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21 Pokémon Mega Power

Pokemon Mega Power has a great story line.

This is my favorite rom hack and it has a great storyline.

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22 Pokemon Rose Edition
23 Pokemon Resolute

Pokemon Resolute is a cool game!

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24 Pokemon Heaven V 1 Comment
25 Pokemon the Barking Dog

Sounds as terrible as a barking dog.

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26 Pokemon Rijon Adventures V 1 Comment
27 Pokémon Ultra Violet

All pokemon till 3rd gen, more starter, u can get all pokemon solo, more areas..awesome hack if u want to play red/blue again on your mobile or whatever

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28 Pokemon Naranja

Tells the story of the orange archipelago which game freak didn't make - Red26473

Literally, why isn't this higher? It's almost like an official main series game and it would've been the best main series game. This game deserves more love!

A game that should have been made. Love it, and I hate water types lol

It's a glitchy mess, you get like 4 hours into the game and a certain event either will or wont trigger. 50/50 shot. If the event doesn't trigger you have to start all over...

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29 Pokemon Reborn

The game is huge and you really have to problem solve if you want to complete everything. It's a little over the top on the edgy factor, but super fun!

It's the dark souls of Pokemon one richest fan made stories to date!

Epic...deep, Pokemon are scarce and it's your job to save them...
The game is one of a kind...and sorta sad..but still awesome
; )

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30 Pokemon Gaia

Lots of pokemon, mega evolution and everything else rolled into one!

Still in progress but real great. The story is amazing

Best one I've seen yet it has kalos Pokemon like fletchender in it. I love the graphics, sprites, and the trainer looks like me with purple hair.

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31 Pokemon Advanced Adventure V 1 Comment
32 Pokemon Nusantara
33 Pokemon Philippines
34 Pokemon Vega

I wish I could play it. Patch broke my game

Great game with great fakemon but very powerful gym leaders and admins, game is fairly difficult

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35 Pokemon Life

Superb has the graphics similar to that of pokemon black and white

36 Pokemon My A** V 2 Comments
37 Pokemon Outlaw

What So Low it's A cool Game...Just Kidding It ain't Its just a cool boyfriend girlfriend game

This is a game I wouldent let my kids play if your under 17 and u play this make sur your parents don't read any of it

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38 Pokemon Korosu

Pokemon Korosu should be at least at 10th place

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39 Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Pokemon Dark Rising 2

Great sequel of Pokemon Dark Rising

Great game but you need to play the first one to understand the story

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40 Pokemon Darkviolet Version
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