Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

Not the thing you do the most with your computer, but what you LIKE doing the most with it!
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1 Play Games

I think you should write a story on a pen or pencil or marker or whatever you've got and write a story and then re-write and edit it on a computer.

Nothing like coming home from school and opening up your computer to play games like Minecraft, Half-Life 2, TF2, Club Penguin, and World of Warcraft, and not to mention all of the flash games on the web

currently I am playing minecraft, but I know a bunch of other fun games that you can play WITHOUT PAYING! It's so addicting!

I do it when I have free time. Most of all I play Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Killzone, Dead Space, Dead Island, Metal Gear, Halo, God of War, Soul Calibur, James Bond series etc

2 Listen to Music

when I get to listen to music I go to my favorite spot-
1. search on google for YouTube.
2. look up My Mix.
3. play my mix.
my mix is songs I have listened to and they pop up in this playlist I love it.

No computer - (almost) no music / No music - NO LIFE (at least not worth living! ) This is actually something a lot of people do, or should do. Unlike throwing it out the window... (WHO CAME UP WITH THAT?! )

I downloaded over 7,500 songs!.. Well my dad and my brother over killed it, my dad with his country back from the 70's, asnd my brother with all his rap music.. Therefore I don't listen to much music off my computer E. E

If you think about how many billions of songs there are on the internet, Listening to music is my favorite thing to do on the Internet.

3 Surf the 'net

This is better than gaming. Surf and always read new information. Gaming is unproductive. Triggering your pleasure hormone (dopamine) with productive things (boosts crystalline intelligence) is better than triggering it with games. Dopamine promotes neurogenesis and hence you will improve fluid intelligence too. Seeking novelty is the key to improve cognitive ability. Brain is like a muscle, use it or lose it.

I like to learn new things and Looking on the internet is how I learn most stuff, I also look up stuff to do when I am bored -.- =.=.

If you have kids (or are a kid) I recommend Animal Jam, Fantage, Club Penguin, Poptropica, Funbrain, Study Island, Webkinz, and Dance Mat Typing!

I feel surfing the 'net is a great way to stop being bored and to find new games music or whatever that u like!

4 Throw it out the window

Oh my gods... how did I not think of this?
But please make sure you're throwing it on something hard... it might not break if you throw it on a pillow or soft grass... you can also throw it off the roof if you want it to be more entertaining!

oh my god ... how did I not try this before it helped the pc now dosen't crash ,show errors or even make any fan noises . You my friend you're a life saver in quarantine


When I was little I broke my old laptop screen from punching because I got mad from dying in minecraft, I did only because I have issues.

5 Go on YouTube

I go onto youtube all the time when I am bored but now I can never find anything to interesting (if you know anyone who is funny or you think I might like please let me know OwO.

If you are bored YouTube is the perfect site to go onto and watch videos. You couldn't imagine the quality and quantity of the videos on this site. If you watched a very funny T.V. Show and you want to watch a particular part of it you most probably will be able to find it on YouTube.

Thank god for YouTube. It was made only in 2005, when I was 7 so I didn't use it... But NOW it's like I can hardly live without it. It seems to take up so much of your life.

Youtube is the perfect place when you're bored you can watch anything you want.wanna watch games I suggest Denis. Aphmau. Deligracy. Stacy plays. Wanna Watch Random Stuff. I Suggest. Matthias, Battle Universe, IISuperwomanII. Wanna Challenge YourSelf? Do Try not to laugh or try not to smile.

6 Watch Movies/Video/TV

the same thing for youtube-I watch movies all the time when I am bored but now I can never find anything to interesting (if you know anyone who is funny or you think I might like please let me know OwO.

I know like 5 or 6 internet sites that let you watch T.V. watch movies listen to music and more!

Webisodes are definitely some of my favorite things to watch on the comp. Hardly ever a dull moment when watching one of those I guess.

I have Netflix on my computer it is ausume! I espesily like watching YouTube and sometimes even adding to it. I aways do that when I don't know what else to do.

7 Chat

I think chatting is very fun and interesting because you get to learn about other peoples opinion

I like to interact with other people because I can just talk away and I love to do that

Well, I do a class Zoom meeting every friday. It's fun to be with friends!

I feel like having a good conversation can be good. that's why I like to talk with my buddies.

8 Facebook

I like Facebook its cool because you get to chat with your friends and you get to know know people and you do quizzes and you post it on your wall and some are jokes. THE END

I don't like it. full of Hyper-Feminist quotes (REAL example: "Men bathroom to the left because women are always right") and Pictures of peoples food. I know there are good things on it but I personally don't like fb

FB keeps me in touch with friends and family around the globe, actually, FB is everything I need, including a minute sports results around the globe!

Facebook is the main reason I am on the internet. It would never be the same without it and everyone knows it.

9 Download Stuff

It is the most thing to do like ounce I stayed up really late downloading stuff it's so fun

My favourite things to download are viruses!

Careful though. Some files and apps can contain virus. You should scan them first

I love downloading stuff! I get restless whe I don't have anything to download.

10 Be On This Website

All the days I spent... and I have yet made an account because I'm lazy

This is a cool website I am about to join just need the secret code.

What, Does that mean I should be having fun, because if so who am I?

All the time I've spent here yet I have yet to make an account.

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11 Develop/Create

This is a great idea, I love creating and when I am bored I always wanna do something but I don't know what to do! Thank you to all of the people who have given me ideas and helped me through this boredom stage xx thank you all!

Create Web Sites/Blogs, Program VB or Java, graphics, develop photo sites, anything that produces something creative.

This sounds very fun to do when your bored and you like giving your opinion

How can I create my own blog. I wanna share my ideas and creativity

12 Dress It Up and Take It On a Walk

LIGHTBULB! This is a great idea, thanks mate! *puts collar on computer and drags it on a field* good Fido

Perfect way to end your day. Dress it p and take it on a walk, now I will do it every night.

Thetoptens is dumb
Sometimes it has nonsense, and fake reasons

Lots of clothes from justice to put on and match.

13 Vandalize Wikipedia

I always wanted to try altering a Wikipedia site, but I guess I am just to scared to try. Always afraid (although rather ridiculous scenario) that the police will knock on my door and imprison me for vandalizing the site! I guess I'm just being overdramatic!

I know someone who told me they went on wikipedia and said that they changed the one page to say that Earth was created by the panda god, Panda-Tron! I love vandalizing it now!

Laugh out loud, I remember people vandalizing hurricane stats. 900 mph winds, seriously? I now love to make Justin Bieber look like a girl.

People look through wiki now so it will be changed before people can see what they wrote so that's a waste of time

14 Make Videos to Put on YouTube

My friend at school made a funny video in which he was saying "WHY DO WE HAVE TO WRITE EXAMS?! JUST WHY?! " After that, he said, "Exams are coming, this is the start of World War 3." Since my friend is really into military and war stuff, he put war music and actions after he was saying those things. Unfortunately, he didn't upload that video to YouTube.

Its awesome and fun also you can be creative and imagine and why not make peoples day.

Greatest thing to do on either computers mac or pc other than making music

Yes making videos is so fun I voted

15 Play with Your Desktop Background

Everyday I stare at my backdrop and think:"Should I add another picture to the slideshow?"

Mine is umbreon oh wait now its espion oh I forgot I made it umbreon and espeon kissing

How do you change it

I like going on my older brothers laptop and changing his backgrounds. (There jump scares. ;D)

16 Turn it off

Also, don't do options "Send viruses" and "Vandalize Wikipedia". Both are illegal, both are douche things to do.

Going outside during summer is way better than sitting inside on a laptop or computer in the fist place!

All of you oldies out there who hate computers and think we should all go outside during the summer need to's not gonna happen. Give up already and leave the rest of us alone. Its not 1798 anymore -_-

This should be first outside is life

17 Go On This List

I like commenting too! hii, anyone who goes on this website and read this please leave a comment. I am doing a test to see how many people will listen to me!

I love unicorns a lot... I'm sorry that was a little random... I'm only ten

Me too. But I like Big butts and I cannot lie.

I like commenting, so yeah.

18 Dust It

Well. D feel in the mood to clean sometimes so I do

Whoo! Dustin" nothing better than that espacially when bored! Thanks mate!

Is it you dust something

19 Hack

Hacking is NOT = Hacking Myspace of yahoo, it's about complete knowledge of a system in an innovative way. It's about 'teaching yourself'.

I'm not a hacker. But I've read about hacking clubs where members compete by attempting to hack into each others systems and leave proof. Like net war games.

Well, Sometimes its kind of boring. But when I'm bored I love to play Smallworlds and other games like that. In other times I just like to relax and watch funny videos.

I like hacking- well the legal one, were you find new ways to to make something work better

20 Newsgroups/Forums
21 Make Music

That's such a good idea but what websites can you go on to do it and are they free?

I make u any thing like, it start at five baby its nine I'm so late don't leave my behind why are you with another woman and she shaking her behind uhh bae.

That's a good idea but I don't know what website to go on. There are millions but I only know one and its hard.

To toon of jingle bell rock cheerio cheerio cheerios rock

22 Wallpaper

I can scare the hell out of them and make them poop their pants

I do it all the time mine is leon from brawlstrars right now he's my favorite

I literally change it every week

Pokemon kissing is cute

23 Send Viruses

I did that to a jerk in my class and he payed the price haha stupid idiot

Fun fun... I create viruses all the time...
*sirens in the background*

Who the heck does this?

How is it fun that's awful and mean.

24 Burn it at your local bonfire

Did this once by my school. BIG FIRE WITH BIG SPARKS! Seriously, they shot up like 20 feet. Lotta fun. You should try burning a computer too!

I think I should only do this to my old computers.

We didn't need fireworks last year.

Great idea 10/10 would recommend

25 Simulate Cool Things

that's soo cool tho


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