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1 Macbook Air

Just brought one, and it is the perfect laptop for me. Very fast and easy to use. I didn't get the pro because I simply do not need all of the power. Yeah the display may not be as good as the retina macbook pro, but it is definitely not by any means a bad display. Overall, I do not regret switching from windows to mac. - matty925

I ain't saying it to be anti-conformist, but I honestly think that the Macbook line does not provide a good value for the price. A PC can offer better specs at a cheaper price with added features like a touchscreen or 360 rotation (or, in the case of the Surface Book, a detachable screen). Sure, they aren't necessary, but if I can get these for the same or at a significantly lower price than a laptop without those features, than I clearly am not getting a bang for my buck.

That being said, PC's aren't as user-friendly as Macs, so its really your call as to which is a better fit for you. They're still sturdy, with nice screens, appearance, trackpads, and keyboards. It just could be cooler and cheaper. - keycha1n

The Macbook Air is cool and all, but the Macbook Pro is simply better.

YASSS I love the Mac its nice and slim and it feels good in my lap the operating system is AMAZING and it is less likely to get viruses

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2 Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro is so good! I am typing this on a Macbook Pro. The computer is very fast and high quality. It costs a lot (about $1,600 for the 13" retina display one I have) but it is definitely worth it. If you have the money and the choice of laptop, get a Macbook Pro. I don't understand why the air is above the pro because the Macbook Pro is literally just a better, albeit heavier and slightly more expensive, version of the Macbook Air. Vote for Macbook Pro.

I have MacBook Pro 13" since few months and its working blazing fast. APPLE RULES


I love it for it's 13 inch hight

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3 Dell Inspiron

The best! It will always be the best forever! But I know why it is in the 4th place because sometimes it has problems.

Lol...noobs who think Apple can even compete with real computers. Apple should just give up with their computer line and stick to smartphones. Macs aren't the best like they used to be. Macs are AWFUL for people who want to play video games (the majority of computer users.) I have a Dell Inspiron and it runs much faster than a Mac and it can ACTUALLY PLAY VIDEO GAMES!

The best company and laptop making

1.Dell = Brock Lesnar
2. H.P = Braun Strowman
3. Asus = Roman Reigns

And that's all. Please vote for dell

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4 HP Pavilion

Had one... Barely lasted 18 months before the battery life reached 0minutes. Now I have to plug it in to make it work and sometimes it doesn't even turn on...

Solid Laptops with great reliability. Best value / specs for money. Simply a great choice for both consumers and businesses. Thanks HP!

There laptops are the best in the world! They are great business. hopeful one day they can make the worlds first perfect laptop.

Not sure about pavilion. But buying hp probook is nothing but 100% waste of money.

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5 Lenovo ThinkPad

Yoga ultrabook is quick, light and provides me rock solid performance.

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6 Toshiba Portege
7 Acer Aspire



It's so Good. I Love it

I have a acer e15 and it runs great and playing games it runs good as well

8 Sony Vaio

I had bought one 2 years back and its still working as it was working when it was new...

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9 Asus Republic of Gamer

Absolutely love it it's a actual gaming laptop there aren't that many of those out there the best Gaming computers are all desktops but this is outstanding as a laptop for gaming I recommend it 10/10

The ASUS ROG series boasts the most power of any other laptop.
With desktop i7 Processors and 2TB drives, Alongside 24GB of RAM, And the 780GTX graphics card. You can easily run any game, And any program. The ROG series isn't a laptop, It's a portable desktop. I use mine for games such as Battlefield 4, Skyrim, (insert generic game) And it runs them all smoothly. But, I also use it for Photoshop, 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, and ProTools. Which are all demanding programs.

ROG is simply, the best.

The Contenders

11 Surface 4
12 Dell XPS V 1 Comment
13 Asus Zenbook UX303
14 Surface Pro 3

Wow... I voted for this and it went from 23 to 12. Yay me!

15 Samsung NP300
16 Olivetti OliBook S1350
17 Alienware 14
18 Alienware 17
19 HP Envy dv6
20 Lenovo Y500
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