Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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1I will beat you with a small child.

Oh My God ROFLMAOOTG (the last three are "on the ground") "I will beat you with a small child that I will soon feed to the T-Rex's" should be on the list. - fireinside96

This is the best random remark since 'go sit in a corner with a dried guava roll'! Lmfao... I am literally seeing myself. Laugh out loud. We need more of this stuff in the world. Ps. The people who added the 'random things to say in a crowd' points after #4 Re: T-rex's are really dull and boring, being creative is free and apparently so is seeking attention laugh out loud.

Extra funny if you say it after you do the dramatic duck face! I can just imagine people going, "What the..."

I will beat you with a small potato child

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2Sometimes when I'm alone I like to dress up in all brown, lay on the floor and pretend I'm a potato.

Sometimes when I'm alone, I dress all up in yellow, peel myself with a peeler and call myself a banana... Forever alone:(

I told all my friends this and they called me crazy... In a good way

That is the most hilarious thing since I saw my puppy dog licking my sisters barbie dolls butt

Funny thing is I actually do this

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3Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Therefore, I am a potato.

I said this to my mom and she said I have issues :) Thanks for this!

*I am a Potato!

Laugh out loud I like this one. but I am not a potato I am... A MARSHMALLOW! Cruz I squishy and soft and as pail as a ghost. So me is a marshmallow. laugh out loud

Told it to my parents. They didn't get it - AnonymousChick

I'm a annoying potato

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4Shhh, the jalapenos are sleeping.

Make sure to say the J don't make it silent

What's next? The tomatoes are napping? The bananas are snoozing? The pumpkins are catching some sleep? Lol

Ah haha laugh out loud used this on my friend once

I said this to my brother last year, lets just say he is still laughing.

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5Don't freak out but my neighbor lives next to me.

I love this item! It's so hilarious! - HezarioSeth

Don't freak out, but there's a spider- right on you!

So kool awesome I ave to use this one

Haha so funny lol

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6Eat my pants!

Eat my shorts is off of the breakfast club..

I'm pretty sure someone from either SpongeBob or Icarly or victorious has said it, I'd laugh so much if a person shouted it out!

I remember when my cat said this to me

Percy Jackson said that in greek. :3

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7One time I died but I got better.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! It is funny.

I tried that about 21 people laughed it's on youtube it's called?

I'm dead right now what prescription did you use. I mean I tried everything, water uh worms and more stuff yeah


That's good. I'm glad to hear your recovering

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8Isn't it weird that, pineapples never wear bikinis.

And isn't it weird that oranges never wear tank tops? That my mailbox doesn't like tomatoes? My refrigerator is wearing boxer shorts?!

This person watches way too much Spongebob.

I think it is weird that pineapples never wear bikinis and my mailbox doesn't like tomatoes

Whoever made this watches to much sponge bob

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9I eat babies.

Holy CRAP! Hope I can rewind time! - moose4life19

You just need to cook them long enough and then they taste well. - CastlevaniaFanboy128

Its great to see that there are people out there that can relate to my passtimes

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10This is like retards humping a door nob

I didn't know other people did that too like can I have a orgy for this

I'm a retard, I find this offensive

That's from dodge ball you dingus

This is beautiful

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?I left my pen at home, save my spot OK? I will be back in three hours.
?You're too Star Butterfly to be Mabel

Sounds like a 5 year old put this here

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11Excuse me everyone, I have AIDS virus.

This is funny go away you haters, have a sense of humor... That's all

I would of laughed at this a day ago until I found out I have aids -. -

What you need to do is when your in a public area, just stand up, have wide eyes, and say in a loud voice " I have aids! "

That's amazing but you shouldn't say "virus"

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12Once I saw a purple flying cow and I named it Phillip.

I wish the dancing unicorn could have seen him but he was too busy laughing at steve the snake.

, I had a hair named Jean, but he died.

This is funny, one of the best ones on here! Should be in the top tens!

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

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13Salty sticks of brilliance.

Fuzzyshadow of Leopardclan

This is something me and my friends would say while eating pretzels with salt or something

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14I like farting

That's so hilarious dude! My friends say it all of the time! LOLOLOLOLOL

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15Allahu Akbar

Don't say this in the airport. I just got out of Guantanamo Bay.

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16Sometimes, I dream about cheese...

I like to lay in my bathtub with loads of cheese and tomato's on my naked body and roll up in a nice tortilla wrap and pretend I'm a chicken wrap.

This is something from half life... The rebels say it randomly. - VoidSense

I just split my sides... I'm looking for odd phrases for a dinner party game guests have to insert the phrase discretely into the conversation without being found out... and this one for some reason just cracked me up...!

Cheese actually can make you dream. Just saying'.

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17Pole Dancing Ducks

Okay, first, search Beastie Boys To All The Girls. Then sing this song in the crowd. But this. Is also funny and random. I SAW THIS ONCE.

18You know what day it is? Monday!

No. Who would say that. Monday's are horrible

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19Yay! We're all gonna die! I'm so happy!

If someone said that he would be right. We would all die because we laughed so hard. YAY! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! I'M SO HAPPY! - Abc123vote

After a long interval you can become the people.. So why let it go... Enjoy the life... But it don't meant that waste it... Enjoy with your aim...

Laughed so hard, I told everyone and thought that I wanted to die so they all chased me

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20I think I have forgotten how to breathe

Say in a raspy voice

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1. Allahu Akbar
2. Cock
3. Excuse me everyone, I have AIDS virus.
1. I will beat you with a small child.
2. Don't freak out but my neighbor lives next to me.
3. Eat my pants!

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