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He's so sweet, and hilarious, and his vlogs are really entertaining, causing me to go on a YouTube spree every other day. And, to top it off, he's kinda attractive too. Well... Very attractive. What's not to like?

Dan is a really funny youtuber, and his videos are hilarious! He will always, with no doubt, put a smile on your face :) He is a really good actor, too, which makes his videos even funnier. If you don't know who he is, and you like funny British youtubers, then you should check him out! And his friend, AmazingPhil, too!

I think he's a good entertainer and you can really realte to those situations he describes in his volgs

Danisnotonfire is the cutest most funny human being to ever live. I relate to him in so many ways and he's so awesome!

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Shaycarl and family is the best! Best family ever! Even the kids are funny and outgoing plus shay and mommytard really gives a good parenting to their children. Shay for the win!

Shay & family are awesome! They all have a positive attitude & are quite entertaining to watch! I think they are teaching me to be more patient & relaxed in life. After discovering their channel, I have been watching them each day & trying to catch up on all of the vlogs. I haven't found one yet that I didn't like! Especially their Christmas specials! Love you guys... Keep it up!

Bro... ShayCarl.. I want to be part of his family! And I wanted to start a vlog, but didn't think anyone would watch because it's just about family&stuff, but he makes me want to start one! He has such a chill family and just goes to show you don't need all the big stuff to have fun and with the people you love! I could watch his videos all night... And day

I love watching the shaytards life and go on the amazing journey with him and his family

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An amazing YouTuber who makes great vlogs that keep you entertained. He's also really cute and sweet and he's great with his fans and interacts with us loads on Twitter. His vlogs are interesting and have a bit of a comic side to them and his videos always cheer me up and make me laugh. Phil's character really shines through and the awkward situations he talks about are things many viewers can relate to. I could write loads about Phil, but then who'd read a huge chunk of text?

-A Phillion.

Okay, honestly, Phil should be sharing this with Dan or at least second. They do so many collabs, they're best friends, they live together! You will hardly ever get a video without either of them in it. I love Dan, but people put his apperance before his videos which isn't very good considering this isn't a "whose the most attractive volgger" it's the best. Phil is a warm ball of adorable sunshine, he has impacted his subscribers in ways words cannot explain. He is considerate and kind, and he's so adorable. Yes, he is strange, but that just adds to his appeal. His videos are great because he attracts crazy, and it's great. He actually has a degree in arts of technology and special affects (something along those lines which I have forgotten at the moment). He is extremely intelligent and how can you not love him? He's a fluffy lion who needs more love! Seriously, if you haven't checked him out, do it now. I guarentee you'll love him! And don't tell Dan you don't like Phil because he ...more

So funny. Makes so many videos you can relate to. Also is funny when he makes videos with Danisnotonfire who is also really funny and makes great videos!

I love Phil, he is my angel bean

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She's hilarious. Grace also posts a lot of videos throughout the week which have a lot of variety! Haha, and shes got a great personality, she's really pretty and like I said, shes so funny. She's actually worth checking out.

Very funny and original. She has a variety of shows on different days (the show is on every weekday), as well as multiple "characters". Guests are often featured as well.

Grace is the best! She's so hilarious, posts a lot of videos, does the best collaborations, and is so creative and original. Some days I literally just sit around and watch her videos instead of having a social life. I haven't watched a single video of hers without laughing.

I believe that Grace is the best of the best. I don't think anyone would even think of her not being amazing.

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I can't get enough of these guys. I really appreciate all of the videos that come daily and the amount of their work that goes into making sure that we have a great time watching! :) GO HAM SAAN!

They are really awesome people, they always know how to have fun no matter where they are, they also listed to their viewers so that makes them really great.

Jeana and Jesse are the best youtube vloggers.
They are super likable and genuine. They spend a lot of their time making sure their viewers are happy and entertained. Another thing I love about Jesse and Jeana is that they listen to their viewers and make sure the blogs are what the viewers want. On top of all this they participate in a lot of charity organizations and do the annual walk for ovarian cancer. Their goal is to raise $20, 000! They can make your day better and cheer you up with their great personalities. So vote for these amazing people so they can get to number 1! Go dope fresh nation! - irusnak

They are cool

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I really like their video, very creative and funny. I hope they will make more videos and engage into more opportunities that may advance their future pursuits. Look forward to seeing them not only on YouTube but also other kinds of media. Keep up the good work Jack!

I really enjoy watching JacksGap video's! I think that they are really good at coming up with creative and funny ideas to Vlog about and always take care when editing and filming to get the best result for their audience. They never make a boring video and always make it very funny and interactive for the audience and never make you want to turn it off. They engage their audience very well and always make me laugh! They are so talented and always make videos which help other people, such as ones going to Africa and India. Not to mention their great collabs with other YouTubers!

They are awesome! They make me laugh when I watch they video... Hands up for the best twin in the world! Besides... They are so cute n I LOVE them so much!

For me, JacksGap is very interesting channel. They share their opinions from their travel experiences. They also give me so many inspirations through their videos. Also the editing of the videos are nice!

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People say he's great, but he's just one of those psycho hookers that have no life, care more about money, talk too much about sex, curse, and make up stupid "challenges", he only made one good video and that was his first, everything after that is complete garbage, Those kinds of videos aren't even safe to go on at any age or time, yet I'm an adult.

A few messages on here are right, all he ever does is talks about sex and curses, he does not have any talent whatsoever after his first video, that was his only good video, because while even that video had gross humor and language, it had comedy and funny lines, all of his next ones don't have any comedy, he's toast.

He is so inspirational, he wants everyone to know that they are not worthless, and addresses things in a funny yet serious manner. I find he brightens my worst days and keeps me smiling. Shane is also the reason I get up each morning, so I can go and see his newest video, or just because I need cheering up.
He deserves to be in the top 10, hands down.

Those people who love him ARE worthless, and so is he, I'm worthy, and I know that his videos, and many other stars' videos these days, are not suitable for any person, and why should people go on these videos, they're disgusting, they only rely on sex, he curses too much, at least 5 times in each video, and talks about genitals and pubic areas, his most recent good role was when he apologized to his fans for making racist videos, that's it, Nothing else, Shane is a monster. - nelsonerica

He is sext as hello

He is sexual, he always talks about XXX, curses and makes fun of people, he's a wimp. - nelsonerica

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I personally think roman is the happiest man on earth. If your having a bad day just watch his channel. I'm assuming that he had no idea what was coming his way when he worked at his family's role factory, I mean he used to work at a rope factory and get cheated on by his ex wife and know he make thousands of dollar a year. So that's why I watch his. First I saw one video when they were on vacation and ever since I've just been checking to see what there new video is daily. I think his videos are awesome. If Roman you do see this please enjoy it I've been making this on a script for a month for about 5 minutes after school when I get home.I also think that your prank videos are hilarios. I just had surgery so I'm not very active. So lately I've been watching your videos a lot lately. And again I just want to say your videos are awesome.

Genuine vlogger and has constant and exciting things to do in his vlogs along with a gorgeous wife and cool kids plus he's a famous prankster who hangs with other famous YouTube pranksters so that's plus as well.

Love his vlogs! New stuff everyday and he is really funny and fun to watch!

He is so awesome

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Zoe is so genuinely kind and her personality is infectious. You can tell she has a true relationship with her viewers and loves what she's doing. She's an inspiration and she's taught me how to be comfortable with who you are and how to deal with stress and anxiety. I love her!

She is so sweet and never ceases to amaze me. She always finishes her "series" blogs like Playlist, Vlogmas, etc. She loves what she's doing and is still very strong even with her anxiety. She's just like any. Other girl. She has relationships, she has trouble telling everyone, and she gets nervous. She shops till she drops and she cries. She has her closest friends and she's awkward, but that's why I'm always watching her videos. I love that her fans are her best friends. I love her like a sister

Zoella is an amazing person- beautiful, witty and charming- so much so many people, including me, aspire to be like her. Her blogs are so relateable and Zoe is the sort of person who would be an ideal bff. She is certainly not your average blogger!

I love Zoella I'm one of her biggest fans

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10Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa should be in the top ten. He is who he is while a lot of other YouTubers try to be show offs for their viewers. Joey deserves the respect he is valued to get. He shouldn't just be number 24. He should at least be in the top ten. He is an extremely dedicated vlogger, and he definitely puts the meaning in commitment.

Joey graceffa should be in the top ten because my life would be dull without him his personality is amazing and I probably now couldn't do with out his videos like seriously my phone covers are joey graceffa I love him so much he is so inspirational so that's why he deserves to be in the top ten

Joey makes his videos funny and memorable. He makes every video worth watching and not a waste of anyone's time. If you have not already check out his YouTube channel and subscribe!

Joey needs to be on top 10 because he's really devoted to his YouTube career and followers and makes a lot of people happy.

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?Erik Conover

Erik lives in NYC and vLogs week days with model girlfriend Jessica. They have such a positive uplifting channel. Life in NYC and their travels. Very real, down to earth, nice people. Should be in the top 25 at least. I would place them higher myself. They don't do pranks or silly stuff but their personalities, honesty and outlook on life is so refreshing. "Smile More, Worry Less and Live Your Passion" has been his tag line for a couple of years and that pretty much sums it up.

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They are the best vloggers on youtube, I am simply addicted to them. They have been vlogging for almost 800 days without missing one, that is what I dedicated vlogging. CTFxC FTW! Charles Trippy and Alli and don't forget Zoey and Marley!

Ctfxc is awesome and there is absolutely no doubt that they are the undisputed kings of the internet CTFXCFTW! Charles alli and friends are all really amazing and can cheer me up when I'm sad

CTFxC for the win! Charles and Alli got me into the vlogging world, I can never get enough of their videos! I'm so glad they share their crazy lifes with us... Watching them is one of the best and funniest parts of the day

I was shocked when I saw their brain surgery video and I checked more of their channel out. THEY ARE AWESOME! - iiKyodaiKickz

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She's hilarious, but is inconsistent posting videos :( But she talks about all kinds of stuff we can relate to. She's hilarious!

I love nat because she actually talks about everyday topics that everyone can relate to. She's also really nice and very down to earth.

She is hilarious and easy to watch. And she doesn't make you feel like you regret subscribing to her (unlike smosh). She is like a real person who sometimes won't upload a video but all because she is human!

She is so awesome! Just wished she was consistent

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She's funny, smart, hot, self deprecating, and topical

She is hilarious, she uploads a video every Wednesday and makes normal Vlogs every so often as well. She is one of the only YouTubers who generally makes me laugh out loud.

I love jenna marbles so much she has made me want to blog so much more so that's why I've voted for her! My favourite video is carless whisper makes you sexy! You have to check it out!

How is she not 1? - venomouskillingmachine

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Charlie is a great vlogger, and he is the reason that I recently decided to get into vlogging. As it is him that has done this, and no other vlogger on YouTube, this is the reason that Charlie Mcdonnell (charlieissocoollike) gets my vote!

I actually just subscribed, I really like Charlie and find that I connect well with him. He has a very cool way of keeping me interested in what he's talking about and a great way of narrating his videos. Very inspirational with a lot of quality not just filler. I want to have a channel that produces the same type of quality content as well. Great job Charlie!

Charlie is very funny, we can see that he does the videos with dedication, and the edition is amazing :D. He makes his life be interesting. For sure everybody that watch his videos will laugh a lot.

Charlie is really inspiring, he's funny and has a great charm! I love him

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Alfie is genuinely awesome! He is nice, intelligent and very funny! When you watch his videos you feel like you really know him in real life and that's just one of many advantages of his channel- you should really check him out

Alfie is the most genuine guy out, and it shows in his videos. He has a good time, he's clearly not putting on an act to get subscribers and he is a total pleasure to watch.

Alfie is amazing. He is so funny and his enthusiasm makes his vlogs amazing! I definitely recommend checking his channel out, it is worth it!

He is so funny and nice! I can obviously tell he likes mornings.

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Where is my boo? Why is he not on this list?! He is so funny and does really good vlogs that are hilarious! His vlogs talk about daily life situations and does funny things with them! He also shares another channel called our2ndlife with his other youtube friends!

So glad Connor is moving up love him so much. I used to hate Mondays but now I love them. thanks Connor!

Number 50 really, he is totally awesome and cute!

He is simply awesome

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17Tyler OakleyMathew Tyler Oakley, known as Tyler Oakley, is an American YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist.

He is super energetic, very fun. Always has great topics. Loves his viewers. You can get special deals on almost everything laugh out loud. Always very entertaining. Q & Slays are my favorite type of his videos. Always busy doing something for his YouTube community. Love him!

If I ever feel sad I just watch one of Tyler's videos and I feel Better. I love Tyler Oakley!

Hilarious. Always cheers me up when I'm depressed

Kidding me? He is better than most in top 10. I know!

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Insightful, informative, hilarious, heartfelt. These guys remind me that being a nerd means being "too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness. "

They are amazing. They use their blog to educate people, as well as spread awesomeness, and act weird and geek out... I never imagined that 40 year old men could act so awesome!

One of the most interesting YouTube channels made by two incredibly interesting brothers. You watch one video and 3 hours later you are still watching

Wonderful people - intelligent, kind-hearted and funny

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Alex is an amazing vlogger and manages to connect with his fans, as well as being a great musician. He is funny and original, and has lots of different styles of videos which make me wait until his next one - not to mention his fashion choice!

Alex Day is perfect. I love his music and his videos are actually so funny.

Nerimon is seriously one of the best YouTuber ever. He's an amazing person ; funny, really smart, original, and he can think! What else? NermieArmy for ever


I discovered Judy and Benji about six months ago and have watched their daily vlogs ever since. I love seeing what they are doing every day, how their first year of marriage has gone and I think it's wonderful for them because they have a permanent memento of this time of their lives to look back on in years to come.

I'm addicted to Judy's life! They always post a new video everyday! They're so funny and entertaining.

I love Judy, Benji, Julianna, and the twins. Judy and Benji are very loving, caring, and fun parents. I started watching their vlogs in 2013. I watch their vlogs everyday and really, I'm addicted! I really wish I could meet them, that would be a dream come true to everyone who watches itsjudyslife. And this is why I think they should be 1st place!

Love the baby girls! So cute

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