Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve


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Spend Time With Loved Ones
This is what Christmas means


I usually spend time with my family on Christmas day but sometimes on Christmas Eve as well.
I like this better because some people do get carried away and think it is all about the toys and presents and it's not it is about spending love, time, and joy with your family and friends.
[Newest]Christmas usually symbolize spend time with family so we should spend time with our family

2Open 1 Gift
Opening presents can get you into the spirit of christmas! Just to remember your excitement on Chrismas Day when you see that stocking full of presents. Also the enjoyment and rebellious feeling of opening a present early. That alone can get you excited, even if the present you open is well, not so good. If you still don't agree with opening a present on Christmas Eve, then just think, you're get a present early! always a good excuse
I love to do thing on Christmas Eve because if you have kids like me (little ones) this usually holds them over until Christmas morning. Pick a small gift that is fun but not a huge time consuming gift. Pick Wisely! Happy Holidays!
Every year we wait until after dinner and then we go get the gifts the neighbours gave us and we open that. It holds us of until the next morning when we can open all our gifts
I agree to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve night because right now its 0 days 5 hours 19 mins and 23 secs

3Watch a Christmas TV Show or Movie
We watch the film Polar Express every year, Absolutely brilliant! Love this film
I don't know if this counts as a Christmas T.V. show or movie but on Christmas Eve night I go and watch tsn year in review. Tsn is espn in Canada. Also opening one present on Christmas Eve is good but there is no use for voting for it because its at the top spot. Opening one gift is good because Christmas isn't about getting, you know.
I always watch a movie on Christmas Eve, as there are plenty of Christmas movies on to suit everyone. Watching a Christmas Movie gets you really excited and I find it helps me sleep. Most Christmas movies can be watched by the whole family.
[Newest]We always watch home alone 1 or 2. so funny, never gets oldπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

4Remember to Put Christ In Christmas
Agree 100% It's all about Jesus being born into this sin infested world to take our place & save us from all of our sins. He is the only way the truth & the life. Your faith in him & him only has saved from all your sins. Your sins are truly forgiven go & live in this peace.
Jesus is the reason of the season
Do something spiritual. Read the bible, go to church, go to a play or show about Christ.
[Newest]Yes, Christmas should be about Jesus Christ, the son of God.

5Leave Sweets Out for Santa
He works hard that night, better give him some energy!
We put out chocolate milk and some type of cookies that we (my family) vote on
Egg nog and a few cookies is alway fun to make with my little Angel
[Newest]It is fun to give milk and cookies to Santa

6Sing Christmas Carols
I like to do that at home, but singing at strangers doors I'm not so sure...
Carols are the best
This year I am going caroling

7Listen to Christmas Music
This truly gets you in the mood of Christmas
Music is everything so this means so much
It's so magical if your with all of your family when your all together near the Christmas tree
[Newest]Gets you in the spirit!

8Have Christmas Dinner
Yum :) Love the idea our family's doing the same. I love the steak turkey and goose liver patΓ©! Hope you like it too!

9Go to Bed Early
Its not that I like to do this because it gets boring because I can't get to sleep! It's just when your in bed staring at your empty stocking forcing yourself to go to sleep it's so annoying but then eventually after trying to do starjumps, rolly pollys and reading to try and get yourself tired your eyes slowly shut and your out in half an hour ;) its not normal
Because santa is coming
Because then you can wrap up the kids gifts and you can tell them that Santa is coming and you have to go to bed early so you can come and put your gifts under the tree
You always have to go to bed early on Christmas Eve- it always makes Christmas Morning seem to come quicker!

10Track Santa
It's always fun to track Santa!
I do this all day on Christmas Eve even though I don't believe in him any more
Even if you don't believe in him its always fun to "know" where the big man is on his trip!
[Newest]I just play Minecraft

The Contenders

11Eat Finger Food
Christmas Eve is the only day of the year that I let my children eat chips, dip, candy, cookies, and chocolate to their heart's content. To them, Christmas Eve is a very special smorgasbord.
I'd say have your kids do a Christmas program for your family and sit down at dinner and watch a movie! Happy ideas
I would recomend finger food for a christmas eve party beacase its no washing up just throw the paper plates in the bin and the scaps in the bin too

12Set Your Alarm When You Go to Bed
It helps the kids get into the spirit, because it will give them time to think about it with no distractions. If they konw this scheme, though, it will make them stop thinking in subconscious spite.
Because you want your awesome presents
Make christmas goodies
Each person open 1 present

13Make Cookies
I love making cookies with my family and have a good laugh well were making them and when there's left overs we like to eat the left over cookie dough! Its always great to spend time with your family!
My family has made cookies at least three times and they keep running out but I just love baking cookies!
Great idea it is helpful because I really forgot about baking cookies

14Try to Guess Your Christmas Presents
Always fun, just no peaking!

15Watch Movies
Ya I should do that I'm just sitting here

16Scream "Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson!"
I love love love one direction
I absolutely love him. Even though we need to stay in the Christmas spirit, Louis deserves a proper birthday, no matter how close it is to a huge holiday!
While Christmas Eve is not all about Lou, it is his birthday and we need to respect that. He would be very excited just like everyone else on their birthday.
Happy Birthday BooBear

And yes I am a directioner
Love One Direction people

17Snuggle Up by the Fire With Cozy Slippers and a Blanket
I love CCOKIEES! Who doesn't?

18Dance Around the Tree
I love it we just did it she loved it so much

19Kiss Under the Mistletoe
What if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend then you can't
In the boondocks, cousin's always count
Many special moments and always is fun

20Drive or Walk Around Looking at Christmas Lights
I always have a blast doing that with my friends or family! Sometimes I like to see the lights that go all out and beautiful. I usually do this every year with my family for some good memories that I can remember my whole life! I like to take pictures so I could show my kids or friends when I grow up and tell him the story al about it!
I do that I πŸ’– it!
I do this every year!

21Drink Egg Nog
Eggnog is delish, and should be treated with respect. Eggnog comes in many different flavors, so every one can have a favorite kind of eggnog.
It is so delicious and even tastes like thick, melted ice cream.

22Make Hot Cocoa
It is warming and if you add some special ingredients it even tastes like christmas!
What you really need to do is taste the magic of christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hot chocolate completes the Christmas feeling.

23Attend Midnight Mass
That is so fun, I wish I lived in France! I would have so much fun!

24Kiss Someone

25Go Ice Skating
This could be fun and games, especially if you record any mishaps, and send off recording to you've been framed for prize money.
I love ice skating I ice skate every year on my pond.

26Stay Up All Night
I love to stay up all night. I'm the youngest out of 4 kids so as a kid I was the only one up all night it's because my sister was too old to wait for Santa and wanted her sleep more some people say always go to sleep on Christmas I've said that to my own kids but if they don't I know not to blame them. Somtimes you want to go to sleep but you can't your to excited. Staying up can be kind of fun but also boring if you have Simone stay up with you it's really fun but alone a little boring one of the good things of staying up all night is that you're the first one up and get to wake everyone else especially siblings I hope some people stay up not every one though somtimes you're tired. If you stay up on you're phone track Santa on NORADs sans tacked its fun to do with kids stay up with your kids have Simone dress up like Santa and go show them the big guy Thanks
I hate going to bed early on Christmas

27Have a Treasure Hunt

28Go to Church
Wow. #52? Am I the only one who goes to church on Christmas Eve? Scream "happy Birthday Lois Tomlinson is #14 and Go to Church is #52? Christmas is NOT about the presents or One Direction. it is about JESUS!


This makes me feel like I'm really doing the right thing. Just go after dinner or something and you feel much better about Christmas.
Jesus is the reason for the season people! No way would you enjoy December as much if it weren't for him!

29Help Those Who Don't Have Much
Een though I don't do this I might start

30Play Board Games
Maybe make it Christmas themed, and all of the words must relate to the holiday!
It's a fun way to pass the time, plus they are just plain fun!

31Play On Your Favorite Website
I agree it really fun and I gets me in the festive mood if you play Christmas games and track Santa while watching a film
It makes the day go by faster. And you get distracted.

32Go to a Movie
Movie in the PM (the best one ever was the Muppet Christmas Carole), followed by dinner at the local lost and olde world pub, as the carol singers pile in for a pint after doing the rounds. It's excellent, as they continue singing songs as the fire burns and the frost is on the ground. Christmas in the Shire!

33Take Pictures of Your Christmas Star, Tree and Other Decorations

34Read Christmas Books

35Make a Gingerbread House
Love it Xmas soon laugh out loud love it prezzs all year round prezzs and family I says
Ha I'm doing that today :) x
Yes, I made one the other day! It needed scaffleding though!

36Party the Night Down With Some Drinks
Nothing like a few drinks to keep you going through the night x is it just me r would anyone else just love company on Christmas eve x

37Watch the Christmas Film Elf and Go Out With Family
Elf is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time!

38Eat Cookies
I love CCOKIEES! Who doesn't?
It's fun I did it today which is Christmas Eve and we went and bought cookies and ate them and then we made dinner

39Make Tamales & Atole

40Try to Sleep
I just turned 13 and I still can never sleep on x-mas Eve.

41Write a Christmas Story
Great idea, I really like writing and it will give me something to do.

42Have a Christmas Party
It is always nice to have a small party or get together during december. especially with family and friends

43Make a Card for Your Crush
Makeing a card for your crush is always nice. you could put your name in it but just make sure you say merry Christmas!

No better christmas to have then a bit of relaxing after baking all those cookies and christmas dinner have a bit of alone time and read a good book so just relax!
Because it would be christmas tomorrow and you need energy

45Have a Sleepover
Sleep overs are awesome because you can stay up and prank "Santa"
Enjoy yourself and have a night with a friend xx or even just an evening x

46Buy or Make Last Minute Christmas Cards or Presents
I love CCOKIEES! Who doesn't?

47Take a Video of You Opening Presents
It's very fun to watch your face when you open a present

You have memories

48Decorate the Christmas Tree
Decorate the Christmas tree with lights

49Do a Christmas Craft

50Go Outside and Have Fun
Sled, snowball fight, build a fort, etc.

I love to sinf

52Go Out On a Drive to See Christmas Lights
I love doing this I always try and count the Christmas trees or drive to a really big hill so you can see all the lights

53Facetime Your Eggnog Buddy

54Bake a Christmas Cake
It's really fun and you can eat it after Christmas dinner

55Countdown 'Til Christmas Day
If you are with friends and you countdown until christmas then it gives you something to do get chatting and eventually you will get tired and you will fall asleep in wait for santa x
My mom would hang a big clock on the wall that we made (out of paper) and every time we walk passed we would take a number down. I loved doing that!

56Give Gifts to Your Loved Ones

57Pull Christmas Crackers
You never know what you might get!

58Go Looking at Christmas Lights Around the Block
Have fun check out the neighbourly Christmas spirit

59Make Your Favorite Christmas Dinner
My family and I love doing this and we gather around to eat together!

60Secretly Decorate Family Members' Rooms

61Turn On Your Christmas Lights
Turn on your lights if you have then on your tree or strung around the house it's a great way to get into the Christmas spirit

62Make Lasagna

63Eat Chili
The day before x Mass my dad makes chili and we eat it after we go to church. Then we open a present under the tree.

64Make Candy

65Go Shopping
Buy loads of lovely stuff

66Hang Your Stockings

67Online Shoe Shop

68Play With Past Christmas Gifts

69Play Outside In the Snow

70Open Presents
I do it every year not all presents just like 5 or 7

71Play Fun Games
It's fun I am 8 and I like it still

72Get Excited
Even though it's well worth doing these things. Just get excited!

73Eat Chocolate
Stock up on sweets and that and get you're little/big brothers/sisters and go into a quite room and eat them yum laugh out loud
Chocolate is needed for a proper Chrsitmas! Stock up on Celebrations, Hereos, Roses and Quality Street! Yum.

74Bake Cookies
There always so yummy!
I love to bake Christmas cookies with m family. When I'm done I set it out for Santa to take.

75Go Run 8 Miles With All the Runners In Nothing But Short Shorts and a Santa Hat
It's what I do. We got almost 600 honks. Say no more. #cross country

76Eat Cheese and Crackers by an Open Fire

77Spy On Your Neighbours

78Make Up Stupid Christmas Traditions

79Have S'mores by the Fireplace

80Wake up early and everyone else in the house

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