Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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61Elsa Being the Main Lead Protagonist

If she was supposed to be the main villain (that is, until that stupid Let it Go song showed up), who is going to be the villain?

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62Less Domineering Anna

Elsa never ever even deserves to suffer dealing nor putting up with any domineering people nor any domineering people.

Yeah! Domineering people are nothing nor nothing else but real pain if you ask me.

63Less Creepy Anna
64Less Wild Anna
65Less Out Of Control Anna
66Less Pompous Anna
67Less Vain Anna
68Less Bossy Anna
69Less Impulsive Anna
70Less Foolish Anna
71Less Forceful Anna
72Less Childish Anna
73Less Immature Anna
74Elsa Time Traveling to Help a Younger Eight Year Old Version of Herself

Yeah! Of course. Time traveling ought to be the fairest solution for Anna.

75Ingrid and Helga Being In the Movie

Yeah! There are reasons why Once Upon A Time was better than Frozen, aren't they? Ingrid and Helga (Once Upon A Time) deserve to be in the movie, Frozen too like they should've been. If those stupid creators, especially those stupid writers of Once Upon A Time hadn't killed Helga off back then before, then she and Ingrid would've still be there to meet their nieces, Elsa and Anna too.

76More Information About Hans' Twelve Older Brothers

Man, we all need more knowledges, revelations, informations, facts and proofs about his twelve big older brothers really bad.

77Crossovers With Saint Seiya
78Crossovers With Secret of the WingsV1 Comment
79Crossovers With the Princess Twins of Legendale
80Crossovers With the Snow Queen V1 Comment
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