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Shaycarl and family is the best! Best family ever! Even the kids are funny and outgoing plus shay and mommytard really gives a good parenting to their children. Shay for the win!
Shay & family are awesome! They all have a positive attitude & are quite entertaining to watch! I think they are teaching me to be more patient & relaxed in life. After discovering their channel, I have been watching them each day & trying to catch up on all of the vlogs. I haven't found one yet that I didn't like! Especially their Christmas specials! Love you guys... Keep it up!
Bro... ShayCarl.. I want to be part of his family! And I wanted to start a vlog, but didn't think anyone would watch because it's just about family&stuff, but he makes me want to start one! He has such a chill family and just goes to show you don't need all the big stuff to have fun and with the people you love! I could watch his videos all night... And day
[Newest]Shay and his family are so funny! I wish I was in their family
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He's so sweet, and hilarious, and his vlogs are really entertaining, causing me to go on a YouTube spree every other day. And, to top it off, he's kinda attractive too. Well... Very attractive. What's not to like?
Dan is a really funny youtuber, and his videos are hilarious! He will always, with no doubt, put a smile on your face :) He is a really good actor, too, which makes his videos even funnier. If you don't know who he is, and you like funny British youtubers, then you should check him out! And his friend, AmazingPhil, too!
I think he's a good entertainer and you can really realte to those situations he describes in his volgs
[Newest]He is the internet support group
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I really like their video, very creative and funny. I hope they will make more videos and engage into more opportunities that may advance their future pursuits. Look forward to seeing them not only on Youtube but also other kinds of media. Keep up the good work Jack!
I really enjoy watching JacksGap video's! I think that they are really good at coming up with creative and funny ideas to Vlog about and always take care when editing and filming to get the best result for their audience. They never make a boring video and always make it very funny and interactive for the audience and never make you want to turn it off. They engage their audience very well and always make me laugh! They are so talented and always make videos which help other people, such as ones going to Africa and India. Not to mention their great collabs with other YouTubers!
Jack (and his identical twin brother Finn) are hilarious! I love their videos (they do collabs with other Youtubers- Casper Lee, Oli White, Danisnotonfire) Not to mention- they're cute, talented, and BRITISH!
I love them so much!
[Newest]I love their videos xxx

I can't get enough of these guys. I really appreciate all of the videos that come daily and the amount of their work that goes into making sure that we have a great time watching! :) GO HAM SAAN!
They are really awesome people, they always know how to have fun no matter where they are, they also listed to their viewers so that makes them really great.
Jeana and Jesse are the best youtube vloggers.
They are super likable and genuine. They spend a lot of their time making sure their viewers are happy and entertained. Another thing I love about Jesse and Jeana is that they listen to their viewers and make sure the blogs are what the viewers want. On top of all this they participate in a lot of charity organizations and do the annual walk for ovarian cancer. Their goal is to raise $20, 000! They can make your day better and cheer you up with their great personalities. So vote for these amazing people so they can get to number 1! Go dope fresh nation!


[Newest]These guy are the best

She's hilarious. Grace also posts a lot of videos throughout the week which have a lot of variety! Haha, and shes got a great personality, she's really pretty and like I said, shes so funny. She's actually worth checking out.
Very funny and original. She has a variety of shows on different days (the show is on every weekday), as well as multiple "characters". Guests are often featured as well.
She is cute and funny, and has nice hair so what more you can need from her
[Newest]She knows how to use sarcasm really well and always keeps up with her daily vlogs

Zoe is so genuinely kind and her personality is infectious. You can tell she has a true relationship with her viewers and loves what she's doing. She's an inspiration and she's taught me how to be comfortable with who you are and how to deal with stress and anxiety. I love her!
She is so sweet and never ceases to amaze me. She always finishes her "series" blogs like Playlist, Vlogmas, etc. She loves what she's doing and is still very strong even with her anxiety. She's just like any. Other girl. She has relationships, she has trouble telling everyone, and she gets nervous. She shops till she drops and she cries. She has her closest friends and she's awkward, but that's why I'm always watching her videos. I love that her fans are her best friends. I love her like a sister
Zoella is an amazing person- beautiful, witty and charming- so much so many people, including me, aspire to be like her. Her blogs are so relateable and Zoe is the sort of person who would be an ideal bff. She is certainly not your average blogger!
[Newest]Zoella is amazing she is my hero I follow all of her steps I love her xxx

An amazing YouTuber who makes great vlogs that keep you entertained. He's also really cute and sweet and he's great with his fans and interacts with us loads on Twitter. His vlogs are interesting and have a bit of a comic side to them and his videos always cheer me up and make me laugh. Phil's character really shines through and the awkward situations he talks about are things many viewers can relate to. I could write loads about Phil, but then who'd read a huge chunk of text?

-A Phillion.
Well I have to say that I like both Amazingphil and Danisnotonfire but if I had to chose one, I would say amazingphil because he is a bundle of cupcakes and unicorns and his humor is quite odd yet hilarious at the same time :]
So funny. Makes so many videos you can relate to. Also is funny when he makes videos with Danisnotonfire who is also really funny and makes great videos!
[Newest]Phil is hilarious. Him and his flatmate Dan... as in Danisnotonfire are really funny. If you check him out, do the same with Dan. I loved Dan more than anything at one point because of his looks but I realized Phil is like... the side chick. So I focused on him, and found that he is really great. Maybe better.

Charlie is a great vlogger, and he is the reason that I recently decided to get into vlogging. As it is him that has done this, and no other vlogger on youtube, this is the reason that Charlie Mcdonnell (charlieissocoollike) gets my vote!
I actually just subscribed, I really like Charlie and find that I connect well with him. He has a very cool way of keeping me interested in what he's talking about and a great way of narrating his videos. Very inspirational with a lot of quality not just filler. I want to have a channel that produces the same type of quality content as well. Great job Charlie!
Charlie is wow! I really like his videos because theyÂ're not only about vlogging, he also does music, challenges, science... And everything he does is fuunny!.. So MY VOTE IS FOR HIM!
[Newest]Charlie is really inspiring, he's funny and has a great charm! I love him

CTFxC for the win! Charles and Alli got me into the vlogging world, I can never get enough of their videos! I'm so glad they share their crazy lifes with us... Watching them is one of the best and funniest parts of the day
Ctfxc is awesome and there is absolutely no doubt that they are the undisputed kings of the internet CTFXCFTW! Charles alli and friends are all really amazing and can cheer me up when I'm sad
They are the best vloggers on youtube, I am simply addicted to them. They have been vlogging for almost 800 days without missing one, that is what I dedicated vlogging. CTFxC FTW! Charles Trippy and Alli and don't forget Zoey and Marley!
[Newest]Charles has gone throw so much in his life and still share his life with us. Bowing how loyal he is to his viewers shows how much he really cares. He say that we make him smile from all the letters/love we send to him and his loved ones
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Alfie is genuinely awesome! He is nice, intelligent and very funny! When you watch his videos you feel like you really know him in real life and that's just one of many advantages of his channel- you should really check him out
Alfie is the most genuine guy out, and it shows in his videos. He has a good time, he's clearly not putting on an act to get subscribers and he is a total pleasure to watch.
Alfie is amazing. He is so funny and his enthusiasm makes his vlogs amazing! I definitely recommend checking his channel out, it is worth it!
[Newest]I love Alfie so much his videos are amazing x

The Contenders

Her wit, style, and personality in general is brilliant. I love Nat so much! <3 She wasn't my favorite at first but she's pretty much all I watch now I don't know. NEW VIDEO PLEASE?
I love nat because she actually talks about everyday topics that everyone can relate to. She's also really nice and very down to earth.
She's hilarious, but is inconsistent posting videos :( But she talks about all kinds of stuff we can relate to. She's hilarious!
[Newest]She is so awesome! Just wished she was consistent

He is so inspirational, he wants everyone to know that they are not worthless, and addresses things in a funny yet serious manner. I find he brightens my worst days and keeps me smiling. Shane is also the reason I get up each morning, so I can go and see his newest video, or just because I need cheering up.
He deserves to be in the top 10, hands down.
Shane is hilarious, and an overall kind person. He is a true inspiration to so many people, including myself, and he should really be first place in my opinion. Looking back to see how far he has come is just so heartwarming. He truly cares about his fans, unlike some people online, and YouTube has made a huge impact on his life, as well as mine.
He's inspirational, funny and truly a very genuine person. Don't judge a book by its cover as they say and at first glance he may seem like just a rude offensive person but he's incredibly sweet and hilarious. His vlogs often contain moments that have me laughing like an idiot.
[Newest]He's so rude. Don't like him.

13Joey Graceffa
Joey Graceffa should be in the top ten. He is who he is while a lot of other YouTubers try to be show offs for their viewers. Joey deserves the respect he is valued to get. He shouldn't just be number 24. He should at least be in the top ten. He is an extremely dedicated vlogger, and he definitely puts the meaning in commitment.
He's real. That's all there is to it. He is not afraid to be exactly who he is, and he keeps us all entertained in the process!
Joey Graceffa has made my life happier with his vlogs he always brightens up my day especially when I'm feeling
[Newest]Joey graceffa is amazing

Insightful, informative, hilarious, heartfelt. These guys remind me that being a nerd means being "too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness. "
They are amazing. They use their blog to educate people, as well as spread awesomeness, and act weird and geek out... I never imagined that 40 year old men could act so awesome!
One of the most interesting youtube channels made by two incredibly interesting brothers. You watch one video and 3 hours later you are still watching

Marcus is so genuine, funny, and sweet. His videos always put a smile on my face! Love him!
I seen all his videos and they are so awesome! The collaborations he does and challenges are heaps of fun watching and keeps me amused all the time
Marcus is a lot of fun and he's so sweet. I love the way he greets
[Newest]Marcus is lovely and he is so funny. I love him so much and he is all in all a lovely guy.

She's funny, smart, hot, self deprecating, and topical
She is hilarious, she uploads a video every Wednesday and makes normal Vlogs every so often as well. She is one of the only youtubers who generally makes me laugh out loud.
I love Jenna, she is hilarious and always has a refreshingly in your face view of life. She always says what everyone's thinking and she does it with so much humour I always end up crying tears of joy.
[Newest]She should be at the top she over 14 million subscribers

I discovered Judy and Benji about six months ago and have watched their daily vlogs ever since. I love seeing what they are doing every day, how their first year of marriage has gone and I think it's wonderful for them because they have a permanent memento of this time of their lives to look back on in years to come.
ItsJudysLife is literally addicting. My sister and I watch Judy and Benji's vlogs everyday. They seem so kind and sweet and someday, I want to go to a Meet and Greet! And Juliana is the cutest baby ever
I love Judy, Benji, Julianna, and the twins. Judy and Benji are very loving, caring, and fun parents. I started watching their vlogs in 2013. I watch their vlogs everyday and really, I'm addicted! I really wish I could meet them, that would be a dream come true to everyone who watches itsjudyslife. And this is why I think they should be 1st place!
[Newest]I love them and always will.

18Tyler Oakley
He is super energetic, very fun. Always has great topics. Loves his viewers. You can get special deals on almost everything laugh out loud. Always very entertaining. Q & Slays are my favorite type of his videos. Always busy doing something for his YouTube community. Love him!
I think Tyler is witty and fun.
Hilarious. Always cheers me up when I'm depressed

Where is my boo? Why is he not on this list?! He is so funny and does really good vlogs that are hilarious! His vlogs talk about daily life situations and does funny things with them! He also shares another channel called our2ndlife with his other youtube friends!
So glad Connor is moving up love him so much. I used to hate Mondays but now I love them. thanks Connor!
Number 50 really, he is totally awesome and cute!
[Newest]No doubt! The cutest guy in the world! Love him so much!

Genuine vlogger and has constant and exciting things to do in his vlogs along with a gorgeous wife and cool kids plus he's a famous prankster who hangs with other famous YouTube pranksters so that's plus as well.
Love his vlogs! New stuff everyday and he is really funny and fun to watch!
By far my fave along with the other people within this groups, the pranksters etc
[Newest]Best person in the world

Nerimon is seriously one of the best YouTuber ever. He's an amazing person ; funny, really smart, original, and he can think! What else? NermieArmy for ever
Alex is an amazing vlogger and manages to connect with his fans, as well as being a great musician. He is funny and original, and has lots of different styles of videos which make me wait until his next one - not to mention his fashion choice!
Alex Day is perfect. I love his music and his videos are actually so funny.

Casper is awesome! I love his videos!
I love caspar! There always a mystery with him and the way he never laughs while making videos ohh love it! Anyways his videos are so funny and he's so cute!
Casper is a genuine sexy South African slut, love his weird personality

She is awesome! I watch her videos almost everyday and enjoy every single one! Justine is a genuinely nice person and has great values and morals. She doesn't make any sexual humor or anything like that on camera often and proves that you don't have to be dirty to be funny!
She is so awesome! Shes the reason I got into vlogging! Hence the username :P this girl is not just a vlogger! But a vlogging goddess! Without her THERE WOULDN'T BE A POINT IN YOUTUBE! ! ! ! ! JER!
She is absolutely hilarious.. I can't wait for Saturday to see her on the new show Escape Routes! It is actually a really good show, make sure you see it! It's on NBC, just incase you didn't know (y)
[Newest]We have watched for years. Rock and Roll Canada!

Emma is perfect and funny with her quirky and raw sense of humor and gives wonderful advice. I love how her hair changes colour every second day and she's the sassiest person on earth!
Recently watched some of her videos, and already she is one of my favorite youtubers. She has never failed at making my day.
She's so good. You should definitely watch her if your having a bad day. She'll cheer you up whenever your sad
Watch her

Inspirational, funny, relatable and just a good laugh. Cheers me up in like 10 seconds and makes me laugh just as quick. Really someone who you'd love to be friends with.
Good ontent funny and so random

This channel is a mix of my two favorite YouTubers! I might actually like this channel more than the others... I don't think they make videos anymore, but I still watch the older ones.

27Theysay ItsEthan

They are just awesome! They have everything. Husband and wife. Baby. Cute dog. Family life. Everyday struggles. The wife (Missy) actually has a channel of her own and its a pregnancy/parenting channel. :) I just love those guys. Plus the husband (Bryan) is about to launch his own youtube channel. I just can't get enough of those two! LoVe you guys.
I am so happy I found dailyBUMPS! I have watched every single video they have uploaded. They are a very cute family, Ollie and Karma are both so adorable! Bryan and Missy are always so positive and inspiring :) I cannot get enough of their vlogs and I definitely recommend watching them, they make me smile or laugh in every video I am so glad they vlog, I feel like I am a part of their lives and I feel like I am there through their sad and happy moments, thank you for sharing them with us! Never stop vlogging Bryan and Missy, your family is beautiful :) P.S. I am shocked that dailyBUMPS are number 67, they should be much higher than that!
Amazing family got to love them. They are always smiling, and having a blast with their son. I think that they should have far more votes, I just love them!
[Newest]This is a really good channel my friend showed it to me and I just kept watching it😁

He is so so so funny. He loves his fans, he's good man, he donates money to charity, he loves his dogs, he always makes me smile, I love him, he's just awesome.
I' do not like him because he swears
His videos will make you laugh anytime. He is apsolutely amazing. He plays all kind of video games, and I simply adore him. You won't regret if you check him out.

Most genuine and respectful of others, focused and intentional. I have watched Louis for quite a while and feel he has the best point of view.
He is one of the best dailey vloggers. He is funny and he let you explore the world with him.

Ryan and his friends have really awesome topics to talk about in their videos. They are fun and natural, I like his smile and his emotional face. I see that they absolutely set their hearts to the channels and also the fans. Good choices for the one who wants to release stress!
Ryan has his own way to make people laugh, both of his channels (nigahiga) and (Higa T.V. ) are amazing and they never fail to make you laugh. Ryan is the best.
He is very handsome and he has his own charisma that makes you wanna watch his videos over and over again!

Peej is so creative and funny I could honestly watch him all day. His channel is also very diverse because he has more than one type of video vlogs to sketches to really awe inspiring artistic stuff.
Peej is honestly amazing. Creative, charming and of course, incredibly good looking. My favourite youtuber hands down.
Peej never fails to cheer me up on a bad day.

33Mr Ben Brown
Great music selection and genuine personality, amazing content and editing (0

One of the best human beings.

I love his accent! And he looks like David Tennant... But anyway. I like that he doesn't go out if his way to be really funny in his videos, he's just really casual
He looks like David Tennant and he talks like David Tennant L. How is that not amazing. He's the BEST. And he's Scottish. Oh and he looks like David Tennant. Oh I already said that. Wo

Really entertaining videos & they never fail to bring a smile on my face whenever I watch their videos! I think more people should watch their videos!
They brighten up my day! They may not be perfect, but they try hard enough to impress the 728,521 subscribers they have. They never fail on putting a great big smile on my face.
So genuine & down to earth! The care so much about there kids & maltese dogs. They never complain and always make sure that a episode goes up everyday. I honestly watch them everyday and it fills my day with joy & happiness. Most caring family orientated vloggers out there. Anna also has her channel where she and the kids make cupcakes, OOTD's, and baby updates. Check them out, they are the BEST!

What a boss he is. Just so hilarious and awesome. He doesn't just do vlogs. He also plays video games and has a main channel, Tobuscus. Enough said.
He is a happy, joyful guy who you can dislike or stay mad at. He's super funny when he talks about random stuff. Unlike many other vloggers he has a signature phrases intro and outro of darkness, redness, whiteness and the bless your face if you sneeze during this video then bless you. He is epic and is an icon vlogger
Toby is the best! He is my inspiration and idol, I love him so much! Online and in real life he is so funny and incredibly sweet!

She's is an amazing vloger and iv seen all of her videos I can't belive she's not on this list already!

Welcome to new world with new era. People who interest sex is as not common fact, which make share our reaction and improve knowledge and commitments for life journey. Whoever participate will get satisfaction mind blowing effect. Hope will enjoy life.
Witty, sexy, funny. He's an all around awesome YouTuber. His news show is hilarious and informative, and his vlogs are real and personal. You can't dislike this guy.
He is the best vloger video ever period!

Courtney is true to who she is, and invites her followers to join her and her adventure through life. Sweet and caring, yet sassy and sarcastic she is amazing and inspirational both through cosplay and in living life.
She is just such a nerd and you can relate to her. She was also my first vlogger.
I love her. She is so awesome. You'll just have to trust me and please watch her channel. She is so hillarious; a true vlogger indeed.

41Ty and Gray
Amazing, down to earth, genuine people. Surprised their not higher up on this list.
They're such a cute couple! Plus, they're not stuck-up or anything!
Watch their videos amazing people, and they post every day!
[Newest]Ty skates and there all so chill hope to have a life like them someday

Funny + genuine prankster. Keeps YouTube alive + he's got personality. Personalities don't just come from flogging/vlogs etc.
Best Prankster who uploads behind the scene and Party vlogs... PEACE OUT
Best prankster on YouTube!

The king of crabsticks. Shows friendly humor etc.

Carrie's such an awesome person with a really good heart, with interesting things to say, strong opinions and one of the best singing voices I've heard.
Carrie is such a wonderful person. I got the pleasure of meeting her once and saw her in les mis and she is just the best most genuine person I have ever met. she also has a wonderful voice and deserves everything she has I honestly don't know where I would be if it wasn't for her. she is my inspiration. hopeful for life. :D have a nice day everyone :D
Best and most inspirational person ever


I love Swoozie's videos - one of THE best storytellers on YouTube, telling stories from his real life, with super cute cartoons!
I love swoozie a lot; he's got some great videos and a bunch of unique stories too!
Swoozie is awesome. Should be top 10. Funny and great personality!

Ray William Johnson is the second most suscribed youtuber. This vlog describes his everyday life, and how he makes his videos.
I loved rays videos from the beginning including his girlfriend anna akana


An Irish blogger who does some Hilarious impressions and things to do before you die. Must watch, amazing!
He is amazing and helps charity too! What's not to love
I can't believe bribry is this low on the list, he deserves to be at least in the top 10!

He is hilarious, awesome, beautiful, and amazing in so many ways *-* He has no true flaws.

Watch the video, "what not to say to a cop! " So funny! The super soaker scene crakes me up! "Why are my pant's off?... Eh, mind your own business! " LMAO
! Bruin's got this fresh, hilarious sense of humor! More videos please...
New to YouTube, but shows a lot of promise! The Cops video is hilarious!

52Patty Walters
Aw, I love Patty. I love his cover for of Mice and Men. He shall be famous
Patty Walters is the best, not only is he a great vlogger, but he is an amazing musician!

Kingsley is the most amazing vlogger I've ever seen. I could watch him all day long, and never stop laughing.
I love Kingsley. Really b really was insanely funny, and his overexposed videos were so relatable. Kingsley always makes my day.
Kingsley is honestly perfect, he can make you laugh when you're sad and turn your day into gold. He honestly is hilarious

She's Canadian and new to youtube but I like watching her in the mornings because she's got so much energy. She's also a huge fan of theatre and music and incorporates that into her music videos. I like how she posts every week. A little young though.

She is The reason why I want to be a filmmaker. Seriously. Plus, she's a ginger, so she obviously is already pretty cool...
She is so random and love that...

She is the best... By the way her sister should be in this list too (ellesglittergossip)

Beard lovers, best lovers.

Amazing Vlogger! He subscribes ANYONE that asks. It's so cool
I love VlogSalad. He subscribes anyone that asks
Love VlogSalad!
He actually replies!

59Glove and Boots
Glove and Boots' quality of vlogs are the best the internet has to offer. They're not the most famous vloggers on Youtube, but they should be nevertheless! All of their videos are hilarious to watch, and even cute sometimes. Not to mention even educational.
I don't see how these guys aren't at the very top, they are the funniest YouTube duo I have ever seen.
They went sledding down a mountain in a porta potty. Enough said.


She is so cute and funny


Smosh is epic! Two people (anthony padilla and ian heco do random yet funny things that amusing a lot of people. They do things such as "mailtime with smosh", "lunchtime with smosh", "ian is bored" etc. You should definitely watch their videos!
Smosh is made up of two amazing guys named Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who make the best videos of all time. They meet in sixth grade, and became friends and started making videos in 2005. You must go check out there channel because without them, I don't what I would do...

I love piddleass she is truly amazing and doesn't keep her opinions quiet she is my role model bubbly but shy
She is badass, cool, hot and she games she's the dream, a hot derpy nerd
She is really very cool and down to earth

She told me to vote
She's hilarious and has the best advice and videos and she has a beauty channel also! She's pretty, and funny, has awesome videos and tips! I love her!
An Amazing Person of the you tubes inside and out that is going places!
[Newest]Ava's cooler than you

WatchUsLiveAndStuff is the best vlogging channel ever, Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen are such amazing people and I love them so such that words can't describe how much they mean to me. Please go check out there channel and subscribe to there channel because I don't know what I would do without them..
They are funny and so fun to watch!
So fun~ Anthony Padilla (from Smosh) and his fiancée Kalel! They're so adorable, but watch out for the Pip-Pacity levels! I really love them, they do a lot of interesting stuff, so you should check them out.

Funny, swag and king of laughs
KSIOlajideBT is the boss!
This british guy is funny as hell. One of my favorite series to watch of his, is Q&A Sunday. Where people send him questions on Facebook and/or Twitter

Joe Sugg is absolutely hilarious... Love his British humor! Also does amazing impressions... He should be higher up on this list!
He is zoo hot and hilarious. Love his impressions
Joe is amazing! How is he not up the top


Destery is awesome he's really funny and has such a weird sense of humor

71Fawn and Pippa
Some of the most original ideas I've seen. They're definitely different from all the other stuff out there. So good.
Two attractive young adults with an original blunt sense of humor. Totally worth checking out.
I just recently found out about them through peers at my school. They're so funny!

72Timothy De La Ghetto

73Christian Novell
He's so unicorn-ish ^-^

Katersoneseven is the best vlogger I have seen. She is extremely dedicated and is plain out amazing
Kate always shares positivity and happiness. Her personality is infectious, and she is the reason why I want to start vlogging. Over 900 daily vlogs! That's dedication! I'm a proud dedikater.
That theme song is so catchy!


I think glozell is funny

Leda awesome! Shes great love he vlogs

He is just so honest and funny! He has really good jokes and is very talkative. He can make you laugh by his funny-made voices! I love how he is describing his opinions and his interests. I also really like how random he is!
He's funny, helpful, honest, cool, and always put me in a great mood

The Janoskians are amazing and really funny and I just yeh they're great.
These boys are my favorite youtube people ever! They are so funny and cute and aww I love them! So awesome! X


Yah IanH. I love mailtime with smosh, lunchtime with smosh, and Ian is bored. By far my favorite


Nancy is a saint. Fun to see their son inheriting their great sense of humor.
Genuinely funny dad with a great family dynamic :D
I love the videks with his son

It's a proof that angel exist in the real world.
Shes like angel love her so much


The down to earth, "do not care, just say your opinion"-attitude on these to men are hilarious!


He is the funniest man alive and always can put a smile on my face! :) He has an amazing sense of humor! And glorious inverted pogs on his face! Him and his laughter and amazing dancing! :0
Funniest stories I've ever heard in my entire life! Plus, he's very good looking

She's really awesome and a great issue-handler
She used to be amazing at assessing ideas and giving her opinions until people started threatening her and she took down all her videos! She started this series called sex+ which is also pretty good (although she still gets a lot of heat from people). She has a good humor as she talks about delicate things like sex toys and relationships.
Gotta say she's the most intelligent and helpful vlogger I've seen yet.

I LOVE Jenn! She is super funny and her videos are really creative! Also, her music taste is the best!
She is amazing on youtube shes a star shes on Awsomestv
Whaaat, why is jenn in 84th place?! She's an amazing vlogger, shes super cool and so fun to watch and she has an amazing taste in music

90The Brit Vlog
Great to see British daily vloggers. Quite addictive to watch!
Great British couple, quite funny a lot of the time, lovely people.
These two are great! Well worth a sub.



Brilliant material, beautiful subjects, and always, always a capturing title.
He is the most hilarious vlogger out of all of them. He has multiple channels. MyChonny and YourChonny. CHECK THEM OUT!

"The Father is Hella funny, and Hella Asian, you can't get any funnier then that though! "
Whats kevjumba doing all the way down here? And why is smosh on here, they don't vlog

95Troye Sivan
Troye started out singing on Youtube, but now makes weekly vlog videos. Check them out! They're so funny! He has an accent too- he's from South Africa, but moved to Australia when he was 2. I guarantee you you'll love him like I do- he quoted Mean Girls once!
Troye is so perfect and his videos are really intriguing. He lightens up my life as well.
My mind was blown when I found out he sings too. Like how perfect can one person be?

96Lamarr Wilson

He addresses personal issues and irons them out. I think he's a shining inspiration for me, he is the reason I wake up. He can make anything funny, but he also has a serious side.

Oh, and he has bonus points for being adorable!
I love him... He's straight-forward and if you don't like him, don't subscribe like really!

Awesome family who has 5 cool kids - I love to watch them because they are so funny and down to earth. They go out of their way to interact with their viewers. They hold giveaways, do VLOGS, SKITS, CHALLENGES, and PRANKS too. They have 4 daughters and a son. I think they are 13, 11, 9, 3, and 2 years old. Definitely check them out guys.
This family always makes me laugh! I love their big family! Forget the haters because we love you!
Craziest Fam on YouTube - love them so much!


Laugh out loud they're hilarious!
I'm on fac-e-book! Anyone else on there? By the way, Skoodle should be here. He's cute... :) :) :) :) YAYZY
Come on guys, who's voting.

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