Best NBA Power Forwards of 2013-2014

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The Top Ten

Blake Griffin
Blake doesn't only play like a PF down low, but he also is capable of grabbing a rebound and bringing it up the floor. He also can knock down the mid-range jumpers. There is not many other power forwards that come with his play style and his size. It is very hard to defend.
Blake doesn't only give you stats, he makes everyone around him better, K love is like Iverson, he gives you stats but doesn't make anyone around him better.

2Kevin Love
Absolutely under rated! No idea how he is never talked about for MVP! Just cause the wolves suck doesn't mean he shouldn't get the respect he deserves! Look at them stats!
Best in the nba hands down
Best scorer and rebounder, needs to be better on d though

3LaMarcus Aldridge
Kevin love doesn't make team mates better. Tim Duncan is getting old. Blake Griffin getting better but way overrated. LaMarcus just look at his teams record. 2014 NBA MVP! HANDS DOWN BEST POWER FORWARD.
Aldridge. And it really isn't that close.
Compared to Blake, Aldridge is hands down better. He works the ball and plays the court well, so what if Blake can dunk he is way over rated!
[Newest]Needs more paint scores

4Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk is good watch out

5Chris Bosh
Bosh can shoot like Bird and rebound like Rodman
Bosh's ability to shoot from anywhere in the court is number 1 in the NBA how Bosh stopped Danny Green in the finals was a rair play as for Bosh his leadership is fantastic without Bosh the heat wouldn't be in this position
He can shoot pass rebound everything


6Tim Duncan
Tim is wearing away faster and faster. He is getting old and he can't get around as well. HE FLAT OUT STINKS. At the 5 spot, I would put Taj Gibson.

7David Lee
David is good and get better every time I see him he's a great player=)

8Serge Ibaka
He's the best defender on this list by far. The second best defender Josh Smith shoots WAY too many 3s
Best Defender in the NBA
He is a great player.

9Anthony Davis

10Paul Millsap

The Contenders

11Pau Gasol


13Josh Smith

14David West

15Thomas Robinson

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