Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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21King Sonja and Queen Daphne (Once Upon A Time) still alive

What does this have to do with the topic?

We all deserve to know much more about King Magnus and Queen Daphne (Once Upon A Time) than ever too.

22Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) Not Being Put In An Urn

I'd love to see more relationship bonds between Elsa and Ingrid than ever in canon too.

Man, stupid writers of Once Upon A Time really should've let her raise Elsa back then before too. This sucks that Ingrid would never ever even be able to time travel, raise the dead nor even create love. This is totally not fair. Idiot, unfair writers of Once Upon A Time never ever even letting her raising Elsa. This stinks. Ingrid never ever even deserves to be put in an urn and neither does Elsa. Neither does any other royal, magical muggle-borns. Especially not ever even royal ice muggle-borns.

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23Pairing Elsa with Hans

Man, you didn't have to make Hans the bad guy, did you? No you did not. The true antagonist should've been the real, original, titular pure evil, snow queen herself who would've been portrayed as Elsa's childless wicked stepmother back then before.

24A Frozen Christmas CarolV1 Comment
25The Wolves Ate Everyone And Everyone Saw the Blood

Wow, this is getting ridiculous

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26Crossovers with Harry Potter

Yeah! Elsa would've been better off being raised in the Norwegian, magical, wizarding world in Norway anyway so Anna could still go outside and stuff like adventures, experiences, knowledges, friends and even enemies and rivals on her own only just to prevent isolation, loneliness and boredom.

Anna and Elsa would've been better off being portrayed as biggest rivals/worst enemies ever than best friends and especially sisters.

27Anna Traveling Back In Time to Get Her Missing Memories Back

Yeah! We all agree with you. Time traveling ought to be the only most possible, best, better, fairer, fairest solution to Anna's problems for Anna and her blindness ever since she was unfairly isolated without truthful, honest explanations which it would've been fairer than ever so far.

28More Characters In Frozen

Especially the ones who are more inspirations for the original snow queen characters.

29Crossovers with Wicked

Man, best friendship between Elsa and Elphaba Thropp would've been shown in canon too, right?

30Crossovers with Inuyasha
31Crossovers with Ranma 1/2
32Crossovers with RWBYV1 Comment
33Crossovers with Enchanted
34Crossovers with Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen
35Crossovers with Studio Ghibli films

My Neighbor Olaf? Anna's Special Delivery? I'll only watch it if the characters kill the Frozen cast.

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36Crossovers with Codename Kids Next Door
37Crossovers with Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
38Crossovers with Anime
39Less Clumsy Anna

Man, I agree with this one so thanks for putting this one on the list. Careless, reckless creators of Frozen.

40Less Ditzy Anna
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