speed data 😡

72Cellcom Israel
Israels number one mobile brand

They bring you the toughphone which is almost indestructible.


This is a awesome mobile!
it has a amazing security features,
better camera clarity in day light,
wap and gprs is enabled in,
awesome durability. Cheep and best & more over it is triple sim mobile and triple sim standby is the great thing in it


South America manager:Jimmy shi
It's really very good!

Felix Wei -- Oversea Manager


Shenzhen Kenxinda Technology Co. , Ltd--TOP 10 in the World!

Tel: +86 - 1365 2424 916 / 755 8257 1246 / 755 8257 1019

755-8257 1797/755-8257 1784/755-8270 9661/755-2395 7534

Email: Skype: felixwei1983 Cn W. Kenxinda. Cn


Output more than 19 million mobile phones each year.

TOP Mobile-phone R&D solution & manufacture share with worldwide.


Most mobiles has 1Gb ram, 1.5 dual core processor, 8Mp camera, and every thing at reasonable price. For more info +92332-7400710

BeSt mObiL3 Brand 4m Bangladesh.


The first local brand na lumbas sa philippines na my 1GB RAM, 8mp back and 1.3mp front cam. When it comed to quality. Matibay din xa. Japan parts kasi xa. At isa pang kagandahan merung community site na tumutulong para mapaganda pa and phone like kata i1. Try to chech it out. Kahit mga tab ng kata imba din and spex... That's it.


Nexus 5 is very cheap with high end specs and better than icrap
Nexus 5 is the best phone yet.



Strawberry Mobile Phone is a very popular mobile phone brand in Bangladesh. :P

87Kogan Mobile



It has a awesome feature of java.. And it is cheap and best..


Laugh out loud ITS SUCKS, ITS FRAGILE!

Romanian mobile phone, and it's pretty better I think than alcatel





They are economic and they are Good value

Amazing phone with amazing Sailfish OS.

It is a pretty good phone

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