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81PiantaV1 Comment
82Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy is overrated. I know that he's cute, but that doesn't make him a good boss! Same riding on a ball crap over and over! - DCfnaf

Why is lemmy here? Take him off this list.

Aw, cute little Lemmy is ON THIS LIST?!?!? Take him off right now

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84Jr. Troopa

He is a little tuff guy who stalks you

He is a little tuff guy who stalks you

He is a little tuff guy who stalks you


Starlow is the annoying little helper in BIS. She is always so negative towards Luigi, and where the creators of the game may think that was funny how she always put Luigi down, it really wasn't. And her appearance in the latest game, Dream Team, felt really forced.

I think Starlow is just another unoriginal Navi wannabe. She just got thrown into the more, recent instalments so that the series won't get staler. At least Navi is trying to remind you, though, in Zelda: Ocarina.

Picture Navi in a Mario game. Remove the wings, make her yellow, give her feet, and put a star on the top of her head. Congratulations, you've got Starlow.


Blooper is my least favorite character, I mean he just throws ink at you... And you can still see!

A squid that can swim through air (super mario lost levels) is pretty stupid. He is extremly easy, to kill or run away from, and moves in bursts that are always the same making it almost impossible to get hit by. - Bergur

I hate all of you, Blooper is awesome. - InklingSethO

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87MagikoopaV2 Comments

KRITTER is Awesome! He is also super strong you are wrong!

89Orange Bronze Daisy

A complete rip-off of Boomerang Bro

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90Nurse PeachV1 Comment
91Boom Boom

Just as bad as the Krapalings when it comes to recycled boss battles. - DCfnaf

92Iggy Koopa

He's a demented Psycho path who's only talent is spinning and hitting his butt

Iggy is very funny and creepy. But he's a lousy boss character. At least he was unique riding that chain chomp, but it's still a rehash boss battle. - DCfnaf

Oh come on! Why are all of my favorite characters are appearing on this list!

What were you expecting? My favorite character is NUMBER 4 in this list. - DCfnaf

He's very dumb in the show he once tripped over nothing.

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F.L.U.D. D should be a lot higher with all the help with Super Mario Sunshine. If you were F.L.U.D. D you would be tired from the hover, rocket, and turbo nozzle just speeding around in levels and courses


1) I know it's Luigi
2) Where did you get that name!?
4) Something's wrong with you
5) You're mentally retarded

Weegee should be higher than Yoshi

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What! Plessie is so cute and shouldn't be on this list!

A retarded dinosaur who replaced Yoshi in Super Mario 3D World.

Please and Spike should not be here. Like cut the rope, marble park, stick stickly and rage comics, there way better than EMILY the strange, dork diaries, Bubsy and Justin Bieber - NESSquid

He's the fat version of yoshi.

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96Baby Donkey Kong
97Cosmic Clone

This is the guy that follows every move you make.

These guys are so annoying when a level is hard they make it even harder by adding cosmic clones. -

Cosmic clones are the worst ever

They are so annoying in super Mario galaxy 2


Emoglobin should be HEMOGLOBIN! Hemoglobin is the chemical that makes your blood yellow, for you non-geniuses. I don't know anything about spelling. WEIR NAME!

Emoglobin should be HEMOGLOBIN! Hemoglobin is the chemical that makes your blood red, for you non-geniuses. I don't know anything about Emoglobin. WEIR NAME!

Remember these guys, from Bowser's Inside Story? WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE YOUR GLOBIN? Just obnoxious.

All Globins are emo, especially the Emo Globin.

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She should be way higher. From the minute she came onscreen, I felt like smashing her with a massive hammer, and giving Vivian a hug(she obviously needs it) - Garythesnail

100Megasparkle Goomba

But he was only in one game. I bet he's on here because the game he was in sucked so much.

He's on here because his boss fight was ANNOYING. - DCfnaf

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