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Starving in a supermarket
I really think its a very stupid way to die. I mean, come on ya' idiot, its full of food1 duh! Oh look, I am in a place full of food and I am so scared of getting arrested ill just starve to death instead of sneaking a candy bar or something. But who even stays in a supermarket that long anyway? Definitely a bad way to go
Yes... Yes this is so stupid indeed... Don't even TRY it, you'll be on the news for, 'most dumb woman/man on earth' trust me, don't
In other news a woman was found dead in a supermarket autopsy says she died of starvation


That would be really stupid because there would be so much food around you and you could just grab some food from shelves. There would probably be some free food samples that you could eat.
[Newest]What if your a cripple or a baby so you can't reach and eat anything? Or what if your tied down to something? Or what if an evil villain has made a wall of fire and sprayed everything with peanut butter and you are deathly allergic?

2Drive off of a cliff but survive but die of shock from the high price of your hospital bill
haha! best joke I've heard in ages! (but don't you mean 'medical' bill? )
that truly is the most stupid way to die.
This is what happens when you don't buy Geico people. Geico: save 15 percent or more on car insurance!
I think I would just tell them, "Look what I've been through! I'll pay you... On Tuesday. "
[Newest]Haha that's a great one

3Listening to Justin Beiber Too Long
Justin Bieber: "Baby, baby, baby, baby..."
Person: "Oh help, I'm getting a heart attack because of that stupid sound."
Justin Bieber :"(still singing and don't giving a damn) Baby, baby, baby, baby..."
Person: "Now I understand why he's such a dumb ass."
I think it is sad how much people hate on Justin Beiber. I don't like his music and in my opinion there are much better artists, but I don't therefor hate him. I just don't listen to his music. The worst part is that most of the people who hate on him haven't written a better song.
Dying with JB on would just be plain horrific!


4Forgetting how to breath
If you forget how to breath you will die. If you want to try it, you gon die. Anyway who will be stupid enough to do that
That happens to me a lot.
This actullay happens to people who have had seizures and pre mature babies can suffer from this.
[Newest]How is this behind Justin Bieber?! He's not even that bad!

5Trying to eat a whole Big Mac in one bite and choking
I know a kid that did this on a field trip and he threw up non-stop. Fat ass..
That is Really dumb
I once choked on a butterscotch I wonder what would happen if I tried this? Conclusion DEATH
[Newest]I can fit whole crackers in my mouth and yah

I choked on a noodle when I was younger but it regurgitated eventually by nature

6Choking on your own tongue
When people have seizures, all their muscles contract. Your tongue is a muscle, so it will contract. When this happens the tongue rolls back and the victim will choke on their tongue. It is not uncommon to happen, and is a serious and painful, not dumb, way to die
This is actually a myth, as an epileptic myself I can tell you that this does not happen, nor could it. when people choke to death it is because they were lying on their back and their muscles contract, forcing vomit to fill their mouths and causing them to choke on it while unconscious.

... Totally hilarious,... ha ha you dumbass.
That is so weird. I LOVE IT! lol. tanning booth death couldn't happen (if you mean from the energy... if you mean suffocation then yeah its possible. )


That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of like how would you choke on your own tongue.
[Newest]I know a person who ended like that...

7Getting your head ripped of in an elevator
If you were stupid and you would want to do it then you're seriously stupid like who would want to do that I've seen it before, if you are stupid don't try it. Half of his body was ripped off,
Dude, imagine if you stuck your head out an elevator, and it closes, your neck is still intact, but the elevator elevates and you hit the roof. Your chocking and cannot breath, then there's a headless bloody body in the elevator. If you did that, your brain is smaller than a mustard seed. Geez.
Something like this would be really unlikely to happen, but if it happened it would really hurt. This sounds like something that would happen in an episode of happy tree friends.


8You drink to much Anti-Freeze
Wait, there's a normal amount of Anti-Freeze to drink?
Is there such a thing as too much anti-freeze. I love that stuff I could drink it all day


If you ingest ant-freeze you will die. Incredibly stupid
[Newest]No matter how much you'll drink, you will die of antifreeze.


9Try to catch a piranha with your own tongue
One piranha is not very dangerous
That is definitely the dumbest way to die! Ouch!
Top no they are super sharp teeth
[Newest]What genius thought of this obvious sarcasm is obvious.

10Snapping your neck on an office chair
Umm that's pretty weird and disturbing I like it but it is dumb ok now I sound dumb any one agree with me hey hey hey!
Dude, this is a dumb way to die. Especially on the first day of the job.
That's like SO scary. But Dumb, Like in the Hunger Games A Kid Gets His Neck SNAPPED MY CATO.-.
[Newest]I'm never cracking my neck again...

The Contenders

11Get your face caught in an egg-beater
Well that would be a bad bad bad thing to do but, it would, might, or can kill U. So its your choice to kill your self with an egg-beater. So don't try it.
How would that happen you'd need to stick your face on the beater and then turn it on.
Only a moron would do that!
[Newest]Haha because everybody walks up to an egg beater and say " I think it would be perfectly safe to stick my head in that and fun! " 😂😂😂

12Trying to fly
It's obvious. If you try to fly off a building, you are NOT gonna make it. Some of these can be true, though. People can die of even the smallest cut from a disease where your blood cannot clot and you can just bleed to death.
Chuck norris poking your balls
I did that once when I was three. Broke my arm AND my pride...
[Newest]Some people must realize we aren't birds..


13Getting stuck in a tanning booth
Well she did ask for a long tan.
The whole idea just screams Final Destination to me. Oh what, it does happen in Final Destination and it looks like a really bad way to go.
Cool and anyway we were born to die
[Newest]Stay away from racists

14Getting stabbed with a cucumber
God, that happens to me ALL THE TIME. Stupid cucumbers, leave me alone.


In a movie that I don't know the title of some one got stabbed by corn so it could happen? Maybe?
What if you got stabbed to death by corn like that one guy in Sleepwalkers.
[Newest]I made a story where a character gets stabbed by a cucumber.

15Suffocating on your pillow
Ok this is pretty dumb and I can actually picture this happening...
I could picture this happening, that's pretty dumb.
I I ts real more deaths in a app called dumb ways to die
[Newest]My sister tried to do this to me last night!

16Getting run over by a boat
Haha really NOT funny... Amazing like really who would do that ant more
Definitely agree only stupid people would be like "hey! Let's jump into the propeller! "
I mean, shouldn't we call it a water traffic accident!


[Newest]Reminds me of Another, the anime. When that kid's body was ripped apart.

17Death by snoo snoo
? What's that? Do I want to know?
Snoo snoo is sex ( futurama reference )
Is that some foreign word?


18Knocked out by a flying avocado
...Are we assuming that getting knocked out and dying are the same thing here? How the heck would this kill you, unless you were walking up stairs or driving?

19Play catch the knife

20A game of spoons out of control
What do you mean by "a game of spoons"?


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