Top Ten Reasons Why Glaceon Is a Great Pokemon

Glaceon will always be my second favorite eeveelution!

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1It's cute

This is definitely the cutest ice Pokemon! - nintendofan126

2It learns great moves

Ice beam, blizzard, protect, Wish, ice fang, and much more. - nintendofan126

3It's great for any team

Well, you know. I always consider ice type Pokemon as a useless addition to any of my team, because of the fact that almost all water type Pokemon can also learn ice type moves (like vaporeon learning aurora beam). Now because every water type Pokemon learns ice type moves for coverage, I always consider as ice type as non significant type the same as what rock is to steel and ground.
So it's hard for me to consider glaceon as a useful addition to any of team and I would happily chose vaporeon over it any time - Kiteretsunu

Is your looking for an ice Pokemon to add to your team, glaceon would be a good choice. - nintendofan126

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4It's beautiful

I've never seen such a pretty evolution. - nintendofan126

5It goes great with Vaporeon

Don't hate me. But I always thought vaporeon and glaceon was a good couple. - nintendofan126

6It is one of the smallest eeveelutions

I think either glaceon or jolteon is the shortest eeveelution? - nintendofan126

7It's a great special sweeper
8It's hidden ability is great

It restores HP while hailing. Glaceon is gaining HP while her opponent is losing it. - nintendofan126

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9It has great special attack

But lackluster speed so don't except a fast sweeper - MrQuaz680

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1. It's cute
2. It learns great moves
3. It's great for any team
1. It learns great moves
2. It's cute
3. It's beautiful



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