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Cancer is a horrible disease! Some people in my entire family had cancer. I hope one day there is a cure for cancer. I wish cancer wouldn't kill so many people. I am so glad I haven't had cancer and I am only 15 years old.
I lost somebody to cancer. His name was David Bailey. Iam still missing him. Whenever I see his house I just cry. I used to blame his death on myself. Because before he died I was naughty. At least he is in a better place where angels and peace and doves and god and Jesus are
It attacks you from the inside out, terrible way to go... It destroys your bodies cells.
[Newest]I hate Cancer! THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT IT AT ALL... No, nothing is worse than having your beloved ones die of cancer. I hate that cancer is very hard to cure because it is the thing that most people die of. I hope that those patients get a cure soon.

freddie mercury died of aids its the worst thing going


You can survive Cancer but you can't escape AIDS.


can be spread through sexual contact, whereas cancer cannot.
[Newest]AIDS is terrible. If you get AIDS there is NOTHING you can do about it. It's going to be stuck with you for the rest of your life

3Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever
Severe internal bleeding and at least a week of your organs being reduced to mush. Then after all the pain and suffering you die of hypovolemic shock from blood loss.
I must be really brave - I've read the Hot Zone while eating despite all the blood and gore of it. Ebola seems not only to be extremely lethal, it also seems to be quite fascinating. But of course, I always find the more deadlier germs/diseases more interesting than the milder ones.
Don't forget Ebola's sibling, Marburg - It's not as deadly as Ebola, but it still has a very high mortality rate and the same sort of symptoms. Nice or what?
If you don't fear death, go and walk into a biosafety level 4 facility. I guarantee you won't find AIDS or Cancer there. What you will find is the most frightening, terrifying disease known to man. You can pick a strain, but your chance of survival will always be the lowest possible.
[Newest]"Hemorrhagic" is spelled wrong.

Have you see the videos of people with rabies trying to drink water and can't because of hydrophobia, pretty sad stuff. Worst part is that their basically doomed.
Swine flu isn't dangerous and you can escape cancer but with rabies you are dieing a slow death.
Rabies is scary. I've seen this episode of monsters inside me and this girl was having strange mood changes, trouble focusing eyes and collapsing into seizures and shaking and then she died.
[Newest]You can suffocate badly

This is a horrid condition. A few friends had/have it. There are 4 types of Motor Neuron diseases out there 2 of which are fatal, one of which is not and one which is not fatal unless it mutates into one of the fatal two. ALS is one of the two fatal ones and unfortunately the most common motor neuron disease. In a few cases, ALS is not fatal and in a few other cases, people with ALS live longer than the usual 2 to 5 years (Stephen Hawkings being a famous example). But in most cases, it is a cruel and horrid death.
ALS is horrible because it is so unpredictable and much worse than some of the ones gone before it here. TB, Aids, Parkinsons, etc. are all manageable conditions that used to be much much worse. Cancer as a generic term hides the fact that some cancers are much worse than others. Probably, pancreatic cancer, brain tumours and other such cancers are as bad as ALS but you have to get specific with cancers. But ALS usually offers no hope at all. While rare, there are pancreatic cancer survivors who make a full recovery. The lucky ALS victim is the likes of Stephen Hawking: alive but totally paralysed. So, this is a disease that kills you in 3-5 years usually or else leaves you completely paralysed in rare cases. Lovely.

The problem with ALS too is that it is not mainstream and wellknown. The very name amiotrophic lateral sclerosis has been considered difficult to remember, hence the term ALS or the even more generic term 'Motor Neurone Disease' (there are a number of less fatal versions of this but ALS is equated with MND because it is the most severe of the MNDs). Furthermore, ALS is confused with MS, Huntington's, muscular dystrophy and other such conditions. ALS is worse than any of these other muscular and motor neurone diseases. Perhaps, Huntington's runs a close second as worst disease? Same type of thing only one generally gets 10-20 years out of this one compared to ALS's 3-5.
ALS is the worst of all diseases- it robs you of your body and dignity but leaves you with your mind. You are unable to communicate, use your limbs eat, swallow your own saliva or even hold up your head yet you know exactly what is going on around you. There is no cure and no fast death. I can not imagine a worse disease to get.
[Newest]This is horrible. Your mental state is intact people who have aids have to suffer through it to die at least people can beat cancer!

It is a hopeless disease. There is no cure, no treatment, very little help or understanding. It strips the person you love of every dignity and ounce of themselves, reducing them to a vegetable. Not only that the people left behind watch this helpless. In any other disease medicines or food might be withdrawn if there was no symptom control. In this case you watch as they become childlike. Husbands and children become carers, carers with no hope or relief. Just when you think it can't get worse it does. My mum has had Alzheimer approx 6 years she is 61 she will die old, 70-80 but really she die died years ago. Now we just watch and care as best we can as the depression, agitation, hallucination and language reduce as well as incontinence and other physical symptoms.
This person looks old, not like the picture I see in my head when I think mum. This person looks at me like she has never seen me unlike the mum I remember. There is so much more to say but I do not have the words to express
My grandpa has Alzheimers... I can't even explain how horrible it is. It takes such a toll on you and your family. I can barely remember who my grandpa really is. Most people die physically before they die mentally. But with Alzheimers, the patient dies on the inside years before they are technically 'dead'. Pray that no one in your life EVER get Alzheimers. It changes everything forever. And there is nothing that can help it.
I have very bad experience, because my best friend, my everything, my whole world, got this disease. It was my mother, the worst disease is Alzheimer's at that moment I wish my mother had cancer not Alzheimer, when I see commercial about or in newspaper it hurts me very much.
[Newest]I just lost my grandmother to dementia. It was a slow and painful process and at the end the infection from pressure ulcers took over. Thank god she is in peace and no longer suffering.

7Fatal Familial Insomnia
no cure for this disease prevents you from sleeps slowly eats away at the thalamous and eventually kills you its the worst prion disease if one member of your family has it you have a 50/50 chance of getting it


my grandmothers side carries this horrible gene. I've heard about my previous ancestors dying with it & witnessed my grandmother & uncle die with it. I pray that I am not a carrier of this gene.
With this, it seems there is no escape, even temporarily, from the reality of your imminent end. One can usually sleep and momentarily forget the disease which ails you, but with this, you're awake for the whole thing, at least to a degree.
[Newest]Who would not vote for this? It has a 100% mortality rate. That means, if you get it, you will die from it.

I've had diabetes since two weeks after my first birthday, and I wouldn't wish this on the worst person on earth. I've taken over two hundred thousand needles from it, have three diseases caused by it, and have developed chronic depression due to hating my life with it, and extreme anxiety from being bullied as a child for having it. My body is just a big pin cushion, and I'm covered in scar tissue. When my bloods are low, I hallucinate, and when they're high, I feel so much pain that I want to die. It's the reason behind five suicide attempts, and the reason I have to go to therapy.
I've lost two aunts to diabetes, and my third is in the hospital, blind, paralyzed, with kidney failure from it. I've died four times and I'm not even twenty-one.
There is no cure for it, and my children have a fifty-percent chance of getting it. It weakens my body to the point that a small shove will bruise me, and I'll get sick at just the tiniest thing. Cancer at least has a cure, and get's publicity for how bad it is. There are four types of diabetes, and most people assume there is only type two, and assume it's caused by being fat and blame us for it. I was diagnosed at one years old, and I was a small, skinny little baby.
I've had the real Diabetes (type 1) for over ten years now. Since I was seventeen I've been injecting myself on average 5 - 6 times a day and pricking my fingers and forcing blood out of the end so to test the sugar content of my blood. If I tally the total number of injections then I would estimate it to be almost 19, 000. Now remember that in those ten years I have not had a day off. Every day, more injections, into already bruised parts of my body. The bruising never goes, the humiliation of your own body turning against you and coming very close to killing you is too much. I've woken from the warped nightmares of hypoglycemic comas more times than I can remember and every new day is a test to prevent the next episode from being the last. There is no end to this disease, it will get you eventually.
I have diabetes (type 1) and to me its not that bad. Sometimes I cry because of it. Eventually I started to get sick of taking shots, but then I remind myself that if I don't I will die.


[Newest]One of my friends has diabetes

Here is a tip to get rid of depression look in the good things in life I know how horrible it is but move on I did when I was gonna get married to someone I loved but she broke off from engagement now I am getting married to my ex so see God has plans just don't think about it like if someone close died yes it is natural to be depressed but move on but don't forget about it that would be mean
It is the worst thing you can imagine. I would love to have cancer instead and die on that. What makes a depression so terrible? You don't have any positive feelings anymore and you think you will never have them again. All I can think of is death and tragedy for the ones I will lose. There can't be a god if there's such a thing as depression.
I suffer from depression. Let me just say that it destroys your happiness and will to live, and it eventually makes living unbearable. I'd rather have a disease that is curable, thank you very much.
[Newest]If only didn't have this

I watched my mother deteriate over 17 years before this destructive cruel disease killed her off. Now I am watching the same thing happen to my younger sister and its heartbreaking. She can only lie down day and night and is now starting to choke even on the milk shakes she can only feed on. She will soon have a tube through her stomach to feed her. This disease affects the nervous system and shrinks the brain. No one can be cured from this. It is a slow and awful way to die
River dance, that's funny but it is more like standing on 2 different waterbeds at the same time. Definitively in the top 5. The 3 top reasons for dieing from it are accidents, suicide and choking because you can't swallow
Someone I know has this disease and it's frightening for him, he simply doesn't know what to do with himself as his motor functions disappear and his moods fluctuate. He's such a nice man, I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy.

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Epilepsy is bad the reason why it is bad because you don't know when your going to have one which is a seizure that is what epilepsy really is I have them I had a seizure one time I was talking to my step dad and after I got threw talking to him I laid down and he came down to my house I went to sleep after I got threw talking to him I woke up and I on the couch I had dirt all over me and I had a black eye from were I had fell outside and what made it so bad I did not even know that I had even went outside but I did and I didn't realize it but my step-dad woke me up on the couch and said what happened to you and I said what are you talking about and he said well you have a black eye talking about me I said what I don't have a black eye.but I did and I I also had a couple of wrecks in a car from seizures.because I wasnt taking my medicine like I was post to be so that's why I was having my seizures but when I take my medicine I'm alright but I hope I don't have none taking my medicine I have never had one while on medicine.i had a friend that had seizures to and I watched him when he had one and it was not good he fell straight back and he did not catch hisself he just fell straight back and he also bit his tongue to and blood was running down the side of his face and he started shaking
I've taken a hockey puck to my face, and the pain was nowhere comparable to the anguish experienced due to tonic-clonic seizures. Anguish is a good word - not just pain, but pure intellectual agony of recollecting thoughts blown apart by a seizure.
Epilepsy ranks BELOW the FLU? This list is a JOKE. Have a few seizures and you'll know. People with epilepsy are GODS compared to human diseases that just cause PAIN. Epilepsy is PAIN BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION. Pure mind-blowing pain. That's why it knocks you out. MIND-BLOWING PAIN.
In Pokemon, there was an episode titled "Cyber Soldier Porygon" One scene in it had alternate fast flashing lights of red and blue. It ended up taking over 1500 kids in Japan to hospital.


Even though there are tablets against this, many people who cannot afford these drugs easily die of malaria. It is worse then any other disease because the parasite injects the disease in without you knowing so you could get it and still not know.
Guys.. Half of the people who has ever died, has died from malaria. All should vote this as number 1 unless you're voting in that form of how much it ruins your life.

My grandfather died of this disease. There is a sort of cure. If you fight and they get the dosage wright then you live longer. It a genetic thing and is actually passed through the mother but normally a man gets it. Early signs are hands shaking when you sit down and aren't doing things with your hands. I watched a man who could put me on his shoulders and laugh all day die on a hospital bed in a coma like state. He wasn't even alive long enough for the doctors to figure it out. It's bad, really bad.
The victims of the disease are not at fault for their condition and there is no cure, only symptom management, as far as I know. I don't know why rabies is ranked higher/worse than this. But then again there is a lot I don't know.
The legendary boxer Muhammad ali has this disease when he went to joe fraziers funeral that's when people started to know this even though he had since 1984

They have found a cure to it but you can only get it in North America.



This disease is the highest death toll in history, over 500 million died of it, the bubonic plague only killed about 200 million.
Very sad and scary.
I have that it just sucks.

We have medicines for flu, but if we did'nt had, than was flu more dangerous than cancer. You can die in two days if you do not have medicines.

17Swine Flu
80 deaths and 100 cases as of today


Very dangerous, see SARS, and this disease caused many deaths.


another disease like SARS


It really isn't that bad! You may have to go to the hospital every few years, but in the end it's not bad at all. I have a pretty healthy life even though I have asthma.
Makes breathing more difficult than it should be.
Severe asthma is life threatening.

19Multiple Sclerosis
I have ms and I wish people /family could see what my husband and daughters see. For they see the pain the frustration when you can't hold a pen or fork, when your walking along then your in a heap leg less your speech is slurred, tingling in your feet, hands and legs, bladder problems, sight. Yet people /friends and family say there's nothing wrong with you. You look so well. Yet I know there is lots more to look forward to. It's my husband and daughters I feel for, as you can see the sadness and pain in their eyes
A dreadful disease, my sister died two weeks ago after suffering for 30 years.
It affected all parts of her body, becoming totally reliant on carers feeding her and all aspects of personal care.She was robbed of all dignity.She found it hard to communicate as her speech was affected, and also sight was affected.She was in lots of pain too.I miss my sister.I loved her
This can be big emotional, physical, financial setback for the patient and family of the patient.

20Yellow Fever
Damages your adrenal glands and your nervous system causing unirrational fears such as water and lots of people have been found dead after a yellow fever epidemic
It's irrational fears and it is bad untreated it can kill thousands of people
I'm glad that my dad recently took a vaccination for yellow fever.




If you get this sickness you die straight away
This is the worst trust me, my wife is a NP, she told me that if this gets out, we are done

24Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
There is a cure for cancer. This disease you can't escape from and it lasts a very short time.


CJD is a degenerative neurological disorder (brain disease) that is incurable and invariably fatal.

25Congenital Heart Disease

26Manic Depression
I'm so sorry. When it comes to this kind of thing, its good to know that someone is here supporting you. I know you have no idea who the heck I am, but I have hope for you.


I had a family member with this and trust me its horrible it pulls your lives apart. lucky it can be fixed with medication.
I my self suffering with it...
Feeling helpless...

27Mad Cow Disease

Disabling physically- enough said. Sheer torture.

I thought there was a cure for this.


Those kids are so not lucky too have that cauze when you can't walk for a long time and those kids is like 5 years and they can't walk for the rest of ther lif, they can but they can only walk with some help and that's why I took this one :o

It is so sad people end up literally looking like elephants no laugh it is scary my brother has it it is terrible


32Crohn's Disease
My boyfriend suffers from Crohn's disease and he has done since he was 12 years old. He is now 25. This disease has spread from his mouth where his lips swell and he has ulcers and blisters that kept on reoccurring then it moved down to his chest and lungs where more ulcers appeared and he was unable to breath properly without being in pain. After it traveled down into his stomach and gave him multiple stomach ulcers which was unbearably painful when eating therefore the malnutrition began and hr drastically lost weight. To treat the Crohn's and this time he was on steroids which allowed him to gain weight but too much and for a young boy in secondary school was really difficult.

He eventually came off the steroids and got back to a healthy weight when the Crohn's then moved location to his anus causing terribly uncomfortable abscesses which were continuously coming back after being drained. The doctors where at a loss as to what to do as he began to loose all appetite, developing chronic fatigue and was having to have his bowels open up to 25 times a day. His weight plummeted to a dangerously unhealthy weight for his height and he became dehydrated. This meant the Crohn's was so severe down there the next medical decision was to have surgery and input a colostomy bag. He was only 21.
This was a life saving decision and continued to improve his life and his weight came back up and he was getting back on track. The Crohn's hadn't gone away as it is incurable so now it was in his large intestine. The treatment for this was an infliximar infusion once every 6 weeks. This helped very much until the third week when he would begin to feel all the symptoms again, loss of appetite, fatigue and multiple loose stool and bowel movements.

Finally the final option is to now remove the entire large intestine and rely only on the small intestine. Other than this there are no further treatments he can try. Only to work out the perfect balance. Crohn's is one of the worst diseases when escalated to this level.
I cannot pretend that Crohn's is worse than the other diseases in this list, as on its own it is rarely fatal. However, it is incurable and should be better recognised as a disease that can completely ruin lives.
I'd rather had all my bones broken in my body than having depression

33Bubonic Plague
It has one of the highest total population kill ratings of all time
In my opinion this is the worst cause when you have it you usually don't even know it until it's way too late the only way to get rid of the sores is amputation it was really sent from hell

34Motor Neurone Disease
I think motor neurone disease should be at the top because it is a wicked disease that ravages your body in a matter of months it is incurable and usually fatal. It takes away your body movements and even your eating and speech are affected as well.
Can't understand why this illness has not previously been listed.A dreadful disease with no cure..leads to death.
The mind remains intact whilst the body slowly fails to function


The most difficult disease can be infected by and is in the degree of cancer, can not work, you hate everything, wish for death, to live by, the pain and dizziness all the time, not Thhtml light, you hate your life, fatigue and failure and nausea with the morning, become your life suffering real, it's in the same degree of risk of cancer in terms of Aaltather on yield, but it is not deadly like him


37Common Cold
How is this dangerous?
Bloody fantastic. Makes me want to whip out my tichy Thomas and choke my chicken.

38Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
You get this virus by mosquito bites, similar like malaria

39Harlequin's Disease
A horrible yet extremely rare skin disease that occurs within the womb. The skin of the baby is not able to keep moisture and thus it hardens an cracks in diamond shaped scales, much like Victorian harlequin clown outfit.

40Sickle Cell Anemia

41Locked In Syndrome
This is an intense disease. You get it from being locked in places, do not laugh until you have contracted this disease. I can not even lock my car door with me in it without the f out.

Fever, and the bumps are pretty itchy, once you scratch blood and chemicals start coming out
Killed one third of the people that got it.
Pocahontas might have had small pox, maybe

43Lupus Nephritis
My aunt died from lupus when I was five or four and she had three wonderful sons

44Necrotizing Fasciitis
This disease is nasty as hell no joke my friend saw images on this disease and he threw up

An extreme case where your skin looks horrible and people look at you as if you are some alien... It oozes out your confidence and you are never free from the itching tendency.. Wonder why it is not in the top ten...
It runs in my family. but we didn't know what it was (even though we all had it) until my brother was born. (he is five now) the doctor told my parents he had eczema and they got scared because they didn't know if it was serious
Eczema is horrible, but can be controlled and is not fatal.
[Newest]I have a topic eczema. Is it fatal?


47Spanish Flu
Some scientist injected some healthy lab mice with Spanish flu and they died in three days!
100 million people died from Spanish flu in a week!


48Tourette's Syndrome
Just how bad is it to live with uncontrollable reactions to certain things. To the point where people don't understand you, you get bullied and harassed, rejected from society with no real way of getting back in. The saddest part about Tourette's syndrome is that it doesn't have to be so bad. People could be more understanding of such matters, but society has perverted it like most everything else to where one who has it has no chances of living a normal life.
I have got it. People always make fun of you. Once this boy and a mob were chasing after me shouting; Tourette's freak, chips (which I say when I tic), creep I ran inside I was sobbing. Please don't freak out. At this I used an sometimes bite my hand. Because I fell cross at myself and my dad called me evil hearted and he used to slap me round the head when I ticked I am getting better now and getting help


Anthrax is a deadly desiese where you have to fight to survive. The only medicine is the vaccine, which some people are allergic to it.

51Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Horrible my coison had this disease the doctors said he's going to die but 10 percentage he could survive but he did survive. Its all your skin peeled of and bubbles form up (caused by your white blood cells) I'm eight years old and I happy I not to have this disease

Lepersy is dangerus but if your immune you can't catch it, phew, !

I was 10 when it started When I was 12 I was diagnosed. I am 14 and still not done with the meds or doctor visits.

54West Nile Virus



A condition which is caused by a secondary infection like meningitis that causes csf fluid to become trapped and unable to circulate normally causing your brain ventricles to enlarge squeezing your brain in your skull causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, and gait problems.


59Arnold-Chiari Malformation

60Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Horrible big ugly spots

61Scarlet Fever

62Cancrum Oris (a.k.a Noma)

63Avian Flu

I know it couldn't'kill, but I've got it once, and believe me, once you experience it, you will wash your hand before eating your whole life

65Cerebral Palsy

66Fatty Liver Disease

67Cirrhosis of the Liver
You have to put a scientific straw into your liver in order for the cure.


A slow and very painful way to die. your body stays all swollen up, you vomit all the time, you have insane itching that keeps you awake 24 hours a day, and everyone, including drs. think you must have been an alcoholic or drug addict. not always true!

This disease kills infants in there sleep. So don't put a baby to sleep on its stomach. It's so sad when a baby dies from SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome. )
That is very sad. I feel horrible for the people who have to go through the pain of their child leaving them so early.


The person with TMAU smells like rotten fish. And, he has to bear embarrassment, humiliation from people around him/her. This condition is due to Inability to body to break foods.

The other 100% mortality rate


72Polycystic Kidneys

73Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
I have a weird version of this. It only really comes out when there are a lot of uneven (you will probably laugh at this, but go ahead) holes in things. Walls, melted cheese, you name it, I'll break it. It also causes me to overthink other things more than normal. I know, it's a weird version of it, but it's a version and I have it.


A horrible, disabling and very misunderstood illness.

Tooo horrible so true

It doesn't hurt you unless it goes untreated... then it can give you heart and lung issues, but even when it's being treated/ monitored, it can be scary knowing your spine is shaped like a snake... O_O I was recently diagnosed with it, and it's so bad for me I might need surgery... :( The curve in my spine is 65 degrees, but I've seen people with it so bad their backs arch to the side badly, and their ribs stick out so far they look like skeletons... It's pretty scary! (Heh heh.. I'm a scaredy cat so it's twice as scary for me... )
My friend has it.



Because of the meds it would make the person have a low immune system and they could get sick very easily from any other diease in here and die from that diease

Can be very painful and lifelong troubling

Why does no one warn you that this is a debitating life sucking illness that can be impossible to recover from- it can begin with just being nervous around something/someone and end with the most terrifying depression in which you have no positive feelings whatsoever, nothing to feel anymore for family and friends - look it up- the worst attacks can make you believe you're dying and get you locked in mental hospital- and another warning:-antidepressants can make you get like this - they can worsen any depression to the point you want to due and gave nothing g to live for. You can lose EVERYTHING- family friends job house.. , enjoyment if life, confidence, independence, confidence to drive it go anywhere in your own ever again; you can end up hiding from the people you live because you can't feel love - or anything except sadness and terror- ever again. For gods sake why isn't there education about ANXIETY- so easy to prevent it if we knew it was possible that something as simple as nervousness. Can lead to terror regarding loss and complete debilitating ; resorting to staying in bed all day unable to do anything if feel anything fit anyone.
I already have pretty bad anxiety. I used to have reoccurring anxiety attacks when I was younger. I sought therapy and it helped. It didn't get rid of it completely and I still suffer from it. I'm 13 now.


I had anxiety, sort of. I still have it, but not as much as I had before. I used to wake up everyday with some anxious thoughts. Not anymore. I hope you get better..


Mono is terrible at least it can't kill you

81Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
This reduces your quality of life, leaving you reliant on pain medications and, possibly, a wheelchair. Heart problems and gastrointestinal problems follow suit. You are living a life where you are in constant pain. And it can cause spontaneous organ rupture, depending on the type

This disease is EXTREMELY rare, (one of 800 million births have it), but it's terrible.
Progeria causes you to age rapidly, so you only live to about your mid-teens. It's sad.

83Morgellons Disease


It is so bad because victims look like vampires and are allergic to light
It is bad because victims are Kind've like vampires because it makes you alergic to light and gives you the appearance of having vampire teeth due to shrunk gums

86Acid Reflux
Haven't been through a night without waking up because of this.

87Barrett's Esophagus

88Meningococcal Disease

89Cardiovascular Disease


91Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
How could you people not be aware of this horrible epidemic?



94Asperger Syndrome
I wouldn't consider this an actual disease, however I agree. No one knows you are suffering from it, and assumes you are just a whiny jerk.

I wouldn't consider this a "disease". More of a disorder.

With ADD, it just makes it so you can't focus or pay attention. I have it, and I've grown used to it. I have to take a medication so I can focus though.

Hey, it doesn't kill you.
If this was true I would be dead right
I have ADHD. Basically the same exact thing, but add on hyperactivity. ADD stands for "Attention Deficit Disorder," whereas ADHD stands for "Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder." I too push through it and I also need medication.


My hero, Temple Grandin has autism. She is very intelligent and has proved people who said autistic people were dumb wrong. She is so amazing. Keep up the good work, temple!
I also have autism and posslibly ADHD and ODD But autism did make my life alittle more interetsting. I just hate it when everyone thinks I'm stupid just because I have a disorder


[Newest]Excuse me, but last time I checked, autism was a DISORDER, NOT a disease.
I know right? People need to pay a little more attention to this.


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