Best Disney Channel Shows

The best shows are on Disney Channel, but what's the best of those shows?

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1Wizards of Waverly Place

I really love this show and I can't believe this is its last season it seems like it just started yesterday... Goodbye wizards:(

Gravity Falls is so much better, Cartoons are supposed to be the most popular genre on Disney Channel, and that's what Gravity Falls is, and it doesn't have a repetitive plot like Phineas and Ferb does. - nelsonerico6

I will really miss. Especially alex russo played by Selena Gomez. I will miss the whole atmosphere of waiting for a new episode. I shall cry on the last episode. I wish I was BFF with Selena because she is a great actor and singer but I prefer her as an actor.

I hope the have another movie...

Love you WOWP

You were the best show ever

Really miss can't believe it is over.. I can still remember watching the first episode and being gripped and not being able to say Waverley properly when I told my friends about the amazing show

Wizards of Waverly Place is a really good show. It even relates to Harry Potter a little. It has vampires, werewolfs, and a pot of monsters just like Harry Potter does. They both involve magic and are both about teenagers lives

Unique, funny, and incredibly confined.

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2The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

So sad it's ending... :'(

It was very good, but doesn't compare to Gravity Falls as a matter of fact, but you'll have to go to Disney to watch it, since that's where they moved it, which was so dumb of them. - nelsonerica

This is best show ever, it was so funny. I miss it so much, I miss Dylan and Cole Brenda Debby. I like Debby's new show but I miss suit life of Zack and Cody.

You think it's the best show ever? Then you haven't seen Gravity Falls, Don't be ignorant, just watch. - nelsonerica


You are WRONG, It's not the best show ever, the best show on Disney Channel as a matter of fact is Gravity Falls, Just watch it please, everybody loves it more than any other Disney Channel show. - nelsonerica

Suite life of Zack and Cody on Deck rocks

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3Good Luck Charlie

Good luck Charlie is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on Disney at the moment. It's hilarious, it's something everyone all ages will enjoy! BEST SHOW EVER!

Good lick Charlie is my favorite show! It is the best show. It should definitely be #1

I can't believe this is ranked 18! In my opinion, Good Luck Charlie is hilarious, enjoyable for all ages. It's a great show.

I love good luck charlie very much because is about a family that going to have a another baby that name charlie and everybody need be good and kind so all this funny thing and something that normal family should have.

I agree, Good Luck Charlie is a very great show and I was bummed when it ended. It was realistic, funny, creative, and the plots were fantastic. Loved every single character, (especially the mom) And my dad enjoys this show as much as me, that's saying a lot. Very well-done show, nothing bad to day about it.

One of the most heartfelt, but no comparison to Gravity Falls, which is truly the best Disney show as a fact. - nelsonerica

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4That's So Raven


This show was amazing. It brings back so many wonderful memories when I was a child. There coming put wit a sequel. So happy. That's is so raven

Omg, this is 100% hilarious, Its the best tv show in the whole wide world!

Back 2 back episodes like these are quite amusing and is the best Disney Dhow and successful show in Disney usually it finishes at 1-65 episodes but it had 100 episodes and achieved lots of positive reviews and did you know that That's so raven had won an image award in 2008 and won all these magnificent awards: Outstanding children awards 2008,2007, Best children's T. V programming, Favorite television actress twice in 2004 and 2005 and Best T. V series of the year 2008 and Best season of the year 2008 and Best comedy series 2008 and 2007 this show revolves around A lovely female that is a psychic that usually has a unique point of view of her predictions what happens and in the end (mostly) turn out successful or extremely funny! This show overall is the best! No offense but this should be number 1 and is filled with love and also success this T. V series number 2 should be Hannah Montana then Wizards of waverly place and phineas and ferb because this show got nominated lot's of emmys so please vote here.
24th January 2013 PEACE OUT...

Such a good show! Hilarious!

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5Hannah Montana

I love miley cyrus aka hannah montana I'm sad that hannah montana is gone

This show has the most views and ratings for a reason it's AWESOME! And no other disney show can be compared to it it because of this show that shows like wizards and sonny were created.

I love hannah and miley. Never will be a show better. Wish it was still showing. Wizards of Waverly place will never get that big. Miley cyrus rocks.

The songs are catchy! - AlejX144

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6The Suite Life On Deck

This show should be the best! I can't believe it ended! They should make "The Suite Life In College"!

Not the best, but very good, but still, the best as a matter of fact is Gravity Falls, which devoted more fans and is more entertaining and inspiring than you could ever imagine. - nelsonerica

It was a great show, it was extremely funny! I'm sad to let it go. I remember growing up with suite life of zach and cody

this is the best plot ever! I mean the love story the comedy the irony and sarcasm it clearly must be no. 1!

Classic and an all time favorite:) so funny and this show expresses when the kids were young and their talent was just beginning

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This is the best show ever. It should be at least the sixth best or something. I love this show. Jessie is how. And luke and dance so well.

It's already 6 on here. But it's also 6 on the WORST list. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?! - Disney1994

I am obsessed with jessie its the best show ever plus emma is so pretty. I wish it would actually show a little bit more of new york but because it only shows central park which gets boring.

It's actually the most racist show on Disney Channel, it's horrible. - nelsonerico6

Jessie and Good Luck Charlie are the 2 best Disney Channel shows ever. And the best part is that as if when the two crossed over they said "Hey, let's mate," 9 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day later out comes a show on Nickelodeon called Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, which is a combination of Jessie's characters and Good Luck Charlie's lifestyle. Also, nelsonerico6, Jessie isn't racist. It's a kids' show, if it were out to attack anyone, Disney wouldn't have it on the air. I know you said it because it has things from other races, well that doesn't mean it's racist. It means it's diverse. Maybe you're just racist against foreign people, and frankly, what you said about anyone loving this show being mentally retarded was equally offensive, and I'm shocked that THAT is still not deleted. Anyway, despite what he said, I LOVE this show (and I have an IQ of 131). It's cute and funny. Definitely beats Dog with a Blog, Liv and Maddie, I Didn't Do It, etc.

This is just me but NONE OF THESE SHOWS are better than Liv and Maddie. It's my favorite show of all time. I don't actually like Jessie to be honest. How do you know we're ALL not guilty for liking SOME SHOW that others consider the worst ever? Whether it's Liv and Maddie, Jessie, or even SpongeBob, EVERY show has a reason to be hated. There is not a single show I can find that I can like WITHOUT knowing that someone, somewhere considers it the worst show ever made. SERIOUSLY. It's because of this I consider EVERY SHOW I like a guilty pleasure. I DON'T WANT TO. I want there to be JUST ONE SHOW I can like WITHOUT feeling like I'm gonna go to hell for liking it. JUST ONE SHOW. Why is that so much to ask for? Full info is on my bio. Please read it. - Disney1994

Jessie is like the best show EVER

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8Austin & Ally

Let me start out by asking a few questions regarding where this is placed. 1) Why is this higher than Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Cory in the House and basically every other show on this list. I Don't quite understand how this show made the top 10 for best Disney Channel shows ever.

2) What was going on in the person's head who made this show? I don't not think that this show deserves to be this high in the list. I am not saying that you are not in titled to your own opinion I am just saying that I don't particularly like this show.

I am not actually bothered by many of the actors, hence the word "by many". There is really only one actor I hate on this show. Laura Morano. In my opinion I just don't really like her. I love Ross Lynch, and I am okay with Raini and Calum. Laura in my opinion can't sing. Her voice is like she is talking with just more breath behind her voice. She always makes the weirdest faces when she sings and smiles way to much and way to over the top on the show. It's like she doesn't know how to not smile when anyone says anything or does anything that is remotely positive.

The shoe in general is not that bad. The first season I actually really enjoyed. It was funny and had a pretty good story line. Every episode was different which I liked. It gave the show variety. Then once the second season came, Ally came out of her shell. She basically changed everything about herself. If you look at how she dressed, how she looked, how she acted, it was completely different. I really liked the old Ally. The one who you could tell had a secret crush on Austin but was still shy and vulnerable which made you like her. Once she conquered her stage fear, she became a completely different person. A person I didn't like as much. After that, every single episode was about Austin and Ally's relationship that for some reason never actually worked. It was no longer about "she writes, he rocks, together they might just make it" it was now about "she writes, they both rock, they are sometimes and sometimes not in a relationship, but Austin has a record deal and Ally sort of has a career, so they might just make it". This changed my way of looking at the show forever.

Once the second season kicked off Austin's music was still good. After Ally started singing her own songs, every song that was on this show was no longer stuck in my head like it used to be. There were a few songs I will admit that were good, but it was never again like the first season. In the 1st season every episode had a new song, and each on of those songs I would sing until the next one came along. The only really good songs in the second season were "Timeless and Steal your heart".

None of the characters really sent a good message like Austin sent out the message that if you steal someone else's song you can become an overnight sensation, which doesn't really ever happen. Ally sent out the message that more

I must admit, I didn't like as much of the music and season 1. But then season 2 came, and BAM! Don't Look Down, You Can Come To Me, I Think About You, Finally Me- it trended on twitter! Austin & Ally is really one of the last good shows on Disney. There is so much character development- somehow this show also wounded up on the top 10 WORST Disney Channel shows, and one if the reasons is no character development which I don't understand. Ally overcame her stage fright, there is supposed to be an arc in which Austin starts writing songs, everyone (except Dez) is maturing just a little bit. It's not all rainbows and unicorns in it either- there is actually drama. And it has a purpose. It doesn't seem like it in the first episode- but they actually work to get where they are. As unrealistic as it is to be an overnight sensation, after all if that the team has to work. Unlike on Shake It Up, it might be just me, but lately it just seems like everything comes easy to them. On Jessie, I don't really understand the meaning of it- it's basically the kids version if The Nanny. Sorry to dis on other shows, but that's just my opinion. Ok, this is getting long.

Ok now I'm done.

I love it! Its so funny some people don't give it a chance! I also love Ross! He is so hot and he I love the music on the show

Austin & Ally sucked, it was a horrible show that went downhill when the romance came.

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9Phineas and Ferb

Phineas And Ferb is my favorite Disney show on Disney Channel, I like this show more than Fish Hooks. This is the only good and also only cartoon on Disney Channel, well not just Phineas And Ferb... Gravity Falls was pretty good and was a cartoon too. Anyways I love Phineas And Ferb because it's funny, great animation, awesome and has great characters! Phineas and Ferb are cool main characters, Cadence is however funny when shes trying to bust her brother laugh out loud and falling in love with Jermy, Perry aka Agent P is a pretty cool Platypus, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is funny too and always fail with his inators, Isabella is adorable and cute when she is in love with Phineas and all the characters are very creative! Even the quotes are funny, for an example "Aren't you a little young to _____" or "Curse you Perry the platypus! " I even enjoy the songs, my favorite song in there is Goochie Goochie Goo. If this show was cancelled then I will not be happy, Phineas And Ferb was better then these new shows today. Phineas And Ferb is still my favorite Disney show today, even Gravity Falls and some true Disney classics. In my opinion people. :3

It's stupid, all that happens is nothing but a repeat, the same thing happens in EVERY episode and that's the reason why it's so hated. - nelsonerico6

This must be FIRST HERE! D:! Love all the songs, theme story and of course the characters! ^o^ its funny, amazing and brilliant

I love this show I even have phineas and ferb silly bands they are so big that they fit around my neck - cassikuehl

It's not a good show, they do the exact same thing in EVERY SINGLE episode, it's the first Disney Channel show to have a repetitive plot and the first cartoon since Scooby Doo to have a repetitive plot. - nelsonerico6

I'm sorry haters, but There is no way you can legitimately hate Phineas And Ferb. So what if it has a repetitive plot? May I introduce you to Tom And Jerry. Secondly, Why are you guys happy that a show ended? Do you guys care about the people who are crying because of the shows non-existence? Lastly, I'm tired of seeing Phineas And Ferb get all the hate while Gravity Falls gets all the respect. Without Phineas And Ferb their is no Gravity Falls!

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10Kim Possible

Its my favorite show, I love ron and rufus.

I am crazy about this show, I love ron, rufus, and kim to

Most loveable show filled with all you want, ron is the best

This show was amazingly well done. Great writing, fully-fledged character growth, great message, fantastic voice talent.

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The Newcomers


Best Disney movie ever. I watched it like 5 times or more literally and it never gets old. Especially the song rotten to the core

I love cameron boyce! It isn't a show, but it will be!

Oh my gosh I love this movie so much I can watch it millions of times

Rotten to the is so good

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Bunk'd is the best Disney show now

Bunk'd is the best thing ever

Could be better with Luke

Best show ever I wish I could watch it every day

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11Gravity Falls

UM, HELLO?! Wake up from your coma people! Gravity Falls is Way better than Ant Farm and Jesse, and Austin and Ally!

It's the perfect setting for a kid around Dipper's age. He battles with his desire to be mature along with his awkwardness, something all kids will go through. His crush on Wendy is an amazing aspect that drives his desires to act more like a teenager, but he simply can't because it simply ISN'T that mature yet! It's just brilliant! (not to mention my favorite line when Stan says "now you know about the birds and the bees")

Not to mention that the theme is way more intriguing than any Disney show on nowadays. It has plot lines way deeper than Disney shows will normally go, especially with "Dreamscapers" and "Gideon Rises". I mean, Austin and Ally rated better than Gravity Falls! That show is shit. The plot is always about either Austin or Ally trying to do some gig, but they run into trouble and fix it! It got boring quickly, not to mention that the characters are too stupid to be relatable or likable. Besides what is that show supposed to tech kids anyways, that you can make it in the music business if you want to and that everything will always work out. Hello, that doesn't happen in the real world making it a bull lesson to teach kids about a show that is based in the real world.

Anyways, enough of the Austin and Ally hate... This show is likable for all ages. Its a show where parents can watch with there kids without wanting to stab themselves in the eye thinking "please God let this show be over! ".

Honestly this show deserves top 5. Top 10 at least!

You got everything right. Gravity Falls is just outstanding. The mystery, the music, the characters and settings. It's the best Disney cartoon the channel has had in ages!

WHAT!? This show is the best show Disney has right now! I remember when Alex Hirsch worked on the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and voiced Captain K'nuckles, so when I heard the he was working on a new show, I had to take a look. I can't believe how amazing this show is. Animation wise, its perfectly done and the character design isn't to outlandish or too realistic. Now my take on the characters:

Dipper-A perfect representation of a 12 year old. He's logical and curious, but still trying to wrap his head around growing up. I'd have to say his entire attitude around having a crush on Wendy is way to perfect. always anxious and on the edge. Too good

Mabel- What can I say. eccentric, energetic, adorable and silly. But, seriously, she's the perfect type of person to be the twin of dipper. She's always really bright and upbeat. She can be pretty funny too honestly. Their personalities are so colliding, but they still remember their brother and sister. If anything in Disney is a good role model for kids, it's these two's relationship as siblings.

Soos-Awesome character. while obviously having a larger body than the other characters, he's not stereotypical. He's a hard worker, being the only person working ON the shack, and is a great friend of the others. When they dove into his story, it brought a lot of things into perspective. He really looks up to Stan as a father, and treats Mabel and Dipper as his closest friends. A great character and a funny one at that, always cracking the cheesy jokes without forcing it and being a goof.

Wendy-Once I figured out she was Manly Dan's Daughter, wow, did clear some things up. A teen who works for the Mystery Shack, she is a bit unenthusiastic about the job at first, but once the Twins enter the scene and things start getting weird, she sticks around. Shes a confident and chill person, but she still, in her own words, is really stressed, like all the time. She enjoys having the twins around and joining for the adventure, and even helps dipper with his reaction from being told she knew about his crush on her. A great character that I think has a great place in this story.

Grunkle Stan- Oh Alex, this character. edgy, a con artist, wise, carefree, greedy, loves the twins, mysterious, knows so much more than he shows. basically the most mysterious person in the show (for me at least). So much more to go until I make a conclusion on him.

I think this show will be the best show Disney has had in a long time, and deserves a place up there with the best of Disney. The only reason I think this isn't number one is because its to complicated for younger kids to care about, and it doesn't have a pretty actor for them to drool over, and more mature than just about all the other shows currently on Disney. Still, this deserve to be #1 for a long time. can't wait for the next season to start on FEB 16th! And to all my fellow Gravity Falls viewers, Young and Old, Keep looking for more

This show is one of the best Disney Channel shows I've seen in years. I personally think even Phineas and Ferb can't beat it.

The best part is the cast of characters. Dipper is logical, Mabel is eccentric, Grunkle Stan (short for Great Uncle Stan) is a scam-artist but still warm-hearted, Soos is the strange but funny maintenance guy at Stan's Mystery Shack, and Wendy is the chill and awesome teenage girl who works at the Mystery Shack, too.

This show provides many funny moments for people of all ages, whether it be the fact that Mabel is eating hallucinogenic candy or there are gnomes barfing rainbows on your screen.

This is so good

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12Lizzie McGuire

Best show ever, Hilary is one of the few childhood stars who still respects themselves! Also Lizzie McGuire is the best show ever made on disney!

They never bring it on any more even though it the best show ever PLEZ vote 4 it

Lizzie is the Best
Her shows should come again
I Love Her,

I like this show their clothes are really really weird but I like them:) This show is also very funny. I love the little cartoon of Lizzie that pops up all over the place

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13Shake It Up

I will praise Shake It Up in a moment, but first I wanted to talk about some of the other Disney Channel shows. I'm a little older and I'm not saying my opinion is more valuable, but I can say that I've watched many of the new and older shows. I wanted to say that That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens (and possibly Kim Possible) are some of the best shows Disney Channel has ever had. That's So Raven episodes can make anyone crack up and Hilary Duff's success outside of Disney really paved the way for other female artists like Miley, Selena, and Demi. At least some of those older shows ranked decently. That's So Raven #5!

I had pretty much gave up on Disney Channel and watched very little of it from 2006-2011. I still liked to turn back to it and relive my childhood every once in a while. One day I come across this show called Shake It Up (the episode was "Sweat It Up") and I could not stop laughing. It was hilarious and I had to see more. And that isn't even one of their best episodes! What's more is that it had dancing and I love to dance. I was hooked.

Shake It Up is laugh out loud funny. The puns are hilarious, Gunther and Tinka are hilarious foreign exchange students, and the writers of the show make hilarious twists that can make their original jokes even better. I think part of the reason the episodes are so good is because Disney put some of their best writers to work since this show was supposed to take over in place of their successful Hannah Montana show. Not only are G & T hilarious, but every character has something really entertaining about them. Even though they got rid of Gunther in the third season, they made up for it by adding new twists so that the stories carried through consecutive episodes. Again, it's hilarious and it even had my Dad laughing. Some of the funniest episodes are "Wild It Up", "Split It Up", and "Show It Up."

Something else that makes this a great show is that they featured many different dance groups. Some from America's Best Dance Crew and of course 2 dance groups from Make Your Mark. This show does have some meaningful episodes too such as one when we find out that Cece has dyslexia ("Add It Up"), or when Cece loses her memory on the last episode ("Remember Me") or "Made In Japan" or "Shrink It Up". It's really all about the story of 2 best friends (Rocky and Cece) who got a dream job on a local... popular... television... dance... program (that's a reference in case you didn't catch it). Who wouldn't want a best friend to always have your back?! And through the best friend's differences, we learn some deep valuable lessons. One lesson was that the bad things you say can come back to bite you. That was "Weird It Up" I believe. A lesson that the characters learn a few times is that no matter what happens and what arguments you may have, you can always make up and still be good friends. more

NOT A GOOD SHOW THIS SHOW IS BAD AND NOT FUNNY. This show is also inappropriate because Rocky hates angels which is a threat to God. Cece is bad at reading and she likes to pass gas in the elevators and laugh about it. Like I said about Rocky she hates Angels and she never minds her own business. One time Rocky was mean to an old lady and tried to make the lady like her but the lady was angry at Rocky and the lady told Rocky to go away. Cece's brother Flynn is a brat that likes to talk when someone else is talking (rude). Flynn also use to whine for no reason in season one. One time Flynn was whining because somebody ripped up his teddy bear (He deserves it for being bad). In shake it up Flynn is never in school which is weird. Cece and Rocky go to school, it's just a show but he should be in school. Flynn is usually around Ty in this show. He should be at home eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew and be watching T.V. or playing video games. Ty is really lazy and he always tells lies so he doesn't get in trouble. Deuce always takes his junk that he doesn't need to school all the time and he doesn't behave like a normal person. This is the worst Disney show ever it is even worse than my babysitter's a vampire. I'm happy that this show was cancelled in 2013 and taken of T.V. in 2014. If this show didn't get cancelled I would go insane.

This show really good! I hope this show will success because those kids are so talented! Really!

No offense intended but, I hate the show. I don't understand, the girls say they are best friends, nut they are very cruel. They are very inconsiderate and never think of the possible ramifications of the situation. The show is a rip of HAIRSPRAY

They made fun of eating disorders. Demi Lovato was right.

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14Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie is not that different from the other Disney Channel shows, the comedy doesn't exist, yet they play laugh tracks on it, the dialogue is very weak in sense and is pretty nonsense, the camera quality is very choppy, like the other sitcoms, which makes this show, like the others, look like a movie from the 80's/90's, There's no good background music or suspense like the classics, it's very un-Disneylike, Disney Channel was supposed to be about Disney Characters and adventures and good plots and stories, and That went away and got replaced with stupid teenybopping shows like Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, ANT Farm, and THIS! Liv and Maddie, although That's So Raven, Cory in the House, Lizzie McGuire, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck, Sonny with a Chance, Pair of Kings (Seasons 1 to 2), Zeke and Luther and Wizards of Waverly Place were good, It sucks, you ruined a good channel it once was, the only good show on Disney Channel now is Gravity Falls, which is a good original show. - nelsonerica

I do like Liv and Maddie a lot. It is done differently then other Disney Channel shows. For an example, I like how they talk to the camera to make things more clearer and shows the point of view from the speaker, so the viewers get emotionally attached to it. The only minor thing I don't like is when Liv is happy her voice is very irritating and it's hard to focus on the real problem. Liv and Maddie is overall a well-done and enjoyable show to watch when bored.

Liv & Maddie is kinda like Hannah Montana, but not as bad and it focuses on twins, it's still far from being the best, even Wizards of Waverly Place is better than this, and don't forget Gravity Falls. - nelsonerico6

HOW is it like Hannah Montana? And I can't find a better show that I like more to be perfectly honest. Read my bio for more info. - Disney1994

I like Dove as a person not an actress,I hate her liv voice and the show isn't original another show that has twins that the lead character is a girl and it has a famous star,

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15Sonny With a Chance

I love sonny with a chance because I can relate to it I can sing plus though thing seem hard when your a newcomer you will fit in and persevere and that's what I did. I thank you so much demi lovato you are my idol.

I just love this show and I wish that its second season I am just waiting for its season <2 demi rocks and Demi and Sterling couple is so cute...

The best and least stupid of the Disney Channel shows. Demi Lovato is a rare gem and the supporting cast is fantastic (which is good since she is leaving the show). Would like to see if they can keep up their momentum in the second season.

This is were I first feel in love with demi's personality, the show was a lot of fun!

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16Dog With a Blog

This show is such a piece of crap, A talking dog with a blog who makes things worse and teaches kids bad lessons, No wonder Disney Channel went downhill, but thankfully, it's improving, Disney is getting better, in fact, Better than Disney Channel, Disney Channel isn't as good as Disney or Cartoon Network, but better than Nickelodeon as a matter of fact since Nickelodeon has hardly improved, Cartoon Network and Disney have 4 4 or 5 good shows, Disney Channel has 2 very good shows and one so so show, while Nickelodeon has only 2 good shows.

Stan is so cute. I love how he can talk and his special emotional connection with Avery. I also love how they can act as a family in real life.

This is supposed to be top 10 BEST Disney Channel shows! Yet everyone has something nasty to say! I think Disney Channel is the best Channel I have and shows like, Austin and ally, Liv and Maddie and Dog with a blog are all brilliant shows and you should all give them 2nd chances for gods sake!

Best Disney Channel show

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17A.N.T. Farm

I absolutely love this show! The show is really funny, and the actors are so cute and talented.

This should not be number 20! At the worst I would give it a 5 maybe a 6 but not even close to 20. This show is the best show ever known. I love it because it is funny and because its about friendship. Its cool because they have really amazing talants. I love olive and flecher together they would make such a good couple I mean they have been friend more then chyna has with them. BEST SHOW EVER!

This should be like number 2 it is a really good show and it deserves to b 2! It is so funny and I love Fletcher with all his art of chyna ( I love all the episodes and olive makes me laugh everybody and anybody should watch this show chyna is one of the most talented people I have seen (

Love this show, not as good as some but it's still good.

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18Phil of the Future

Best show ever! I wish they made the show longer. It was so amazing. It bring back so much of my childhood!

This show is funny along with cute! I watch the videos on youtube! I am like addicted to it. Phil and Keeley are the nicest and cutest couple and Pim is hilarious!

I loved Phil of the future, I could relate to it cause I have an older brother. We always fight and it seem like we hate each other but he is my bro so I love him! The show was really interesting and funny. I loved it, the best show ever!

Hilarious premise and the characters were so funny and unique. It was a shame it didn't last more than a couple of seasons.

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I wish they still had the old generation of Disney Channel airing! I loved all those shows from my childhood and it makes me pissed off that even Disney has gone into this garbage the media created.

Recess is one of the best shows, I love all the charcters especially spinelli

I Been whatching it from when I was like 5 - rydog10

It's a really funny show and should be bought back to Disney Channel

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20Even Stevens

This was the funniest show ever on television. I would still watch it if it came on and I'm grown. Also good shows: boy meets world bug juice phil of the future life with derek kim possible. Lizzie mcguire was pretty good and so was American dragon. That's so raven suite life of zach and cody and hannah montana were disney's downfall.

The older shows are funnier and better then the new ones, today they are trying everything just to make the show funny no matter how disgusting, inappropriate or misleading.

These days, everyone always love those teen shows like Kim Possible, Cory in the House, Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Life with Derek, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and Wizards of Waverly Place. I hate all of those shows, but this and that's so Raven were the only Disney teen shows I actually liked. Boy Meets World was okay. And that's right, hate me for it, but I think Hannah Montana is a stupid show. But of ALL of those Disney teen shows, THIS was THE BEST, and those who've watched this would probably agree with me too. - nallimcamybloc

Oh my goodness, Even Stevens was such a great show. Loved the entire family. Christy Carlson Romano and Shia LaBeouf were completely in their element.

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1. Phil of the Future
2. Wizards of Waverly Place
3. That's So Raven
1. Good Luck Charlie
2. Liv and Maddie
3. I Didn't Do It
1. Shake It Up
2. A.N.T. Farm
3. Wizards of Waverly Place

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