Top Ten Dumbest Ways to Die


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Starving in a supermarket
I really think its a very stupid way to die. I mean, come on ya' idiot, its full of food1 duh! Oh look, I am in a place full of food and I am so scared of getting arrested ill just starve to death instead of sneaking a candy bar or something. But who even stays in a supermarket that long anyway? Definitely a bad way to go
Yes... Yes this is so stupid indeed... Don't even TRY it, you'll be on the news for, 'most dumb woman/man on earth' trust me, don't
That would be really stupid because there would be so much food around you and you could just grab some food from shelves. There would probably be some free food samples that you could eat.
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2Drive off of a cliff but survive but die of shock from the high price of your hospital bill
haha! best joke I've heard in ages! (but don't you mean 'medical' bill? )
that truly is the most stupid way to die.
This is what happens when you don't buy Geico people. Geico: save 15 percent or more on car insurance!
I think I would just tell them, "Look what I've been through! I'll pay you... On Tuesday. "
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3Choking on your own tongue
When people have seizures, all their muscles contract. Your tongue is a muscle, so it will contract. When this happens the tongue rolls back and the victim will choke on their tongue. It is not uncommon to happen, and is a serious and painful, not dumb, way to die
That is so weird. I LOVE IT! lol. tanning booth death couldn't happen (if you mean from the energy... if you mean suffocation then yeah its possible. )


That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of like how would you choke on your own tongue.
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4Try to catch a piranha with your own tongue
One piranha is not very dangerous
That is definitely the dumbest way to die! Ouch!
Top no they are super sharp teeth
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5Trying to eat a whole Big Mac in one bite and choking
I know a kid that did this on a field trip and he threw up non-stop. Fat ass..
That is Really dumb
I once choked on a butterscotch I wonder what would happen if I tried this? Conclusion DEATH
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6Snapping your neck on an office chair
umm that's pretty weird and disturbing I like it but it is dumb ok now I sound dumb any one agree with me hey hey hey!
Dude, this is a dumb way to die. Especially on the first day of the job.
That's like SO scary. But Dumb, Like in the Hunger Games A Kid Gets His Neck SNAPPED MY CATO.-.

7Getting your head ripped of in an elevator
If you were stupid and you would want to do it then you're seriously stupid like who would want to do that I've seen it before, if you are stupid don't try it. Half of his body was ripped off,
I think it just stupid to get your head stuck in an elevator door for popularity and attention
I think I put this there because of an episode on 100 ways to die. It could happen but it's very unlikely and couldn't you just get the doors wide enough to pull yourself out? It must hurt though.


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8Suffocating on your pillow
Ok this is pretty dumb and I can actually picture this happening...
I I ts real more deaths in a app called dumb ways to die
I could picture this happening, that's pretty dumb.
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9Get your face caught in an egg-beater
Well that would be a bad bad bad thing to do but, it would, might, or can kill U. So its your choice to kill your self with an egg-beater. So don't try it.
How would that happen you'd need to stick your face on the beater and then turn it on.
Only a moron would do that!
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10Getting stuck in a tanning booth
Well she did ask for a long tan.
The whole idea just screams Final Destination to me. Oh what, it does happen in Final Destination and it looks like a really bad way to go.
Cool and anyway we were born to die

The Contenders

11Listening to Justin Beiber Too Long
Justin Bieber: "Baby, baby, baby, baby..."
Person: "Oh help, I'm getting a heart attack because of that stupid sound."
Justin Bieber :"(still singing and don't giving a damn) Baby, baby, baby, baby..."
Person: "Now I understand why he's such a dumb ass."
Dying with JB on would just be plain horrific!


Most brutal way of leaving the building
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12Getting run over by a boat
Definitely agree only stupid people would be like "hey! Let's jump into the propeller! "
Haha really NOT funny... Amazing like really who would do that ant more
I mean, shouldn't we call it a water traffic accident!


13You drink to much Anti-Freeze
Wait, there's a normal amount of Anti-Freeze to drink?
If you ingest ant-freeze you will die. Incredibly stupid
Is there such a thing as too much anti-freeze. I love that stuff I could drink it all day


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14Getting stabbed with a cucumber
God, that happens to me ALL THE TIME. Stupid cucumbers, leave me alone.


Cucumbers kill a lot of people around the world, over 900,000+ die because of it. My nephew died because of the cucumber... It was bloody. Help the victims of the cucumber stabbers

15Pressing the self destruct button
Well, the self destruct button may be a welcome (though deadly) sign of relief if you are forced to listen to too many Justin Beiber songs.
Just let me say this bad idea


What's up with all those emojis?
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16Your head bursts while sitting on the toilet and pressing
That almost happened to me one time... I was all "Hurr.. Come on little guy... " But right before I exploded it came out. Phew.
Haha that's funny as hell and the other comment I read I almost died! Laugh out loud

17Trying to put out a fire with gasoline
That's just so funny :D

18Suffocation by boobies
This is the only way I would like to die

19Chuck Norris poking your balls
This is totally funny

20Getting stuck in a dryer
That has to be the dumbest way to die since how did you get into the dryer in the first place? and the door is open-able pretty easily.
This actually happened to me. I was 5 and not very smart but I didn't die. I was in the hospital for like 4 weeks though. It was the most stupid experience ever. Me and my friend were playing hide and seek

21Playing MMORPG for too long without sleeping
aleready 100 percent of filipinos done that like my playing grand chase for 24 hrs and forgot to sleep and leveled up to 100 2nd class

22Trying to fly
It's obvious. If you try to fly off a building, you are NOT gonna make it. Some of these can be true, though. People can die of even the smallest cut from a disease where your blood cannot clot and you can just bleed to death.
Chuck norris poking your balls
This is oviosly the dumbest way to die considering no one is stupid enough to die all the other ways

23Dressing up like a moose during hunting season
Stand on the edge of a train station platform!
Run across a rail road crossing
I wonder what's this red button do?

24Choking on a salami

25You turn up the music so loud on your MP3 player that your head explodes
I wish this would happen to the kids at my school, damn them...

26Forgetting how to breath
This actullay happens to people who have had seizures and pre mature babies can suffer from this.

27Get yourself locked in a refrigerator
This would be the worst way to die and you wouldn't even die of hunger you would freeze
This one should be the number one not 32 I think people are retarded if they don, t vote for this one laugh out loud

28Bleeding to death by a paper cut

29Poke a stick at a grizzly bear
Eat medicine that's out of date
Use your private parts as piranhas bate
I bet all the ones from that app are from the same person. :, D

30Eat some big rocks then explode while trying to poop them
Honestly this happened to Chelsea price

31Swallowing too much helium
I'm glad I never did helium because back then I didn't know it was a drug and when I found out I was happy I never swallowed any from a helium balloon.


It isn't a drug

32Doing the Harlem Shake
It's very possible to die from the Harlem Shake. Totally... Laugh out loud

33Being a white guy and going into a black gang's turf
My gosh this is so racist in so many ways!

People are so mean these days! Disgusting

34Your teacher gives you ten tons of homework, and your brain explodes
Sadly, these days this could happen at nay moment!
Hey, it happend to a friend of mine! Lololol

35Eat a 2 week old unrefrigerated pie
Is this from "Dumb ways to die" app

36Blow up a zombies lair
The zombies would zurvive and eat your brainz

37Burying yourself in the ground and waiting to die

38Having a vending machine fall on you
Just imagine it: The Doritos gets stuck against the glass. You're furious because you just decided to quit that idet. So you kick the bottom of the vending machine. A groan and then it falls down on you: and you're dead. This happens and then right after the bag of chips comes out. Turns out this kills 13 people a year.

39Trampled by a stampede of wild, angry Gilchrists

40Death by snoo snoo
I just died from reading this, this just brought back a bunch of flashbacks I had during my childhood. This was probably the most intricate blasphemy to ever eradicate itself onto the snoo snoo evah, (just being random to make the comment have best "quality")

41Threatening Chuck Norris then getting killed by Goku from Dragon Ball

42Tripping over a pebble

43Survive the biggest waves, then trip on a rock and die.
My kayaking instructor wants to be this kind of guy.

44Drinking too much water
Believe it or not this can and has happened.

45Tripping over a rice grain

46Selling both of your kidneys
Yes its from the dumb ways to die video
Is this from Dumb ways to die video?

47Eating yourself

48Dying of blood loss brought on by a paper cut while bungee jumping

49Dying from doing to many squats.

50Choking on air

51Kissing a shark

52Swing on a turning ceiling fan
Been there done that lmao so fun

53Sexing too much without resting
This is too perverted

54Having fun with an electric eel

55In shock of one word said by a person who has laryngitis

56Drowning in a toilet
It can and has happened

57Having a water balloon fight by a power line

58Playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded Uzi

59Playing catch with Chuck Norris

60Making a happy tree friends reference

61Eat superglue

62Plan a parade route over train tracks
It's a really funny way to die, lolz

63Taking your helmet off in outer space and your head explodes while you freeze to death

64Run into a wall full speed

65Choke on your cat's fur balls

66Drowning in your own pee

67Attacking a hippo

68Dying of thirst in a lake

69Reading too many Harry Potter books and then trying to use a magic spell to fly

70Snuffing a line of ants while trying to be Ozzy Osbourne on New Year's Eve

71Yelling death to America while in the USA

72Trip on your shoe laces into oncoming traffic

73Die while playing the game of life

74Farting in a wrestler's face
Listening to to many toilet puns

75Playing My Little Pony too Much
Too dumb. Did I mention dumb?!?

76A toilet cubicle falls on you

77Playing chicken with a car behind you without a car of your own

78Drown in Jell-o

79Getting kicked in a groin multiple times

80Get stuck in a vending machine

81Choking on your own spit

82Throwing a piano to yourself

83Get a paper cut on both your eyes, walk off a cliff and die

84Getting eaten by a seagull

85Setting fire to your hair
Arrgghh what kind of a idea is that!

86Choking yourself with a scarf

87Get whacked by an Ipad

88Drowning as you fell on dog poo
Seriously, my friend nearly died as he tripped over. The same effect can be achieved with a cat litter.

89Get your head stuck in a computer

90Making a dog with rabies bite you

91Chasing a bug, the fall and die.

92Slapping a bull

93Explosive diarrhea

94Suffocation by too many farts

95Insult a wrestler

96Stick fork in toaster

97Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason

98Getting a pet wolf then it bites your face

99Cook yourself in an oven

100the "Cinnamon Challenge"
At least one person choked to death doing this. I'm pretty sure they got a Darwin award.

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