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July 31, 2015 - Which type of media players we use to play our video files? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

I've used vlc since I can't remember when, no complaint until lately when it couldn't play a movies smoothly. But these did not take its credits away.
VLC is the best video player ever, it is very easy to use and shows videos in high quality. It can play any kind of videos. It is my favourite video player
This is the best video player ever... It can play like al video formats man... King of video players man...
[Newest]Great but doesn't look great.

Best video player I have experienced... Very user friendly. Space bar for Pause and play... Right ^^ Left keys to forward ^^ backward... Trust me.. Use it
For users that want more just pressing play in order to see a movie.
Synchronize subtitles, change contrast, quality, movie speed.
Lots of shortcut key to use especially if you have a wireless keyboard.
Full of so many functions if you want more than just play pause and stop.
[Newest]It is very user friendly and the best that I had ever used

Great for automatic find for sub-titles. Great for watching in any frame size controlled by mouse scroll and is free.
I use this one, it has many great options and is very practicable


I'm using it for at least 6 years and it's still the best player around. It also have integrated subtitles downloader. Perfect!
[Newest]Player automatic find subtitles for movies. That's amazing!

4PowerDvD player
It upscales dvds to amazing quality. Works best with graphics card parallel processing. And the sound quality is 10/10 with use of hi fidelity headphones.
The best movie experience can be in Power DVD only and that too in cinema mode. It supports all formats and provides best controls that one can get.
Hats off to powerDVD...
Its very cool player with suitable system in smart playeing videos
[Newest]Awesome I used it before!

5Windows Media Player
The reason why it's down on the 5th even though it is a default player is that it does not support that much formats.
BEst PLAyer because OF it Lite feautres, I am totally agreed that I don't support flv but it doesn't matter. You must download its plugins.
If you want any kind of info about games then dare to contact me. I am available all time Name :- Saad
Why do people looks for compicated programes when this very easy to use program plays it all?


6GOM Player
Thank's to GOM player. I can watch know the movie that I download try it...
I had all of above programs, and can safely say that Gom is best of the best, simply he never let me down, I don't know for 'unknown format' of some video since I installed this amazing software. All praise of me for Gom player, absolutely better than BS player and it goes 'shoulder to shoulder' with VLC. Download this player and you will not regret. Has quality, has performance! *11 of 10*
I love it's shortcuts and best quality of subtitles ever the best quality of video streaming without any pixelizetion, very preferable for me I chose it as best player for high quality videos
[Newest]The best pc video player

7Ace Media Player
Not updates since 2012.

8Media Player Classic
Awesome for bluray never reduces quality never slows down and no fog effect like in vlc has all codecs it's simply easy to use
The best ever, you can play any format of a video it will not disappoint your
It has the best colour balance of all players, included GOM and VLC. If you click on the taskbar hidden icons arrow (Windows 7, to the right of the taskbar) and then you click on icons for ffdshow audio or video a variety of tools are available for enhancing sound, including a volume booster, a nice array of filters for bad audio and like 30 or 40 independent apps that allows you to make wonders with otherwise unusable videos. This is also the player with lower memory usage and fastest start,
[Newest]Good and fast, but doesn't look that good.

9Flash Player

10RadLight player
Very nice softwear in pc

The Contenders

It rocks it has themes and it can play all videos man
It's a great player. It lets windows 7 phones sync with it. It can edit the genere of the media file simply the best.
- Jeet Sarkar

12jetAudio Plus
Best among all plays everything and made full screen and loads of feature in it
This is good media player
[Newest]It's my best player!

13ZOOM Player

Everyone who has a PC knows this player



It is now dethroning vlc... Amazing pic and sound quality, please try it everybody, its very powerful as a video player..
Simply the best after trying all other players this just what I can say for professionals.
Should be all time first.. Superb player...

17MicroDVD player

18K-Lite Classic
Its really having nice sound effect
I like KLC for pause/play by clicking feature, and fast loading than others.
Great feature, do not like only its sound intensity quality.

Agreed! I've been using RealPlayer for years and love all it offers and its ease in use. It's basically an all in one media player that accommodates all popular media and video formats. I'm actually surprised to not see it make your list.
RealPlayer is super easy to use. It's just one click to download any video I'm watching. I love it!

In my opininon the best lookinag and this player has and awesome playback and loads the movies clearer and faster this is the best player for me
Good player with high quality, it's also really good looking
Best 1
This player is best isda
Delhi mein airport palam isda
So choose this player only

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