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Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Product Image

When it really comes down to it, Adobe Photoshop is indispensable to any graphic artist/illustrator's toolbox, whether it's the CS or Elements version. I have a variety of photo & image editing programs, but I consider Photoshop to be the best of them all. I highly recommend it.

Photoshop is both a design program and can serve as a hub to hold all of your elements from several different programs in it. Most of Adobe programs can do this but Photoshop does it really well.

Photoshop has always being one of the best designing program and I recommend that the photoshop makers should come up with more photoshop programs. Thank you

There is very little that cannot be done with photoshop

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Product Image

Better than photoshop for design by far. The options for creation and text layout are far superior and of a wider variety.

It's the most flexible and convenient to use software for layout and design...

More advanced than Photoshop and much more easier to illustrate something.

It is a design software not a dtp (Desktop Publish) although you can use to do some desktop publishing

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Product Image

- Really love coreldraw graphic design, will love to learn more.

- This is only software can be able to make every design of the world.

- I am a graphic designer and it helps me a lot more then other.

- Great Graphic Design software for perfect Designing

- Best Industry Leading Software for Graphics

- Most and favored software for designers

- I love and happy to work on Coreldraw



- Support many graphic files

- The best design software

- Heard very much about it...

- Its like clay to my hands

- This best for deigning.

- This is My life.. I love it..!


I used it & I really think it is the best software that coral draw cop ever made... So I recommend to all my buddies to use this. Thanks

The simplest form of software any up and coming artist could learn easily

This is only software can be able to make every design of the world.

Adobe Indesign Adobe Indesign Product Image

I love being able to mix up great page layout with great illustration and photos.

This is the best software ever

Very flexible and convenient

Have a my favourite software

Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Product Image

Where would we be with out easy to do animation.

It's not even called Adobe Flash anymore. It's Adobe Animate CC.

I need this


Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Product Image

I like being able to make my own spray tubes

I am very happy for this...

Hii am very like corel paintshop this is very use full softwere

Since the very beginning great GUI

Art Rage 3.5 Art Rage 3.5 Product Image

It Is great! I have never used anything like it. It is a bit slow, but then again, it could just be my computer! Anyone that loves/likes paintings should definitely go for this Art Rage!

Very inexpensive software with a full artist pallet that feels like the real thing

I wanna download this program in my pc, so how to do that? Thanks!

Adobe Premiere Adobe Premiere Product Image

When you want to do film editing Premiere is the best

I m usng diz its vry easy and best

I Need This Software

Corel Paint Corel Paint Product Image

If Art Rage made it in then I think it stands to reason that Corel Painter has to be considered (Different to Paint it! ).

The Best Paint software

Wacom Tablets Wacom Tablets Product Image

Yeah! That's really good device used for freehand drawing. Just like a pencil which you can move wherever.

Let's try this input device, just ordered it but I ask myself how can you draw with a mouse

I love this product, without this is like you eat the chicken without teeth

This was very helpful to me. Now I actually am able to draw on a computer.

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Xara Designer Pro Xara Designer Pro Product Image

I switched fro Corel Draw to Xara over 15 years ago and have never looked back. I used it in my sign shop for years and then added layout and design sales of 4 color printing as well as creating nearly 50 fully functioning websites for my customers. All from one inexpensive program. No regrets!

This can do everything photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, and of course Corel Draw combined can do. Everything is so simple, and smooth. You don't need a big built computer to keep it from stumbling or crashing.

Great program for experts and novices... All most perfect which leaves room for improvements and recommendations by users.

Simply the best! One Program that does it all, graphics, Desktop publishing and WYSIWYG Website design that is by far the best there is.

Cinema 4D

Great 3d program that allows you create anything to your imagination

After Photoshop, the most important tool for a graphic designer!


I think this is the best software for designer, architects and engineers! Can you imagine life without autocad?!

AutoCAD is the most downloaded software in the whole world

Was the in software of the 90's

Autodesk 3ds Max

The best software hands down for 3D graphics

The best for all designers

Very good software


Inkscape is so great! Definitely my favourite graphics software out there.

Thanks for the voting scores!


Does everything the others do for free. The learning curve and bad interface is a myth, or rather: there being a huge difference in difficulty between this and photoshop's difficulty is a myth. You need to learn your way around all graphic design software, and once you're used to GIMP it performs as well as any other.

Gimp 2.9 is super powerful. Get the same results I used to get in PS. Love the Gimp community, there is so much help and support out there.

Gimp is fantastic. If you realuze that photoshop is way to expensive this is the x hwveudu

GIMP is the best free option there is

PaintTool SAI

The perfect tool for beginners everywhere.

For beginners its cool

Adobe Creative Suite

I think is is more better than other

Windows Paint

It has very little, but if you're experienced, you can create amazing stuff on Windows Paint that you wont be able to create using any other program. If you haven't voted this one, you clearly haven't watched videos of people creating the most amazing and unique artwork you'd ever see.

Paint is the BEST! Laugh out loud Photoshop is for noobs

I hate windows paint

Good memes have been had with paint.

Flash Drive

Best Image Editor/ Vector /DTP / Animation in one package
Works in windows mac and linux (Wine)

Fine all-rounder. Superb value


Love this program. Intuitive. Pared down without being chintzy. Fun, easy to use, with great results.

Photoshine Mini
Sketch 3

Basically made for only app and web designers, includes most powerful tools, very simply user interface, fast productivity, vector is always best with the all export supports. So get in touch of new design trend.

Very fast for prototyping

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