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1Adobe Photoshop

There is very little that cannot be done with photoshop - oldphatone

Photoshop has always being one of the best designing program and I recommend that the photoshop makers should come up with more photoshop programs. Thank you

Its in everyone's line. Like "bad pic? Just photoshop it" or "this pic must be photoshoped"

Photoshop has being forever the best software

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2Adobe Illustrator

Graphic mean illustrator :) love it

I love it this software easy to use

It's the most flexible and convenient to use software for layout and design...

Best in the world.

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3CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

I want a software

Great graphic suite, super

I used it & I really think it is the best software that coral draw cop ever made... So I recommend to all my buddies to use this. Thanks

Really love coreldraw graphic design, will love to learn more.

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4Adobe Indesign

I love being able to mix up great page layout with great illustration and photos. - oldphatone

This is the best software ever

This is the best

Have a my favourite software

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5Adobe Flash

Where would we be with out easy to do animation. - oldphatone


6Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3

I like being able to make my own spray tubes - oldphatone

Since the very beginning great GUI

I am very happy for this...

7Art Rage 3.5

Very inexpensive software with a full artist pallet that feels like the real thing - oldphatone

I wanna download this program in my pc, so how to do that? Thanks!

8Adobe Premiere

When you want to do film editing Premiere is the best - oldphatone

I Need This Software

9Corel Paint

If Art Rage made it in then I think it stands to reason that Corel Painter has to be considered (Different to Paint it! ).

The Best Paint software

10Wacom Tablets

I love it love it. It is just like drawing with a pencil - oldphatone

Yeah! That's really good device used for freehand drawing. Just like a pencil which you can move wherever.

Love this it so easy to use when your draw with something like a mouse it just makes you want to get a Wacom

Babar khan I think you used this software

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11Xara Designer Pro

Simply the best! One Program that does it all, graphics, Desktop publishing and WYSIWYG Website design that is by far the best there is.

Great program for experts and novices... All most perfect which leaves room for improvements and recommendations by users.

Best there is... simple as that

It's so good to use

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12Cinema 4D

After Photoshop, the most important tool for a graphic designer!

13Adobe Creative Suite

I think is is more better than other

14PaintTool SAI

The perfect tool for beginners everywhere.


GIMP is great. I love it.

Gimp is fantastic. If you realuze that photoshop is way to expensive this is the x hwveudu


I think this is the best software for designer, architects and engineers! Can you imagine life without autocad?!

18Windows Paint

Paint is the BEST! Laugh out loud Photoshop is for noobs

19Photoshine Mini
20Adobe Fireworks

I think fireworks is superb.

This program is absolutely amazing!

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