Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

Not the thing you do the most with your computer, but what you LIKE doing the most with it!

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1 Play Games

currently I am playing minecraft, but I know a bunch of other fun games that you can play WITHOUT PAYING! It's so addicting!

Do I really need to explain this, its games. Either they're actual video games that you have to pay for or they're those devilishly addicting flash games. It is the funnest thing to do on the computer. - masongilbert74

I have a xbox 360 and it broke so I always play on the computer like for 20 hours

Gams r fun

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2 Surf the 'net

If you surf the net, you can find great games and play it? - rock2metal

You'll almost always come across something cool by doing this

games can't beat sites like youtube, hulu, and wikipedia - russian


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3 Listen to Music

If you really love music this couldn't miss from your PC - MatrixGuy

I voted this because I love music so much. Try and top that.

I downloaded over 7,500 songs!.. Well my dad and my brother over killed it, my dad with his country back from the 70's, asnd my brother with all his rap music.. Therefore I don't listen to much music off my computer E. E - SmoothCriminal

I keep my music taste a secret. But I like good music. - Lunala

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4 Go on YouTube

If you are bored YouTube is the perfect site to go onto and watch videos. You couldn't imagine the quality and quantity of the videos on this site. If you watched a very funny T.V. Show and you want to watch a particular part of it you most probably will be able to find it on YouTube.

I always go on YouTube and every time I do I watch smosh skate videos, and random things that I hope aren't screamers

Thank god for YouTube. It was made only in 2005, when I was 7 so I didn't use it... But NOW it's like I can hardly live without it. It seems to take up so much of your life.

It is a very good time waster. Be careful, don't wander off if you have someplace to go.

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5 Throw it out the window

"It seems you are trying to throw me out the window. Need some help? " - Oreanta

It would be hilarious if I could simply throw an old PC out a window, and not get in trouble. It would be the best... - jprg12


It's a funny suggestion

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6 Watch Movies/Video/TV

I know like 5 or 6 internet sites that let you watch T.V. watch movies listen to music and more!

I love gong on youtube and hulu! I could spend hours on those websites and neva get bored

Laugh out loud I guess watching porn would come under this and we all know this is the main use of the internet for the Male population of the world

Good Movies: Spongbob Movie (the neptunes crown NOT sponge out of water), Wimpy Kid movies (NotMyRodrick ) and Shrek (Onions have layers) - Lunala

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7 Chat

No kidding, all the time!

I think chatting is very fun and interesting because you get to learn about other peoples opinion

This is really fun I am talkative a lot.

I'm antisocial but I do talk sometimes - Lunala

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8 Download Stuff

I love downloading stuff! I get restless whe I don't have anything to download. - thedoctor

Oh yer totally right I love things like that I have already downloaded cool gadgets and lots of outher cool apps downloading is totally my thing

My favourite things to download are viruses! - shelbycobra

Minecraft Mods are cool. once I got a hunger game mod when I was little and I saw katniss killing rue.. o_o - Lunala

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9 Be On This Website

TheTopTens is awesome! Woo! - PositronWildhawk

All the days I spent... and I have yet made an account because I'm lazy

Yeah, I was on this site for about a year! I finally created an account three months ago, and it is immense fun! You should consider joining, there is plenty of amazing users you can talk to! - Flowersocks2137

Yup.. Pretty much how I spend my days - masonclark44

Most people on the community are good (but there are some duds, don't worry as long as you're not a rude troll your a good user). - Lunala

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10 Facebook

FB keeps me in touch with friends and family around the globe, actually, FB is everything I need, including a minute sports results around the globe!

Facebook is so addictive it should be illegal!

Fb is great and easy to talk to your friends and family and has loads of great games to play when your board at home

I don't like it. full of Hyper-Feminist quotes (REAL example: "Men bathroom to the left because women are always right") and Pictures of peoples food. I know there are good things on it but I personally don't like fb - Lunala

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11 Develop/Create

Create Web Sites/Blogs, Program VB or Java, graphics, develop photo sites, anything that produces something creative.

This is a great idea, I love creating and when I am bored I always wanna do something but I don't know what to do! Thank you to all of the people who have given me ideas and helped me through this boredom stage xx thank you all!

I think that it gets you active and you could become famous

I am learning coding I might make a game - Lunala

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12 Make Music

That's such a good idea but what websites can you go on to do it and are they free?

This is the funnest thing ever to do on a computer! - HenP

As a musician, it's a blast.

I can learn songs on the virtual piano without needing any sheet. I just play notes until I get them right. Yes, music talent is in my blood. :D - Lunala

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13 Vandalize Wikipedia

I know someone who told me they went on wikipedia and said that they changed the one page to say that Earth was created by the panda god, Panda-Tron! I love vandalizing it now!

I always wanted to try altering a Wikipedia site, but I guess I am just to scared to try. Always afraid (although rather ridiculous scenario) that the police will knock on my door and imprison me for vandalizing the site! I guess I'm just being overdramatic! - Flowersocks2137

Laugh out loud, I remember people vandalizing hurricane stats. 900 mph winds, seriously? I now love to make Justin Bieber look like a girl.

I love this idea!

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14 Dress It Up and Take It On a Walk

LIGHTBULB! This is a great idea, thanks mate! *puts collar on computer and drags it on a field* good Fido

Lots of clothes from justice to put on and match.

This is just like AMAZING please vote for this


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15 Naming Your Computer

Mine is named Fabio, don't ask where I came up with that name, it just came to me I guess. Haha

I got some good names, how about Screeny or Bill or Bob? I just like making up names period. Love it!

What if you named this with the bugged "effective power" code? Lol

My computer already has a name. its name is cofeefee...I need a life

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16 Make Videos to Put on YouTube

Greatest thing to do on either computers mac or pc other than making music - ballaboi17

Thanks for the opinion, any good video websites?

I have mae like 17 00 they are so cool

Might make a story series - Lunala

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17 Program

I already made a website, though it isn't dynamic.

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18 Hack

I like hacking- well the legal one, were you find new ways to to make something work better

Hacking is NOT = Hacking Myspace of yahoo, it's about complete knowledge of a system in an innovative way. It's about 'teaching yourself'. - joviboy

I like hacking -but I don't know how to make s legal hacker. What will we do for this. Can you give me any suggestion about hacking?

One of my OCs is good at hacking. my OCs are cool - Lunala

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19 Troll

Trolling is the funnest thing on earth

I have never been able to find a website that I can troll on. Can anyone please tell a couple good one? Please?

Remember, it's illegal to lick doorknobs on other planets. Whenever I see plaid, I act like a chicken. - Lunala

Well it is payed but you can start playing overwatch and you can troll by going on custon games go on friendly server and get people off the edge of the map it's my best solution if you wanna troll it is a fps game just saying but its amazing

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