Top 10 Most Annoying Computer Error Messages

These are just some of the most annoying computer errors I have encountered.
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1 A problem has occurred with the webpage so it was reloaded.

Does anyone know what causes this error message? It happens so often and is so annoying.

Ever since the first release of iOS 8, I have seen that error message pop up A LOT

Especially if you’re writing a com- A problem has occurred with the webpage so it was reloaded.

I don’t even have to describe how frustrating this is

2 Page(s) unresponsive

A lot of the time when I am using a laptop I use the chrome browser and like every second it says "the following pages have become unresponsive"

only comes with some websites

3 Blocked website

This one used to be the most annoying to me

Usually see this at school (only place I have access to a laptop) on a lot of the game websites I go on

today every single website!

4 Unresponsive server

On the CPU it will say "unresponsive server" on my iPad it says "Safari could not open this page because the server stopped responding" or something like that

5 This connection is untrusted

I mostly see this specific error message on those rare occasions when I have to use FireFox

6 Charging is not supported with this accessory

You may see this a lot on the iPhones and iPads when you plug it into some charger that "doesn't like" your device

7 Your account has been suspended

I see this often after being on chat websites

8 Safari could not load the page because the network connection was lost

...even when I don't lose my connection

9 Your username/password is incorrect

Why can't it just tell us which one we got wrong?! SERIOUSLY!

10 The server could not be contacted

I see this a lot on my candy crush games

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11 An error occurred. Please check your internet connection and try again
12 Error 404, page not found
13 Unfortunately, (insert app) has stopped.

Are you KIDDING ME? I saw this a lot with my Galaxy Grand Prime. I had no clue why anything would have stopped in the first place. It doesn't even TELL YOU why it stopped or how to fix it. Turn phone off, turn it back on. Nope. And no, chucking your phone out the window won't fix it either. Not that I tried, I just wanted to a couple times.

14 A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

Bsod is the worst error.

15 An error occurred. Please try again.
16 Aw, Snap!

So frustrating!

17 Cannot parse response
18 Unable to connect to network
19 Cannot connect to page because it couldn’t establish a secure connection to the server.

What?! That’s not even a reason! Apple does this to get money! UGGGH

20 Abort, Retry, Fail?
21 Null reference exception
22 Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped

Literally every single programmer hates this error! It never tells you where or why a problem occurred! So you have to spend the next few hours trying to search for it. Even if you have GDB, it can be super tedious to use!

23 Unhandled exception error
24 Missing operating system
25 Administrative error
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