Top Ten Worst Mario Bros. Characters

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101King Boo

King boo has a funny weird kinda creepy voice and even though he's like an evil villan I still think he's amazing

King Boo is awesome why is he here!

I advise the idiot who put him on the list better take him off before I spill their blood

He's better than bowser

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102Mini Mario

Rosalina, King Boo, and now Luma? Take them all off the list NOW!

How could you put luma on this meanie

EXUSE ME PRINCESS! BUT LUMA IS VERY USEFUL! The univerese would be completly destroyed without them!

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What why is she on here she is the second cutest in the game.

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Doopliss is not even funny. He's lame!

I can't say a good thing about doopliss. He's useless, ugly, has a bad name, and is a ripoff of boo. This is the biggest reason why I thing Paper Mario TTYD is the second worst game in the whole series.

106Star Bunnies

There chases are so annoying! They boast too.

I love playing hide in seek with them in smg. I repeat it so much just to play with them.

NO! Not the star bunnies! They are SO cute!

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107Adam MalkovitchV2 Comments

He doesn't deserve to be on here. He is really useful, heroic and one brave character. One of the best in Super Mario RPG. I love this guy a lot! - smrpg1996

Smrpg1996, you are the most agreeable user who has ever started in 2014.

Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars is the best Nintendo game ever besides Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64, the top 3 best Mario games ever all released in 1996.

Super Mario RPG: TheLegend of the Seven Stars gets 100/100 stars.

Super Mario 64 (the N64 version, not the DS version) gets 100+/100 stars.

Mario Kart 64 gets 100/100 stars.

Geno gets 100/100 stars.

And because we both hate Princess Peach for the right reasons.

He is prpbably the most overrated minor character in rpg history.

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109Buzzy Beetle
110Cosmic Rosalina

Rosalina is just Space Peach with a fancy Comet Observatory. Nothing more; nothing less. All she wants is for Mario to do something which apparently she refuses to do herself. Seriously, lady, hire a babysitter and fix the Observatory yourself!

Not really. Rosalina is not lazy, she wants to see if Mario can do things himself which is actually nice of her. But Princess Peach?! She is even more than lazy!

Okay is Rosalina on this list twice or what?

Watch how she is in Mario Kart 9 with Rosalina! Lol. - DCfnaf

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Most people say Dag Nabbit whenever Nabbit steals an item from a toad house in NSMBU.

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112Black Ink Piranha Plant

Black Ink Piranha Plant is an enemy in Super Mario 3D Land, that inflicts the same effect as Blooper item in the Mario Kart series

Half of these don't even exist or they are not in the Mario franchise

113Hungry LumaV2 Comments
114Lady BowV1 Comment
116GoombarioV1 Comment
117Sailor Moon

How did she make it in this list? She is no where near a Mario character she isn't even made by Nintendo why is she here?

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Arianna is not baby wario

I'm sorry, who is she?


Brighton is not baby waluigi

Who the heck is that?

120Kandy Kong

She Actually Shouldn't Be Number One On This List, Because She's Not Even A Mario Character.

Should be number 1. Sexualized apes are not cool

Uh... Why Does This Character Even Exist?!?

Her name is Candy not Kandy.

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