Top 10 Moments from the Infamous Undertale Fanfic "Giantess Toriel x Asriel: Motherly F*****y"

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The Top Ten

1 Asriel stripping himself naked and engaging in publicly televised sexual intercourse with his own mother's brain

I know a fitting song for you:
Bebe Rexha - "I'm a Mess" - ZootopiaFan

2 Asriel using Toriel's unconscious body as a severely overaged sex doll

I want to die.

Sayori didn't hang herself for this

3 Asriel literally unbirthing himself back into Toriel's womb at the local hospital

Natsuki didn't puke for this

4 Asriel violently ejaculating into Toriel's brain and accidentally electrocuting himself while singing I Believe I Can Fly in the process

Yuri didn't stab herself for this

5 Asriel getting caught in the act of banging his own his own mother
6 Alphys singing This Little Piggy while systematically worshipping Asgore's feet one plump, suckable toe at a time
7 Lemon Bread's simultaneous mouth-to-anal-to-v*ginal penetration of Alphys and vore victimization of Asgore

Monika didn't delete herself for this

8 Asriel's ridiculously long monologue while climbing up his mother's body
9 Asriel scraping thick layers of Toriel's earwax right off of the bare soles of his dirty feet with his even dirtier hands and then eating them
10 Alphys reciting Filthy Frank's "IT'S TIME TO STOP" meme