Top Ten Best Superpowers


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The Top Ten

Time Control
I've been thinking about this power for a LONG TIME!
It is just OP to other powers.

World w/ super heroes and super villains:
You can fight like Neo from Matrix. (No time to explain)
World w/ other super powers:
No one can outmatch you and you can do almost anything they can do.
World w/ normal people:
I'm gonna go through almost all of the good things. You can Freeze time and do whatever you want, you pervert. (This should keep you occupied for a couple of months. ) You can, and you will always be right, win arguments, know answer to every question, always hit the ball, always dodge attacks of any sorts, and look like a smart and badass at the Same time! (Now that's cool. You do all this with slow-mo and rewind abilities. )
You can go to your past and be a better person. You can work out, study, do homework, sleep and stay in your room for decades, and never lose time!

Now for the more arguable abilities: you can survive a deadly fall by slowing YOURSELF in mid-air. You can do ALMOST ANY acrobatics by slowing time and yourself. (Remember when you used to do flips, handstands and karate kicks in swimming pool? Same thing except no floating. )
You can think of a solution, or make a plan in no time on the go.
You can climb walls w/ training, making "jumps" in slow-mo and luck (which is 100%) You wouldn't need to be afraid of anything. Spend 0 seconds real time training pain suppression and every time you get hit, rewind and dodge.

Second arguable ability: controlling time in space by a gravitational pull.
(Basically means that you can make a "bubble" between your hands. And in this "bubble", time is frozen, but the outside world isn't. Or other way around. Think if you could make these wherever you want. Example: you are fighting Batman, Thor and Raiden at the Same time. You are almost at death's door and you don't know what to do. You can do multiple things like: stop time and kill them. Or escape. Make a master plan that needs perfect timing and positioning. BUT! If you want to look like Grim Reaper, make this bubble around them. Stop time inside these, do whatever you want. OR, fast forward time inside them a couple of million years and walk away.
(You could win every superhero even without this. )

Last but not least: you can live REALLY REALLY easy and chill life.
The other powers are relatively useless in real life but time control literally makes you a god. Just freeze time and you can be anywhere in the world and do anything without people realizing you did anything. Physical abilities don't help you much. Time travel rules.
Travel back in time to avoid akward moments
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What the crap is wrong with you time control people, You can do basically everything, I'll tell you why all the others stink, or that telekinesis can do it better. Time control, if you go back in time you will probably kill yourself or just make yourself just not exist, what if you go forward in time to get something, and you land in the middle of a gun fight, the possibilities are endless-for killing yourself. Teleportation-great you can get any where, on earth, what if you mess up and teleport yourself into a wall, your atoms mix and you die or you have a wall in you forever, plus, with telekinesis we can stop you, stop your heart, stop the signals from firing in your brain so that you cannot use your powers. Sadly I cannot argue with omnipotence or reality warping as it is sometimes known but maybe, as someone pointed out for telekinesis, you might not be able to control it and could, conceivably, cause you to kill yourself. Plus, if you are faster at all and you are more creative you can outsmart them or stop their brains. Invisibility, how did it get up here, it stinks, great people can't see you, what if you stopped light waves from reaching you except for the tiniest parts of your eyes so you can see, plus as always you can easily kill them, and in this case you can send a visible wave out, and they will become invisible. Control all matter- ok telekinesis that doesn't do quite everything and has a stupid name. Healing ability, ok, no, we can do that if we had telekinesis, but we have 1000000000000000 other things that we can do. Super speed, doesn't improve reaction time so you are going to kill yourself by running into something, or if you go to fast you will fly off the earth, or rip your molecules apart. plus we can stop them. Control major elements, again stupid name for telekinesis but with far less powers. Shape-shifting, great, you can control someone with extra powers now, and you still have a million ways to kill them. That is the top 10 other than this amazing one.
Assuming the use of this ability doesn't negatively impact your physical and mental state through the stress of exerting your powers, telekenesis is a power with infinite possibilities. The ability to control any element, influence any force or movement, and manipulate any physical action is far better than any other power. Imagine being able to cure cancer by destroying cancerous cells in a person's body, or influencing a sports match from miles away while watching it on television. Better yet, why not use the ability to change your own physique? Telekenesis implies the ability to control kinetic energy, which would allow you to work out muscles and direct nutrients to replenish them without ever having to go to a gym. You could even theorectically control and/or defy gravity, using this ability to fly or give yourself super strength. The potential here is limitless.
Taking into account that its the movement of anything with your mind then flying is the first other power you could do because all you would need to do is move yourself. The second is invisibility, due to current theories that say that light is part particle so you could control the direction of light and bend it around you resulting in people only seeing light that has come from behind U. Super strength is possible but that depends on how strong the TK ability is. You could "stop" time due to just "freezing" everything around you. The ability to control the atoms within your own body would mean, with the right training, that you could refresh your cells inevitably, resulting in as long a life as desired. Mind control wouldn't be necessary due to just controlling the persons body voice box and all. It simply isn't just one power it is practically is all ability's mixed together and simplified into one name. I mean whats cooler?
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Omnipotence is basically God. You can do anything you desire and you'd rule over everything. You would be immune to everything!
Means all powers in the universe with no limitations except personal ones. You would also be immune to all forms of harm and could make any friends you have immortal.
Omnipotence contains everything listed. If you were omnipotent you could do anything. If you were omnipotent you would be god. Nothing would defy you, not even logic. You would be ultimate.
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4Control All Matter
How is this not the best? It'd be INCREDIBLY awesome to have the ability to control all matter. Imagine if you were really tight on cash and needed some food, you could just use your powers to make some. You could eradicate world hunger, solve over population (you could create a whole new planet for the surplus)
Today with my friends I asked if you could have one super power, what would it be! At first I said control time, like the way Jimmy Neutron's T.V. /life remote did. then I thought it. I would like to manipulate stuff. CONTROL ATOMS. It is just like this except different name. then I looked up "top ten super powers you would never think of" and I got here. amazing how life works
This is far better than invisibility, as control of all matter would give one the ability to make their own atoms colorless, thus appearing invisible.
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Teleportation is one of the greatest powers ever, and here is why: The ability to teleport anywhere in the wi else it in the universe, so long as you displace solids, liquids, and gasses, you would be unstoppable. Say you are in a universe where other people have super powers, if you fight against any one with a ability listed above, time control for instance, so what if they can freeze time? Teleport once behind them and teleport with your hand sticking out into their head, displacing the matter, or in other words blowing their head apart. This Will work against any other power as well.
Teleportaion is so sick cause you can hit your girls house get to work and visit your cousins in Ireland all in the same few minutes so it's sick nasty being able to just teleport!
Teleportation can be used for: (Offense: kick/punch from behind or the side after charging at them from the front; grab the person, and teleport them underwater or somewhere dangerous and teleport away) (Defense: dodge opponent or run away) Generally useful: Late? Not any more! See that creepy person that you do not want to talk to? Bam! You're gone showing off: for that hot chick in school I mean, how is this not number 1?
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you can look at some one and they wont know
I'm right behind you, invisible, you just can't see me, understand how awesome invisibility is?
You could some damage with this one
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7Healing Ability
This power could be very useful when injured you don't have to go the hospital or better yet you can heal your self and others. Many people will see you as an important person because of this powerful and amazing ability.
Jesus gonna get jealous
Can You say superhero doctor
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8Super Speed
travel around the world in a minute?


you can go anywhere on earth and wont take know time at all
Run around somebody really fast so he can't breath
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Shapeshifting is much more affective than you would think. The Actual name of it is changing your physiology. And it doesn't always have to be natural. Get your heart ripped out, make another organ take over for it. Get stabbed? Grow another arm ten times stronger. You in theory you can have other powers: Like Super Strength, or altering your brain to make you smarter? Grow a laser blast in your eye for laser vision? Make yourself twenty times larger for growth? The possibilities are endless!
Live this you can take the form of anything you can think of spider for small places, dinosaur and other big crap for scaring of eenemies or someone/thing you don't like
Want to fly? Shift into a bird. Want to breathe underwater? Dolphin. Turn invisible? Itty bitty ant. Get an easy $20? Shapeshift into a celebrity and charge for autographs.
Come on. What other super power could beat this one?
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10Control Gravity
Absolute control over gravity is easily the greatest power. Time control has too large of a margin for error that could lead to unforeseen consequence at a catastrophic level. Telekinesis is probably the closest on this list in terms of raw potential and usability to gravitational control, but it does have some drawbacks. At its core, gravity manipulation would give the user all abilities associated with telekinesis. Simply by changing an object, organism, or particle's center of gravitational pull (i.E. the direction it reacts to as "down") and the amount of gravitational pull on the target, the user can cause the target to move through space at incredible speeds, slow it down, make it weightless, implode, or any number of other possibilities, similar to telekinesis. However, unlike telekinesis, gravitational manipulation would not require constant concentration. Once a direction and level of force was applied, the user can step back and let physics do the rest. This frees up the user to continue whatever else he/she needs to do. Gravitational manipulation can also allow the user to mimic many other types of powers, as well as increase their base fitness level. Imagine living life with 10 extra pounds of force constantly pulling on you. You would get pretty strong, pretty fast. Then, you can just up the weight. However, even this application doesn't have much bearing beyond the aesthetic. Gravitational manipulation can make anything weightless! (Super strength? ) This ability gets even more fun when you consider applying two separate pulls on one object, say... an atom? You could turn anything into a nuclear bomb. Gravity is a force we are not even close to understanding. As such, its potential is practically limitless. For all we know, the relationships between gravity and other universal forces could allow for a gravity manipulator to control time and space itself. Gravity manipulation is bar none the greatest and most versatile superpower ever.
With this you can create black holes for mass destruction. Wormholes to teleport you anywhere you please. You can control the direction of gravity, having anyone you hate just "Float away into space..."
Simply not many think of the power, meaning it has more strength than most may know.
Earth is surrounded by gravity, no matter where you go. Controlling matter might be good, but unless you can change how fast you get crushed, it isn't as good.
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The Contenders

11Control Major Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air and lightning)
You could've compound anything using these 4 elements and create something new. For example you could've combine water and air then, you would get ice. Or combining water and fire to make water vapor and use it as a fog to hide whenever you are in a fight. Also creating water vapor and using fire and air controlling ability to warm air to make clouds. Then Condense the clouds by warming more air and adding more clouds and wait till it becomes heavier then adding some water so you can get a rain, by getting a rain you can form a lightning and control it. Or just control any of these 5 elements as your major weapon without combining any of them. One more thing you can turn your whole body into any elements you like such as, smoke(vapor), magma, lightning, fire, water, air, Earth, Sand etc. There are way, way many more things to add I just listed some of them.
You'd be able to be Percy Jackson, Skulduggery Pleasant, Avatar (the air bender) and Pikachu at the same time!
I like this but controlling all elements (like sound, fire, water, ice, air, lightning, time, earth, gravity and space) is AMAZING!
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12Super Intelligence
This will be so sweet to have imagine you being the smartest being in the world. No body will call you a retard when you have this power on your side. You will be unstoppable and you will be amazingly powerful with this badass ability you know what they say intelligence is power and no body will boss you around and you are even better that albert the scientist you figure this out in a matter of minute and can amaze many people even creating impossible machine to go and have an amazing adventure.
I agree with this statement intelligence is power why does t anybody choose this powers to be the main one? Intelligence will be your number one weapon just image the possibilities they are indeed endless.
Super Intelligence opens literally endless possibilities. You could potentially unlock all other powers on this list by inventing something such as a serum, using highly advanced DNA altering, creating advanced technologies, etc. This should be in the top 3, if not number 1.
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13Ability to Fly
I'd love to fly. It would be so awesome. I would fly around the whole world, grab a gun and pretend I'm going to shoot people, (i wouldn't really shoot, but pretend, because people always shoot birds.


One of my main dreams is to fly so that's why I want to be a pilot, and I wouldn't mind super reflexes. It would be awesome because you wouldn't be late to anything and the travel would be easy and running away from fights would seem almost impossible to fail at
Why is this not top ten? It's not the most powerful, it's the best superpowers right? Imagine flying around everywhere. No more waiting in traffic. And you'd make some sick basketball shots
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Life would be so much easier with telepathy.

Didn't study? Read the teacher's mind.
Late for work? Make your boss not care.
Want to get rich? Make Oprah buy you stuff. Or just make store personel give it to you.
Want to go on a vacation. Just make some random person give you a lift. Make the airline let you fly free. Repeat similar actions for stuff you do on your vacation.
Why is this so low? You can make anyone do anything you want. Without them knowing why they are doing it. Complete stealth and anything at your disposal.
Telepathy is awesome. And it is actually real lug.
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15Super Strength
Crapping volcano style, pretty cool
Col like super! 111
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You can never be hurt! And you can escape in any situation. If you are in a house on fire, you can just walk right through the fire or the wall! If you are caught and chained up, the solid object can go right through you, and you can just walk right through the villain! Best thing EVER!
It's almost unfair to put it on here, but come on, this would totally be the best superpower. There'd be no stopping someone who was invincible. I'm not for immortality, that's just unfair, but invincibility would be pretty awesome, am I right, or am I right?
It's ok but invincibility we'll uh isn't that great because what if you were in space and this so called "Invincibility won't stand a chance against the non breathable air out in space. That's why it's down to number 15.

17Ability to Absorb Other Powers
Once you met somebody with a power and they used it you could do the same along with all past powers you learned. You couldn't be touched!
All the powers in one
I already voted but then I saw this so I switch my vote to absorbing powers
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Man, cloning would be awesome, just hold a hundred dollar bill, clone and then you'd have $200
Would be able to do nearly anything, get the dishes done in a millisecond

That'd be so badass. Ping, ping ping. All that good stuff. It'd be pretty hard to kill someone that was bulletproof.

20Create Forcefields
Force fields are clearly the best power. If the forcefields are invincible, as they should be, you are also invincible, because you could constantly have one around you. You can crush people by making a forcefield around them, then shrink it. You can also create one inside someone, then expand it, killing your foe. You can move things by making a forcefield around it or under it, then moving the forcefield around, including yourself, giving you the power of flight. Also, these things are indestructible, imagine getting hit with one of those. You could also control peoples actions my making a forcefield around them, then moving it to make them move. This is definitely the most underrated power. And those were just the most obvious things you could do with this power. If you could control who/what can pass through it, you could have an area that nobody could get in/out of that you didn't want them to. If you could control the colour of the forcefield, you can make it look like its surroundings, allowing you to be able to blend in. Also, if you are in complete control of the appearance of the forcefield, you could decide for light rays to pass through the forcefield and its contents, rendering the contents invisible.
Not only you can defend your self but also create a force field inside your foes and make the force field bigger until he/she explodes. You could also use it to move objects with it... I believe this is a very underrated power
you would be abel to defened you or a friend
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21To Control the Friction of Molecules

22Thoughts Become Reality
With this, you could literally do anything you want, invisibility, time control, quantum tunneling, even omnipotence or omniscience. This is clearly the be best and most OP superpower. But it is kind of exactly the same thing of omnipotence, so I can see why it's down here.
Basically omnipotence but... It's the same
You could kill some with just your mind.
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23Super Agility
With super agility you can get into a fight and never be touched. You also can jump super high. Like your always doing parkour

24Harness Dark Matter
Awesome! You could be all Necromancer and stab people with shadows and use darkness to escape or cover enemies eyes so you can pound em and they wont even see! Or teleport using shadows or become like a god of death! Number 1 definiteley
Totally awesome! You could make a ball of darkness and use like shadow ball from Pokemon.
Love this power. god of death sounds like fun on a bun

25Control Ice and Water
2 for 1 power is pretty awesome. Also, you could control about 40.5% of the earth is covered with ice and water. That's a lot of swagitude
Make me do it pleasee

26Stopping All Powers
This power actually is really ironic.
This would make for a great prank in a world of super heroes.

27Ability to Control, Generate, and Absorb Lightning
According to science, everything is made of an enormous amount of energy, or lightning if you will, so you basically have the power of telekinesis with this one.
This power is so awesome. Think of it, you can shock people!
Think of it as cole's powers from ifamous 2 or infamous 1, I would so shoot my science teacher with a lighting gernade

28The Power to Make Things or Yourself Big or Small
So shrink or turn big

29Absorb Energy

30Ability to Stretch

31Ability to Create Fire
I love the movie The last air bender so you can c y I would love this power. Also I am 10 so I play this kind of stuff with my frciends al the time so cool right
This Power is EPIC

32Reality Warping
Being a reality warper is basically being omnipotent. When you warp reality you can do whatever you please. When warping reality you can have any power and literally anything and if you don't know of something you can do then trust me, with reality warping you can do it. I mean look at the Beyonder and the one above all, some people say they are omnipotent other say reality warper it really doesn't matter is the same thing. I don't even know how is this power still in the contenders list and not in the top ten list, hell, why isn't this power number 1?
Reality warping is really cool because anything you want can come true even if it is impossible or it is against the law of physics. You can just change reality by jut saying, emotion and you can have absolute power by just your thought. Its really Cool!
You could make true anything you wanted. You could mess with reality and fool anyone.
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Many dislike it because you'd see everyone around you die out, but really, who gives? You're immortal, the one fear mankind has is now gone, death will not happen to you and you could make tons of cash, make yourself a god, or simple live life with pretty much no worries, because you can do, whatever you like without that fear.
Immortality is so cool it should be in the first place cause the ability to live for ever is the most coolest thing that a human could ever imagine thank you
Awesome power, no kinks, and after all who are dear to you are gone, Live life, be free, write a book, rule the world, watch civilization advance then die out, and
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34Sonic Scream
You could make somwone deaf

35Mind Control
Make everyone else do exactly what you want. You could make muggers and theives put down their guns and walk themselves to jail and once you've got a hold of every important person in the world then you can rule it.
Mind control is basically, you could take over the world in an instant. As long as it doesn't exhaust you, you could walk up to someone, be like 'yo, you're my slave now' and they wouldn't question it. Instant army.
I've seen so much Code Geass that I really want this power

36Earth Control
You could fly, stop bullets, crush people and stop things from following you.

37Make Things Appear Out of Mid-air

38Power of Infinity
This one might need to be reworded a bit. If it means having an infinite source out of something appearing at one at a time, then this would be great... But if it means infinity at once, then you've basically just killed everyone and an infinitely large implosion that has infinite force and never stops. You'd make the world's best villain though.
You could have infinite grenades, Ferraris, rpg, etc... Anything you want it could never stop

Create fire from the oxygen in the air around you... Or the oxygen in something/someone's body... Yes.
This would be so sick!

40Fire Breathing
I always wanted this power you could make you own food

41Extra Stamina

42Wolverine Claws
Wolverine claws would be amazing to have I mean who wouldn't want metal claws to come out of your hands I mean then you would never loose a knife fight

The psi Power to control light with the mind. To the greater extent, one could make themself invisible, concentrate light particles/waves into lasers and manipulate any part of the light spectrum making Photokinesis the "father" of Autokinesis, Lumokinesis, Optikinesis, Magnetokinesis, etc. Can be used to create illusions. This can be used to generate light shields/force fields, and project an healing energy too. One could create a blast of light which impales enemies, or even create a ball or shape of light to blast. A theory to this power is that you could group together photons into a powerful solid blast.
This ones cool because you can make light bounce off you - making you invisible.
Also you could have a force field of light with a 'light sword'

44Control Weather
sunny day, rainy day revenge?


How fast would you fly? That is the real question if you ask me. What if you could fly as fast as you could walk or run on the ground? I think that would kinda crappy but it wouldn't be without it's uses.

46Granting Wishes
This is what we all need! Want a taco? Boom, you got yourself a taco. Enemy wants $1,000,000 and you have to grant it? Rain it down on them in pennies. Want other powers? Boom! Hey look, you can see my thoughts!

47Changing Textures
The classic powers of the absorbing man one of hulks most famous villains! This power rules I mean it would be even better if you could manipulate the substance once you have absorbed it for instance if you absorbed same valuable mettle that you only had a small amount of you should be able to expand it in order for your entire body to be made of the substance and once it was absorbed it should be able to be moulded easily like if you absorbed steel you should be able to turn your hand into a sword... Etc
For example, if you touched medal, your body would be medal. But of course you can change yourself back into your own skin or else this power would suck!
Woah that would be awesome if I touched a waffle I would be half waffle!
More comments about Changing Textures

48Controlling Shadows
You could hide effortlessly and you could easily get around and you wouldn't have to worry about the sunlight you could just make your own cover.


50Manipulation of Boundaries
Considering everything has a boundary, manipulation of boundaries should be the #1 in the list. If the boundaries are manipulated correctly, you can achieve ANY and EVERY other powers at the same time. This means any power in the world and on this list. You just can't win against a boundary manipulator



You could just say kill him and he dies
Read things aloud and they become reality

54Power to Have Extremely Good Luck or Good Fortune
You will never fail a test, or lose games.
Without counting all the times you will win the lottery or at a casino. Is the life!

55Sense Manipulation
The ability to make others or yourself see, hear, feel etc. You can also make people feel pain if you wanted, and you can experience anything and not have to go anywhere. :D

You can control and have any electrical item at your dispoal
Dude right? Totally awesome


Omnikinesis it is EPIC.

59Illusion Manipulation
You can shapeshift and change the background around you. Ever seen Zoroark master of illusion. The pokemon movie

We don't need to comment this ability, its pretty much everything you can want. Its one of the most powerful abilities. Think of Dr Strange, or Zatanna, Enchantress they are pretty badass people and have amazing powers.

61Soul Removal
Everyone has a soul even angels and demons

62Existence Manipulation
The top 5 powers are: 1. Existence manipulation, 2. Soul manipulation,3. Telekinesis, 4. reality warping, 5. space & time manipulation. nothing but the truth, not based opinion, but fact

63Power Mimicry
You would have every single power listed here.
You could copy anyone's ability or skills.

The ability to teleport and teleport other objects from the rvedly show charmed.

65Mind Reading
You could read people's mind, but not how fiction usually describes it, by just seeing what a person is thinking at that exact moment. My vision of mind reading is that you can "search" for a specific phrase of something, and then it would give you results for that. Like if you like a girl and you think of your name, all the thoughts she's had about you pop up, like a search engine-but they never even know you're in their head. It could work with animals, too.

You can get anyone to do anything just by talking to them.
Get a phone or anything from shops for free and pass your GCSEs

67Mass Memory Manipulation
With this power you would be invincible "literally" no body could even touch you because you could make them forget something or create an artificial memory making them do something else

68Ability to Understand How All Things Work
This means you could kill anybody with a power and gain their power.

69Generate Electricity
I so wish I had this power

70Ability to Change In Other Animals

71Superhuman Senses

Your spirt comes out of your body and can go anywhere to see anything high in the sky and when your down looking your spirt go's back into your body. While your spirt go's where ever your body stay's where it is.


74Curse Casting
You hate somebody? Curse them then and give them bad luck for all enternity

75Kiss of Death
Everything or one you kiss dies

While in the body you could read there mind.
You have the ability to steel people's body

Can reject one or more forms of damage (Example: Superman)

78Light Absorption
Anybform of light could be absorbed and sucked away for your own personal use and energy. Also his means that you coukd absorb the power of the sun and turn yourself into a super nova and kill ev=ryone aroundnyou butbthen youd have no planet to live on amymore


80Talk to Animals
You could control them and talk and play with them

81Power Reversal
The power to use someones power against them whenever they use it. It would protect you from just about anything and hit the opponent in the process

82Sound Manipulation
The ability to control and turn tyourself into a sound wave. Its teleporting and the ability to annoy people with sonic sounds.

83Midas Touch
How amazing would that be! You'd be filthy rich!

84Enhanced memory
Imagine just read one time and you will be prepared for your exams. Eddie (limitless)

85Atomic Manipulation
You could turn lead into gold and water into fire. Or if you were really evil, you could even change the blood in one's body into poison, and kill them from within. :D

Imagine having the power to rule everything

87Breathe In Space

88Death Finger
Anything or one you touch dies or gets destroys

89Weapon Hands
You could be sandman and turn your hands into mallets, guns and even knifes

90Steel Skin
The ability to transform all atoms and particles within your body into a thick layer of steel, which may be bullet proof, fire resistant and almost invulnerable.

91Extreme Accuracy/Marksmanship

92Create Portals
This is like teleportation you can create portals to go anywhere you want

93Lay Any Animal Egg

94Environmental Protection
The ability to absorb any element and use it to protect you
I thought this was like a super tree hugging hippie.

95Make Things Come to Life
Hate cleaning your room with toys everywhere well no problem with this power you can make your own toys come to life
And tell them to go back in there places were they were before.
This power is cool you can make your toy come to life you can make your chair come to life you can make anything
Come to life

96Demon Powers
Have any powers of any demon
Why the *hell* demons always have the best powers? (see, what I did there? )

The ability to do anything and everything with no limitations at all so this power is a easyer understanding of omnipotence... still awesome though.

98To Control Animals

99Ability to Shoot Acid
This power is cool you can shoot acid out of your hands to fight your foes.
When a robber has a gun you can shoot acid at it so the gun can melt.

100The Ability to Control Life and Death
If I wrote a comic the character would have this power.

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