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1 Ubuntu

For a beginner, this is the absolute best. You want linux? Everything is built for this. Stable as a rock, while mint should be better, I've had more technical difficulties with it than on ubuntu.

Both official and user contributed.
Wealth of documentation
Fixed release cycle and support period. - shreyastare

It is a super OS to use especially if you like the windows OS very easy to use IE: User friendly

Decent OS... FAR Superior to Windows and NOT NEARLY As Resource Heavy... Computer runs MUCH faster with Ubuntu over Windows. Been Using since Ubuntu 12.04 Now on 18.04.2

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2 Linux Mint

It's mind blowing and better than ubuntu

Linux Mint is easy to use as am an elderly 75yo old codger was simple to transfer from Microsoft offerings to Linux Mint Cinnamon.

Just a nicely put together desktop.

Beautiful and clean without being over the top or gawdy.

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3 Debian

Remarkable quality control
Includes 25, 113 software packages
Supports more processor architecture - shreyastare

First of a kind. The best one.

Rock-solid but powerful. Easily the best operating system once you learn how to use it.

I love debian

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4 Fedora

Fedora is up to date with it's repository not like Mint and a few other os out there. It seems to be very user friendly and since I installed this at our local Contact Crisis line we have had NO COMPUTER issues, which to me is a huge improvement over the other systems I had them use.

Fedora is best at development process which is based on Linux and also it was updated with its repository. The below my friends already given the importance of Fedora but I use to say one thing, the main thing is that it was very helpful to the freshers who even don't about the Linux. Easy to learn and easy know about the environment of the Linux based projects.

Superb security features
Many supported packages
Strict adherence to the free software philosophy
Highly innovative
Available in CD featuring many popular desktop environments - shreyastare

Fedora is the most stable os but its necessary have a knowledge of command line. This is not a os for new people in linux

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5 Arch Linux

Very active update and easy to keep up with it. wide range of packages.

Higher please, it's a very very customizable OS. You can install whatever you want but not for beginners. - 50

Ultimate...Install only the things you want to install...

Very fast even on older Laptops

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6 openSUSE

Highly stable than any other distros

Used it for well over a decade. Now brilliantly intuitive and LOADS of software!

It has intuitive and comprehensive tool
Large number of software packages
Superb documentation
Excellent website infrastructure - shreyastare

The most stable distro that I've tried which in my opinion strikes the perfect balance between stability and new features. Perfect for workstation PCs and regular desktop use.

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7 Gentoo Linux

The next popular Free Easy to use LinuxOS.

The most customisable linux os ever.

8 CentOS

I'm not so a great techie but I see that most people choose CENT OS for their web servers.

I use CentOS+LAMP as my web platform.

I am very familiar to Cent OS.

Its really good I love it

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9 Zorin OS

Have problem hard drive and an old computer. I couldn't get any to install except this one. It works great also.

Easy, fast, great stability and just the ducks guts!

Been using this os for a while I was a windows user not any more have tried about 7 different linux systems I like this one

Good For Windows Users

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10 Kali Linux

Best for hacker and network researcher.I totally loved it

All Application Are Run And Use in Security Tool

With 300 networking tools

Awesome Linux

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11 Slackware Linux

Slackware is the Oldest Linux Distribution. Beating Debian by 8 months. Pat Volkerdink is the man behind Slackware. Pat has followed the Linux Standards in delivering his distribution. The best part of Slackware is you install it once then simply update the packages from there staying current without having to upgrade. Slackware is the best Distribution for a technical tretus on Linux. Great documentation on all aspects of kernel shell and applications. Slackware will require your full attention, ability to read and understand in installation and configuration. It is nor nor will it ever be a simple replacement to Windows like Ubuntu. If you learn Slackware you learn Linux.

The Linux for slackers, everything's already loaded in, installation is a breeze, only issue I've had was figuring out how to enable wifi internet, but even that ended up being easy. Doesn't have the eye candy of Ubuntu or Mint, or the documentation arch has, or the massive software repository debian has... Well, it's basic, but basic is always the right option. "Bob" approved. - airbb

Strong adherence to UNIX principles
Clean and largely bug-free
Considered highly stable - shreyastare

Fast, Stable, Secure, Bug-free, Very Unix-like, Original Linux

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12 Red Hat Linux

It is best for personal use

So friendly and free of cast

Best Linux for Enterprises. Well secured and upto date. But it may not come free of cost, one may need to pay RHEL for their support & Services to you.

I'm a student yet working under red hat
Its friendly

13 Bharat Operating System Solutions

It was made by CDAC

First OS comes from India

Superb os of India.

I will check this

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14 Elementary OS

It's like having a Mac for free. Super elegant design. A joy to use. It's one of the only OS's that didn't seem like it was fighting me. Comes with all the basic apps and the Ubuntu app store so you will always have plenty of good, safe software.

Most beautiful build I've ever seen

Most beautiful simple linux OS!

Excellent OS, easy to use, beautiful design.

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15 Chrome OS

Fast boot, Fast Service

Its not a linux os

16 Manjaro

I don't think it's the best one but it definitely deserves higher position (in top 5 in my opinion).

My first experience with linux was manjaro

Lightweight, super clean, stable and with plenty of apps

Rock-solid stability,lightweight, clean OS with acess to the Arch repository.

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17 PCLinuxOS

I tried 64 s very stable up to date and easy to use

Browser plugins and media codecs
Rolling-release update mechanism
Up-to-date software
Out-of-the-box support for graphics drivers - shreyastare

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18 Pear OS 7

Well done to David Tavares, Deux-Sèvres for it!


I have used several linux os's, knoppix is one of my top picks as it is both powerful and simple to use.

Yes, I agree wonder why its not more popular

20 Android


Laugh out loud, how did this get on rank 30?..

For cellphones it is the best OS. Android over iOS anytime.

One ot the best for Mobile devices!

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21 Linux Lite Visit Website
22 Backtrack

Capable of detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems (typically Windows).

That's great to use! That is very useful and more beautiful than kali or... ! That is easy to use! I really like it!

Very beautifull OS and it has some great programs pre-installed on they're ISO

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23 Netrunner
24 Linpus

Fast light easy 2 use

25 Red Hat Visit Website
26 Black Lab Visit Website
27 Peppermint

I use pepermint 6 on a older dell along with linux 17.3 both os are a lot faster and more stable than any windows os

I needed a "lite" distro for an eeePC that came ootb with windows 7. the version of win7 on the eeePC was atrocious! A decent programmer could write code faster than that pos OS could process it.

Peppermint met all my needs with this netbook, it's fast, easy to use, intuitive. has access to the Ubuntu app repository. As a first-time Linux user, I have found it to be very stable and reliable. I'm now dual booting my home desktop with Win8 and Peppermint but I'm going to look at other distros too. What I like about Linux thus far is that you can try different distros to find what fits you, Windows & Apple force you to fit them.

28 Bodhi Linux

Nice just need to learn how to use it

29 FreeBSD
30 Cylon Linux OS

No such OS listed in Distrowatch. what's up with that?

A lot of useful applications multiplied by five each. Fast, slick and constructive. Very friendly for younger 64bit and x86 systems alike. Only con that I have is I wish I discovered Linux earlier! Om loving it!

Fast, modern, fun to use

Looks amazing!

31 FreeNAS
32 Sabayon Linux
33 Lubuntu

For old notebooks best choice at all

34 Kubuntu

Ubuntu with KDE, the best desktop environment for Linux systems. This should be #1 as it features all of Ubuntu ut without some sketchy third party tools and has a compatibility which even outperforms standard ubuntu. Every app from every distro runs perfectly on KDE-Ubuntu. However, not for low end computers as Plasma (KDE desktop) has the highest system requirenments of all ubuntu flavors.

Terrible look

35 Zorin OS 9

Very fast, easy to use and easy to update. Works great on old machines

36 PinguyOS

A little difficult to get on my machine, but boy is 14.04 LTS worth it!

Easy to use, bugfree

Pinguy 14.04 is really nice but seems to work better on desktop computers and Laptops with 3GB of RAM or better.

37 Linux Deepin

Very good linux desktop os

For my taste best. It's based on the debian (love it), and it has few goodies in it, one of them I use on daily base (crossover). Desktop is not yet mature but it's usable.

38 Robolinux

For full capabilities expect to fork out money.
Arrogant people behind the service.

39 RiSC OS Visit Website
40 Red Star OS

Why is the north korean one here? - BorisRule

41 MintPPC
42 Ghasedak

That is new and interesting... !

43 Cairo Dock 3

It lookes like ubuntu and mac os put together it is way better than windows

44 Mageia

The best if going double, triple or quadruple os

Best OS ever
> Stable, secure operating system for desktop & server
> Free Software, coproduced by hundreds of people
> Elected governance, nonprofit organization
> You can be part of it
Simplistic design and great features!


Best for forencics investigations and also consist of a lot of network tools rocks

46 Chalet OS
47 Alt Linux

I want any Rating please

48 ReactOS

ReactOS is not Linux mimicking Windows, it's clearly said on the operating system's website. - BorisRule

I want any Rating please

Why is this here... this person does know React OS is NOT Linux right...?
Even if it was(Which it isn't) I would not consider it best or even in a top 5...
One the system is in early alpha making it extremely buged and incomplete. That being said a crap ton of apps don't work or do but there is a work around to get it working that sometimes does not work. - yellowwinner

49 Jolinux

Developed by an Indonesian software firm.
Great in looks, easier in use.

50 Raspbian Visit Website
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