Top Ten Best Operating Systems

ie. Linux - fedora, ubuntu etc..., Mac, Windows - XP, Vista etc...

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Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is the best OS from Microsoft I have ever experienced...
Easy to install... Crash free... Fabulous Graphics Support for HQ Games.. And more...
Windows Vista is the worst OS from Microsoft...

Win 7 is still the best by a small margin. Win 10 works and runs well but is still a bit buggy, a bit slow in responding to user input, and it is very difficult to navigate through the hoops. With no Aero effects, limited color options, and with no choice in accepting the wise updates that MS chooses to send everyone (Regardless of the type of PC they own), parts of this OS look like a step backwards.

On the up side, the search function is remarkable even though you sometimes have to sort thru the results to find the right one. Once you have climbed the learning curve for using this OS, parts of it are actually pretty slick. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a pretty solid 8.

Win7 is the best OS so far, with XP and 98 running a close second. All are easy to learn, in fact I am licensed to teach all three. I have only been in computers for 29 years and all self-taught.

I learned my computer skills on Win3.1, DOS was very easy to access on that one. Of all versions of Windows, 7 is my first choice, I don't like 10 at all for more reasons than I care to list. It is too bad MS is soon no longer supporting 7 when they don't have as good of an OS to replace it with.

Win10 is the one MS tried to sneak in its install via a Win7 update (KB3035583), I find that pathetic and duplicitous. If you have to play that game, it must be telling you something about the quality of that OS. It isn't good news. If MS forces OS updates by stopping support for another product of theirs that is pure greed. Each OS they make should have lifetime support, in my opinion. It would show they have integrity and made a product they are proud of. Plus, letting consumers make ...more

This is by far the best OS ever.
Windows 7 has a nice startup sound and menu. It has a nice advertising. I like the quote Your PC, Simplified. It has a great shutdown sound and it's not too fast and not too slow. This is my favorite OS of all of the Operating Systems.

Windows 10

Windows 10 should get at least 3rd Place...
Newest version of Windows and it has a few tricks up the sleeve...
Can connect it to the XBOX console which might not notice if an older user...Applications Savvy such as LibreOffice, Fresh Paint, Notepad++, Movies and TV, and Microsoft Edge make it more inviting to be the newest of the kind. Some features should be more snappy which is a plus for Windows 7 to keep ahead too as it has no such slow time. Windows 10 is a definite keeper too though as much progress has been done with applications and the overall looks of it very cool and respectable.

Over the years, I've used a few different operating systems, with my first being Windows 95, my first home computer being 98, using Mac OS8-10 at schools, using Windows XP, windows 7, and then finally 10. Out of all the os' I've used, 10 has become the best operating system of all. It's easy to use, fast, attentive, responsive, and is the first operating system I've used where I don't worry about crashes or software becoming damaged. It's very attentive to what I need and after using it for years, is the best one I've touched and hope we keep it for longer.

The best modern Windows OS. I like the Aero of Windows 7 Love the Luna Visual style of Windows XP. But I can't ignore the damn hot fluent design. Even though the Start menu of older windows was better I guess Windows 10 one is the best. The only issue with this OS is the Update experience for me

Windows 10 is fast and has many features that previous Windows doesn't have. With updates every 6 months, Windows 10 has to the best SECOND best OS. The update system is pretty flawed but its okay. (windows 7 is better tho)


The best OS ever made. It's far lighter than Windows, so it runs more efficiently and has a lot more internal storage space. It is beautifully designed by default, and you can customize it how you want.

As a Linux operating system, Ubuntu is completely free to download, install and use. Out of the myriad of Linux OS out there, Ubuntu is generally considered the most user friendly and stable, especially for new users (partly due to a simple instillation process). It uses less system resources than many leading operating systems so you can use it on an outdated or budget PC and often seems faster or more responsive than other OS. Other pros include better security, plenty of customization options, community support, and a regular OS update schedule. It's my primary Operating System on my home and work computers.

Ubuntu is a mixture of Windows and Macintosh. Looks like mac but shortcut keys is similar to windows. Great work. I love it

For me this is the only operating system I can get any real work done on. It's free, fast, reliable, stable, secure and has everything I need as a developer. Everything that windows has is also available for linux under a different name. All free, All legit. Its as easy and simple as windows to use and also gives you access to the more powerful features if you wish to use them, unlike windows which sheilds or plain prevents you from doing what you want. No constant updating, no trying to force you to do everything a certain way ( their way ). Looks nice too. Why more new computers don't ship with linux ubuntu installed I don't know. 10/10

Windows XP

Old and Faithful. As a late end XP user, I got to say this computer has not only been a large portion of my early life, but will continue to be as such for a while. It's familiar, it's easy, it's that middleground between new and old, it runs several old programs along with several new ones, and it doesn't DO ANY BLASTED UPDATES EVERY SECOND. It's the King!

I'm Serious! My Media Center Edition XP from 06 is sturdier, longer lasting, and even runs better than the Win10 laptop I got 2 years ago. How the devil Windows 10 got to 3rd place on this list is beyond me, at least with XP I can see why peeps love it. They say new is better, but in some cases... it's really not! (7 is okay though)


I like Windows XP but my real favorite is Windows Vista. People may not know it but Windows Vista sp1 or Sp2 and Windows 7 are really the same thing. I read a PC mag once and it said all they really did is change the name because all of the critical reviews from the trouble people had with Vista when it first came out. So the truth is it's the same different name.

Given that Vista was so universally panned, I stuck with my XP system... even after support ended. (I was of course extra careful to ensure adequate malware and firewall protection.)

When eventually forced to buy a new system, I managed to obtain an already-out-of-date Win 7 Pro system and was *very* careful to ensure that it didn't auto-update itself to the loathsome and privacy-breaching Win 10...

This didn't alter the fact that to one who knows XP well--and has extensively customised it to his satisfaction--Win 7 is pretty vile, lacking many of the best features of XP and imposing some of the worst elements of Vista. In fact its only advantages are (a) easier networking and (b) it's not as bad as Vista, 8, or 10.

It's very good for ear raping and it has a very fast start-up sound. It's too fast though but I would say it can get your work faster. Not so sure of the other parts.


It really hard to define which better, if they don't know where they really belong. iOS is a pure OS, most were just forced into an impured version of Android, their lack of knowledge about Stock Android is desiring them to have an iPhone. I just prefer and recommend Android, specially the pure version. But it's best to stick no matter what OS is or even what Android UI is. Wealth should not affect our preferences. I would just buy the most expensive Stock Android phone, if I have more money.

It on number 5 it should be at the top of the list!
all the people are just idiot who didn't vote this!
first use it!.What the heck? #5? Should be in the top 1 OS by now.

Android is the best mobile OS, you can personalize all and change system, now the remix OS team ported android 5.1.1 Lollipop into a desktop's System, Android is the best for wear, smartphone and tablet, with 6.0 Marshmallow an normal user can use the smartphone as he want, I chosen this OS and I never change it!

Android 4.1 is a fairly stale operating system with great customization options. Fun withgets will light your way into a a very interesting society, where you control everything. I would recommend this operating system in a heartbeat!

Windows 2000

This was the OS my first computer used back in the late 2000s (it was used at the time). More stable than its predecessors, it has the perfect amount of "old-school cool" from a modern standpoint but was nifty as heck at the time, and there are still some features I miss as of this writing in 2020. I love how simple everything looks as opposed to the flashy, "mobile optimized" operating systems of today. I also like XP and 7, but I have to give 2000 the gold.

A lot of home users had it even though it was meant for business use.

Why? It was very good for its time, while its home equivalent, Windows ME, was as far from stable as you could get.

Even though 2000 came first, support for it lasted until Windows 7 became popular. Windows ME support was given the axe by the time Vista came out.

Only because there was no support for this OS and I couldn't do the things that needed to did I have to upgrade to XP. It was the best OS from Microsoft I ever used, if they'd updated it and given it new features I'd still be using it today. I've never liked any other OS from Microsoft, maybe XP after SP2.

This is the first 32 bits OS ever. This is the fastest OS oompared to all other ones. The work was done but not the money.

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is a Underrated OS. Windows 8.1 is what Windows 8 should have been.

The biggest complaint from people that dislike this OS is the Metro Start Menu. MS made a big mistake by not having a ditching there classic start menu for the metro start menu. By then the high ground was lost in public's mind to extent majority never gave it a fair trial. Most people don't even realize that you can install 3rd party programs like classic start and never see the Metro Menu again.

Windows 8.1 is more stable and bug free than Windows 10 and it handles Memory and Disk Management much better than Windows 10 from my experience. These factors make me still run Windows 8.1 today and I'm not planning on upgrading until MS stops supporting it.

This is an upgraded version of 8 and is currently on support. I mean, this is a good operating system to use and not so bad. Overall, it's a great OS.

So easy to navigate! Everything you want is accessible right at your fingertips!

Can't find it? Search it by typing right on the screen!

Need fun? Check out the 500+ windows games that comes with it!

Need tools? The included windows apps is right on your start screen!

Too slow? Simply navigate your way around your PC world by a swipe and a click with your mouse!

It may seem different at first, but isn't that with all the new tech stuff?

You control it, you own it, it's the all new latest windows!

It's the best ever. I still can't figure out what all the bad press is about. I right click the little window in the lower left corner and I have the menu that is so missed. I love the tile page I have everything I need right there set up the way I like. NOW here comes the best part of all. In get a tablet or laptop with windows 8.1 on it and I sign onto my account and there is all my setup just waiting for me and it is great. I was never a windows fan but 8.1 got me hooked and win 10 looks like it will be a winner as well. Thanks MS

Windows XP Professional

Everything works, If it ain't broke then don't fix it. How much time is lost getting to know a new OS. It takes years to familiarize all the ins and outs of an OS. I'm still discovering new things about XP. these days, one is not allowed to ever get good at anything. Always new always different. Give me a break.

Long Live the Legend!
One of the best looking and useful operating system which evolved all the way to 14 years of real cool used power! Which Microsoft killed!

Yes. XP(Pro or not) is the best for me. And yes, can be hacked to death if you let it but it suits me just fine because I'm just an old fart who likes playing "back in the day" games and using software of my time. I think the best option is to have an "as up to date" machine as you can and run (the main drive) with Win 10. I don't like it and I agree with every bad comment that's said about it but it is the future (good or bad). I just partition the drive and run them under XP. Best of both worlds. Anyone agree?

First off, Stop telling me how old Windows XP is and how I should upgrade to the latest OS when you know Windows XP is the best operating system Microsoft ever created aside from the security issues it always had. If you keep it clean, and updated, it works. Then Microsoft started making really crappy software. You already know about Vista. Then they tried a little harder with Windows 7. Windows 8 is just pure junk. It's actually another laughing imitation of Windows XP with annoying tiles and missing a lot of XP's convenient configurations. I would rather upgrade to Ubuntu, but they are lacking on the the software side, and let's not even talk about Apple, Inc right now. People are going to continue to use XP, just like there are still people who use Windows 3.1, Windows 95 & 98. They need to START MENU to the creation of software like the stability and usability of XP, take away that tile junk like in Windows 8.

Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard is a MAJOR leap for Apple. It's very good! The only problem I have with it is that Apple doesn't support it anymore; so I updated to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It's almost just like Mac OS X Leopard and best of all, it's not obsolete!

Very easy to use and it even supports adobe flash which is very nice this is the best one yet!

Awesome very simple and reliable better than windows
I like it ver

Pity it's not supported any more why does apple change every year rather than update

Arch Linux

Other OS' customizability pale in comparison to Arch Linux's customizability; you only have to install what you need, making it the most versatile modern operating systems you can run. Pacman provides a fantastic experience for installing applications without the need to scour the internet in search of a download. The likelihood of getting a virus on linux is practically nonexistent, and Arch Linux can run lightning fast. The OS is also updated frequently via a rolling release, and the process of updating one's system is quite unobtrusive.

A nice and stable Linux OS, it is like a Lego game. You can build around your kernel what you want, without the need of major hacks. Indeed, not desirable for beginners, but also not so unstable and complicated like Gentoo. I was trying Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Gentoo, Suse and Arch - Arch was the winner for me. I hesitated between Arch and Gentoo a time, but finally found Arch repos more consistent and up to date

I agree, Arch is from far the fastest OS ever. In performance, it beats from fat windows 7 8 mac OS X all versions, Ubuntu, Mint. With the lastest 3.12 kernel, and the lastest mesa drivers, the graphics under Linux are now the same as DirectX under windows.
Fully customizable OS, much more apps than any other distros with the AUR repo. No need to update because it s rolling release.
Not for beginners.

Arch/parabola is literally the most personalised and lightweight OS possible. And it's free software.

The Newcomers

? Bodhi Linux

Popularity: 44 (283 hits per day)
Bodhi Linux is an elegant and lightweight Ubuntu-based distribution featuring Moksha, an Enlightenment-17-based desktop environment. The project takes a decidedly minimalist approach by offering modularity, high levels of customisation, and choice of themes. In addition to basic 32- and 64-bit systems, Bodhi maintains designated ISO images for Chromebooks and legacy machines. By default Bodhi has only five pre-installed applications: Midori, Terminology, PCManFM, ePhoto, and ePad. Additional software is available via AppCenter, a web-based software installation tool.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Bodhi Linux, the Enlightened Linux Distribution. Bodhi is built on top of the latest Ubuntu LTS release featuring the Moksha Desktop. Here you will find all you need to know about Bodhi as well as links to additional resources, like our AppCenter for your software and styling needs and our Wiki to help you out. We also have a very active and friendly community, check it out for yourself on our Forum and in our live chat.

Bodhi Linux is derived from the Ubuntu long term support releases (14.04, 16.04, 18.04...), so support follows the same pattern: Security bug fixes are released on a daily basis throughout the five-year period. As opposed to Ubuntu, Bodhi has no short-term support release. An installed Bodhi Linux can be upgraded to the latest state via command line or package manager.

An Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring the Moksha Desktop environment and targeting users who want a minimum of preinstalled software or low system requirements.

The Contenders

Windows 95

Hell yes, what happened to the original windows? The start menu was the best invention ever by Microsoft and they took it away in windows 8, I mean I'm a computer tech and ill be doing something in windows 8 and hit some random key that brings up that dumb ass tile crap. I Despise windows 8, almost as much as I hate Vista and Windows Millennium Edition

The first ever operating system in the Windows series to introduce a simple but very useful and working component called the Start Menu of the Windows operating system, now ridden of and put into damnation by Windows 8...

Win 95 Plus version was so cool. By far, simplest and most crash resistant OS for me... (or maybe I learnt too much after that! )

It's so amazing, I just can't stop going on it. Everything is flawless

Windows 98

A basic OS that gets stuff done without a load of eyecandy. I prefer that in an OS. If it was interlaced with NT type security, it would most likely be the best OS you could use. Microsoft forgot how to built a good, functional OS that just works without a bunch of goofy features and complicated menus.

It was a great os for the longest time, and is still my default MS os to run on older machines. Down side is, just like its previous generations, all it is, is a fancy GUI for DOS (7.10 IIRC) The nice thing about the DOS based OSes, is you have full direct access to all of your hardware with basic command prompt or basic code. Anyone remember "restart in DOS mode? "

Windows 98 is generaly best OS on the world from Microsoft because you can do with it anything you want. Is totaly open, understandable and fact is that all other windows OS have this core inside it with new features more-less. Also is hard to tracking over internet and yu can also install him with few tweaks on any other moder computer.

It is the operating system that brought revolution.. Introduced cursor, graphics and the gaming system.. It is without a doubt the best operating system there is.. So my vote goes to windows 98

No it didn't introduce the cursor, for one. Also, it was really Windows 3 that bought the revolution, in terms of making Microsoft known.


One of the absolute best Operating Systems. It just works no matter the load. In the runnings now also is an illumos based OS called OmniOS

Has only improved over the years.

The most stable Unix variant compared to RedHat and Solaris (quite good too).

This one just works

Mac OS X Lion

Unlike windows it just works, is relabel and easy to use. Also unlike common belief it can run most popular games such as most of the Call of Dutys. It can do this better than windows only because its apple!

Most stable, powerful, and intuitive interface in the world. Smartest computer, easiest to use, and just the best around. Nothing beats good ol' Apple!

It's the best OS I've ever used
Tried ubuntu, red hat and all versions from Microsoft

Great version of OS X! It's great in many ways, although they shouldn't have gotten rid of Rosseta (the ability to run PowerPC apps on Intel).


I have been using many varieties of Operating systems in my work and lifetime, from early CP/M days, through IBM DOS, MDDOS, OS2Wrap, Mac OS, Windows, Free BSD, and Linux, and all have an application to match the need of a user type...

Slackware has been around longer than most OS out there, and not it come not with a fancy GUI etc., but it forces you to think, learn to build a tight, faster than most OS and define it as you like it to become. Slackware is not for new comers to linux that have migrated from windows (where it gets it reputation of being hard to deal with), but if you seeking to understand the nitty-gritty of Linux, get a book, ebook on linux administration and a copy of Slackware, by the end of the book you will understand Linux, can esicly pass the Linux Admin Test, and manage a system inside out from the custom build of the OS to the graphical interface details.

if you a user looking to "use" an alternate MS windows or MAC OS, then this is not the Linux ...more

I have no idea how Slackware earned its reputation for being difficult.
If you know anything at all about Linux or any Unix Slackware isn't difficult at all.
It's amazing how many people are scared off by booting to the command line initially.

Best OS (LINUX) and best LINUX distribution ever. have started with it (so not true it's not for beginners) and even tried other distributions always returned back to SLACKWARE as it seems to be only distro that's easy to administrate and use

Linux for non-dummies. Climbing the learning curve to get it running forces you to know Linux from the inside out and to know Linux 100 times better than most people.

Microsoft Windows 3.1

Aside from MS Dos 6.22, this is the first operating system I've learned and loved. It is a great leap from Dos or even windows 1 because its multitasking capability and it is not limited to 640 kb of memory, taking advantage of Intel 386 microprocessor. You can't appreciate this unless you live back in time.

This where it started, true you had to upgrade Windows and DOS separately but you had fewer crashes and was easier repair, Win 95 and 98 weren't bad then we got xp through 8.1 with each getting more and more bloated requiring huge amounts of RAM just for the OS.

The last Windows which didn't claim it's more than what it really was: a fancy toy. Lack of applications, crashes, loads of viruses, bugs, no real support, waiting years for device drivers... Win 3.1 was the most perfect reason to create Linux!

I love this OS because I started there in my professional. In that time some of few peppole has computer no internet no serch engins you shout learn from your fails so I love too

Chromium OS

Can't run it on my 64 bit but looks good, fast, secure and crash free. Also chromium is better than chrome.

You can only access the internet. But that good for browser gamers!

At least it’s not chrome os

This is for internet only, it is not recommended when you use to play games, you can play but in browser games only

Macintosh OSX

Mac OSX is worthy of number 1 or 2 (maybe behind) NOT NUMBER 7! This OS has been a trail blazer for MANY YEARS and will continue to do so! This OS has got great design aesthetics compared to its rivals Windows and Linux. Those who dislike Mac are to busy caught up in the world of "well Mac is so Expensive"... Yeah that may be true but with cost comes great quality. Mac harness' the thing which Windows and Linux still haven't got a hold of - Simplicity with the opportunity to have complexity when it is needed. Yes, if you are a gamer, mac may not be for you but if you are a student, a businessman, a programmer, a designer, a musician, a internet surfer or anyone else, MAC OS X IS right for you. The only advantages with windows is the fact that it is widely used so many know how to use it (but Mac is so simple to use regardless)

If people were to do an honest review of which operating system is the most stable, easiest to use, most visually appealing and well.. Most complete, you just don't get better than the Mac. I use both XP and Mac at work and there is no comparison. However, there are thousands more programmes for Windows than Mac, which is the only reason we use Windows at work - no useful Mac software to cover our specific business needs. Most people I know buy a lesser OS for this reason - gamers for example have to use Windows to enjoy the full range of offerings. But the fact that you are forced to use an OS, doesn't make it better. If only more people would try out OSX, you would never look back.

Yea the whole reason why macs never get viruses is because hackers don't see any profit in hacking a mac, even though macs arc is 64bit or higher currently pc's hold the market shares in the US, thus being hackers will see profit in hacking a pc and get more enjoyment out of it rather than trying to waste time on a mac, and wit a pc you can do a hell of a lot more than just a mac where you can only do graphic arts, music design, and so forth, and not even good enough to run games on it, oh yea another thing bout macs is that the os is pretty much locked and simplyfied where there's rly no probs with the mac osx and if there ever is any probs that the user experiences they always run to the apple store because they don't know squat on how to resolve the issue, when pc users can fix issues on their own and not have to run to the apple store for help. So yea I think the numerical order of os'es should remain the same currently.

By far one of the easiest operating systems to learn for a complete beginner (although switching from windows has a slight learning curve). Ideal for the artist and everyday user, the Mac OS is a personal favourite. The fact that it's unix based makes it quite similar to linux with very similar terminal commands. The only downside to Mac OS is the small range of games and the high price of the Macintosh computer required to run Mac OS X

Windows 8

Windows 10 sucks, why is it above this? I have one of this and Windows 8 is a good os to use. It's touch-screen friendly, and it's menu is amazing! Windows 10 just ruins Windows 8 by making their menu awful, and make everyone hate Windows 8 for no reason.

Windows 10 is a return to form for the OS, and Windows 8 did nothing but remove a bunch of stuff and ruin the Start Menu.

I got used to the new user interface pretty easily, but I can see how many people wouldn't like it, but if you don't like it stick with Windows 7 which is also a very good operating system. Windows 8 does have many improvements over Windows 7 under the hood if you can get past missing the start button. Better features include better recovery options, storage pools, and video compression and smaller footprint than Windows 7. If it still had a start button or if people could choose which interface option they wanted in a setting, no doubt it would be number one on this list. I own a PC tablet, and laptop all running Windows 8.1 upgraded from Windows 8. It's the best on the tablet, but good on the PC and Laptop also.

Windows 8 is a SUPER fast and very elegant operating system. It runs all of "my" XP software even better than XP EVER did! (Although apparently there are legacy programs that it does not get-on with. ) One gets all the new features of a touch screen (or just click on it or swipe with your mouse) and iPad-like apps along with virtually every familiar & useful ability that you've known from Win 3.0 through Win XP. (Yes, there is a desktop! ) As with every new interface, some humans need to learn that it takes a little effort and a little time to access all the new features and find where all the old standards are tucked away.

This is lovely
This is friendly
This is fastest
This is best
All at once it must be on top

Windows Vista

Amazing operating system. Most people who used Vista and hated it were using it on underpowered computers. If you use it on adequate hardware that can take advantage of Vista's features, it's an amazing experience.

Vista was also very important; it created the path for other, newer version of Windows, many pieces of the path still seen to this day. 7, which is #1 of course, would be very different without Vista.

Vista is also quite stable and can perform very well, on adequate hardware. With Service Pack 2, it became a great replacement for XP, and an awesome OS in general. Unfortunately, it was slammed by critics and techies when it first came out, for good reason. It ran slow on most hardware, it was buggy and was overblown with features. Things were patched and streamlined, and in the end, it became a great OS for just about anything.

All in all, Windows Vista is an amazing operating system that was sabotaged by a mediocre launch. I would definitely give this ...more

Vista 64 is my first and only positive experience with a Microsoft OS. The week it released (Jan '07) I purchased the retail box version 64 bit home premium. OS installed in 15 minutes and had perfectly working 64 bit drivers for every piece of hardware in the system without update or need of component-included driver/install software to operate at full capacity updated to proper drivers shortly after.I didn't have the problem that most complained about. I suspect not enough consumers understood the difference between 32 and 64 bit processing / hardware and its ramifications.My Vista system has been in daily use for the past 8 years without a single software crash. I really don't understand why Vista is generally thought of so poorly.I don't know if I trust this survey considering 2 different versions of Windows XP are on the list bloated, unstable, patch-happy, and slow. I haven't seen a BSOD in a decade, can any XP user claim that?

Those who had trouble with Vista were trying to use it on inadequate hardware. I have been using Vista since its inception. It is stable and fast. Unfortunately many software vendors are neglecting Vista when making upgrades. I have used every version of Windows beginning with Windows 2.0. I have Windows 7 on my notebook but prefer Vista. Windows 8 (all versions) sucks. How can they call it Windows when the applications all run full screen?

I don't know how people like Windows 8. It is horrible, with its metro design. Also, most things people credit 7 for you can find on Vista, because that's where they actually originated from. Vista's UI looked pleasant to the eye, and actually had decent security. Mostly everything was fixed by service pack 2. It still runs well on a computer, as the hardware limitations that made it bad in 2007 are gone and Vista runs better than many people think.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

I tried all of the top ten right now and mountain lion is the best, there is this bootcamp feature and you can install any operating system that you want, but you must make a second mac you can do that using disk utility. (if you want mac and the other OS

More stable, more reliable than XP, and fun too. So far the best system I have tried. I liked Snow Leopard but this is a definite upgrade. Using Mountain lion with Parallels for Windows applications is smooth as silk.

Although I like OS X Mavericks better it was a great leap from lion which was definitely necessary or OS X Mavericks wouldn't be here.

Mountain Lion was a great update for OS X. It added Messages and more, so it was one of the best Apple systems until Yosemite's release.

Google Chrome OS

Love my Chromebook and it's super fast bootup along with light weight portability. Security like no other OS on the Planet too!

Boots in 7 seconds. Incredibly stable. Lowest cost speed and power. No need for virus-ware. Never lose stuff -- it's in the cloud. Software updates don't require user to download/install. Device performance doesn't degrade over time. Google Cloud Print eliminates the need to download/install printer drivers and works from any device. Great support for Google Remote Desktop and Chromecast. No Windows registry.

Fast booting, easy using, auto updating, cloud storing. I love it!

Hate Cloud Technology, Google Microsoft etc. are all the same... They collect all important data & are thieving, too much stupid ads to confuse & make people buy third party wares.


The kernel that powers Android, Ubuntu, and ChromeOS. The OS that powers 99% of the internet. The OS that powers space missions. The kernel that powers military equipment. That's Linux. Compact, versatile, reliable, user-friendly.

When Mint can play DirectX or any Linux based OS then I will consider them, anyone that says Linux is better than Windows clearly owns a 5 year old system and doesn't game... so your opinion doesn't matter.

The open source model makes it very effective in good software design

Linux isn't an operating system. It's a kernel that powers hundreds of distros like Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch.


The World's first OS which came out in 1956


The successor to CP/M (Control Program for Microprocessors), and the first OS to achieve wide-spread popularity on personal computers. Small and lean. Not so much an "OS" by todays standards, but more of a collection of services subservient to the running application (which is a *very* good thing). DOS allows the application to be king, instead of the OS being ultimately in charge such as is the case with Windows. A developer's dream, complete control of the computing system without a bothersome, buggy, or overbloated OS getting in the way. Still being used in industry in many different ways, including as an embedded system OS. Development tools are mature, and nearly all are free. Utilities, software, and games for DOS are plentiful and most can be downloaded for free. There is even a great free version of DOS itself (FreeDOS). If you only need to run one application at a time, especially if you are on a budget, DOS is the way to go.

If you don't know why, you won't understand why. But I'll just say this: It set the non-unix standard for all personal computers since the eighties... And is still embedded to some degree, in almost all of the OS's in use to this date. Those who love sheer computing power, are not swept away with interface graphic B.S. and... REALLY know how to use it... Realize that among robust light-weight OSs, NOTHING else has come close to matching it! (Or lasted as long! )

It is the best OS ever and if anyone don't like it I will smack them in the face over and over again intill they die, then I will knife them!

It is the ultimate OS for hacking, programing and windows was made on it on the first place!

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