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Rather than voting for the ever so overrated charizard, you people voted for typhlosion, the underappreciated second to charizard.

How much money to you want to bet that every single person who voted this were people who were either trying to comment on how stupid this thing being on this list is or just being salty because Charizard was number one and wanting to bash the next fire starter?

Everyone who voted here should have hands down voted for charizard. This thing has been way too overhyped by not only the fanbase, but also the creators of the series. 2 megas, pokken, AND SMASH BROS! FOR GODS SAKE, JUST VOTE FOR CHARIZARD!

Wow.. Instead of voting for Charizard, you voted for Typhlosion. Charizard is a dragon, the most generic design in the world. If you say that people only chose Typlosion because he is fire, then people only chose Charizard because he is a dragon. In comparison, Charizard is no better. THEY HAVE THE SAME STATS. Feraligator may be better, but Typhlosion isn't horrible.

Wow. The one who chose typhlosion was 100% a genwunner. Typhlosion is a better alternative to charizard. They have (really) same stats but they are things that make Typhlosion better. First it is pure fire. So he isn't half-killed by stealth rock. Second it learns the strongest special fire type move: Eruption. If Typhlosion is at full health (use it as a lead) eruption will have 150 power. Throw a choice specs on this thing and it will do MASSIVE damage to every pokemon that doesn't quad-resist it.

Typhlosion isn't overrated at all-- you'd have a better chance of Bob Saget appearing on the anime than Typhlosion.

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Caution: 7-year-olds will scream at you if you say to them "I personally don't like the Eeveelutions"

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Umbreon is the most overrated eevee. Just because it's the dark type all the people are screaming how cool it is and overshadowing espeon. So it's a wall, crap attack so if it ended up someone roaring it and sending it crying back and the 2nd to last Pokemon faints that Umbreon is screwed. I prefer Vaporeon and I wish it would get more attention. Mine could take hits and knock out a couple of pokes on the way.

It has crap attacking stats because it's A WALL! A good one at that, he doesn't look like he can take a hit, but guess what? 90/110/130 defenses! Those are simply amazing! It gets foul play, and that makes anything hit hard, it gets moonlight, so restoration is a go, it gets heal bell, so status problems are a joke, wish along with its high bp for great sweeper heals, curse b pass too, if you feel like trick rooming a gyro baller, so much great wall sets, so much idiots.

This Pokemon is so overrated it should be number one and it's not just overrated by Pokemon fans
Its overrated in the show Gary has an umbreon umbreon saves an eevee in the eevee and friends
Short it had a surprise why can't the Pokemon company use someone like vaporeon or glaceon
So if you wanna make the right choice vote umbreon 4 overrated Pokemon president

It's just furry bait. Every time I go online, this edgy thing is lurking behind every corner and I just wanna smash in it's face. I'm so tired of this edgy mess.

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Meowth? Overrated? MEOWTH that's... wrong.

Why is Meowth here he is not overrated

His stats aren't the best. He's a good mon, but he's the SECOND MOST POPULAR just for being in Team Rocket. - Goatworlds

I love Meowth! He's so funny!

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But I have hardly even seen any people saying they are going to choose Froakie as their starter? I think Fennekin is more overrated.

I hate my friend because she only cares about this stupid frog. She acts like her toy Froakie is a living thing. She won't trade her "froakie family" for ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING. She said that she would trade any of her cards but FROAKIE. She said exactly "I wIll trade anything except the Froakie family." Not like I would trade my Arceus card for that stupid weak blue turd. My magicarp card won against it. She cried and said it wasn't fair and that Froakie was the strongest Pokemon ever. Good Lord, looks like magicarp isn't the weakest. - ThunderdrumsRule

Froakie is probably the worst choice since it's a disadvantage against most of the gym leaders.

No! People choose Greninja because Life Orb Protean on it is absolutely incredible, because you get STAB moves left and right. :D

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How can people even call this a Pokemon? It's a goddamned glitch!

Everyone says "If you catch it, your game is jacked up! " That's a load of bullcrap. I've caught 4 of them, and did anything happen? NO! I even brought them to Pokemon Stadium, but you can't battle with them due to them being unofficial. - Goatworlds

This thing gave me nightmares


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I remember posting that large paragraph about why I don't like scizor so much. I still agree with it. But I'd like to add something to that rant. It has one move set. One, stupid, moveset. Bullet punch, bug bite, swords dance, and protect. That's all I see in the competitive game and it's more predictable then klinklang. How do you even do that. Maybe it's just me, everyone has their own experiences, right? Maybe you knocked people out of the park with scizor, but I just never stuck to it. Maybe it will change in a long while. But for now... Go Escavalier!

Not at all. It's only weak to ONE TYPE and the defenses are greats! You could destroy with it! Scizor is just loved for it's great use in casual and maybe even competitive use. Steel-bug is a great combinAation

Somebody said one stupid move set? That is a stupid comment. It can also run all out attacker of bug bite bullet punch knock off and superpower and hold a life orb or choice band, it can also run roost, pursuit, uturn swords dance and Defog to replace any move I said, u call that one move set? Klinklang isn't way more predictable... It is notable that technician bullet punch is great and after one or two swords dance it is hard to stop.

*Sorry, I meant to say they have the exact same best, not the exact same best.

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Excuse me, how is Serperior overrated?

Everybody loves it, where's all the love for emboar?

Samurott is more popular than Serperior.

Serperior = suck

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29BlazikenBlaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Why Blaziken is in the list? It become powerful in generation 5, because he was one of the most popular Pokemon in generation 3. In generation 4, Blaziken was the one of the forgotten Pokemon. Game Freak was putting effort on Blaziken in X and Y game and anime, because there will be Hoenn remake. If Blaziken was overrated, then he should got another Mega like Charizard and Mewtwo in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Blaziken did not appear in a single episode in Black and White anime, while Lucario appeared in anime, generation 3, 4, 5, 6 in row. Blaziken fan got crazy, so it's not Blaziken fault.

Blaziken kills Sceptile's glory.

Swampert and Sceptile got megas in oras. Blaziken got his is xy. That's how overrated it is.

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I think Lugia is over and over and over-rated. First, she (i think she's a female) is way uglier and less powerful than Ho-Oh. She is not majestic and she is the monotone "guardian of the seas". She simply doesn't have any special feature or power, like Ho-Oh's rainbow trail he leaves when he flies.
I love Ho-Oh, and I don't hate Lugia, but I still think she is overrated.

She/ he is overrated. So what if she defeated the legendary bird trio? Or sings his her theme? She can get owned by a

Come on. Why does this guy get so much hype. Like its atk stats are not exactly the best! I'm not saying its bad, but it has too many fan boys. It receives more hype than it really should.

Sorry didn't finish sentence. But she he could get owned by a mega beedrill easy. She he just sucks.

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31Mega Charizard Y

Really? If anything, Mega Charizard Y is highly highly overshadowed by Mega Charizard X. And I know it's a Charizard so don't get me wrong, Charizard is overrated. But does Charizard overshadow HIMSELF more than any other Pokemon? Let's see... Mega Charizard X got a Pokken appearance as Charizard's Resonance Burst mode, an SSB4 appearance as Charizard's Final Smash, a Pokemon Origins appearance, Mega Evolution Special appearance, cameo in the opening of Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, and he will have an appearance in the XY and Z anime arc. Before you splat Mega Charizard Y on this list, think twice about the challenger Mega that overthrew the original...

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32JolteonV1 Comment

Charmeleon is underrated and people are really stupid - ihateoverratedpokemon

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Ugh! This Pokemon! Everywhere I go, a favourite. People say he's legendary, when he's not, they called him the legendary Pokemon, he's talked about when it's not even without him, and he's on every top 10 top best Pokemon list going. His designs a mix between a dog and a tiger, which I suppose is cool, howe et there are many much cooler designs. Stay wise yeah, I see that, but I don't really see how that can affect likeability.

He was ORIGINALLY going to be a legendary in Red and Blue. So they aren't too far off. He was replaced with Moltres as a legend instead of him. - shawnmccaul22

Too much fans! His fanbase is horrible. Even everyone in deviantart likes him, flooding my favorite Pokemon Luxray browsing. Why do so many people love him and think he's awesome just because he looks so 'powerful'? Why do fans keep pairing with my favorite Pokemon Luxray? People won't shut up about it whenever I browse the internet about Pokemon. They need to chill and slow down!

I like but I don't go around making a big deal about it. - Enderninja327

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Actually, Lapras is pretty underrated

I wish I could add one to my team someday

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Weakness: Bug Dark Fire Flying Ghost Ice Poison

OH NO ITS CELEBI! Wait I brought my beedrill! Quick poison jab!


Why you hating on Treecko? It's a sole grass type! There are so many other sole grass types you could pick on!

What did Treecko ever do to you! He is a grass dragon by the way.

Ash's killed Darkrai in the anime. All hail Treecko.

So many haters tee clod a great grass type

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The people who are still salty about Witney's Miltank beg to differ - Ruee

Miltank is overrated? BEST JOKE EVER - ABBCC

But I got through Whitney's Miltank with no problem... Then her Clefairy flamethrowered my Meganium...

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Just because a Pokemon isn't great doesn't mean it's overrated? I don't know how many care for ditto one way or the other. It's just there so people can use it for breeding Pokemon easily

Ditto is not overrated. There is a difference between overrated and popular. PS, he is similar to Eevee (who is also overrated) and Arceus.

I don't seem him as overrated. I've never seen Ditto used in battle (not even NPC). He's mainly just caught for breeding purposes, they might pay attention to Ditto's with stronger Status, IVs, etc, but that's to make a strong Pokemon. He's just used so Breeders can breed their Pokemon for better ones.


Emolga is a Pikachu flying squirrel. Get over it, it's based off the worst Pokemon in the game.

It's the second cutest ever! Plus it can kill Kyurem! I did by accident (At least I saved my game before the battle) - Goatworlds

I know she is cute but really? Emolga? Oh for crying out loud, Pacherisu is 10 times cuter and stronger.

It's actually really, really underrated.

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