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The typo in his name just ruins the whole thing...

183MantykeV1 Comment
184PsyduckV2 Comments

Not ugly, but hey I like underrated Pokemon

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186LeafeonV1 Comment

If you hate pokemon so much then why do you love adding non ugly pokemon

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Why is this here I admit giratina is kind of ugly but mostly IT'S COOL AND EPIC!

Why do people keep saying "whoever made this list should rethink their life"? It's just a matter on opinion, even if we're talking about Eevee or Oshawott.

Anyway, I went with Giratina (talking about its alternate forme here). It looks like a giant bug zombie.

Giratina is overdesigned, overrated and way ugly

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If you think that milotic is ugly, you are the official stupidest person ever. It was even voted the beautiful pokemon ever created. Sure, it evolves from something that looks a fossilized magickarp, but that doesn't mean it ugly. It does not even look like a gyarados.

This should be located as the prettiest

It's not too ugly, but it isn't that pretty either

Who thinks it's pretty..I know poops

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