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41RioluV3 Comments

Probopass looks like a cross between Mario and a rock.

Probopass is very, very ugly! He has a weird that, an ugly beard, and he looks like Mario in Pokemon. Nice try putting Mario in Pokemon!

Probopass is the ugliest Pokemon I've ever seen and it's evolution has nose hair yech!

This thing is so ugly is almost gave me a heart attack.

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43BoldoreV2 Comments

Why is Eevee on here? Eevee has to be one of the most adorable Pokemon I've ever seen!

The cookie-cutter pokemon. I came up with something like it when I was 5.It is very unoriginal and reused. People seem to have a thing for foxes so it got popular.It really shouldn't have.

Whoever put Eevee on this list should be locked in their car on a hot sunny day.

Eevee is cute

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He is not ugly! My friend thinks he's cool!

Dragonite is my favourite Pokemon. It's the cutest not the ugliest

THIS IS A TRUE STORY: My brother saw a Dragonite picture and told me: Looks how badly drawn that Charizard is!

Nope he's not ugly

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Crogunk is just plain HIDEOUS
I can't stand frogs... - Celestius

Ewe it looks like a mutated version of Froakie... But worst!

Looks like Seismitoad had a baby

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47ElectabuzzV2 Comments

Something cute + something creepy + something with two heads

It's just vanillish with two heads and with a even more annoying voice

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Looks like a pig and a gorilla had a baby

Slaking has to be number one how is dragonite uglier than it

It looks like my neighbor Phyllis

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Man.. It's sprite in the original games is TERRIFYING

What? Wigglytuff is too cute! Am I wrong?

Jigglypuff is better because wigglytuff is a bunny and bunnlebee executes a rabbit better

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51SylveonSylveon is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Fairy type Pokemon, and one of the many evolved forms of Eevee. It was one of the first Fairy Pokemons revealed, although its typing was not shown till later. Classified as the Intertwining Pokemon, Sylveon has ribbon-like more.

She or him is so ugly and also the tallest out of the other eevee evolution

I don't know why people like this Pokemon - Hspencer

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Shaymin? SHAYMIN!? WHY IS IT ON THIS LIST? It's the cutest of all legendary Pokémon in existence with the cutest cry! Although it doesn't deserve being a legendary...

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All I'm gonna say is geodude is the worst Pokemon on earth and in the Pokemon world!

Putting Geodude here means you think that nature is ugly.

It's a rock with arms. And its face has lumps and its all moded up. Looks like an ugly baby crying

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Audino? This must be a mistake! Audino is a cute Pokemon! And if you think its ugly then how is it ugly? Its adorable!

''Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! I want to hit you with a car! Throw you off a tree so high! I hope you break your neck and die! '' Because Audino is cute, not ugly!

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Do I need to say ANYTHING? Pokemon that look like frogs now have a bad name, fron Palpitoad's wierdness.

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Why is Tepig on here? He is of the CUTEST starter Pokemon I've ever seen! It's the evolutions that should be be on this list (especially Pignite)

Tepig is cute, Pignite is ugly, Emboar is awesome. Mainly the only evolution of Tepig's that should be on the list is Pignite. - RiverClanRocks

Tepig is adorable and anyone who disagrees can kindly jump into the next well they come across

Tepig is so cute

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His design is okay but its just the long neck thing. I love my level. 87 Skorupi and I will never evolve him

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Igglybuff is cute. You must not know anything about Pokemon. GO LOOK UP GARBODOR. Yup, have you changed your mind? You've probably seen like, five Pokemon in your life.

Garbodor? I don't see anything wrong with it. Don't use that Pokemon as an excuse because I don't see how its ugly...

This is so wrong. Toxicroak and croagunk better than igglybuff?

V5 Comments

You have to be kidding me pignite is ugly, it has a bottom that loos like underwear attached to suspenders on a Pokemon

He looks like an ugly pig wearing a diaper.

Bottom looks like underwear, on suspenders

V3 Comments

It's so ugly I will never ever use it on my competitive team

Clowns are my worst fear. This REALLY hit the spot. - aarond90

This big vainy monster just makes me vomit in my mouth each time I see it

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