Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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361Less Depressed Elsa
362True Villains/Antagonists
363Less Loudmouthed Anna
364Quieter Anna
365More Handled by More Experienced, More Professional WriterV1 Comment
366More Progressive
367More Experienced Anna
368More Experienced Elsa
369Straighter Adaptation of the Snow Queen StoryV1 Comment
370Grand Pabbie Telling Elsa and Her Parents She Needs to Practice Often to Prevent a Similar Event In the Future

Man, he should've done that back then before. Wonder whatever's going with him so far? Tell me his brain's not ever even broken.

371Elsa Being Able to Control Her Abilities Enough
372Elsa Growing Up Getting Any Training On How to Control Her Abilities
373Fates of Kristoff's Human Parents
374More Explanations About Where Did Sven Come From
375More Explanations and Reasons Why Was Elsa Cursed With the Power of Snow
376Elsa Creating And Making Her Own Friends Just To Prevent Loneliness
377King Magnus and Queen Daphne (Once Upon A Time)V1 Comment
378King Harald and Queen Sonja (Once Upon A Time)V1 Comment
379Name Of The King Of Aren-delle (Once Upon A Time) Revealed

Man, stupid writers of Once Upon A Time should've let us know much more about him back then before so they didn't ever even bother to do it back then before? Huh? We're all disappointed in them.

380Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) Not Being Put In An Urn

I'd love to see more relationship bonds between Elsa and Ingrid than ever in canon too.

Man, stupid writers of Once Upon A Time really should've let her raise Elsa back then before too. This sucks that Ingrid would never ever even be able to time travel, raise the dead nor even create love. This is totally not fair. Idiot, unfair writers of Once Upon A Time never ever even letting her raising Elsa. This stinks. Ingrid never ever even deserves to be put in an urn and neither does Elsa. Neither does any other royal, magical muggle-borns. Especially not ever even royal ice muggle-borns.

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