Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

Not the thing you do the most with your computer, but what you LIKE doing the most with it!

The Top Ten Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

1 Play Games

currently I am playing minecraft, but I know a bunch of other fun games that you can play WITHOUT PAYING! It's so addicting!

What games should I play?

How do you play minecraft on the computer for free?

Love playing games I would go on Cool Math Games and play one of the Papa's Games

2 Surf the 'net

This is better than gaming.Surf and always read new information. Gaming is unproductive. Triggering your pleasure hormone(dopamine) with productive things (boosts crystalline intelligence) is better than triggering it with games. Dopamine promotes neurogenesis and hence you will improve fluid intelligence too. Seeking novelty is the key to improve cognitive ability. Brain is like a muscle, use it or lose it.

If you surf the net, you can find great games and play it? - rock2metal

I feel surfing the 'net is a great way to stop being bored and to find new games music or whatever that u like!

You'll almost always come across something cool by doing this

3 Listen to Music

If you really love music this couldn't miss from your PC - MatrixGuy

I voted this because I love music so much. Try and top that.

I downloaded over 7,500 songs!.. Well my dad and my brother over killed it, my dad with his country back from the 70's, asnd my brother with all his rap music.. Therefore I don't listen to much music off my computer E. E - SmoothCriminal

When you listen to music you feel like your in another place! music is a great getaway!

4 Go on YouTube

Like if you go on youtube you can listen to music do riddle and more stuff

If you are bored YouTube is the perfect site to go onto and watch videos. You couldn't imagine the quality and quantity of the videos on this site. If you watched a very funny T.V. Show and you want to watch a particular part of it you most probably will be able to find it on YouTube.

I always go on YouTube and every time I do I watch smosh skate videos, and random things that I hope aren't screamers

Thank god for YouTube. It was made only in 2005, when I was 7 so I didn't use it... But NOW it's like I can hardly live without it. It seems to take up so much of your life.

5 Throw it out the window

Yes, this is fun... BUT... what if it pulls out an Uno REVERSE card and throughs YOU out the window? Have you thought about that?

10/10 greatest idea ever all my problems get solved, this is my passion

yes this is a great idea honestly it gets rid of all your problems like just that

Amazing 10/10 recommend I do it all the time currently broke I don't know why

6 Watch Movies/Video/TV

I know like 5 or 6 internet sites that let you watch T.V. watch movies listen to music and more!

Laugh out loud I guess watching porn would come under this and we all know this is the main use of the internet for the Male population of the world

I love gong on youtube and hulu! I could spend hours on those websites and neva get bored

Like netflix

7 Chat

I Don't Have Anyone To Talk To

Do you have a specific app for this if so tell me please!

No kidding, all the time!

I think chatting is very fun and interesting because you get to learn about other peoples opinion

8 Download Stuff

My favourite things to download are viruses! - shelbycobra

I love downloading stuff! I get restless whe I don't have anything to download. - thedoctor

Oh yer totally right I love things like that I have already downloaded cool gadgets and lots of outher cool apps downloading is totally my thing

It is the most thing to do like ounce I stayed up really late downloading stuff it's so fun

9 Be On This Website

TheTopTens is awesome! Woo! - PositronWildhawk

All the days I spent... and I have yet made an account because I'm lazy

Yeah, I was on this site for about a year! I finally created an account three months ago, and it is immense fun! You should consider joining, there is plenty of amazing users you can talk to! - Flowersocks2137

Yup.. Pretty much how I spend my days - masonclark44

This website is amazing

10 Facebook

FB keeps me in touch with friends and family around the globe, actually, FB is everything I need, including a minute sports results around the globe!

Facebook is so addictive it should be illegal!

Fb is great and easy to talk to your friends and family and has loads of great games to play when your board at home

Facebook is bad you know why you can die people can track you down and you might lose money or anything important or even as far as getting murdered but there is a way to counter that by not spreading any important information or intellegence at all and if you don't listen to this advice then don't come crying to me saying "I lost more than 1,000 dollars from my bank account" or don't blame me if you almost DIED

The Contenders

11 Develop/Create

Create Web Sites/Blogs, Program VB or Java, graphics, develop photo sites, anything that produces something creative.

I love doing this, but I don't know where to do this.

How can I create my own blog. I wanna share my ideas and creativity

This is a great idea, I love creating and when I am bored I always wanna do something but I don't know what to do! Thank you to all of the people who have given me ideas and helped me through this boredom stage xx thank you all!

12 Make Music

That's such a good idea but what websites can you go on to do it and are they free?

That's a good idea but I don't know what website to go on. There are millions but I only know one and its hard.

This is the funnest thing ever to do on a computer! - HenP

As a musician, it's a blast.

13 Vandalize Wikipedia

I know someone who told me they went on wikipedia and said that they changed the one page to say that Earth was created by the panda god, Panda-Tron! I love vandalizing it now!

I always wanted to do so but I was worried (but ridiculous scenario) I might get blocked! Am I overreacting?!?

The Wikia for Sharkboy and Lavagirl has been vandalised I haven't seen it but the movie was written by kids around the age of 7.

I always wanted to try altering a Wikipedia site, but I guess I am just to scared to try. Always afraid (although rather ridiculous scenario) that the police will knock on my door and imprison me for vandalizing the site! I guess I'm just being overdramatic! - Flowersocks2137

14 Dress It Up and Take It On a Walk

LIGHTBULB! This is a great idea, thanks mate! *puts collar on computer and drags it on a field* good Fido

Thetoptens is dumb
Sometimes it has nonsense, and fake reasons

Lots of clothes from justice to put on and match.

This is just like AMAZING please vote for this

15 Naming Your Computer

Mine is named Fabio, don't ask where I came up with that name, it just came to me I guess. Haha

I got some good names, how about Screeny or Bill or Bob? I just like making up names period. Love it!

MINE is patricia

What if you named this with the bugged "effective power" code? Lol

16 Make Videos to Put on YouTube

My friend at school made a funny video in which he was saying "WHY DO WE HAVE TO WRITE EXAMS?! JUST WHY?! " After that, he said, "Exams are coming, this is the start of World War 3." Since my friend is really into military and war stuff, he put war music and actions after he was saying those things. Unfortunately, he didn't upload that video to YouTube.

Greatest thing to do on either computers mac or pc other than making music - ballaboi17

Thanks for the opinion, any good video websites?

Yes making videos is so fun I voted

17 Program

I already made a website, though it isn't dynamic.

I know batch and html5

I can code in...
HTML5, CSS, JS, C#, Python
These are the ones that don't really count...
Scratch, Excel/ Numbers

18 Hack

I like hacking- well the legal one, were you find new ways to to make something work better

Hacking is NOT = Hacking Myspace of yahoo, it's about complete knowledge of a system in an innovative way. It's about 'teaching yourself'. - joviboy

I like hacking -but I don't know how to make s legal hacker. What will we do for this. Can you give me any suggestion about hacking?

I'm not a hacker. But I've read about hacking clubs where members compete by attempting to hack into each others systems and leave proof. Like net war games. - lightheart222

19 Troll

I have never been able to find a website that I can troll on. Can anyone please tell a couple good one? Please?

Trolling is the funnest thing on earth

Remember, it's illegal to lick doorknobs on other planets. Whenever I see plaid, I act like a chicken. - Lunala

I troll certain things, not everything.

20 Scaring people into thinking they have a virus

Funny that happened to me before but it was just my friends geeky dad

What makes it fun to do something like that your an ass!

especially the deleting windows prank I really love that! and I always try to prank

All the way! Scares EVERYONE as long as you know a fake 'virus code'

21 Play with Your Desktop Background

Mine is umbreon oh wait now its espion oh I forgot I made it umbreon and espeon kissing

I like going on my older brothers laptop and changing his backgrounds. (There jump scares. ;D)

Laugh out loud that's fun :D

22 Dust It

Is it you dust something

Well. D feel in the mood to clean sometimes so I do


Whoo! Dustin" nothing better than that espacially when bored! Thanks mate!

23 Newsgroups/Forums


24 Go On This List

Hey please anyone reading this leave a comment because I am doing this to see if anyone will chat to me

I love unicorns a lot... I'm sorry that was a little random... I'm only ten

I like commenting too! hii, anyone who goes on this website and read this please leave a comment. I am doing a test to see how many people will listen to me!

Me too. But I like Big butts and I cannot lie.

25 Send Viruses

Who the heck does this?

I did that to a jerk in my class and he payed the price haha stupid idiot

How is it fun that's awful and mean. - AO1-H1KAR1

That's awesome

26 Turn it off

Also, don't do options "Send viruses" and "Vandalize Wikipedia". Both are illegal, both are douche things to do.

Going outside during summer is way better than sitting inside on a laptop or computer in the fist place!

This should be first outside is life - DogeFan132

Or make it follow you whioe running - Kaboom

27 Wallpaper

I need a new wallpaper.

Pokemon kissing is cute

I guess its fun


28 Use other people's emails to update Wikipedia causing them to have an inbox full of emails from wiki

LOL I tried to do that once!


29 Burn it at your local bonfire

Did this once by my school. BIG FIRE WITH BIG SPARKS! Seriously, they shot up like 20 feet. Lotta fun. You should try burning a computer too!

Great idea 10/10 would recommend

I disagree with this

I think I should only do this to my old computers.

30 Blog

Don't do that to people, you'll just be a mean person, and a bully
People should not be treated like that because you can't deal with your own emotions, that's your fault not theirs

Blogging is fun! Especially on TheTopTens!


31 Simulate Cool Things


32 Pull the Keys Off

I bought a membrane keyboard that can't do this but I do have a broken one I could do this with - reeserowell

You could play scrabble with a friend

It is good to scramble them.

I wanna do this to somebody so badly now

33 Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.

Twitter is way better than Facebook.

I love to tweet follow me I follow back @tayabug27

34 Talk to it

Hey baby want some new hardware?

Talk to Cortana!


35 Tear it apart bit by bit

That's always fun to do when your mad at the world for making a high tech gadget that you can't carry around with you and its bulky so I say on to you go nuts with the destruction

36 Try out different operating systems.

Learn Linux. Not just playing around with it, try to really use and understand it... and then switch to point 18 "Hacking"

How do you dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux?

Awesome, cool opinion

Use live CDs and USB sticks. If you like it, install it. There are lots of freeware Linux based systems. Dual boot. Multi boot. Run Android on your PC. Hours of fun and frustration. Great way to gain experience with different systems. If it's too frustrating...go to number four in this list.

37 Move the Task Bar

Or move the monitor's orientation by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Down key.

I cannot believe that was fun

38 Watch Porn

Lesbian ass to ass double headed dildo. You're welcome.

You went a little to far with this site, and yu should not have people watching porn, its really bad

I've done that.

Been their done that

39 Spam

Mom: honey, what do you want with your eggs?
Mom: k by the way spam some spam emails at the computer
Me: ?

Just like "Thumbs up if you read this in 2016! "

MI do not like spamers at all

It's 2016 almost 2017

40 Watch Tutorials

Makeup tutorials

On how to fap

41 Buy Stuff Online

I bought stuff online each day on websites including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, GameStop and Barnes & Noble. - monsterhigh200

42 Make Your Own Porn

Haha post links here

Don't be the next Kim Kardashian!

Lol really peeps not to be rude buttt really kinda weird

Great idea

43 Read/Write email

I love e-mailing my friends. Better than Facebook by a mile. And safer.

44 Browse Reddit
45 Filling TheTopTens with your weird ideas, comments and polls

That"s why where here.

46 Delete System32

Yes! So good, makes it run loads faster

Yeah delete it makes your computer dead

I done that once on a Microsoft Test Drive thingy and it does not let you do it and it also comes up with a error message saying "You cannot delete system32". So that's why I don't think it's a good idea!

Have fun with this

47 Myspace

I LOVE myspace -- I'm on it for hours!

RIP Myspace.

48 Deviantart DeviantArt is an online artwork, videography and photography community. The website was launched on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and others.

If your a member you get to see Nude art

Yeah, if you know how to draw - ACKREIK

Pretty fun - EliHbk

49 Listen to Preaching


50 Look Through Google's Doodles

It can be quite fun. The most recent (i Think) is the Doctor Who 50th aniversary one

Yes the doctor who google doodle is awesome@Doctorwho50th

Google dododle halloween 2018

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