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They may be popular but I hate the team. They cheat and didn't deserve to win the super bowl last year. The Seahawks did. The Patriots are mean and rude, they cheat and they are disloyal.

Definitely a great, popular team. All of New England cheering them on, and some other fans in different places. (Granted, NE doesn't have a population like New York or Texas, or Cal., but those have multiple teams each (Texans, Cowboys Chargers, 49ers Jets, Bills, Giants,etc.) - AlGalaxy

Patriots have been the most polarizing sports team in the world, never mind America. Everyone can't stop talking about them good or bad, the Patriots have become the Yankees of the NFL

They deflated the ball. If they didn't deflate it they would have lost. UNFAIR

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The only publicly owned team, and an objectively great one at that. Enough said. They are also not large enough to never be the underdogs; when was the last time you heard the Steelers, Cowboys, or Patriots were underdogs? Yeah, that is what I thought. People like cheering for the underdogs. Cowboys and Patriots are too arrogant, and while the Steelers are impressive, they border on too impressive. Some flaws are nice. The Packers give exciting games and are usually excellent, but having the occasional off games adds that much more tension.

Founded in 1919, its one of the last remaining 'small town' NFL teams. Curly Lambeau, Don Hudson, Vince Lombardi, Bart Star, Brett Favre, Reggie White, and Aaron Rodgers just to name a few of the great players/coaches. Won the first two super bowls, and two more. Almost always make the playoffs. Community owned, with a stadium that has sold out every game since 1966. Should be #1.

Stadium has been sold out since 1966.

Packers are crap

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This should be right, minus the Pats in the 1 spot. 1 Pittsburgh, 2 Dallas, 3 Green Bay and the Pats make the top 10 somewhere. Pittsburgh is the team though! ONLY the Steelers can go into someone elses home and over take it. I went to the Steelers-Titans game in Nashaveille this year and it was 2/3 Steelers fans, in Tennessee! Look at Superbowl XL, did the Seahawks get a fan in that game? Same with the Cards Superbowl. Even Jerry-World couldn't keep 20, 000 Steelers fans out! HERE WE GO STEELERS!

The question is the most popular, not your favorite team. Around the nation, the Steelers are probably the most liked team overall. More people dislike the Patriots then the Steelers, and although the Steelers aren't my favorite team they should be number one due to the great number of people who have liked the Steelers over the years as opposed to the number of people who don't like them.

How are you gonna say the patriots are the best team, wait a second aren't they the team that got caught cheating, and still have less Super Bowls than the steelers, oh yeah they are. Oh and guess what no one has more superbowls than the steelers, so you pats fans should root for another team, because you guys keep losing to the giants in the Super Bowl - Tommy13740

Steelers fans roll deep! No matter where their at!

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"America's team to the core! "
It's a shame Steelers have more Super Bowl wins, even though Steelers are
A good team. Dallas is just the best team. They're having a little trouble with their coaches, but they still have sweet cheerleaders!

The only team that's relevant if they are winning or losing. If you're not a COWBOY fan you're a fan of the team they're playing, no matter who it is! COWBOYS4LIFE!

Hey America's team that is in THE STATE OF Texas where football is not the most important thing but real close to drinking water. We have an owner that needs to keep writing checks and let a good gm run this thing. We are the standard and will always be the standard.

Cowboys should be first

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I find this hard to believe. This has been my favorite team since I was a kid, and most people I talk to hate the eagles. So # 4 just doesn't seem right to me..32 I would believe.

They are the bomb except for the panthers game I don't feel fine with them playing them especially since there star quarter back got injured

I love the Eagles and there amazing explosive attacking team they call an offense

These is the best team ever

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Montana, Rice, Young: 5 Super Bowls! -

They are the best team out there they are amazing and my favorite and always will be

5 Super Bowls, the best players, how can you go wrong with this team?

RICE! I am a dedicated 49ers fan and always will be favorite team ever!

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Speaking of the Redskins and your comment we have really passionate fans. God the Redskins are losers I know several people who just give up on them the Ravens are for real.

We have the most passionate fans because we are just glad we have a team. The reason why there's not a lot of us is because we share the redskins with us - andrewerdna100

That Defense is the reason if your not a Ravens fan You don't like contact. They don't have to be your favorite, but you got to love them Ravens.

I'm from Ohio and the Ravens is where it's at even no there in Maryland

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I agree Seahawks are the best, I say the top two teams for popularity and rating are Seahawks and pats. Seahawks will win super bowl L (50) and so forth.
Pats are a good team too but pats cheat and get away with it and that's just not right. but Seahawks now has Jimmie graham and some other really good players. Russell Wilson going to be the best if he keeps up the good work can maybe win 11 super bowls in a row. GO HAWKS!

The Seahawks, even though they have won the same amount of games they lost, should be in the top 5 since just about everyone is a fan. Most people I've seen are Seahawks fans and one or two others are other teams.

Seahawks are the best team in the world they are amazing and awesome who doesn't love the Seahawks

Seahawks are the best! GO SEAHAWKS!

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I have loved the Giants since I could understand the game and I will continue to love them until the end. GIANTS 12TH!

Love New York. You're always on the edge of your seat watching big blue! They pull some crazy stunts sometimes.

Long suffering Giants fan. Gotta support the team through the good times and The awful times!

They are the best

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The broncos are a great team and they have a great offense and is one of the 2 best teams the other team is the patriots because there stats are just as good as the broncos stats.

Greates tfans ever even through are worst years, only one other team has sol out more games since the merger, and that is the redskins, and I have my doubts about that as of today, that poll was years ago

Six superbowl trips and two wins in a row.Today the broncos are a real caddy

Peyton Manning. Enough said.

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Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady by far. He also has great commercials and is a better guy. Tom Brady didn't even shake Eli Manning's hand in the Super Bowl. I love the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION COLTS! GO COLTS!

dallas clark peyton manning

colts alllllllllllllll the way peyton manning is better than tom brady - kingzmurda

Best team ever with Andrew Luck

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From Detroit. We stick with all our teams there even if they don't do well!

They keep losing, but the fans keep coming...

This should be 1

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Falcons have some of the most die hard fans you will ever see. We have many groups of fans dedicated to only talking falcon football year around!

Falcons were great in 2012. They blew it 2013. They aren't doing that good in 2014 either.

Falcons are 3 and 0 2015

Julio jones is just too baller

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I have been a Cincinnati fan since I was able to remember so like 6 and at first they were crap, I didn't care I loved staying loyal to my team no matter what, it was a great feeling. It made the wins more satisfying but recently its started to turn around and now I appreciate winning again, Who they! For Life

I don't care if we score in the middle or low on rankings, Cincinnati has a special place in my heart and in others' as well. They're improvement is fun to watch and I can't wait to see where they go this postseason. I believe!

It's so great to see Cincinnati succeed I miss the 80s andy dalton is the future for us WHODEY!
Also why do people hate on their jersey they have awesome jerseys

We are not popular but I love my bengals

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I love the Miami Dolphins! They are the best they are better than those stupid Cowboy. You have to admitt am I right! - ginn19

They still remain the only team to go undefeated throughout a full season, playoffs and all. That continues to stand as the greatest feat any NFL franchise has obtained.

I got to things. 1. They are the best team in Florida, a very popular state and 2. They don't mind playing in Europe, so I know there have to be at least a couple fans there.

The only team that is good are the dolphins because of the 1972 season the only team to go undefeated

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One of the founding father franchises of the nfl, the bears will always be one of the best in the league. Today's elite teams can't match our history or traditions. Regardless of records we will always be one of the best.

The bears and packers have two of the most consistently loyal fan bases in the league. Most of the teams at the top are good right now but usually don't have fans when they aren't dominant.

If you like your heart broken, you'll love the Bears. They never disappoint. I'm also a Cubs fan.

The Bears are the beasts

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I'm a huge Saints fan. I feel sorry for them though. They lost J Vilma so they are getting ready to turn into the Aints. - Alpha101

Win or lose the fans are friendly and always looking to enjoy the fun of the game

I like the Saints, Lions, and Raiders. They're awesome! - Alpha101

I hate the saints they stink

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Chargers are a clutch team, Definitely should be in the top 10 at least.

Chargers are a team from California with class along with the 49ers

I agree they should be in the top 10 at least

A team with real heart.

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Great team always showing support and love for the fan base in a smaller market major city. Great owner that respects their players, fans, and interest groups ( ie military, kids, et al ). Tickets are fairly priced and all seats in stadium are good for viewing. Parking around stadium is reasonable with a short walk to the field. Just be sure to enter in the gate your supposed to, the contracted and untrained staff is the only down fall for the experience. #keeppounding

Panthers are really nice to their fans and the fans like that so the panthers are really appreciated by people. They should at least be number 15 on this list.

Panthers are greatly based all around with a power house defense and a almost as good offense. Go Panthers!

I hate the panthers too

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If you are born a skins fan you die a skins fan. When you ask a skins fan any year who will make it to the playoffs they will say either the skins or ask me next year this year is a building year. I don't know if you ever notice but when you look in the stands of a skin game they stay on their feet. And finally I bring up the vocab of skins fans I mean the first skins game I went to I was shocked and I learned around 3 new curse words. This team should be #1

I'm a die hard Redskins fan and I have been to many of the redskins game. Everyone is chanting "Hail to the Redskins". Every time I go to a redskins game, it's always so loud and so intense. I never see one Redskins fan sitting in their chair when the Redskins have the ball. Yes I know that the Redskins haven't been successful that much, but all I know is that to all of the redskins fans out there, they always stick with there team no matter what and I know for a fact that all redskins fans are die hard fans. In 2014, we went 4-12, but no one gave up on them and then think that's what makes redskins fans unique out of the other nfl teams. So I think that they should be at least in top 10. HTTR SKINSNATION

Gotta say, were the most loyal fanbase. Not saying we don't have our fair share of empty stadiums, but that was not the case until about 3 years ago. But were all still fans. Its just too damn expensive

how are the redskins not in the top 10, embarassing list!,,, I know so many skins fans, not to mention best fans in the league - bore5

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