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The best shows are on Disney Channel, but what's the best of those shows? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Wizards of Waverly Place
I really love this show and I can't believe this is its last season it seems like it just started yesterday... Goodbye wizards:(
I will really miss. Especially alex russo played by Selena Gomez. I will miss the whole atmosphere of waiting for a new episode. I shall cry on the last episode. I wish I was BFF with Selena because she is a great actor and singer but I prefer her as an actor.

I hope the have another movie...

Love you WOWP

You were the best show ever

Really miss can't believe it is over.. I can still remember watching the first episode and being gripped and not being able to say Waverley properly when I told my friends about the amazing show
Wizards of Waverly Place is a really good show. It even relates to Harry Potter a little. It has vampires, werewolfs, and a pot of monsters just like Harry Potter does. They both involve magic and are both about teenagers lives
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2The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
So sad it's ending... :'(
This is best show ever, it was so funny. I miss it so much, I miss Dylan and Cole Brenda Debby. I like Debby's new show but I miss suit life of Zack and Cody.
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3Hannah Montana
I love miley cyrus aka hannah montana I'm sad that hannah montana is gone
This show has the most views and ratings for a reason it's AWESOME! And no other disney show can be compared to it it because of this show that shows like wizards and sonny were created.
I love hannah and miley. Never will be a show better. Wish it was still showing. Wizards of Waverly place will never get that big. Miley cyrus rocks.
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4Good Luck Charlie
Good luck Charlie is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on Disney at the moment. It's hilarious, it's something everyone all ages will enjoy! BEST SHOW EVER!
I can't believe this is ranked 18! In my opinion, Good Luck Charlie is hilarious, enjoyable for all ages. It's a great show.
I love good luck charlie very much because is about a family that going to have a another baby that name charlie and everybody need be good and kind so all this funny thing and something that normal family should have.
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5That's So Raven
Omg, this is 100% hilarious, Its the best tv show in the whole wide world!
Back 2 back episodes like these are quite amusing and is the best Disney Dhow and successful show in Disney usually it finishes at 1-65 episodes but it had 100 episodes and achieved lots of positive reviews and did you know that That's so raven had won an image award in 2008 and won all these magnificent awards: Outstanding children awards 2008,2007, Best children's T. V programming, Favorite television actress twice in 2004 and 2005 and Best T. V series of the year 2008 and Best season of the year 2008 and Best comedy series 2008 and 2007 this show revolves around A lovely female that is a psychic that usually has a unique point of view of her predictions what happens and in the end (mostly) turn out successful or extremely funny! This show overall is the best! No offense but this should be number 1 and is filled with love and also success this T. V series number 2 should be Hannah Montana then Wizards of waverly place and phineas and ferb because this show got nominated lot's of emmys so please vote here.
24th January 2013 PEACE OUT...
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This is the best show ever. It should be at least the sixth best or something. I love this show. Jessie is how. And luke and dance so well.
I am obsessed with jessie its the best show ever plus emma is so pretty. I wish it would actually show a little bit more of new york but because it only shows central park which gets boring.
Jessie is great my favourite character is zuri I definitely don't think it should benumber 11 I think it should at least be 3. I think they should put more of it on. It is my best disney channel show. Mr kipling is so funny and emma's fashion skills are just so the coolest. Jessie is just really funny and I just can't stop laughing, and luke and ravi are just booys.
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7Austin & Ally
I must admit, I didn't like as much of the music and season 1. But then season 2 came, and BAM! Don't Look Down, You Can Come To Me, I Think About You, Finally Me- it trended on twitter! Austin & Ally is really one of the last good shows on Disney. There is so much character development- somehow this show also wounded up on the top 10 WORST Disney channel shows, and one if the reasons is no character development which I don't understand. Ally overcame her stage fright, there is supposed to be an arc in which Austin starts writing songs, everyone (except Dez) is maturing just a little bit. It's not all rainbows and unicorns in it either- there is actually drama. And it has a purpose. It doesn't seem like it in the first episode- but they actually work to get where they are. As unrealistic as it is to be an overnight sensation, after all if that the team has to work. Unlike on Shake It Up, it might be just me, but lately it just seems like everything comes easy to them. On Jessie, I don't really understand the meaning of it- it's basically the kids version if The Nanny. Sorry to dis on other shows, but that's just my opinion. Ok, this is getting long.

Ok now I'm done.
I love this show! Mainly because there is no other show like it. If you think about it, what other show is musical? Any way, I think it is super funny and all the episodes are really creative. The songs are so good and so catchy!

I love it! Its so funny some people don't give it a chance! I also love Ross! He is so hot and he I love the music on the show
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8The Suite Life On Deck
This show should be the best! I can't believe it ended! They should make "The Suite Life In College"!
It was a great show, it was extremely funny! I'm sad to let it go. I remember growing up with suite life of zach and cody
this is the best plot ever! I mean the love story the comedy the irony and sarcasm it clearly must be no. 1!
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9Phineas and Ferb
I love this show I even have phineas and ferb silly bands they are so big that they fit around my neck


This must be FIRST HERE! D:! Love all the songs, theme story and of course the characters! ^o^ its funny, amazing and brilliant
Phineas And Ferb is my favorite Disney show on Disney Channel, I like this show more than Fish Hooks. This is the only good and also only cartoon on Disney Channel, well not just Phineas And Ferb... Gravity Falls was pretty good and was a cartoon too. Anyways I love Phineas And Ferb because it's funny, great animation, awesome and has great characters! Phineas and Ferb are cool main characters, Cadence is however funny when shes trying to bust her brother laugh out loud and falling in love with Jermy, Perry aka Agent P is a pretty cool Platypus, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is funny too and always fail with his inators, Isabella is adorable and cute when she is in love with Phineas and all the characters are very creative! Even the quotes are funny, for an example "Aren't you a little young to _____" or "Curse you Perry the platypus! " I even enjoy the songs, my favorite song in there is Goochie Goochie Goo. If this show was cancelled then I will not be happy, Phineas And Ferb was better then these new shows today. Phineas And Ferb is still my favorite Disney show today, even Gravity Falls and some true Disney classics. In my opinion people. :3
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10Lizzie McGuire
Best show ever, Hilary is one of the few childhood stars who still respects themselves! Also Lizzie McGuire is the best show ever made on disney!
Lizzie is the Best
Her shows should come again
I Love Her,
They never bring it on any more even though it the best show ever PLEZ vote 4 it
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The Contenders

11Shake It Up
This show really good! I hope this show will success because those kids are so talented! Really!
I love this show! I wish there were full episodes on YouTube! I hope that Shake It Up goes on for a long time!
I think shake it up is fun to watch because I have a best friend that has red hair and I have brown hair. We are so much like them but our personalities are switched I am like Cece who just doesn't care and my friend is like rocky who freaks if she gets an A- we also love dancing and take lessons together.

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12Sonny With a Chance
I love sonny with a chance because I can relate to it I can sing plus though thing seem hard when your a newcomer you will fit in and persevere and that's what I did. I thank you so much demi lovato you are my idol.
I just love this show and I wish that its second season I am just waiting for its season <2 demi rocks and Demi and Sterling couple is so cute...
The best and least stupid of the Disney Channel shows. Demi Lovato is a rare gem and the supporting cast is fantastic (which is good since she is leaving the show). Would like to see if they can keep up their momentum in the second season.
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13Kim Possible
Its my favorite show, I love ron and rufus.
I am crazy about this show, I love ron, rufus, and kim to
Most loveable show filled with all you want, ron is the best
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14A.N.T. Farm
I absolutely love this show! The show is really funny, and the actors are so cute and talented.
This should not be number 20! At the worst I would give it a 5 maybe a 6 but not even close to 20. This show is the best show ever known. I love it because it is funny and because its about friendship. Its cool because they have really amazing talants. I love olive and flecher together they would make such a good couple I mean they have been friend more then chyna has with them. BEST SHOW EVER!
I do not know why people don't like A.N.T. Farm so much! It is the best Disney show! I love it because it is so funny. I love chyna, and Flecher!
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15Dog With a Blog
Stan is so cute. I love how he can talk and his special emotional connection with Avery. I also love how they can act as a family in real life.
This show is so FUNNY!
Avery is so funny and G Hannelius is such a great actor!
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16Gravity Falls
UM, HELLO?! Wake up from your coma people! Gravity Falls is Way better than Ant Farm and Jesse, and Austin and Ally!

It's the perfect setting for a kid around Dipper's age. He battles with his desire to be mature along with his awkwardness, something all kids will go through. His crush on Wendy is an amazing aspect that drives his desires to act more like a teenager, but he simply can't because it simply ISN'T that mature yet! It's just brilliant! (not to mention my favorite line when Stan says "now you know about the birds and the bees")

Not to mention that the theme is way more intriguing than any Disney show on nowadays. It has plot lines way deeper than Disney shows will normally go, especially with "Dreamscapers" and "Gideon Rises". I mean, Austin and Ally rated better than Gravity Falls! That show is shit. The plot is always about either Austin or Ally trying to do some gig, but they run into trouble and fix it! It got boring quickly, not to mention that the characters are too stupid to be relatable or likable. Besides what is that show supposed to tech kids anyways, that you can make it in the music business if you want to and that everything will always work out. Hello, that doesn't happen in the real world making it a bull lesson to teach kids about a show that is based in the real world.

Anyways, enough of the Austin and Ally hate... This show is likable for all ages. Its a show where parents can watch with there kids without wanting to stab themselves in the eye thinking "please God let this show be over! ".

Honestly this show deserves top 5. Top 10 at least!
This show is one of the best Disney Channel shows I've seen in years. I personally think even Phineas and Ferb can't beat it.

The best part is the cast of characters. Dipper is logical, Mabel is eccentric, Grunkle Stan (short for Great Uncle Stan) is a scam-artist but still warm-hearted, Soos is the strange but funny maintenance guy at Stan's Mystery Shack, and Wendy is the chill and awesome teenage girl who works at the Mystery Shack, too.

This show provides many funny moments for people of all ages, whether it be the fact that Mabel is eating hallucinogenic candy or there are gnomes barfing rainbows on your screen.
I think this will be Disney's best show so far. I love it. There are a lot of mysteries and secret stuff in the show. It's funny and has a lot of references. It's mysterious and the whole show is a mystery, which you can solve if you follow all of the clues. I feel that this show will be like Avatar the Last Airbender on Nickelodeon, it will and has attract all sorts of viewers, not just kids. This is really good in the long run.
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17Phil of the Future
Best show ever! I wish they made the show longer. It was so amazing. It bring back so much of my childhood!
This show is funny along with cute! I watch the videos on youtube! I am like addicted to it. Phil and Keeley are the nicest and cutest couple and Pim is hilarious!
I loved Phil of the future, I could relate to it cause I have an older brother. We always fight and it seem like we hate each other but he is my bro so I love him! The show was really interesting and funny. I loved it, the best show ever!
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18Even Stevens
This was the funniest show ever on television. I would still watch it if it came on and I'm grown. Also good shows: boy meets world bug juice phil of the future life with derek kim possible. Lizzie mcguire was pretty good and so was American dragon. That's so raven suite life of zach and cody and hannah montana were disney's downfall.
The older shows are funnier and better then the new ones, today they are trying everything just to make the show funny no matter how disgusting, inappropriate or misleading.
These days, everyone always love those teen shows like Kim Possible, Cory in the House, Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Life with Derek, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and Wizards of Waverly Place. I hate all of those shows, but this and that's so Raven were the only Disney teen shows I actually liked. Boy Meets World was okay. And that's right, hate me for it, but I think Hannah Montana is a stupid show. But of ALL of those Disney teen shows, THIS was THE BEST, and those who've watched this would probably agree with me too.


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19Liv and Maddie
This show is new so people don't know much about it to be honest it rules
Best disney show yet-- dove cameron is so good -- this is better than hannah Montana just wait it will get huge---- its actually funny I love the rooney family they r so relatable
Its cool it's the best it shows you how to live life
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20Life with Derek
I have not seen that show in so long but I remember some and I loved it so please come back on disney...
I love this show it is the best show in the world, I hope in real life michael seater and ashley leggat will date and never brake up. I wish this show will never end. I love life with derek.
I love life with derek


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21Kickin' It
Kickin' It is one of the fairly new Disney shows, first premiering in 2011, early June. From the start, Kickin' It had shown viewers the meaning of loyalty and friendship, clearly stating that this sitcom isn't just another one to laugh about, but has meaning and life lessons.

Like other Disney shows such as, Hannah Montana, Suite Life, and Wizards of Waverly Place, the show is K+ rated humorous - obviously, this is Disney. The lines aren't too corny, and each episode will have you smiling until the end.

Kickin' It is not only humorous and meaningful, but also includes martial arts and displays of love interests. The most popular between Jack (Leo Howard) and Kim (Olivia Holt). With that, the show reaches out not only to boys, but to girls.

It's always enjoyable to watch these Disney kids (and their characters) grow up, even if they are just reading their script papers.
Why are Kickin it Not in The top? Its one of The greatest Series on Disney Channel! The ideas are great, The actors are great, The story is great. It makes me want to start doing karate!
So please vote for one of The greatest Series of All time!
And if anyone from Kickin it Sees This, then I just want to say that I would love too meet you in Real life!
Greetings from Denmark!
Kickin' It I say is Unique... Every Single disney show is about friends and friends and friends, but this has friendship and determination on saving what they love the most. This is creative putting disney-usual classic of friendship but original.. The actors are amazing and some episode might even inspire you to do something you love even if your amazing and even if your not... A lot of the top ten should not even be in the top ten... But for me Kickin' it is BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST T.V. sHOW DISNEY HAS TO OFFER... If this would go to disney channel AN INSTANT HIT I WILL SAY!
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22Lab Rats
This is my one of my favorite Disney shows. I love all the characters and the plots are exiting. This is a great show for almost everybody.
This is a great show! I love how they start in the beginning and how the teenagers blend in with the other's! It's just so cool to see those bionic teens develope and how they go through their troubles.
Lab rats should be number 1 because to me it's the awesomest show ever to be made other then kickin it
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I wish they still had the old generation of Disney Channel airing! I loved all those shows from my childhood and it makes me pissed off that even Disney has gone into this garbage the media created.
Recess is one of the best shows, I love all the charcters especially spinelli
I Been whatching it from when I was like 5


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24Cory in The House
I love cory in the house its very funny. I love the episode when Raven came to visit in the white house. I really liked it very much.
Probably one of the only shows on Disney that actually makes you laugh.


Cory and the crew I love your show. Every time it's one I watch it.
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25Boy Meets World
By far the best! Look it up on Youtube you will see why. I feel bad for the kids who haven't seen this.


How is this not higher on the charts? This show was funny, had life lessons, and was realistic. It had been on for years! You saw these characters grow up.
This is by far the best show. It is the most funny and the way Eric acts is so funny. The old Disney was by far the best but then they started trying too hard and the jokes aren't even funny, and they have laughs in the background at the wrong time. And I own all seven seasons.
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The best ever! The Jonas Brothers are so real no matter what any one says. Now everything is just getting faker and faker like the stupid show Shake it Up. Now that Wizards is over disney channel is going way down hill and the shows are just so terrible. The only fairly good show I can think of right now is Good Luck Charlie, which isn't even that good, but we all know that will be ending soon and we will be stuck with Shake it Up, Ant Farm, Austin and Ally, and Jessie forever, which totally sucks. THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO DISNEY CHANNEL!
I am obsessed with this show, it is hilarious and the characters are so likable, it will always be a part of my childhood. Jonas brightens my day and their songs are so catchy.
seriously best show by far EVER, I wish there was a season 3 because its like amazing
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27My Babysitter's a Vampire
this show is sexy and dangerous! I thought it would be like a copy of Twillight and you know love! But it was so funny! I watched disney channel when I was in vacation and this show was AMAZING! But I live in Canada so... I searched it but there was only Family Channel and this show is not in this channel! cry with me :, (
Really good show Reminds me of my life and friends in general. So deserves to be higher up!
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28Pair of Kings
My favorite series ever... I love this series.. The story is so nice ad king Brady and boomer are so mad evil kings... I love this series...
Till the end..
I agree. It's the best show ever. I am obsessed with it but It's to bad that the show aired late. I'm in my 20's but it's so hard not to love everybody especially king Brady. I love it forever and always.
This series is awesome! It should be the first one. I think it was better with Mitchel Musso than with Adam Hicks but the last season improves some of the old characters such as Lanny. I love it!
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29American Dragon: Jake Long
In my opinion, this is one of the best shows that have been made in a long time. The complex relationships and emotions depicted in this show capture the very essence of life itself, while still adding a humorous twist to the story. It encompasses the goal of Disney as well by creating an atmosphere for family and friends. When Disney produces shows like this, it truly makes me believe their slogan “Where Dreams Come True. ” It disappoints me that such an endearing show was cancelled, especially when the show had so much potential and could have continued for much longer.
I like the idea of being able to turn into a dragon plus it's a real good show.
I love this but at my home disney channel does not come. But I love it. I watched it everyday. Their clothes are so cool. American dragon is the best show I have ever seen. Its so cool the way of turning in to a drago
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30House of Mouse
A great show case of the old disney shorts, but also adds some depth to classic disney movies and chareters. It was always fun to see your favorite disney charecters interacting with each other.
House of mouse is, in my opinion, the best Disney Channel show, partially because of the nostalgia I associate with it. This was my favorite show when I was younger, and, watching it again years later, I fnd that it's still entertaining. Also, having a show where every single Disny character, eventhe obscure ones, come together, while mixing traditional Disney shorts in is a great and creative idea. This show basically took all of the Disney films, brougt thm tgether, mixed in Disney shorts as well, and, in addition, made she show exteremely entertaining for all ages. I love this show, and I wish Disney Channel would brin it back, because all of the other Disney Channel shows currently airing (except possibly Gravity Falls) pale drastically in comparison. This show examplifies what a Disney Channel show should be: It should capture at least a majority of the magic presened in Disney films, as well as be funny, Disney-related, and entertaining, regardless of age. This is why The House of Mouse will forever be, in my heart, my favorite show.
This should be ranked higher. Seriously Hannah Montana #1. Montanta is awful (awesome compared to Sonny with a Chance, Shake it up, Hannah Montanta Forever, and the Naked Brother's Band) This show was the last show that actually had Mickey Mouse in it that wasn't on playhouse disney.
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31The Emporer's New School
Easily the most awesome and most underrated animated series in the history of T.V..


Don't be so stuck up. My favorite character is malina. She is pretty for a cartoon.
My FAVORITE DC show of all time, I LOVE Kuzco he's HOT!


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32Lilo and Stitch
It is funny and I could watch it 10 times without getting slightly bored!
Original, funny, and creative.
Woah, what? This has a T.V. series, 4 movies, and a ride at Disney World. This must be #1.
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33I Didn't Do It
Lots of people haven't seen this yet but from what I've seen it is funny and deserves to be in the top ten. The rivalries of the gang are very funny and they are always thinking of new ways to get into trouble
It's new, so I can't get a great view yet, but I always feel as if they're trying to hard when I first see them. Hopefully they'll just become better and better! Good luck!
I love how they say I Didn't Do It, it has great plots, Delia is funny. I hope it will get a second season. Everyone can act
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34The Proud Family
Why is this show at 32nd after all this other new crap. This show was one of the best ever. It should have replaced any of the neawer shows. That's So Raven should've taken the first place spot because it was actually comedy that made sense. Unlike this new junk where they yell out the most random crappy stuff on the planet. Also Proud Family should've been right behind it.
I know I love disney channel to boy or girl and I love you as a friend ps what is your name
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35Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
This show is funny and it needs to be back on Disney. THis show made me laugh when I was a kid, Mr. Whiskers was the funniest in the show.
This is the best show ever I used to watch this since I was 3 I loved him he is the best I wish this and fairly odd parents were still on Disney Channel in the morning am 14 now I still love it also kim possible emperors new school Cory in the house recess all the old stuff legends.
They need to put this show back its really funny I LOVE IT <3 <3 <3 this show is the funniest all the characters are also funny is just great not like that stupid and un funny ANT farm seriosly this show needs to be shut down but Brandy and mr. W
Hiskers needs to be back
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36Dave the Barbarian
I love Dave the Barbarian
Please Put this Show on the top ten I Love this Show I DO Like it its So Funny

37I'm In the Band
Either this or the Suite life of Zack and Cody should be at the top. I love rock bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Boston, Van Halen, etc. And Iron Weasel rocks like those awesome bands and that is hard to find nowadays. And this show was hilarious, it should be number 1 not Wizards of waverly place, and the only thing I liked about that show was the incredibly hot Selena Gomez
This is my fave show EVER! The stupid randomness and the clever jokes are so weird! For example: the house has burned down.
Tripp: Wow, there's ash everywhere.
Derek: Yeah, look, it's Ash Everywhere!
(album cover of loads of ash's around the world)
Ash: Yeah, I tried to make a solo career, but it didn't work out.
I'm sorry but I can't allow this to be number 37 much less on this list at all! This is probably one if the worse Disney Channel/ x D. The annoying and unfunny humor slog with the completely unrealistic and stupid plot this is a HORRIBLE show. I mean really, a kid just randomly joins a rock band with a bunch of immature grown men. So his parents were just ik with that?!?! I can't en begin how to explain how bad this show is, I'm so glad it was cancelled. I'm not saying that how's like dog with a blog or wander over yonder r good shows but you think that this show is EVEN worse than those shows and I think that that I saying a lot about how bad this show is.

38Mickey Mouse Club (90's version, MMC)
Greatest show ever on the disney channel beside mickey mouse cartoons of course!

39Disney Channel Games
This was the real deal, the original Disney Games, and the Friends for Change games is a sad duplicates

What is this doing here? Its not on disney!
It kinda is
Doug is so awesome this should be on the lst

41So Weird
A great show that deserved attention. So Weird was probably one of the best shows Disney ever created. I wish this show was still on. They should bring this back and remind kids what good T.V. Is.. I can not express how much I used to love this show. This show is awesome and needs to be aired again! Recently watched the whole series on you tube.. It was like heaven...
So Weird, This show was the bomb. It honestly was one of the best shows this channel ever had. I wish they would do less three camera style and more single camera stuff like this show. And the Writing was so good, better than a lot of the writing they have now to tell the truth. I miss So Weird.
Come on... So Weird is the best Disney Channel show ever. Can't believe nobody has added it yet. Who can forget about So Weird.
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42The Original Mickey Mouse Club
I'm still waiting for the day Walt Disney rises from his grave and takes revenge on what all of these horrible new shows did to his good name and classic masterpieces. I'm only sixteen, but I can recall a time when the name Disney meant so much more than it does now.


I love it and it is the best T.V. show every

43Lloyd In Space

44So Random
The best show! Really funny~ more people should watch it and it should be aired in more contries! WATCH IT EVERYONE!
You're not gonna believe this... You guys are all idiots this show is funnier than any other show ever to air on disney channel or nickelodeon or cartoon network or what ever other kids network
It is so funny and silly
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45Sister, Sister
I love this show, it should really come back on Disney, I watched all the episodes on youtube and I wish they made more! Plus I really love Tamera, She's so funny
This is the best show ever, it's great, I feel so sad for the people who haven't watched it yet, it should be at least 4th place
This show was the funniest show ever every time I watched it I would literally need to use the toilt because it's that funn!

46Mike's Super Short Show

47Smart Guy
Should be #1 I wish this show was still on air! We need more shows like this Hannah Montana doesn't teach you real lessons like this show
Man this. Is a great oldie really miss watching it, brings back the high school days!
Best freaking show ever I loved all the characters.. Marcus and Moe had to be the best characters of the show. I liked TJ BUT HE JU

48Kid vs Kat
Millie is hilarious in this.
This was such a cool little short show I loved it its awesome yoo hhoo rock on

49Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Its is My Favorite Disney T.V. sHow and IT Should BE in First PLace
This Show Should Be in the Top 10 This Show is awesome and its Way better than Barney I Hate him So Much.
This Show its Amazing along with the Legend of Tarzan
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51Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

52As the Bell Rings
It is a awesome show I love it and the skate boarding boy is so fine I love the why we acts I am a skate boarder too by the way I am a girl I have blond hair blue eyes and red lips can't wait to see the other show
It is a awesome show I love ot and the skate broading boy is os fine I love the why we acts I am a skaye boarder to by the way I am a girl I have blond hair blue eyes and red lips can't wait to see the outher show
It's so cool. It's fun to watch. I love it.
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53A.N.T Farm
Is an ok show, a bit boring but the songs is catchy. I enjoy those one-hour specials but it deserve more viewers

54Dude, That's My Ghost!

55Darkwing Duck

56Kick Buttowski
Your tricks are so awesome you make me want to do that every day

57Mr. Young

58Jonas L.A.

I used to wait for this show 10 pm every Saturday I loved it so much! Best show ever on Disney channel! I loved Stella and macey and how it was more mature but still way cute and appropriate!

59Disney's Friends for Change Games
This was so fun to watch, all the celebrities split up into teams to play and se who gets champion it is so fun to watch!
Cooll T.V. show I watch it all the time

60Bear In The Big Blue House
I still love bear in the big blue house and I am 14! It was/is an amazing show that had great characters, great plots, and I miss it. Not to mention, the puppets they used were pretty cool too! That was my favorite show growing up. I think Its an amazing show! And who doesn't love Bear and all his cute little friends? Plus, its WAY better than that horrible stuff today on Disney channel, Like Jessie and Hannah Montana
I am 17 now and when I think of this show all my childhood memories come back. Sometimes I'm trying to sing the theme song with my sister, but it's too bad we can not remember the lyrics...
That was my favourite as a kid whoo ho
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How is this not higher up on the list?! This show never gets old
I like that's so raven she's so rich and she can dress out this world she's my best friend.
The only half decent show on family channel or disney or w/e


62Zeke and Luther
From the song, kojo's crazy ego, ginger's fierce pranks to the mad skating all add up to a great show
I just wish that Adam Hicks didn't go to Pair Of Kings. Cause now I'm sad very very very sad. And now I'm going to watch Pair of Kings.
I Wasn't A Skater If This Show Didn't Exist


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63Sofia the First

64A.N.T. Farm

65Bug Juice
Check out this show on Youtube! It is a show based on preteens and teens that go to summer camp at Waziata. It was like the real world for kids, age appropriate though! It brings back so much nostalgia.

66Best of Luck Nikki
Love both zeke and luther and best of luck nikki.both are best and funny. I wished having a sister and elder brother after watching best of luck and got very interested in staking after watching zeke and luther.both are best.they should share the first place

67Little Mermaid
I still love the little mermaid. The little mermaid they used were pretty cool and beautiful too! Better than horrible stuff today on disney channel, like the little mermaid and the little mermaid return to the sea... I will want see to the little mermaid return to the sea but when are the little mermaid return to the sea will come to disney channel? From Glenn Rodrigues... :-)
Great very nice show it is... Buss very babyish it colio

68The Next Step
It is so awesome Michele is so cute

69Pepper Ann
I love Pepper Ann it's my nickname. I am Pepper Ann I love to skate play video games.

70Handy Manny
Awh come on! Handy Manny is my hero and he's number 26! ? ! ? Unbelievable, I LOVE YOU HANDY MANNY you're the bomb!

71The Mighty Ducks
This is my favorite of all the action-packed Disney shows because of what the characters have, how they're heroic, and its theme song. BOy, I wish that it would return to the Disney Channel just as I wish for it to be on Disney.

72Martin Mystery
It's really adventurous and exciting!
This show was so cool! I just sat around and watched this, and Kim Possible and all the other awesome shows!
This isn't on disney

73Good Morning, Mickey!

74The Legend of Tarzan
Holy Crap this Show is Amazing
This show is so underrated
I wish it lasted more than like 2 years
This show is amazing. Why did it not last very long? It only had 39 episodes
This show is underrated


75Adventures in Wonderland
This show rocked my socks off and it waay better than Hannah Montana!

76PB&J Otter
I lvoe this show, I would watch it every single day! They need to start bringing shows back like this, instead of having some shows on that they have now, In my opinion, I would love to see this show & BUG JUICE come back, that show was awesome!

77Naturally Sadie
Apparently this show was forgotten to be mentioned on this list so I decided to add it :) even though I actually couldn't stand this show

78Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

79The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
I LOVED THIS SHOW! I would wake up at like, five thirty and watch it every day. My old room is painted Winnie the pooh :-)
Back in the day this was the best Disney Channel show besides DuckTales and gummy bears

80The Famous Jett Jackson
Wonderful show, taught you life lessons and morals, had amazing characters and in general it was great.

"The coolest show ever done in cartoon. I'm 18 now and I'd watch it again just for the memories.

The show was smart, funny, and unlike anything I had seen at the time. Best of all, it had racial variety, was age appropriate for kids, but held some strong points for a more mature audience as well. Definitely great :)"

Even though I'm glad that you like Fillmore as I do, I wish that you wouldn't think of as funny. I find nothing funny about. But I don't mind because I loathe funny things, especially since I treat like funny like an insult due to people using humor as an excuse to antagonize. And that's what bullies do.

One of the reasons that I like Fillmore is because it's a serious show. And I like serious things because of my personality.

Another reason why I like Fillmore is because its heroes show bullies who's boss. And I hate bullies a lot, especially when they used humor as a toll to make me feel bad during my school days.
The coolest show ever done in cartoon. I'm 18 now and I'd watch it again just for the memories.

The show was smart, funny, and unlike anything I had seen at the time. Best of all, it had racial variety, was age appropriate for kids, but held some strong points for a more mature audience as well. Definitely great
Definitely the best disney show of all time!
Like CSI /NCIS for kids, what more could you want?
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Violetta is the best show ever. For one it's better than all of those new shows like Austin and ally and shake it up and it's originally in Spanish and most people are hating on it because it's so out of sync but it's because it's in Spanish and they have dubbed it in English.
Violetta is the best show ever despite the horrible English dub it's awesome and in Spanish they are really good singers this deserves to be number one
I love violetta you rock
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I really like prank star because it is funny

84The Replacements
I love this show. Rember staying up really late to watch it. And I got up early on Saturday mornings to watch it. This show should be number 3 at least. It is way better than Hannah Montanna.

85The Jersey

86How to Be Indie
its amazing and I love the parts at the and when she does a fashion easter impression rock on indie and friends


87Charlie & Lola
I love this show! Why 95? I have a calendar that's charlie and lola that I'm staring at right now!
I love charlie and lola really good show but I didn't even know it was a disney show are you guys sure about this however charlie and lola dominate the whole T.V. they are actually the cutest sibling and I love lolas imagination! X
This is the cutest kid show EVER! It's so adorable and it's so not stupid like Dora and it still teaches little kids cool stuff

88The Doodlebops

89Mighty Med
How am I the one putting this show on the list it is so awesome Horis Diaz and Timeline are so hilarious. Most off these shows I have never even heared of Mighty Med, Minecraft, and Nirvana are probably my three favorite things other than friends and family

90The Octonauts

91Leo Little's Big Show
Leo Little's Big Show is practically my childhood. I always wanted to be Amy but I just love Leo Howard. And now he's in Kickin' It which is another one of my favourite shows and I'm happy.

92Out of the Box
I used to be addicted to this show!

93Rolie Polie Olie
Its fantastic I miss it so much
This should be second cause I grew up with this show

I Like the Movie and I Enjoy this Show

95The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show
I may like this show. But it shouldn't be on this list because it isn't a Disney series.
I do like the charlie brown and snoopy show it is very funny

96Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Why is jake and the never land pirates on here? Good thing they aren't on the top 10 or the top 20 or the top 30 or the top 40 or the top 50 or the top 60 or 70 or the top 80. Jake and the never land pirates is the WORST cartoon ever. They are annoying and loud werid don't let yor 5 year old watch this if yo want them to have an awesome childhood! (or else I will kill you with an ak-47. )

97The Buzz on Maggie
Ew, why is this show on the list, gross

98Good Morning, Miss Bliss
Favorite disney show! I LOVE IT AND I LOVE THE SPIN-OFF SAVED BY THE BELL EVEN BETTER! Zack was the hot guy rebel of the school. Screech was the most popular geek and Zack best friend and geeky sidekick. Mikey was Zack's cool sidekick. Lisa was pretty funny and charming. Nicki was funny at times. Miss Bliss was an inspirational teacher who even had some funny and dramatic lines. Mr. Belding was the best teacher by FAR he was so funny. Milo and Tina (teachers) even had good lines. By far the best show on Disney Channel.

99Road to Avonlea


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