Top Ten Dumb Things Sonic Fans Do

Sonic the hedgehog has many kinds of fans, let's reflect on the crazy ones.

The Top Ten

1 Write fanfiction about Sonic

And create their own overpowered character. (Sigh) I doubt the fanfics are good. - Delgia2k

They BETTER write something really good about Sonic and all of his friends and it better be a good fanfiction.

Especially that stupid Rusty/Ruster character. He needs to go away now! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Still a better love story than Twighlight! Nope, some of them are just scary. I.e. Shrek and Shadow

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2 Dedicate “hate sites” to characters

Every loser who does this needs to get out and see the world. Kiss a girl, ride a bike, do something constructive. Hating on a cartoon or video game character that's never going to die is literally like beating a dead horse. It's bloody pointless!

Normally done to Chris Thorndyke, this is the act of setting up a profile on social media (YouTube, DeviantART, etc.) and posting nothing but hateful images or messages against characters - Scorpio

Like Amy Rose and Sally Acorn fights. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This is just a waste of time and precious life. Other franchises don't do this crap, even genwunners to Garbodor are more mature!

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3 Recolour official characters and pass the recolour off as an OC

Exaggerated OC Profile up ahead:
"This is Bluestreak the Hedgehog. He is 16. He is Sonic's long lost brother who is much faster than him. He is smarter than Eggman and stronger than Knuckles and Shadow combined. He can also FLY! Faster than Tails! And has laser eyes and can fix anything! He can use chaos control without the emeralds and dates both Amy and Rouge. He has loads of friends, is popular with ladies, can teleport, has psychic powers and can turn into Super Form in a blink of an eye. He looks like Sonic but only a darker blue with a cyan lightning bolt across his chest. He wins at everything, never gets hurt and is good EVERYTHING! I hope you like my OC. Please do not steal. I hope you like it and comment! He is best fan character ever! Please agree! "

God these things are so entertaining. - smrpg1996

4 Create stupid shipping fantasies

Sonic x Eggman was the worst thing I've ever laid my eyes on. - smrpg1996

Cream x Sonic? Eggman x espio (if that's even a thing)? What! - Scorpio

Nope. Shrek and Shadow is definitely the worst.

These dimwits deem anything sexual! Shrek and Shadow is just a joke, but you never know! Some idiot might start shipping Rouge and Thomas the Tank Engine, because URURURURURFRGRGGERGG!

5 Have “Green Eyes” arguments

Hating a characters eye color is probably the stupidest reason to hate any video game.

I don't care what colour his eyes are. - smrpg1996

Eye colors are different and nothing is wrong with that at all. people really need to stop having all sorts of these stupid nonsense arguments and DEAL WITH IT because that's really a bad way go and that really isn't helpful at all.

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6 Combine Sonic with Mario or Pacman

Is this even canon? If so, please let me know. Other than that, I like Sonic X, and I constantly hear about how it should be called Mario X or Pacman X , and I'm just over here like what guys? That's stupid. . - Scorpio

It's obviously just one guy who I think has a weird thing going on with Mario, Sonic and Pacman crossovers and rants about this stuff in irrelevant cases. - smrpg1996

It's because they are all popular, respected, and ancient gaming characters. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Are never satisfied with the cartoon series


8 Complain about new characters V 1 Comment
9 Think Sonic 2006 was a good game

It has its many faws but what people says make the game look MUCH worse than it actually is.If we're talking only about have fun when playing,Sonic 2006 is one of my favorite games.The game have many glithes,but about 90-95% of them are made by proposal by the player.

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10 Repeated say "kill yourself" when losing an argument V 2 Comments

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11 Hate the Archie Sonic comics

They are sonic fans who are smarter then the Archie sonic hater For example Meltingman234

12 Draw Pornographic Pictures Of Shadow

All Shadow's fans would really be so furious and offended about it and whoever does all that at any kind of way will PAY. SUPER ANGRY SHADOW FANS OUT THERE, ATTACKING.

What I hate fans that do this kind of thing

Shadow and Shrek. Shadow and Shrek.

That would make people want to vomit if they saw it. Shadow is not to be messed with.

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13 Ship Sonic And Cream

Cream is better off with Tails and Sonic is perfect for Amy. Both Cream and Sonic are friends but they don't really mix at all as couples because that doesn't really make any sense.

14 Hating on mario and the fans for doing nothing

Do I have to say anything about it, SERIOUSLY

15 Make porn about Sonic

WELL, somebody's making fun of Sonic and laughed about. whoever's doing that is really gonna pay.

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16 Prefer the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series over the games

This happens a lot. And it makes me flip desks.

17 Create awful crossovers

Awful crossovers are abysmal that can't ever make any sense at all and they have no reason at all to exist.

18 Make hate pictures of sonic characters V 1 Comment
19 Keep complaining about sonic 06

Seriously it has been 11 years since this game has been released. OKAY! we get it. the game is cancer please shut the hell up about it.

20 Hating on Cream and her fans for nothing V 1 Comment
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