Top Ten Weapons In Halo 4


The Top Ten

1 Incineration Cannon

This is the bomb. 'enough said. - Chubbymonkey29

2 Scattershot

What's more fun then shooting your enemy, then watching them explode into tiny orange bits that melt into the ground? - Chubbymonkey29

3 Binary Rifle

Like the sniper rifle, but better - Chubbymonkey29

4 Sniper Rifle

Laugh out loud voted for my own list. - Chubbymonkey29

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5 Lightrifle

A better version of the DMR. - Chubbymonkey29

6 Rocket Launcher

Not a lot of ammo, but an immense amount of power. - Chubbymonkey29


A good alternative to the sniper rifle. - Chubbymonkey29

8 Supressor
9 Sticky Detonator

Good for setting traps. - Chubbymonkey29

10 Battle Rifle

I use this as a backup in case I don't have a DMR handy. - Chubbymonkey29

The Contenders

11 Saw

I know this is more than ten but really, the saw is the best in the world of halo. If you don't have the saw, it's like trying to go somewhere without your head, and you can't do that. Peace out, biches

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1. Incineration Cannon
2. Scattershot
3. Binary Rifle



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