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As if school isn't hard enough, this list tells what is the hardest!!!

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For the majority of people, physics is very touch because it is applying numbers to concepts that can be very abstract. Electricity and Magnetism is just one example that can be taught during the first year. For me, physics is actually quite simple and it is very interesting when you fully understand it and its applications. If you fundamentally understand what is happening, sure equations are nice but you understand why the equation works, making it much easier to memorize instead of just guessing which equation to use. But for me Foreign Languages are the hardest to learn just because I could never take the time to learn another one. They say the best way to learn is to go to another country though.

I consider myself to be pretty good at math and science. I did great in calculus, biology, and chemistry, however physics was a different story. After taking it in high school I swore I would never put myself through it again, but after deciding to major in chemical engineering I took it once again in college. I thought I might understand it better the second time having already taken it a couple years prior. I didn't. Physics is just one of those subjects where you either get it or you don't. You have to be able to understand how to properly apply the equations you learn. There isn't really a set equation for any type of problem. Physics is a subject more about applying your knowledge rather than memorizing a bunch of information.

I always loved science since I was a kid. It has always been my favorite area in school as I am very curious person by nature, and I tend do be quite good at it. I had straight A's in all my bio and chem classes throughout my school years so far, and so when I first took a physics class I thought it would be easy (considering math was also easy for me).

I can still remember it perfectly: The second semester of 9th grade, the semester in which I was introduced to physics. I remember being so confused by everything. So many formulas, so many concepts, so many calculations. I never fully understood physics when I began taking it that year, but I managed to pass it with a good grade by simply applying formulas. This year in 10th grade, I decided to take physics again (the entire year this time) just so that I can complete physics forever (or at least until I graduate from highschool). This new level of physics is 9.9x10^99 times harder, and I feel like my head is going to explode after every single class. I cannot understand, let alone remember, all of these concepts about kinematics, electricity, quantum physics, etc. It is way too much for me. Physics is definitely the hardest class I ever took.

It's killing me. Hours of studying... For nothing

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2Foreign Language

everything my teacher says goes in through one ear, and out through the other...

How is this second? Physics, chemistry and any other math or science class is much harder than this. Math and science are also more important.

My school doesn't even have a foreign language teacher. Instead, it's done on a computer program called "Apex". I don't even know why I'm taking it since I feel like I'm not learning. I personally think that it should be illegal to have computer-taught classes in regular school courses. They probably only do it like this just because it's cheaper. The things people do just to have more money 😠

Well, I live in Kuwait and they teach Arabic and French as foreign languages here. Although, I am a little young to study French, Arabic I don't know. I can read and write but in a test, I cannot understand anything. I just mug up the entire lesson and its exercises which is the soul reason why I score good marks. - archiesweirdmysteries

If you travel to a foreign country, to know the language is very helpful!

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I am an honors student in college who was looking to major in Environmental Science with an Emphasis in Biology, but this course convinced me to change my major. Intro chem and the first semester of general chemistry weren't hard, and I got an A grade in both. However, I failed the second semester of general chemistry twice. The second semester of general chemistry is PURE HELL. I have never had a class that was so difficult and so stressful as this one. You know a class is hard when it's harder than your precalculus math class (which isn't that bad as long as you work hard and make sure your algebra and trigonometry is strong). Chemistry takes any concepts you learned in algebra and combines them with abstract concepts. While the first semester of general chemistry built up on concepts your learned in intro chem, the second semester is almost entirely new material with a constant stream of difficult and tedious work coming at you 50 miles a minute. The first semester of general chemistry had a lot of work, too, but at least you've seen most of it before, so you won't be completely left in the dark. If you're poor at math, forget it. Don't even bother taking the class. Even if you're decent at math there are plenty of concepts that will tie your mind in knots. Enjoy solving math equations with kinetics, equilibrium, electrochemistry, and my personal least favorite:buffers. If you experience burnout or sickness during the semester, kiss any chance you had of passing this class goodbye. Honestly, unless you're a STEM major, don't even bother taking this class. If you do take this class, be prepared to work your butt off.

There are so many rules and exceptions, and lot of memorization!

Have you ever looked at the page and thought "I can do this" well in chemistry you never get this feeling, also what is with di-poles?

Honestly, Biology majors shouldn't have to waste 4+ semesters of their undergraduate life taking chemistry. 1 or 2 semesters would be plenty... Organic chemistry is truly an ordeal...

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I'm failing this class right now with a 53 :(

If Calculus is so hard, and it is -I took it three times and failed three times, why is it a requirement in any major worth taking? Do they not have an easier alternative?

This one is very hard. I failed that annoying subject - ronluna

If high school students complain about the difficulty of calculus, what should I say when I learned it by the time I was 12 years old.

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Biology is by far the most fundamentally useful subject of all the sciences. Being able to understand the logistics of life yields a more appreciative perspective on life. A through foundation of the complexity of life requires hard work though. Taking university courses in chemistry, physics and maths, I can say that biology required the most work to study. I enjoyed studying it the most as it was the most relevant to direct life. Learning about titrations and yields in chemistry, calculus and statistics in math and equations that explain motion in physics.. ALL are relevant but not to the point of biology. I can walk outside and understand every organism and see the beauty in what it holds. I invite any naysayers to look through a microscope at a wet elodea cell and tell me that cytoplasmic streaming isn't awe inspiring...tldr biology is the most work to understand but it's the most rewarding.

This class was excruciating. Definitely my lowest grade for all of my classes (Currently with a 73%) even though I get all A's for my Homework and Projects. I fail all of the tests due to them being hard as hell, and not to mention the useless information. The punnet squares, pedigree charts, and learning about what the muscles are is incredibly boring and just pointless. Too much information is thrown at you and if you're not interested in it you just can't retain the information. Definitely by far the hardest class. - Bl4zeTMG

Never in my life have I ever taken so many notes. Mostly its just the notes that teach us and not the teacher herself. She doesn't explain things she just expects us to memorize the notes word for word. I sit in the back of my class and realized almost everyone back here falls asleep almost right off the bat. I mean how could you not! Its nothing but looking at a powerpoint and filling in the blanks to a thing you are supposed to study from when you get home to when you get to school. Studying of course is key but teachers are there for a reason. You shouldn't rely on self teaching.

Sometime I try so hard on the test I only got like 80% no matter how hard I try or study I never get 100% am like the worst at biology

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It is so hard, because it's all about literature and I am not good at it. It is though enough to deal with it and to be right. Old British literature work way too super hard. I think it is better to have English classes in two options, one the part of grammar and modern real life economy English, or if someone wants to take literature then ok. But don't let the student to be forced to take literature classes, otherwise there is too much problem for them

I didn't find it too difficult, however it is hard to do well if the subject is just SO boring! Grammar and Vocab aren't too bad, but dumb literature stuff that no one cares about is an honest waste of time. As long as you can speak it and don't plan on majoring in the subject (what does an English major do anyway? ), its a complete waste of time in high school

Math is easy. It's just memorization and logic. You know fun stuff. History is easy. It happened. Read about it and remember. Science is easy. Use the scientific method and remember stuff.

English on the other hand is not well defined and always changing. With the rules and terms always seeming to contradict each other in a way only a mad man could understand. My final point- English is odd and difficult. That it would criticize my use of informal language.

What this isn't even difficult I am an a grader I never got a b apart from maths one time

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Why exactly is this all seemingly based on the level of the subject studied at school? School curricula are extremely unreliable and maths in school is so dumbed down it's ridiculous. A levels were better but still didn't show what maths is really like! It demands an extremely deep understanding, which makes it both challenging and enjoyable! As for it being so far dwn whilst physics is at the top, pah! I took out a book which started with the proof for special relativity and worked through the proof-and save the fact that I didn't know about Einstein's s=cp equation (which looking back is fairly obvious, considering the way the rest of the proof worked with regard to the relationship between time and the speed of light), I understood most of it. And that was in sixth form. And yet I struggle with some problems in analysis, and just the number of leaps in logic you have to make to understand how corollaries are derived from theorems! Maths is harder than physics, and if curricula had really represented it properly it would probably be top on the list-since you actually have to UNDERSTAND the theorems you learn. Yes, there are theorems which can take up entire pages, not just equations. Wait till you get to uni, then if you study maths you'll soon notice the difference.

I have a B in this subject, and I'm killing myself stressing out over it. I am actually one of the best in my class in math (though it's by far my worst subject) and I don't like my bad grade one bit. Math seriously makes me feel like I have a learning disability. I have ADHD, which causes attention deficit problems, and I have a REALLY hard time paying attention, math in particular. This subject is torturing me from the inside and out. This is also the first year I've had problems with math. I feel like the only one who doesn't understand something. I also don't think memorizing the number Pi is going to help with anything. (And yet, more decimal numbers than I ever care to count of Pi are stuck in my brain. Pi pays little advantage to my school work. ) I am very intelligent when compared with others my age, but math makes me feel like I have the intelligence of Justin Bieber. - RockFashionista

Quite literally the only subject I'm "failing" (A-, but it still really bothers me). The hardest part is that I don't hate math. I actually quite enjoy solving equations and word problems. I'm just so bad at it! I can't think logically and the numbers seem to float aimlessly in my head. I struggle in this class and I clearly won't be going into a mathematical profession. Rather than embarrassing me in class because I can't answer something that seems basic to everyone else, just teach me what I need to know for life. Sure, every job requires math, but basic math and easily calculated math. It's not practical to keep shoving numbers where they don't need to be. - keycha1n

Math is the hardest

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Must Be Removed From School Curriculum... It is the worst subject I should say... It Depends On Your Memorizing quality for those unnecessary dates...

Best is PCM... , I should say. Mathematics is my favourite subject. "Mathematics Is Not A Maser To Be Afraid Of, But A Servant To Be Of Help". Really, Mathematics Is Like A Game...

History is worst subject. It only make us a bookworm. Best subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology which make our understanding, our knowledge much better and changes our ways to see the object or things around us.

It is really hard because you need to memorize all those necessary names, dates and places. If you don't understand history, you're never gonna pass this subject.

Is it weird that history is my favorite subject and I hate social studies lol

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I agree. Trigonometry is so hard. At least with the other math subjects they are built on things you have learned in the past. With Trigonometry, there is about one day of review, and everything else is new. I had straight-As in college before taking this subject. It was a good thing I dropped the class, but now, I have a W (Withdrawal/Fail) on my college transcript.

So frustrating. If you don't understand something completely, your done for. The sad thing is: you either get it or you don't. In order to ace a test you must have near complete mastery over what you have been taught. Countless times I've taken an exam believing that I would do well, but in the end receiving a terrible score. You must be excellent at math to do well in this subject.

If there's a subject that you can barely pronounce, then you KNOW it's gonna be hard.

It is again, easy, - Ananya

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I had to take Algebra in 7th grade because of a 6th grade placement test, and let me just say that it is not the easiest thing in the world! Try going from the simplistic 6th grade math, where the only "algebra" you were doing were incredibly simple equations with just one or two variables, to much harder equations that included negative numbers, multiple variables on both sides of the equation, and much more complex formulas that you had to learn! It made no sense to me at first, until I finally understood the weird rules as to how everything all works. Now I passed the final exam with flying colors and am hoping Geometry in 8th grade will go a lot smoother for me.

Me too! And I'm taking Pre Cal right now (trigonometry) my sophomore year and trust me, geometry was so much easier because it was based review from algebra 1 and a little more but if you're good with that, algebra 2 will be a little more challenging

Letters are for english.. Numbers are for science.. Dear algebra, I have my own problems, I really don't need to solve yours.. Love, (not really) me

Very easy subject if you tell me. Especially FOIL. I personally LOVE math

Maybe too annoying to us

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I am a pretty good math student. Passing my math classes with all A's, but when this came around it was horrible! I couldn't understand any of it! My eyes would see shapes and figures, but my mind just couldn't grasp anything it asked me to do. I don't know why, but I found algebra easier than this...

Proofs made math go from my favorite to my least favorite subject in school.

Proofs aren't that bad. It isn't that much math, but it's a heck of a lot of writing. But when you get to the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines... that's when it is the "hard" part of geometry (Algebra is loads harder). - Turkeyasylum

Can't do Geometry just no no. Damn hard ass class I have every other math but I can't do this class just can't

Annoying confusing and hard I was better in algebra

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12Algebra II

I agree. This subject is so damn useless, I feel like removing it from Math, and being the first person on earth to save people from this demon known as Algebra! - archiesweirdmysteries

This math is just completely ridicules. Honestly how often are you going to need to apply the concepts that you "learn" in this class to real life. It's really just a waste of time. There is no need for this subject.


Science can be really hard too

Science is hard. But it is good! - archiesweirdmysteries

Physics is the best - Ananya


Accountancy is the second hard subject after physics dude!

It's hard but it's interesting and fun.

It is very hard but very important

It is hardest subject in the world

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very hard to memorize those bones, muscles and theres plenty of them. when you draw it it is equivalent to algebra

Anatomy is a monstrously huge subject, however it is one of the most interesting and useful. Lots of memorization, but there is a pattern to everything. Learn Latin prefixes/suffixes and you should be fine for a lot of it.

I knew someone who took anatomy, and the had to take tests in LATIN? What does Latin have to do with the human body? - Turkeyasylum

The sup. Ex will dissolve when the abdomen is fresh.

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Difficult subject to study, full of theorems, analysis, lot of things in this paper


In school I failed Philosophy with the lowest grade allowed in my school... 05E... My teacher told me she didn't give me a lower grade cause she wasnt allowed to...

18Social Studies

Oh one of my favorite. Subjest...

It's so hard to understand History and Gas and things

One of the most time-consuming subjects ever. Takes a lot of time to study - Animefan12

This subject is really easy for me.

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19Computer Programming

The information just looks extremely complicated.

By far the hardest.

I am a senior in highschool. I have a 4.2 weighted gpa, and I have been talking a lot of honors and AP classes. And by far computer programming was the hardest class I have ever took in my life. DO NOT take this class if you are not experienced with programming!

Yes it is complicated, but honestly a lot easier than most think

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I go to a caltholic school but I'm not catholic and everything is just plain hard and confusing. I currently have a F- in this class

My school did not have that.

Well, I am a Muslim and in my school they teach Islamic and all, so boring. I mean, you know! - archiesweirdmysteries

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