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This list ranks the Top Ten Best Cloud Based Invoicing Softwares & Applications available. The list has been prepared after reviewing these applications separately.

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1 Freshbooks Freshbooks FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for owners of the types of small client-service businesses that send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise.

As an online invoicing service, FreshBooks helps you keep your time and expense organized, send professional branded invoices - Andrewjhonson

It's awesome! Wish I knew about it before!

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2 Invoicera

Invoicera has one of the greatest looking interfaces in the market. It should be an example to those that seek inspiration to a simple user interface.

Besides, it's a great invoicing solution that has been helping me since a year now. Cheers!

Invoicera is cool. Thanks for helping me concentrate on my business while you took care of mu invoicing.

Invoicera also helps me to invoice on the go using it's mobile application. I can access it from anywhere, this is the main advantage of using web based application. Furthermore, it has a simple user interface helps me to create and send invoices in minutes.

Invoicera is one kind of online billing software that you may want to take a look at if you want to simplify your accounting and reduce overheads at the same time. Furthermore, Invoicera can be integrated with a broad range of other online services and apps.

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3 Billbooks Billbooks

Probably the most cost effective billing solution out there..

I was looking for customize solutions. I just dropped an email to billbooks support team and they came with solution as per my requirement. I am very happy with services till date. Though I am not worried about pricing model but they have best pricing model for freelancers.

Best online invoicing software with no monthly rentals. Pay per invoice best suited to SME and freelancers.

Its UI is best. Shortcuts saves your time. You can generate invoice or estimate within seconds.

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4 Zoho Invoice

Online invoicing software with time tracking, project billing and expense tracking. Best suited for small businesses, freelancers and service providers. - Andrewjhonson

5 Harvest

Harvest makes invoicing easy. Create invoices in under a minute, customize logos and translations, and invoice in different currencies. Everything about Harvest invoicing is automatic, fast and accurate - Andrewjhonson

Easy, intuitive, multi currency, flat-fee, vert low fee

Easy to understand, perfect functionality.

6 1ClickBusiness

It's a user friendly system, intuitive and complex at the same time. I like how it has all the functionality my business needs, but it's not complicated. It took a very short time of trying out the system, before I felt that I knew it. It is the only online system I know of (I did my research) with which you can create professional business proposals in minutes.

Its customized approach to proposals and invoicing combined with a professional design allows me more time to focus to meeting my business objectives. Thanks!

7 Ronin

Simple online invoicing and time tracking. Perfect for small businesses and freelancers. Designed to make you look professional. - Andrewjhonson

This is very useful.. Ideal for small setups

8 Nutcache

I can produce estimates and invoices in French or English depending to my customers. It's free, intuitive and they are adding new features on a regular basis. I really love it!

Best free invoicing site so far. They keep adding new free stuff every 3 to 4 weeks.

Nutcache does all I need as a freelancer and best of all it's Free!
Creating and following my invoices is very easy.
I can also track my time and bill it, no more volunteer time!
It is free with no limitation, really FREE.

I stumbled upon this cute and user-friendly app a few months ago and decided to give it a try. So far, I'm still amazed how an app packed with so many features can be totally free... I recommend!

9 Invoiceberry

The easiest invoicing, quoting and expenses tracking with Invoiceberry guaranteed!

Great invoicing tool! Use it since 2013

10 Blinksale Blinksale

Blinksale is perfect for anyone who needs to invoice clients for services or products sold. - Andrewjhonson

The best, hands down. So clean. GREAT customer service. They help you at every intersection. Their unlimited plan now is so perfect, Blinkpay has been a phenomenal addition and you can tell they are committed to making the best product. I love these guys.

Great User Interface and Rich Set of Features

Great product. Very useful & pragmatic.

The Contenders


Best feature - Its free. You can send invoice in html format and download invoice in PDF format as well.

Best free online invoicing app for free lancers

12 bpm'online sales
13 CloudBooks

If you are looking for an online invoicing software with beautiful invoice templates, you should give Clouodbooks a shot. Once you set it up, it'll automatically send the payment reminders and recurring invoices. You can send personalized notifications to your customers and even receive online payments. Sign up for free and check out if it fits your needs. Plans starts from $2 per month. Give it a Try!

Best software for invoicing, I love this.

Excellent software for sending online invoices. Very low pricing model and have all features as in Freshbooks.

Wonderful app for E-Invoicing

14 Web Suite Pro
15 InaInvoices

Cloud based invoicing solution

Great. With Flexina Invoices, managing your small business becomes a real pleasure.

16 Apptivo Inc

The Apptivo Invoicing application facilitates the creation and sending out to clients of an unlimited number of invoices. Moreover, since apps are integrated, information from a task created in other apps such as the Project application can be accessed in the Invoices application. Apptivo's invoices integrate with Google Checkout, Paypal, and Authorize.Net payment services

17 HostBooks
18 Pyramid BMS

Pyramid BMS (Business Management System) is a on-line invoicing application that's extremely easy to use with lots of features. Unlimited transactions, stock control, order processing, accounting with eBay and eCommerce website integration. They also under take bespoke ad on projects to tailor the system around you business. - jezza22

19 Elorus

Lorus is a modern web-based application that has just made its way into the world of on-line invoicing and cash flow management. Featuring an attractive, fresh and easy-to-use interface, Elorus is ideal for small and medium businesses or freelancers that spend valuable time on invoice processing.

20 InvoiceClub

Free of charge.
You can use the free version of InvoiceClub as long as you like, and at the same time it's a 100% safe service.

21 Invoice Ape

It is a free and stylish invoice, proposal creator comparing to others.

High quality invoice PDF output comparing to other web site.


Found it recently in Google and gave it a try - works good for now

Best Online Invoicing and Time tracking App

23 Cloud247
24 QuickBooks
25 NetSuite NetSuite NetSuite Inc. is an American software company based in San Mateo, California, that sells an eponymous group of software services used to manage a business's operations and customer relations.
26 DataBagg
27 OliveBox

OliveBox is a cloud invoicing software that helps you run your company. You can create invoices in the blink of the eye, send them directly to e-mail, or you can send it to the partner address (we will print and send them for you). OliveBox will generate payment reminders, and you will also be notified when you are late on payment. OliveBox will help you concentrate on your business, not on your documents.

28 Minterapp

Time track, invoice, and get paid from one application. Detailed reports so you can understand your businesses cash flow and production efforts.

29 Debitoor
30 FreeAgent
31 Invoice by Alto
32 InvoiceLab

Create an unlimited number of online Invoices for free. Keep a list of your clients sorted in one place. Prepare quotations for your clients and convert them to invoices. Run reports to gain insight on your profit and loss statements. Get paid instantly from anywhere in any currency. Free Paypal integration for all InvoiceLab plans.

33 Envoice
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